Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday Morn, July 14

The show schedule with shows on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday is providing way too much downtime once again. At least, with the show we have something to talk about! Boring hamsters -- that's why I didn't post late last night. Here would have been my post:
  • Kathy wore a shirt I didn't really expect from her. Rachel, yes. Kathy, no. The hot water seemed to be doing a job on the camera mirror by the sink.
  • Enzo, unlike Lane, seems to think a man's place can be in the kitchen as he made dinner for all (except Andrew). Matt, another man, helped prepare the salad.
There you go. It didn't get all that much more interesting overnight with a few exceptions.
  • They had a pool tournament. It's better than the chess games as they talk, but give me a break! I wouldn't mind at all if the pool table and chess game vanished.
  • BB (or the saboteur) has planted a weird beeping doohickey between the Have Not room and the one bedroom. The camera kept focusing on it.
  • Ragan heard the noise and looked for it.
  • He seemed to be trying to figure out Morse Code or something similar with its beeps.
  • After Ragan left the Have Not room, the camera kept focusing on a knotted rope. I don't know if it was there before or not. That room's a nightmare.
  • Andrew and Kathy did the after dinner clean-up. Everyone else just took off and left the mess.
  • After a Diary Room session, Annie continued her campaign. I believe it's falling on deaf ears although everyone is being polite to her.
  • Annie talked. And talked. And then she talked some more. Had the house not been dead set against her in the first place, they would be by now even though she has some really valid points citing why Rachel should be evicted instead.
  • Shut up, Annie. Now. Please!
  • Britney thinks Brendon should be the next out after Annie. Of course, that's her secret ally's target, too.
  • What secret ally? Hayden.
  • The beeping started again when Andrew turned out lights.
  • The beeping is driving him bonkers. Well, not "kill people" bonkers, but bonkers nonetheless.
  • Brendon and Rachel had some undercover operations.
  • There was a lot of sex talk again.
  • Annie shaved Hayden's toe hair. Ew.
  • They think the beep is coming from a bad microphone in the house.
  • They're wrong.
  • They all went to bed.
In my downtime of boredom, I got looking into the Future Funk kids on America's Got Talent. No wonder the older one (age 9) is so good -- he's the youngest member of Rock Steady Crew who have been featured on America's Best Dance Crew. Future Funk has also appeared on the streets of Las Vegas with Haspop, another contestant on AGT.

These kids are the cutest thing which has happened to hip hop ever. Well, there are those Kia hamsters ...

Doo-dah-dippity! Sorry for the excursion away from BB, but I be bored!


Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie & everyone!
Thanks for a great update of...not much, HAHA. I am surprised by Kathy's shirt, too. Maybe she borrowed someone elses? I noticed in past seasons that they all end up just pulling something off the pile, so to speak.
Jackie, any thoughts on the theory that Kristen & Hayden are related? Someone floated that in the last thread, and I checked - they do look very similar! Same age, too.
A hot, humid day here in the KCMO area. Blech.
See you all tonight!

Jackie said...

I don't think they're related, but you never know. It's rainy here (and we need rain).

meb said...

Oh man... I understand bored! I am so glad it's back on tonight. Like you said Jackie...too much down time.

I will say Kathy looks young in that picture, but am surprised at the shirt. She can't be surprised if someone takes her up on it.

Lars said...

Brendon and Rachel had some undercover operations.

Haha Love your Blog Jackie.

Sally said...

Don't know quite how you do it, Jackie, but your posts are always interesting, even when the hamsters aren't. Thanks!

That beeping thing is very suspicious. It has to be there for a reason, unless it's just a version of Chinese water torture.

So Brendon, Enzo and Matt are all adept in the kitchen. Are any of the women doing any cooking?

Anonymous said...

I have to say I really don't care for this season so far......These people are not all that different from each other...No one really stands out,,And I love Big Brother so this is hard for me to say

PlaidChick said...

I keep trying to tell myself that the game doesn't really start until the first person is evicted, but these HG's are driving boring me to tears...

Seriously, we could of had 2-3 big ole cat fights by now, and nada. We have Annie marching around saying she's had enough, I watch her in hopes of someone egging her on enough to get into it with Rachel, but she doesn't. Rachel won't confront her accuser, she rather run off and cry and have sex with Brendon.

As much as Annie drives us nuts, she's an attention getter, and the rest of them are boring. Enzo and Ragan are funny, but not much game play from both of them except Ragan is silently game playing quite well IMO. The next person I see who could be a stirrer-up'er is Britney.

I hope after Thursday things get a bit more interesting.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I am 100% certain that Hayden and Kristen are related. I just compared their photos from the site and you can do a absolutely perfect overlay of their noses, and a nearly perfect overlay of their mouths. Their teeth are identical.

I think they might be twins. Biggest difference is their eye color. Can fraternal twins have different eye colors?

JOJO said...

Thanks, Jackie, love your updates!
Can someone give those blondes (Kathy and Britney some conditioner for that dry looking hair? or a trim?

Thanks bloggers for agreeing with me that perhaps there is a connection between Kristen and Hayden. Since they're not physical (that I've seen) with each other, perhaps brother and sister is a possibility.

This season is boring, but remember the smut we were exposed to with Matt, Nat, and those paired up folks?
They were stripping/lapdancing the first week!

Laurie said...

Oh yeah, JoJo, wasn't that the year they paired them up from the beginning? What a mistake!

Jackie, you are the bomb ...

EileenM said...

I think they are all related in some manner and been told not to discuss at all, fooling us viewers perhaps!! My breakdown would be: Enzo & Monet; Britney & Cathy; Hayden & Kristen; Lane & Matt; Andrew & Annie; Brendon & Rachel (I think these two could even be husband and wife)leaving Ragan as the saboteur.

JOJO said...

EileenM! That is quite a scary thought! The joke would be on us.

Matt said...

Does the beeping device look something like this?

I have to admit I've been tempted before to use these on enemies...

Anonymous said...

Jackie - Thanks soooo much for the time and effort you spend keeping us updated on "nuthin'". J/K Anyway, this is the best place to have a word with my daughter. I know she checks in here before she even calls me. So, hello Petals. I love you. The schedule of shows this year are a real downer!! It seems like such a l-o-n-g time between shows. Hello to Ork!!