Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Thursday Morning, July 22

There IS a Kristen in the house!

Today the hamsters will be cleaning house in anticipation of the live show. What they don't ever realize every season is that they're constantly in a live show on the feeds and their messes show! Here's what happened overnight:
  • Monet cried to Kathy that she doesn't understand why they'd keep Matt over her.
  • Maybe they like him more, I say.
  • Kathy told Monet she has no idea what's going on with the others.
  • She probably doesn't. Kathy is no shrewd cop on the beat in the house. She's friendly with all, but no one confides in her. We're talking pure floater.
  • They remain on indoor lockdown. Kathy is so wanting a cigarette!
  • Rachel told Ragan that she thinks if Matt wins HOH, he'd put her and Brendon on the block. Ragan doesn't think so, but commits to nothing on the point.
  • Rachel feels sorry for crying Monet, but doesn't think she tried too hard to win the PoV.
  • Monet and Britney worked for Lane's vote, telling him they had Andrew and Kathy.
  • Andrew doesn't care for Matt, but doesn't want his name thrown in as a vote to keep Monet, either. He wants to go with the flow in the house.
  • Britney says that Kristen and Hayden have a showmance going.
  • You don't say ...!
  • Britney also thinks if Kristen wins HOH, she's (Britney) history.
  • Kathy is hedging on her vote to evict Monet. After Monet cried to her, Kathy told Brendon and Rachel that she finds some of the things Matt said the night before disturbing.
  • Matt was way drunk that night. Way to go, genius! A real genius would NEVER get drunk in the house.
  • Kathy decided she would vote for Matt to go as a warning, but that the vote on the whole in the house will be for Monet to go.
  • Kristen told Andrew that, despite Matt's behavior the night before, if he were to win HOH, his targets would be Brendon and Rachel.
  • The overall house sentiment is still a Monet ouster. Britney should be interesting without her BFF.
  • The showmance couples split off and did their showmance stuff.
  • Ragan talked to Lane. Lane told him the first time Annie talked to him was after she was nominated and he only went to console her because she was upset.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.
  • My review of last night's show is up on TV Squad!


RJM said...

What is the reason we never see Kristen and rarely Kathy? I forget they are on the show.

Laurie said...

We don't see them because they are floating above the camera range!

Witt said...

I am so glad that Rachel put up Matt, even as a pawn. I never understand why the HOH listens to people that they nominated; they were nominated for a reason! I do hope Monet goes; the things she says behind people's backs are so hateful!

At least there will be one day I can enjoy that the house is neat. And I'm not a neat freak, which makes my obsession with the clutter status of their house amusing!

Thank you for the Boy George reference. THAT'S WHO IT IS THAT RACHEL REMINDS ME OF!!

Thank you, Jackie!

Witt :)

Laurie said...

Has anyone read Rachel's HOH blog yet? I read about half and then had to stop because it was hurting my eyes and ears. My eyes couldn't take the poor writing and my ears couldn't take hearing her voice in my head. I really do find it hard to believe this girl is educated past the 9th grade.

Anonymous said...

just curious.

There has been little conversation
amongst this group about all of Matts lying. I think his giving his wife this phony disease is horrible.
I also think Andrew knows better and is just keeping quiet. Wonder
if he will let anybody know.


tbc said...

The Boy George reference is classic and dead on!! Everyone in my house got a big kick out of it. Thanks.

I am hoping for a Monet ouster.

meb said...

Since they don't seem to be, I'LL be embarrassed for Brendon and Rachel. Brendon because he has school kids watching his sexual episodes. They're high school kids, and may know more than he does about sex, but still coach!!! And Rachel because she doesn't care if her butt cheeks show on national TV.

I also think that the reason Brendon latched onto Rachel is that he's not very 'street' smart. He immediately falls all over Rachel, and is so mushy, mushy. She's needy and wants someone to love her...thus she grabs onto him. He can't be very macho on the outside or he wouldn't have started this relationship so fast. I for one want a MAN... not a hunk just for the sake of his being gorgeous! He's just too wishy/washy for me. He says things to her like 'don't hurt me when we get out on our own'... gag me with a spoon...

He may not even remember who she is once they're out of the BB house, especially if one goes before sequester... the other can then watch the feeds and wonder what in the world they were thinking!

Just an editorial, because everything else is so boring.

MHO of course.

cha cha said...

Laurie--- The HOH blog was horrible. I can't believe CBS didn't edit it. I couldn't read after about 1/4 of it.

Witt--- I have Monet in the pool and hopes she goes. Matt is playing the game and she really isn't.

Estelle- It maynot be PC for Matt to make up a disease for his wife but all that have heard it with the exception of Andrew bought it hook, line and sinker.

Can't wait to see who wins HOH tongiht. I hope its a endurance geared away from the meat heads

JOJO said...

Yes, Laurie and ChaCha,
Did this girl really graduate from college? How odd that she is such a poor writer! And the grammar!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the Rachel and Boy George comparison! I dont' know if anyone has commented on this before, but Brendon reminds me of Hilary Swank!

joyn said...

I wonder if Brendon is a sex addict and went in there looking for someone "easy". Rachel pretty much jumped at the chance to jump his bones. Of course, he also wants to use her to do some of his dirty work in the game. He made himself a target by being so open about the showmance and that is going to backfire on him eventually. And, you're right, what kind of image is he portraying to his young athletes as their coach?

I said a while back that I have doubts about Rachel's education. How can someone with that kind of education sound at times (and spell) as if she were practically illerate. Why work as a Vegas entertainer when you supposedly have a high education background?

And why would she go on national TV dressed in short dresses with no underwear or a thong? This woman has NO self-respect.

Makes me wonder how thoroughly BB checks educational backgrounds. IMO

Anonymous said...

cha cha
do you think Andrew will spill the beans on Matt's lie?


RJM said...

After reading Rachels blog I feel so smart now.

Anonymous said...

How do I find the link to the blog. Can't find it at cBS site.

Sharon S said...

Well, since no one seemed to be able to make it through more than 1/2 the blog, I decided to start at that point just in case something really important were being missed by everyone else. The only thing you missed is complete confirmation she has the worst education ever.

She does mention something about being able to talk "science and sci fi" with Brendon -- perhaps she has confused the two and is really just a Star Trek addict who THINKS she's a chemist?

Sharon S said...

Anon -- took me awhile too. Here is the link:

cha cha said...

I don't think Andrew will spill anything right now. He is so undercover.. A shoe salesman. Thats a good one.
If people start asking I am sure he will stumble unless its about orthropodic shoes.

Sharon S---

I went back and looked at the blog and not only is she not very smart, she has bad grammer. I by no means spell evrything correct but I don't think spell check was used at all. She may be able to talk Star Trek, but not chemistry that I am aware of. She is listed as a chemist. When I was bartending I got an application for a potential employee that said she was a "social chemist". If she does work in vegas she could be no more than a bartender(IMHO).
She is also listed on imdb as being in a movie called---
A Risk Worth Taking.

Becky said...

Andrew is between a rock and a hard place. No one knows he is a doctor, so he can't reveal that there is no such disease without blowing his cover.

cha cha said...

I guess thats what I was trying to say a few posts ago..
I think I got hit with the Rachel writing disease

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharon S

tbc said...

OMG, her blog is eyes, my eyes, Laurie! LOL.

Her photos are terrible too....almost all of her and Brendon!

monty924 said...

Becky said...
Andrew is between a rock and a hard place. No one knows he is a doctor, so he can't reveal that there is no such disease without blowing his cover.

Andrew just hasn't heard of it before. Its an actual, be it rare, disease. He heard about it on a TV show. I googled it, and it does exist.

Anyway, I'm stoked to see if my pool boy will survive this bonehead move on his part. :)

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Add Bobby Brady to the list of celeb look-a-likes.

Sally said...

I made it through Rachel's HOH blog and am not impressed.

That has to be one of the longest HOH blogs ever: she rattles on and on, trying to make every action of her "rain" seem monumental. With all of those capital letters and exclamation points, it's like she's screaming at us. Her repeated use of "my man" and "hehehe" sounds like a high school kid with a big crush.

I tried to find out more about her credentials. Couldn't find out what degree she has or where she earned it, or where she's going to grad school, but she apparently has taught some basic chem courses at the College of Southern Nevada. She worked for Chevron as a chemist for a while and is from a conservative North Carolina family with a Father who is a genius.

Sasha said...

Ahhh, if Rachel's father is a genius, he must be so proud.

Becky said...

Monty, what I meant is that he can't tell anyone that he doubts Andrew's story because how would a shoe salesman know about the disease.

monty924 said...

I know, Becky. There are a lot of posts indicating that Matt just made up the disease and Andrew should know it.

Its neither here nor there to me. :)

monty924 said...

Sally said...
I tried to find out more about her credentials. Couldn't find out what degree she has or where she earned it, or where she's going to grad school, but she apparently has taught some basic chem courses at the College of Southern Nevada. She worked for Chevron as a chemist for a while and is from a conservative North Carolina family with a Father who is a genius.

Can you imagine sitting in a classroom, as an undergrad, looking at and listening to Rachel teach you about chemistry? I can't!