Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds - Into Wednesday Dawn, July 28

How cold is it in Los Angeles these days? If they were on the East Coast, they'd stay inside with air conditioning instead of bundling up with jackets and throws!

We need drama in the house. I've said it before, I'll probably say it again. Yet my words fall on deaf production ears. Maybe it's because I'm not supposed to talk about production, I don't know. Here are the latest non-happenings from that Big Brother House of Monotonous Miscast Misfits:
  • BB yelled at the boys for trying to burn a lime with a magnifying glass in the yard.
  • They threw apples around the yard.
  • They made a football out of aluminum foil.
  • Matt and Kathy said they think Rachel would voluntarily quit if Brendon got evicted.
  • I don't think she would.
  • Andrew doesn't seem to realize that he's not just the pawn anymore, but the target.
  • Hayden burned his toe with the magnifying glass. Maybe he should focus it on his hair and get rid of some of that!
  • BB took away Britney's hoodie because it had a trademarked logo on it. They're very restricted in that regard -- anything with logos needs permission or, better yet, advertising dollars thrown the BB way.
  • Brendon said he'll have a prenuptial agreement before marriage as he's been burnt before. Rachel vehemently is against it. But not enough for interesting drama.
  • They talked about how they couldn't believe the fights and drama past seasons.
  • They don't seem to realize that watching a houseful of hamsters who get along is BORING and that they're most likely the most boring group ever cast in the show.
  • For being so much "in love lust," Brendon and Rachel certainly have a lot of arguments. I think they might be starting to realize they jumped into this way too quickly and for all the wrong reasons.
  • But maybe not.
  • They (Brendon and Rachel) are still divided on the vote. As such, they'll virtually have NO vote and it will be up to the rest of the house.
  • The rest of the house is planning to vote Andrew out at this time. They still want Kathy out, but Andrew is more of a priority for them right now.
  • Matt cut Enzo's hair. Enzo said it was better than Rachel's haircutting efforts.
  • Rachel and Britney trashed Kristen and Kathy while they took a bath in the HOH tub.
  • Britney is upset that people think she's lived a privileged life just because she's been places on vacation.
  • Both talked about working up to three jobs if needed to pay the bills and having to support themselves.
  • They don't think that people who complain about the lack of money (Kathy, Kristen) need sympathy on the show -- they could be out working earning money instead of being on a reality show.
  • OMG -- I actually agree with them there. I'm SO tired of people on these shows saying how much the need the money and how poor they are. I didn't ever think I'd agree with Britney and Rachel, but there you go. If folks NEED money so badly, they should be out WORKING (yes, it it takes two or three jobs -- I've done it myself over the years) instead of being on reality shows.
  • There. I said it.
  • That said, I'm not sure where Rachel's VIP cocktail waitress position falls in the world of working for a living, but ...!
  • The guys played pool.
  • BB - take that pool table away, please!
  • Britney told Matt that Kristen would be Rachel's target if she won HOH.
  • Ragan thinks a double eviction is coming up soon. I'd say in about two weeks -- sometime mid-August.
  • Enzo has a lot of gas from the BB slop and baby food. He all but admitted to Britney that he cheated last week as a Have Not. There has been no penalty for that. However, I haven't seen him cheating this week.
  • Ragan talked to the live feeds crowd while alone in the hammock before bed.
  • He said that if he plans to throw the HOH this week (which he's leaning toward), he will wear a long-sleeved navy blue shirt.
  • Oh goody, now we have some suspense for the live show. Thank you, Ragan. Please talk to us more.



Witt said...

Jackie, you deserve a medal, free vacation to Hawaii and a massage for sitting through all this mess. You rock!

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

It's gross for them to take a bath together, no chlorine or other chemicals to kill things...

K in WI said...

Jackie said: "Maybe it's because I'm not supposed to talk about production, I don't know."

OMG Jackie, just one more example of your amazing wit. Thanks for making me laugh--again.

To Anony from last entry with the "gross" observation--I can't believe Matt wore those one-piece jams for, from what I saw, three nights (days too?) in a row. Glad to hear he took them off. I was beginning to think it was a punishment like the red unitard from the past.

To Anony at 9:43--I was thinking the same thing about Britney and Rachel in the same tub--especially with the skanky comments Brit's made about Rachel in the past.

Someone suggested multiple couplings--I can see the possibility of Brandon and Andrew (I actually thought they looked oddly somilar from the getgo) and Hayden and Kristen--although I don't think blood relation but perhaps pre-existing romantic relationship.

I could go along with Kathy and Britney and maybe Britney and Lane but did someone suggest Enzo and Brittney? That one is a little far out there for me georgraphically and linquistically.

Anxious to hear how Andrew shot himself in the yomkippur with his speech.

Laurie said...

I just have to laugh at the fun with the magnifying glass. It brings back some good memories of being a bored kid on SoCal summer days!

Anonymous said...

I hope they change the target from Andrew. I kinda like the guy.

K in WI said...

I also would prefer Andrew to stay.

Kathy is pretty boring and from what I see on BBAD, a little self-absorbed to suit me.

Andrew might not be anyone's smart move, but I don't like anyone enough yet to care.

Let the chips fall where they may.

Laurie said...

K in WI, isn't that the truth? Nobody likes anybody enough to even want someone to win. Give it charity and send everyone home and back to work!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe bb stopped them from trying to set the lime on fire! it would have been the most excitement on the show thus far... -jeannemarie

cha cha said...

Survivor Fans---- I don't watch and didn't know if Jackie has posted up I saw this on

It's a battle of the ages.

The two tribes squaring off in Survivor: Nicaragua are divided according to age, CBS announced today. The elder tribe, dubbed Espada, comprises 10 Castaways all older than 40. Competitors in the opposing tribe, La Flor, are mostly in their 20s.

We were in Nicaragua for filming, so stay tuned for more details about all the Castaways—including their faces!

Survivor: Nicaragua premieres—in a new Wednesday time slot—Sept. 15 at 8 p.m

Read more:

Laurie said...

Thanks Cha Cha. That will be experience vs youth ... should be fun!

cha cha said...

I may have to watch it this season.
I haven't watched Survivor in years.

cha cha said...

Its funny how all the houseguest are trying to figure out what the hoh comp will be. Thinking its true/false.
I went back to last year and the winner of the third hoh was jessie with the ball toss.This year it was endurance. The fourth HOH was endurance, the graduation day where they were on the swing.

How can these houseguests even figure it all out. I can't imagine another endurance this week, besides they are allowed outdoors all day today.