Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Thursday Dawn, July 15

My review of last night's show is up on TV Squad.

I'm still waiting for some spark of excitement from the hamsters ... a brouhaha, catching the saboteur on the feeds ... something! Here's what's gone down since I last checked in:
  • Ragan told Rachel his plan is to target those who aren't really trying to play the game.
  • Ragan and Rachel memorized the counts of various objects in the house.
  • Annie continued to campaign for herself. Now, I know she has to do so, but this is so neverending and repetitive.
  • Make her stop!
  • Brendon told Hayden he doesn't want Enzo to win HOH because he's a wild card. Hayden agreed. Both claimed to like Enzo.
  • But I think only Hayden actually likes him.
  • Hayden and Annie seriously seem to think the saboteur's "escaped eviction" message points directly to Brendon.
  • I don't think so. I think it only points away from Annie and Rachel.
  • Lane and Hayden talked about possibly saving Annie (which would be a smart move to break up the more powerful Brendon and Rachel), but don't think Enzo would go along with them. They call him a loose cannon and say they'll have to backdoor him eventually.
  • Of course, Lane has always been on Annie's side and Hayden seems to agree with whomever he's talking to at the time.
  • The Brigade decided they feel sorry about Annie, but she must go this week.
  • Hayden told Kristen that she's hard to read and he only knows about three things about her.
  • She claims he knows more.
  • Kristen told Hayden she's suspicious about Matt. Hayden told Kristen that Matt's said just about the same thing about her.
  • Hayden told Kristen that he'd like Britney to go home next week.
  • Oh my. What of the power duo, Brendon and Rachel? Just let them stay and grow stronger?
  • Silly hamsters.


chris said...

kathy as saboteur
she escaped eviction
matt was never in danger as part of the brigade.
she acts guilty if it is not her.
they limit diary room sessions with her, matt and kristen, as far as what they show us.

cha cha said...

I agree abot Kathy being the Sab-
I have rewatched the sab attack over and over when the storage room was locked.

I think that they should rid the house of Annie because it is a golden opportunity if not just for my well being. She is so repetitive about everything.

I liked Hayden for about an hour once the show started.

We here these hamsters talk about previous seasons but my thought is they really don't pay attention or watch feeds since they do the same stupid things the previous houseguests do.

When was the last time that an HOH was how many circles are on the wall. They should know the question will be the circle in the middle of the wall is Blue or Green....

The house does need to break of B/R but as what usually happens in this house is that one of them will get HOH tonight. If not then put Rachel and Britney on the block if not HOH and backdoor Brendan. He really is a smart player.

Kristen is really hard to read. I still don't really know much about her. She is mysterious to me.

I think Matt is actually funny, although after being on another reality show, he shouldn't be able to be on this one.

RJM in SC said...

What reality show was Matt on previously? I missed that.

Anonymous said...

I think the saboteur is either Kristen or Kathy or Matt. As we see the fewest DR sessions with them on the tv shows. I know they can only show so much and edit out a lot but those are my choices. And each of them flies below the radar pretty much.


cha cha said...

Matt was on a show called Average Joe 4. Never did see that though

Sasha said... agree with 'silly hamsters'. Cha Cha...I had the same thought about how they all seem to repeat the same things (usually mistakes) each season. I loved "the Brigade" claims of superiority and running the house and blah, blah, blah. We hear it every year and every year they find out they're fallible, just like everyone else. I quote: "Silly Hamsters". LOL

RBennie said...

I gotta give Annie an A for effort. I have never seen anyone campaign so hard to stay. Too bad all her efforts are falling on deaf ears! I would actually rather see Rachel go than Annie. I don't think she would be quite so annoying if she was safe. I've been taping BB After Dark and trying to watch a little in the mornings, but it is so boring. How long can you watch people play pool.

cha cha said...

BBAD is a real bore right now.

I really like it and the feeds when they are down to about 8 or nine people in the house.

Thats when the real stuff goes down.

I can't believe that Brigade thinks they are a solid alliance and no one would know they are in an alliance **but I think it goes to show the brains and I use that term loosely that they all have**. I do think that Matt is the strongest of those four.

Annie is campaining and she has too but I think its funny she is offering the same "deals" to everyone she talks to. She has to know that they will all talk when she leaves.

Rachel isn't campaigning at all and that would be enough for me to vote her out.
Nah I still want Annie gone tonight.

They all want Britney out because she makes strange faces...come on people. She may not be the strongest but does seem to know this game in and out.

carnfr said...

just testing to see what my name comes up as when signing into my google acct.

cha cha said...

that was me signing into my google account. I was just checking something. Please disregard last comment.

Sally said...

I'm very skeptical about any apparent clue to the Saboteur's identity. The BB editors control what we see on the show, and have been known to manipulate perceptions. Even with the feeds, the editors are controlling what is shown of the Saboteur and his/her actions. We'll know who the Saboteur is only when BB wants us to know: tonight.

I've been trying to think of good pranks to submit for the Saboteur. One idea is to announce that the houseguests include a medical doctor, a physicist, a member of Mensa, a college professor and a chemistry grad student. That should create mistrust and speculation among the houseguests, as several would know that the statement was at least partially true.

cha cha said...

Sally that is a great prank to pull.

What about after week two that they will be sending a friend of the Sab back in the house who has been evicted and this person was able to watch the shows and see the outside world.

ML said...

I agree about BBs editing control Sally. The first night just before the lights went out, Julie's announcement was that BB was going to help the saboteur get things started. So I don't necessarily think the saboteur had to put that lock on at the moment the lights were out or at all. I think BB could have done that. BBs premise is to wtach and manipulate everthing so that would be right up their alley.

RBennie said...

I totally agree with you about that ML. I don't believe the saboteur actually turned out the lights or put the lock on, so it could really be any one of the hamsters. I seriously have no clue who it is. The only slightly suspicious thing I've seen was Kathy wallowing around in that syrup. The way she was stuck in there I thought it was quick drying cement, LOL.

joyn said...

Matt at least has a good sense of the game, even tho he has to spoonfeed it to the rest of the brigade.

I'm not seeing the resemblence between Hayden and Kristen at all. Eye shapes and jaw lines are so different. Mouths and teeth are totally unalike.

I'm also seriously wondering about Rachel's educational background. Can a grad student be that dumb?

Matt doesn't seem to know much about how this game is played.

Andrew doth seem to protest too much.

I'm still suspicious of Kathy or Matt as being the saboteur. But what do I know?

I kind of like Brendon as a player. He seems to be playing the game, at least.

joyn said...

I meant that Hayden doesn't seem to know much about how to play this game. Matt does.

joyn said...

I meant that Hayden doesn't seem to know much about playing the game. Matt does.

RBennie said...

I like Brendon alot. He seems like a really smart guy - other than his fascination with the bimbo - and I really won't mind at all if he remains shirtless the entire time he's there, LOL.

joyn said...

I agree, RBennie. Really like that smile of his too.

RBennie said...

Oh, does he have a face? I hadn't noticed, LOL.

joyn said...

Yeah, somewhere above that bod, I think! LOL!!

ORKMommy said...

Brendon surprises me when it comes to Rachel. I work in the sports industry and usually guys like him have outgrown the big boobed bimbo phase by the time they hit 30. He's a very educated, physically fit, handsome guy and could have any woman with looks, boobs AND a brain. Unless he's just after her for a showmance...

I just looked at his bio and found this... "Strategy for winning Big Brother: Get girls to like me and turn them against each other". That could explain the Rachel attraction. He hooks up with her, at some point he dumps her, hooks up with another girl and you have friction caused by Brendon.

joyn said...

Wouldn't surprise me at all. Brendon IS playing this game.

EileenM said...

Almost time for BB. I'm on the West Coast so I'll be watching it later; however, will be checking in here during East Coast time. Thanks again are awesome! I think the Sab is either Ragan or Kristen.