Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening, July 11

A slip 'n' slide was made out of a box of garbage bags.

Ragan's star tattoo covers up a Tweety tattoo.

Well, Sundays are sort of quiet in the house with the exception of the POV Meeting. Nothing has changed this season. Most of the day pre-meeting was Annie trying to secure a position in the house as she figured she was going to go on the block. Yet when she went on the block, she freaked and started slamming her stuff into a suitcase and saying how she wants to go home NOW.
  • Rachel herself was upset. She had everyone consoling her.
  • Lane tried to calm Annie down.
  • Annie and Britney had a cat fight. Meow, not Mafia.
  • Both had been actively campaigning against each other going into the meeting.
  • Britney said Annie was trying to get alliances going with everyone in the house.
  • Actually, most are trying for what they can get.
  • Annie went to Hayden to spill beans on people, but it wasn't much that anyone else didn't know already.
  • Hayden told her not to mess with Britney or she'll destroy any chance she has of staying.
  • Annie has no chance in staying against Rachel. It's pretty much a done deal, I think.
  • Annie went from wildly packing, yelling, and flipping off the cameras to "woe is me." She said she's probably lost her job, her family, her life and everything.
  • Even Brendon, who has his own reasons to want Rachel to stay, tried to give Annie a pep talk.
  • Annie is campaigning for votes. She told Lane she needs two or three more.
  • She probably needs more than that.
  • And, to think she dyed her hair for the show! Horrors!
  • Lane wanted to know what Enzo's wearing for TV tonight. Oh, sure. Worry about Showtime but not the millions on the Internet!

Andrew hugs Rachel ... not a showmance.


Laurie said...

Wondering if I'm the only one who doesn't like that shaggy dog look Hayden is sporting. Do we have a hairdresser or barber in the mix? I think he's a cutie but hate that hair!

Jackie H. said...

No Laurie you're not the only one that doesn't like Hayden hair. He would look so much better with it short. That style is out for sure. I think this season is going to be good. Annie must go. Jackie from NC

Lucy L. said...

I agree Laurie. Hayden is a cutie but he needs a hair cut. I always find it very distracting talking to someone who has hair hanging in their face. It always makes me think they have something to hide.

Laurie said...

Thanks ladies. Here's hoping he decides to join the decade and cut that hair while we can enjoy it!

Sally said...

Minority report here: I like the length of Hayden's hair and the shaggy look. I've never liked real short hair on guys, which probably dates me.:) That photo of Hayden isn't very flattering--he needs to comb/style the front.

ML said...

I think I'm with you on this one Sally. Although I don't like hair in the eyes, I am also tired of so many men with virtually no hair. The buzz cut is not attractive on everyone, although I have a sneakin' hunch if Hayden can look that good in a tutu and tights (with a wand, no less) he would look good just about any way.

Zoetawny said...


Hayden is too old to try and look like Justin Beiber. :D The saboteur should put a bowl over Hayden's hair and cut it while he's sleeping.

For all those of you who like Hayden's hair long, just trim the bangs a bit so he can actually see.