Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning, July 25

Meow Meow

Wait just a second, I think my cat wants me to get him some food. Oh. It's just Enzo. I guess if someone has to represent a stereotypical New Jerseyan, he's better than the Jersey Shore bunch. He can be entertaining, at least.

Here's what happened in that Big Brother House of Odd Bedfellows into the dawn:
  • Brendon winning POV forced Ragan into a quandary. He likes both Andrew and Kathy, wants neither to leave. Kathy told him to just do what he thinks is right.
  • Lane is ready to go to a normal bar.
  • Rachel probably would be happy anywhere there's alcohol, bar none.
  • Enzo told Brendon that he's still a bit upset that the five people (Haves) jumped so early in the HOH comp. I think he's more upset that he wasn't one of them!
  • Kathy and Andrew are both telling people to vote the way they think is right.
  • I'm sure come Thursday one of them will think people voted wrong.
  • Rachel told Kathy she has her vote to stay.
  • Kathy thinks Andrew has alliances in the house and will get the votes.
  • I think she's right. Brendon and Rachel aren't two peas in a pod on this one. Rachel doesn't like Andrew (thinks he was mean to her) and Brendon does.
  • The Brigade is also more Andrew-friendly as they think Kathy is an extension of Brendon and Rachel.
  • But Brendon doesn't dare take either Andrew or Kathy off the block because Rachel would go up.
  • Kathy is sure she's on the block solely because she was the second vote against Matt last week.
  • That has very little to do with it, methinks.
  • Rachel point-blank asked Andrew if he hated her. He didn't answer.
  • How do you answer a question like that anyway?
  • Because of some rock music heard somewhere from the CBS lot, the hamsters had to go on indoor lockdown.
  • Rachel told Brendon and Ragan that she wants to play the game like Janelle.
  • Fat chance there.
  • Enzo cut the sleeves off of yet another shirt. Oh, more mandanas!
  • They played a flippy cup drinking game even though some had to drink water or juice instead of alcohol.
  • Kathy campaigned both Enzo and Lane for votes. Neither really committed to anything, although there may be some hope for her with Lane.
  • But I think he'll stick with the Brigade vote even if he'd rather keep her over Andrew. Later the two guys complained about Kathy cornering people and putting them on the spot.
  • They think their drinking game was good TV for Showtime.
  • Yeah, right. A real brouhaha would have been more entertaining!
  • Eek! Kristen ate a recently deceased spider on a dare! She didn't even fry it up or anything.
  • Rachel told Kathy and Britney that Hayden is having a showmance with Kristen.
  • Britney doesn't believe it. She still thinks Hayden and Kristen are twins, brother and sister.
  • Rachel told Kathy she doesn't control Brendon's vote.
  • In other words, chances are that Rachel and Brendon's votes are going to cancel each other out and the Brigade will have the ruling numbers.
  • Enzo is still on the BB Conspiracy Theory with Brendon and Rachel -- they've played every POV! Um, well ... the first week they had to because they were on the block!
  • Enzo told Matt that Britney told him that Monet told her that Hayden and Kristen have a relationship outside the house.
  • Whatever! I'm just tired of seeing showmances in bed and all over each other.
  • The Brigade wants to vote to keep Andrew. They think if Andrew wins HOH, he'd go after Rachel instead of them.
  • I say, "Maybe, maybe not." Andrew has had some whispering sessions with Brendon. I'm not so sure he's not really on the side of Blinded Me With Science.
  • The Brigade feels they need to keep one of their own members in power with HOH. The time may come that they need to put up their own on the block, but they need to make sure they have the numbers to keep them.
  • Despite the fact that the alliance can be a bit laughable at times, no one seems onto the Brigade at all.
  • It's a shame they didn't come up with a better name.
  • They're all asleep as I get this posted.

Matt in a hat


Laurie said...

Loved your opening paragraph. What guy uses "meow-meow" as a call sign? I'd love to know the backstory on that!

So Genius Matt isn't really doing much of anything as HOH, is he? As much as I wanted to like Kathy I have to say she hasn't added a thing to the show as far as I have seen. If noms stay the same then I hope she goes.

I know the show has several weeks to run but it does seem like Brachel could be in the house for a long time!

meb said...

Loved the pictures Jackie, because neither had Rachel in them. Plus, just wanted to be first.

I'm hoping Andrew stays. I'm tired of looking at Kathy lying down. She's never up walking anywhere!

meb said...

No fair Laurie... a second before me!!!

ORKMommy said...

I seriously think this is the most boring Big Brother cast they've ever had! I don't care if I watch the show or read the update posts because NOTHING ever happens! I can't imagine how horrible this has to be for you Jackie, you HAVE TO watch the feeds because people are depending on you. You should just write a stand by post that goes something like this... "Rachel & Brendon made out, Hayden & Kristen made out, Brittany talked about everyone and the Brigade is still a secret." You can post that when you don't feel like watching the feeds and you know you'll just about have it all covered!

Laurie said...

Yes!!! I love to be first!

Whoo hoo! I'm a "have" and you are a "have not"!!!

Oh my, I am easily entertained, aren't I?

Laurie said...

Excellent ORKMommy.
For variety she can add "Rachel thinks someone is becoming between 'me and my man' again" or "Matt is being obnoxious" or "Kathy is out fist in the (fill in the blank) competition".

Oh yeah, we could make this like Mad Libs and help Jackie a lot!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

What's this about Matt not having toenails? Britney said he doesn't have toenails.

That reminds me of an episode of Big Love where they were all having dinner in the backyard at the picnic table and Margie noticed that Chloe's (forgot her TV name) brother didn't have any fingernails or something. She got all wide-eyed about it and told Bill, but we never learned what the significance of that was.

JimmyB said...

FA (Formerly Anon) said...
What's this about Matt not having toenails?

...Certainly a BB first. This is funny.

Anonymous said...

Based on tonight's episode of BIG BROTHER, me thinks you were wrong about Kathy voting for Matt having nothing to do with her being on the block.