Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn, July 13

Hayden is always doing odd things with his lips and mouth. I think he's one of those tobacco spitters if he had tobacco to spit.

After the activity earlier in the evening, things quieted down. Here's the scoop:
  • Annie resumed her campaigning against Rachel and didn't kill anyone.
  • Everyone listened to her politely.
  • The vote is almost surely going to evict Annie.
  • Annie didn't sleep with Brendon (which has been the case since they entered the house -- Rachel is in the Have Not room).
  • Instead, Monet took over that spot.
  • The Brigade played pool and schemed.
  • Brendon cooked a late chicken dinner for all. Kathy proclaimed it better than at a restaurant.
  • Outside at the pool table, the Brigade wondered about a swim coach who seems to be a chef, making all kinds of fancy dishes.
  • There is no food comp this week. The Have Nots still stay in their room, but are now allowed to bring in pillows.
  • Ragan and Kathy spoke about how bad the tension is in the house.
  • Matt smiled a lot.

The Brigade


Anonymous said...

And apparently Lane was saying if his girlfriend cries, he makes her sleep on the floor. And they have a son together and if they split up, he says he will take the boy as men can raise boys and women can only raise daughters. He also said he expects women to be able to cook for him. He apparently is looking at the calendar for 1910.
Hey Lane: women can vote now and they can raise kids as single parents of both genders, and they can serve in the military and can be CEOS and more.

I read this update on Jokers and while I know there are men like this, I still do not have to like it. That is for sure.


ML said...

So obviously this is where not having the feeds gives you an entirely different impression. Annie must be very different than what the two televised episodes have shown. Nothing in those shows even hinted that she is annoying, talks too much, and apparently close to the edge. Her talk with Ragan seemed very touching, but also showed she was emotional about her having a girfriend. Hopefully Wednesday's show will be more revealing for us tv only watchers.

PlaidChick said...

Annie is beyond annoying on the feeds. All she does is make her rounds to person to person or group of people gaming way to hard and after she was nominated, pleading her case. She had a good case (break up the couple) until she flipped out last night. I was waiting for our first major fight, and it never happened. Annie got called to the DR, came back,continues to stew, and Rachel cried. And Brendon told her, "When you're sad, I'm sad." Blech. Annie told Monet last night, Brendon was coming after her next. I seriously doubt Monet believed that statement as she's grasping at straws now.

The whole problem is I think Annie is attracted to Brendon, but Rachel got to him first. This had the making of major drama. It's only Tuesday, but I still think Annie is headed out the door come Thursday.

JimmyB said...

I frankly find it hard to believe what bad players some of them are, like Annie. They've watched; they know the game; and given--it's all different once you're there.

But they take their eye off the ball right away and let their emotions take over. They don't keep their head in the game; or they're just not too bright.

EileenM said...

This group of hamsters are very untidy! They need to learn to pick up after themselves.

RBennie said...

It does seem like Annie's days are numbered. It's pretty much a done deal that she's going home. It would, of course, be much smarter to send Rachel home to break up that showmance, but no one seems to be worried about that.

cha cha said...

Those fireworks did fizzle really fast. I never did see the buh bye that Annie ran around and told everyone.
She is grasping at straws. If she was attracted to Brendon is the whole girlfriend thing a lie.
I think the feeds portray the reall Annie...The edited show doesn't.
I think that these kids are here for a free vacation.
None really play the game as of yet.
Monet is my girl in the pool but as of yesterday I switched to liking Kristen a whole lot.
She is quiet and under the radar taking everything in. For the guys I like Matt.. He is a smart one there. Mensa or Not.

ML said...

Things will probably be changing back and forth until Thursday, and we all know to expect the unexpected, so Rachel better be careful and lay low and let Annie continue to self destruct. I just hope they show a little of this on the actual televised show so we non-feed watchers see why she's going.

Sally said...

On the Late, Late Show last night, Julie Chen and Craig really didn't talk much about BB. But I was happy to see that they used a clip of the weiner competition and Britney's infamous "I lost my dignity on a slippery weiner" quote.

ML, you're right that the televised impression of Annie seems to be greatly different than the feeds version. Maybe the Wednesday show will concentrate on her.

Can someone remind me who's in the Brigade? Is it Enzo, Hayden, Matt and Lane?

joy n said...

I noticed the odd mouth moves on Hayden too. Sometimes it looks like his teeth are too big for his mouth.

Monet moving in on Rachel's territory may cause some angst in the house. Does Rachel know yet?

So Lane is a neanderthal. And a jerk!

Sally, you've got the brigade members right.

I'm surprised to hear of all the Annie shenanigans too. That's why I love coming here to hear the "good" stuff.

Julie Chen did mention last night that the name of the hot dog comp was "Hot Dog, We Have A Wiener" but that it was edited out. That might have been considered too much but Britney's comment about a slippery wiener wasn't? Go figure.

Katie said...

Of course Annie will be the first to go, I have her in the pool. =)

I'm dissapointed to hear that Lane is such a creep. I really liked him.

Oh well. If Annie goes, I'll just have to cheer for one of the other hamsters. Maybe Matt? He seems to be partially normal so far!

Anon E. said...

LOVE IT Big Brother has always reminded me of a weird "locked-room" mystery novel and this year's saboteur twist really does it for me. Love mysteries that's why I write them! Thank you Jackie for the updates

Anonymous said...

For people that want to know whats going on minute to minute you can always check out jokersupdates.com
I then click on the quick view and an additional window opens. You can click update every so often and get blow by blow action.

I am also a bigtime Jackie fan. I love to read first thing in the morning what happened after I went to sleep and also what happens at any time of the day.

JOJO said...

Can someone clear up something for me please? I see Kristen and Hayden together alot and having suspicious conversations. Is it a beginning shomance or perhaps friends/relatives that know each other outside the house?

Katie, I'm with you. My first year in the pool and I'm stuck with that little whiner/instigator, Annie.When her sorry behind is kicked out tomorrow, I gotta root for Kristen or perhaps Monet.

Jackie said...

Sally - You have the Brigade right.

JOJO - Kristen and Hayden formed an alliance early on. Shh ... it's a secret. It doesn't seem to be a showmance.

Laurie said...

Karie and JoJo,
One of the very cool things about the pool is how many people are willing to share their floaties and their rafts. If your gal gets thrown out you can always join another team. Just bring a drink and a snack along with you! The more the merrier once the party really gets going.

Petals said...

Hey guys! Caroline, at the risk of wrath, I have to agree with Lane on alot of points. I hate it when my man gets in the kitchen or the laundry room. And he is always the boss, my man. JMHO. I dont believe in abuse or anything, but was for sure raised I guess the same way Lane was. EEk, don't yell or throw things, haha.

Petals said...

I think maybe Annie is acting like a tool because she entered the house to have a SHOWMANCE, whether with a man or a woman, right? Don't I remember her saying that very thing?
I am CST, what time is tonight, anyone?

Petals said...

Laurie! You are so right about sharing the pool toys. My leopard-print floatie is big enough for 2, maybe 3 people, and has drink holders in the arm rests. Anyone that can climb on is welcome.
I am not "in the pool" officially, but I am rooting for Hayden, Kristen, kinda Matt, and little Ragan is sorta sweet from what I've seen so far.

chris said...

its not on tonight, wed thursday sun this year i believe.
we have to wait a bit longer to see any action.

Petals said...

Thanks Chris! I need to get this sched into my head for the summer. See you tomorrow!

Jackie said...

Annie didn't come in LOOKING for a showmance, just said she would have one if it furthered her in the game.

As for Lane, he did say that. But he hasn't necessarily been acting that way in the house. He's been treating the women respectfully and has gone above and beyond being a sympathetic shoulder, especially to Annie. I haven't seen him cook anything or clean anything, though.

SueGee said...

I was kinda looking for it to be on TV tonight too - but alas it isn't. Maybe we should just meet up and chat on the nights we wish it was on?? Of course tonight was one of my rare "home on time" nights and dinner is in the oven and could wait for me to go to it LOL!

So were some of those arms showing the forbidden tats? (I'm still struggling with who is who)

ML said...

Sue Gee I don't know about the tats but I'm here to chat, too.

I think Brendon may be the saboteur or else just not to bright about a longterm game.