Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn, July 20

Monet and Rachel take stock in their living situation. Heehee. Apparently something in the recent comp (blocked to the live feeds) has the hamsters doing the stocks daily, some up to four days.

Here are the happenings from that Big Brother House Which NEEDS To Come to Life:
  • They complained that they're bored. Well, now. That's a big surprise!
  • Brendon still wants to cook for the others even though he's a Have Not.
  • Some played pool, others played word games.
  • Hayden and Kristen were off camera a lot. I wonder what games they were playing?
  • Monet and Britney got all catty again. They talked of Britney looking like a hoochie with her double chin, stealing Kathy's cigarettes. Hoochie Mama!
  • Brendon and Rachel, who have had tiffs, plan to stretch their last fight to lessen the target on them.
  • Britney fussed about how little they're earning on the show.
  • My heart goes out to her. Or not.
  • As in past seasons, a spider has been adopted by some (not all) of the hamsters.
  • Brendon and Rachel made out ... again.
  • Enzo created a slop dish which he calls pastina. Lane gave it a try and declared it good.
  • Many have noticed that Kathy is definitely just following the power in the house. This week she's Rachel's buddy, last week not so much.
  • Kristen and Hayden have been discovered by the camera ... in bed. Who woulda thunk it?
  • Ragan likes Matt as a pal. But now others are telling him how Matt's playing both sides of the house. Ragan wants to be friends with who he wants to be friends with and that's that!
  • Ragan thinks Brendon is a snake and Kathy is a floater, especially after she told him she wasn't trying to win.
  • Matt says he wanted to be nominated to avoid being bullied by Rachel and Brendon, plus sparing the decision of who to vote for this week.
  • Yeah, right. I'm sure he has his motives, but volunteering to go on the block is a pretty drastic step!
  • Ragan, a floater himself, thinks that Kathy needs to go or she'll float her way to the win.
  • Matt thinks Brendon and Rachel need to be split up.
  • Well, duh. They had their chance and blew it.
  • Hayden and Kristen want Britney nominated.
  • So do I.
  • Hayden and Kristen did a lot of undercover actions. They must be on a mission, eh?
  • All are asleep as I get this posted.


Delee said...

I feel for you Jackie, Now do we not all wish there was an Evil Dick in the house to liven it up. A Boogie-Will-etc. Tired of the Showmances, wish they were not allowed but many watch the feeds just for this...Yuck!

cha cha said...

This is actually a boring season.
I thought that they would at least wisen up by now about who to put on the block and who to evict.
If I have to hear Rachel say one more time, This is reality t.v. and we need to do this to expect the unexpected I think I will just die.

Sally said...

I wonder if the boredom is partially due to the early eviction of the saboteur, since BB hasn't introduced any new shenanigans. The stocks certainly don't seem to be creating much interest for viewers or even drama for the houseguests, other than maybe getting people to talk with people they normally wouldn't.

Shirl said...

Delee, so agree with you about the showmances. Last night I stopped watching I was sick of seeing Brendon & Rachel. BB needs to do something to shake things up. This not good at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Delee, I am also tired of the showmances and they get boring. I am not interested in watching couples make out.

It is dull and either these contestants are dull or they fear getting rowdy or something.


Laurie said...

Really, Jackie, you should get bonus pay for doing this. What could happen to liven things up? Someone in that house must have an imagination and want to make it more fun. Charades anyone?

JimmyB said...

"Britney fussed about how little they're earning on the show."

Huh? Aren't they makin' about $2,000/week for doing nothing? ...Boohoo. How much is this 22 year old worth?

cha cha said...

They houseguests get 750.00 per week.

I also think that Rachel sleeping in the Have Not room with Brendon shouldn't be allowed.

I must say that Brittney annoyed and still annoys but she is making it fun to watch the feeds. I should feel horrible but at least she is doing what we watch the show to do. Talk about other houseguests.
I don't watch this show for the showmances....
At Least Jeff and Jordan were no where near this bad....

meb said...

Jackie... saw you're now on a staycation... good for you. At least you won't have to get up early to watch the feeds... they'll all be asleep when you are. Good thinking!

The showmances are really boring and of absolutely no interest. You watch just in case one of them says something of importance... well, that's the silliest thing I'VE ever said... what could they say of importance???

Thanks Jackie...

cha cha said...

Kathy walks in on R/B getting it on and she is so oblivious to whats going on. Then she precedes to lay down and get under the covers.
Can she really be that stupid??
It was obvios the clothes were scattered around the top of the bed...

PlaidChick said...

Brenden and Rachel are pathetic. The Britney-isms are pretty funny. I just wish someone else besides Monet and Enzo would catch wind of it.

Matt is totally playing Ragan, and he just pretty much told Matt everything he needed to know.

I'm tired of them saying "we want to keep the peace." and the real players need to stay. The only reason Kathy is staying right now is because she's a vote in who ever has the power in the house, but after that awful attempt of being stuck for 30 minutes in the caramal, I would of nominated her.

It is pretty boring, we need a brigade member other than Hayden to win HOH so Brenden and Rachel go back up and surely then all hell will break lose.

Jackie said...

A few things -- Cha Cha has the stipend right. They get $750 a week for all the time they're sequestered pre-show, in the house, or sequestered after eviction.

Meb - Not on staycation yet, just the countdown. Next week.

JimmyB said...

Thanks for the info on the stipend...

I guess by some standards, $750 is not a lot; but it seems pretty silly to complain (whine) about it when:

-You knew up front.
-You volunteered to be there.
-You're supposed to be there to win $500K.