Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into the Wee Hours - Monday, July 12

Interesting ... when Annie had her big reveal of her bi-sexuality to Britney, Monet and Kathy, she said "they" told her it might be best to hide it from the house. And yes, that's who she's with (and still awake) as I type this up. She really doesn't want to go and is definitely working for the votes to stay.

Matt gets some fiber in his diet so the slop isn't as hard to take. I'm still waiting to see what that bandage on his bicep covers. I remember one covered rather innocuous tattoo on James was the Brawny paper towel man -- it was considered advertising.
  • Enzo cooked up fish and chips for many of the hamsters. Who knew he could cook anything?
  • In campaigning, Annie is working the "break up a strong couple and get rid of Rachel" card.
  • Rachel went to Brendon's bed at around 10 PM their time and the BB voice yelled at her twice that "it's time to get up for the day!" Since she's a Have Not, she's not supposed to sleep in there.
  • At midnight (their time), the Have Nots were allowed to eat. They all had a big toast and the Have Nots rejoiced.
  • Yes, BB gave them alcohol. Andrew seemed to get drunk on a single beer.
  • I hope the beer was kosher.
  • As the gals sans Rachel bond in the yard, upstairs in the HOH room Hayden, Matt and Lane talk about everyone.
  • Where's Rachel and Brendon? Oh, you know.
  • My show review is up on TV Squad and I hope the hamsters go to bed sometime soon because they're really boring.
  • Later!


Delee said...

It always seems to start out boring. We make that comment every year but it will heat up!
With the size of that bandage, I doubt we could even make out what his tattoo is to begin with!

Cha cha said...

Last night on BBAD just after the start Matt, Brendan and Britney were on the couch talking. Of course I deleted it already but it was something about a cherry and a nut being sledgehammered

joy n said...

Glad that Matt's getting his protein from his fingernails and not his nose at least.

Love your funny comments, Jackie.

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone. Jackie, your protein comment made me laugh out loud and it's still early for me!

Thanks for helping us get to know the players and their little ways.

I was just wondering if this showmance is the earliest ever.

Anonymous said...

Another website (BB Gossip?) reported that the tatoo is Nirvana.

RBennie said...

Hi Jackie and all,

I was away on vacation last week, so I'm just catching up on BB now. I see I have Britney in the pool - not sure how I feel about that yet! Too many hamsters right now for me to differentiate too well. Thanks for the updates Jackie and thanks for doing the pool Lisanne. I already find Enzo to be quite annoying, though he has his funny moments.

Lisanne said...

Strange how some of the hamsters still seem invisible. There is someone in the house named Kristen, right?

EileenM said...

Lisanne, I completely forgot about the pool. Is it too late to get in on it?

Zoetawny said...


Thanks for including me in the pool and all your efforts organizing it for us.

Hey joy n ^...

Who was that who always picking his nose?

joy n said...

Zoe, that was the infamous Adam Jasinski, the guy who spent his winnings on oxycodone pills to sell on the streets and got arrested for his trouble.

Can't remember his name but Gnat's true love was arrested also as part of the operation.

joy n said...

Matt? I think.

Sydney said...

PLAIDCHICK!!! I'm waaay behind and was reading back and learned you had a baby!

Hi Cha Cha and Zoetwany! So good to hear from you.

Actually, it's great to see everyone's name again, and all the new peeps too.

Now to go back and read Jackie's post, lol