Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning, July 24

This could be interesting, so to speak. There hasn't been anything all that interesting going on in the house since the Saboteur eviction, so I'm talking relative here. I was expecting the PoV comp to be yesterday. It didn't happen. Now, Andrew is on the block and he has already said he won't compete in competitions on his Sabbath -- which is Saturday. I wonder how that's going to go if they have the comp today.

Here's the skinny from that Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • Enzo told Andrew he didn't deserve to be on the block since he had worked so hard at the HOH comp and did so well.
  • Rachel put peaches in the iced tea and Andrew, who has told her his religious dietary restrictions many times, can't drink it. He thinks she's dense.
  • She is.
  • Kathy thinks she was nominated because she voted for Monet to stay.
  • That's not the reason. Her Brendon/Rachel connection is the reason.
  • They picked players for the PoV. Enzo will host. Rachel, Brendon and Lane will play.
  • Matt, Enzo and Lane thinks the bag for players was rigged, full of Brendon and Rachel. There was no houseguest choice and Matt said they wouldn't let him look in the bag.
  • Hayden and Kristen told Andrew he needs to win POV.
  • They're not necessarily right. If Brendon or Rachel (or Kathy, but that's a joke) win PoV, Kathy will come off and Brendon or Rachel (whichever one didn't win PoV) will go up.
  • Andrew, while in the beginning was a huge target, basically gets along with most of the house, albeit not a loving relationship.
  • Kathy told Lane not to use the veto on her if he wins. Huh? She must mistakenly think Andrew is the target.
  • Lots of small talk about previous seasons and their comps. Britney is definitely knowledgeable about her BB stuff.
  • Britney, Matt and Lane think either BB or America love Brendon and Rachel.
  • Britney doubts it's America.
  • Oh my. Don't tell me I'm going to have to start liking this girl. To be honest, without Monet around to be catty with, she is a lot easier to take.
  • Rachel and Brendon had more undercover maneuvers.
  • Matt told Hayden that Ragan spilled the beans and they need to keep Brendon and Rachel as they'd target Hayden and Kristen if they took power again.
  • So, it's back to "Kathy needs to go" for the good of all.
  • Well, except Kathy maybe.
  • They're all asleep as I get this posted.


meb said...

I think Dr. C's comment on the previous post about Hayden and Kristen playing it up to make it appear they are in a showmance is a possibility.

I did see the After Dark segment where they were showing their similar birthmarks to others in the room. Someone had noticed it and they were agreeing what a coincidence.

They could be putting on a show under those covers. Kristen came in the room where Hayden and Andrew were, it was dark and she spent every bit of 3 minutes with him, long enough for Hayden to say she was hot, after pulling the covers over their heads. There were no sounds of kisses ending like you'll usually hear... I believe they were putting on a show for Andrew, who bought it.

And then again, I agree with the Brendon and Andrew possible relationship. Andrew said in the beginning he was a practicing Jew and his brother was not. I think they look a lot alike... they could be brothers. Brendon is more buff, but then Andrew is more into his religion. And Brendon actually got upset with Rachel when she was considering putting Andrew on the block. Makes you wonder doesn't it.

Laurie... your duckface video was yucky! LOL

meb said...

And I know the saboteur was the one who put that notion into their minds(and into mine),but who says it isn't possible that there really is a previous relationship between a couple of them.

Laurie said...

Good morning, meb. It will prove to be a great twist if they are related to each other.

So Kristen isn't so mean without her partner in crime? That's typical, isn't it? Group behavior has a different mentality, I think. Speaking of that, I'm not sure Rachel is that dense ... it might be game on her part. I still want her out, but there are inconsistencies as to her potential brain power. Could she be smart enough to act like a bimbo and not actually be one?

ORKMommy said...

Nice try Laurie. I'm not sure that someone as smart as she 'could be' would pay for those boobs and think they don't look horrible & fake!

JimmyB said...

Laurie--Remember that Rachel uttered the famous words,"Yom Kipper" to describe Andrew's Yarmulke...that's pretty dense.

And if I recall correctly, it was in the diary room. No reason to "act" stupid. If it;s all game-play, then I give her a lot of credit. The peaches in the tea doesn't make a wole lotta sense, tho.

Sasha said...

Jimmy B: LOL I forgot about the Yom Kippur faux pas from Rachel. Personally, I'm still trying to figure out how putting peaches in ice tea somehow makes it undrinkable, at least in a kosher/non-kosher sense. OY :)

Thanks, Jackie, for your updates. They are SO much more interesting than the houseguests. And thanks to the commenters here, too...also SO much more interesting than the HG's.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that Britney & Kathy could be mother/dtr? They have the same accent and I think they look alike. Mom is 44, dtr is 22.

JimmyB said...

Sasha--I'm not sure about the peaches and being kosher. Andrew apparently is saying that it does not "qualify"; I guess the assumption would be that's he's being honest. I'm Jewish; but reform not orthodox and am kinda ignorant 'bout such things :)

Anonymous said...

I think the twist is over. Sad if that's all BB had this year. Usually they will tell us if there is another twist.
I think it would be much more interesting if they had a few in their 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's instead of everyone being about the same age. The showmance is old, it happens every year. It just seems like BB has become very uncreative.

JOKATS said...

Hey Guys,

In ref. to Jewish Sabbath I believe it goes from sundown Friday to sundown if the POV is tonight Andrew can play.
I agree w/ the Brendon/Andrew connection, I mentioned it in an early post, because of the way Brendon "freaked out" when Rachel said she was putting up Andrew....JMO

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I'm not related to Andrew and I also freaked out when Rachel wanted to put him up. It was just a stupid move and Brendon recognized it.

As for the peaches, I think it's because Andrew is a Have-Not and so cannot eat the peaches and thus the iced tea.

So why not make another batch sans peaches?

monty924 said...

FA, I think you're right about the tea and peaches. It is typical Rachel to not think of anyone other than herself. Dense is being nice!

JimmyB said...

JOKATS is correct--sundown Fri-Sat.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Looks like they're doing the POV now, and I didn't see any indication that Andrew wouldn't be participating.

Sasha said...

Thanks Jimmy B. I was more puzzled because I was raised in a kosher home (not that I'm observant now) and I couldn't figure out why peaches made a difference. The only thing I could think of was if they were cut using a knife that had been used on something non-kosher.

BIG THANKS to THAT makes sense. I was trying too hard to relate the ice/tea peaches thing to the kosher issue. He's a Have Not...DUH for me!! That would explain it. Thanks! LOL I really didn't like wasting my time on this I'm free LOL

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

You're welcome Sasha.

On the issue of the birthmarks: I finally got a chance to see both of them and they are NOT identical. Kristen's is at 5 o'clock to her belly button and Hayden's is at 11 o'clock.

Well, there is some symmetry anyway, but not identical.

I still think they are twins. Hinky kinky twins maybe.


FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I'm probably the only person who is glad that R&B won POV.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I think Matt is secretly pleased that he won't have to put up a replacement nominee. That way he can still play both sides of the house. I wonder if Matt threw the comp?

monty924 said...

I have no doubt that Matt threw the comp. Its still too early in the game to pull a true backdoor on someone. Why risk the enemies at this point?

meb said...

OK... give me some help here FA. R&B won the POV???

Gayle said...

Meb - Brendon won the POV and he is going to leave the nominations as they are.

JOJO said...

Read on Joker's that Andrew threw the POV so Brendan could win! Also, Andrew yelled about the peaches in the tea because he doesn't want to be linked to B&R and wanted it to appear he was angry with Rachel.


Nina said...

I actually like Brendan and Rachel but Rachel is totally dumb, no doubt about that. I've even come around to liking Britney. The girl's a bitch, but she's hilarious and giving us the best diaries. And I like Andrew too. I DO NOT like Matt. Anyways, I'd like to see Andrew make it through the week and I think he needs to come off the block to make it through the week. And Matt is a wuss not putting up Brendan and Rachel as noms.

Nina said...

As an Orthodox Jew myself, peaches are kosher, trust me. And there's nothing wrong with peaches in tea. The tea itself must not be kosher. So I suppose that Andrew is mad she is wasting his peaches?

Nina said...

@ Jokats
In ref. to Jewish Sabbath I believe it goes from sundown Friday to sundown if the POV is tonight Andrew can play.

You are correct that Jewish Sabbath ends after sundown on Sat. night. It just ended for me on the east coast shortly after 9 pm. And it will be over for Andrew at 9 PM his time in California.