Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Late Friday Night, July 9

When I last left you, the POV comp was done and over. Brendon, who's on the block with Rachel and is the main target for eviction, won and squashed the plans of everyone. So now they're all scrambling to decide who to put up on the block. Here are the latest happenings of those Merry Little Hamsters in Nevernever Land:
  • A core group of the guys -- Hayden, Enzo, Matt, and Lane seem to pretty much be running things. Meow Mafia? Not so sure on that as Enzo isn't really leading them. They don't seem to have a leader. In some ways they're coming across as confused boys to me. They're not sure where to turn next and are all over the place.
  • Ragan, albeit fairly popular when he's around, is almost invisible. He hangs out with the women more than the men.
  • Andrew's antics around the house have probably ruined any game he had. If he weren't safe this week, he'd definitely go out unanimously.
  • After the POV, at least Hayden and Annie got new clothes, supposedly picked by family members but Annie is dubious of that. Her sister would NEVER shop at The Gap! BB apparently wants them to be "colorful." Enzo wore his plain old "Meow Meow" t-shirt through the evening.
  • I want a Meow Meow t-shirt. It's nothing to do with Enzo.
  • Brendon, Matt and Annie think that Monet should go on the block.
  • Annie, of course, has her secret alliance with Brendon.
  • What they don't know is that Hayden promised Monet he wouldn't put her on the block.
  • Enzo told Monet that he would talk Hayden into putting Annie on the block.
  • Annie is really not Ms. Popular. They know she's been talking a lot to Brendon and no one (except Rachel) seems to trust Brendon at all.
  • They all think Brendon is a strong and dangerous player.
  • Enzo thinks Annie is the saboteur.
  • I haven't seen anything definitive on the feeds with the saboteur. I'm hanging onto my Matt theory.
  • The general feeling of the house is that Annie should go on the block and go home.
  • Ragan, Kristen and Hayden think it's too early to form alliances. Um, looks like Hayden might be lying.
  • Brendon spilled the beans to Matt about both his own and Rachel's education levels.
  • Maybe Rachel blinded him with science (science!), I don't know.
  • Hayden told Matt he wants to put Kathy up as a pawn and vote Rachel out.
  • Kathy doesn't want to be a pawn.
  • Hayden then wants to put Annie up but is worried that she might not go home and will be miserable and vindictive about it.
  • Most of the girls are getting very leery of Annie as she works her way through hanging out with the guys.
  • Annie also went to Hayden for a long talk, claiming she was just getting to know people and it's apparently the wrong thing to do in the house as everyone is now thinking she's up to something.
  • Well, she is.
  • Andrew tried to smooth things over with Hayden. He just doesn't understand why all the girls hate him. Well, the pulling off of blankets and yelling "Gyno exam!" just might have something to do with that.
  • Hayden told Andrew that he should apologize to the girls and that he doesn't think he (Andrew) is the saboteur.
  • I don't think it's Andrew either.
  • Rachel approached Hayden. He told her there were two others he could choose to go against her who would be voted out instead of her. They made a deal lasting until week seven. Hmm.
  • Rachel thinks Monet is one of those two. She thinks that if she was on the block with Monet, she (Rachel) would be evicted.
  • I think she's right.
  • Andrew seems to have redeemed himself with Enzo, Hayden and Rachel from what I can see. He can be fine when he's not being a clown.
  • Annie talks way too much. She would be in better straits if she'd just stop talking for a while.
  • BB gave them alcohol at midnight their time. Which is 3 AM here!
  • That's about it. It looks like Brendon will save himself and Hayden is likely to put Annie on the block with Annie voted out.
  • If that's the case, her own mouth did her in. Woe is her. But it would leave the Blinded By Science Duo in the house. As an observer, I don't think that's a good thing. Not only that, but Rachel irks me to no end.


Anonymous said...

The perfect mystery:

12 strangers are invited to a house party one summer evening. Suddenly, the doors are locked and the guests are trapped inside, given orders to pick one another off until only 1 is left. The last survivor will win a half million dollars. Little do houseguests know one of them, known only as the Saboteur, is secretly in cahoots with the mysterious hostess who, like the saboteur, only communicates with captives via television. Who could this saboteur be?

Is it the
The professor?
The Sheriff
The doctor?
The aspiring actress/model?
Maybe the chemist?
or perhaps a certified genius...

Only one suspect is the mysterious saboteur and only one will remain in the end to collect the grand prize. But who?

Don don dooooon

Anonymous said...

and by 12 strangers I mean 14

Petals said...

Oh, Jackie ~ reading your updates is like Homecoming for me. A year of woe, no computer, no TV sometimes...and now I am housesitting and have both, and hence your blog. Petals is very happy this week. I especially loved the Thomas Dolby ref. You rock, and I miss you and everyone.
ANYWAY! I forgot Rachel had an education. Easy to forget, tho, right?
Andrew being obvious is a great ploy. The most hated person usually NEVER goes home first and then ends up winning everyone over later.
I still like Hayden, Kristen, Kathy. And the Jewish boy...I don't mind Brendon, but I think he is the mole. Is Brendon the Jew (is it OK to use that term?) I like the Jewish person, and if he is Brendon than I like them both, hurhur.

Petals said...

Anon & all ~ I forget which on is the self-proclaimed "certified genius", Matt maybe? But I agree with Ms Jackie in her synops of him earlier on: Anyone that keeps proclaiming their own genius makes me think they have no brains at all. It's like wealth: if you really have it, you don't have to flash it.

chris said...

Andrew is the jewish person, don't know what religion Brendon is
I think the mole is Matt or Kathy based on rewatching the final minutes of the show multiple times.

ML said...

Petals, how could you confuse Brendon (smart hunk)(maybe the saboteur) with Andrew the Jew (too over the top to be the saboteur, hence nothing)? I dont have the feeds and so I dont have enough information to really judge them except to say that Brendon has fallen for the oldest trick(s) in the book (haha flotation devices) and Andrew will forever be known as 'Andrew the Jew offers gyno exams too'. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff; truth is stranger than fiction. Didn't see that one coming. So both have proven themselves to be jokes, regardless of their supposed intelligence, education, or achievement. That does not change the fact that Brendon is great to look at, therefore I am glad he won POV.

Petals said...

Thanks guys! OK. Andrew is the Jewish guy, the clown. Brendon is the foot guy (and the mole, I think).
Now that I think about it, the mole/saboteur wouldn't get into a showmance, would he/she? Or maybe THAT is strategy?

Sharon S said...

I'm so confused on the girls -- which one is the chemist -- Annie or Rachel?

WV = hypotan, as in, some of the house guests came in with hypotans so they wouldn't get a burn from all the hours in the sun.

meb said...

Oh Jackie... Barf, barf, barf, if Rachel stays in the game. I know Annie talks too much, but for right now, I kind of like her. I haven't watched much of After Dark, so I only have a little to base that on.

Andrew ruined it for me when he did the gyno exam on Annie. How stooopid was that! If he'd cut out all the joke-ster stuff ... nah... I still don't think I'd like him.

I'm sticking with the genius or the gay guy as the mole. (Names??)

Looks like it may be a good season. At least everyone is new. I was getting tired of the returning houseguests...usually because they were ones I didn't like the first time around.

What did you say Jordon was going to be doing this season? (She I like). Jackie, I'm sure is busy. Does anyone else know the answer to this?

Petals..long time no talk! Hey!

Gayle said...

Hi Everybody! To answer your question Meb, Jordan and Chelsia are doing a live video chat July 13th at 6 PM ET.

Gayle said...

Ooops, Meb I forgot to include the phone no. for the Jordan and Chelsia live chat. Call 877-448-6639.

Anonymous said...

From now on we should just refer to the houseguests by their occupation. sounds more mysterious. The nutty professor is definitely the Saboteur or the driven swim coach.

Jackie H. said...

I think it might be the doctor. He doesn't need the money. It will take a few days for me to know who they are. I's good to be back like Petals said it's like coming back home. Jackie from NC

Sally said...

I've been trying to figure out who is pictured in the screencaps. Maybe Lane and Kristen?

I"m eager for the show tomorrow night. I need TV time to get to know these people, and to see how attitudes turned against some of them.

ML said...

That association with Chelsia is better than nothing I guess, but Jordon's better than that. Chelsia was fame hungry and into that James guy who turned out to be kinda yuck. Maybe they'll play well off each other, the contrast perhaps, because Jordon's squeaky clean image is a big part of her audience draw.

Jackie said...

Sally - It's Lane and Annie.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Hi guys!!

OK, I love Brendon. He's smart, he's nice, he's thoughtful, and last but not least, he's such a hunk. He seems genuine to me. He's like an intelligent Jeff.

And I feel badly for Andrew. I think the gyno exam stupidity was because he was feeling insecure at how everyone was perceiving him, and he subconsiously wanted them to know he's a doctor. But it failed badly, although when it happened, everyone was laughing and having a good time. It was only later when Annoying Annie started complaining and then everyone else was saying how awful it was.

I can barely keep the girls names straight. I like the blonde one, she seems sincere, like a smart Jordan (not Kathy the Sheriff, the younger blonde).

Can't stand Annie. And it bothers me that she and Brendon were talking, he shouldn't trust her.

Enzo is a MORON. The first night of BBAD, I lost count of how many times he repeated the story about Andrew saying he was "in a gang! Can you believe dis shit? In a GANG!"


Thank God Brendon got POV! For now, he's the only person worth watching and listening to.

Oh, and yeah, Lane reminds me of JT! It worries me that he gets his only news during lunchtime from a TV.

meb said...

Thanks Gayle... that probably wouldn't be anything I'd get involved in. Besides, I forgot who Chelsia was until I just read ML. Not one I would think would mesh with Jordon.. Now if it were Jeff and Jordon, I would definitely had made the call.

PDX Granny said...

I posted this in the wee hours of the morning on the previous thread ~ just about the time Jackie started this new one, so I'm copying it here. Feel free to jump past it if you'd like. :)

PDX Granny said...
Jackie, thanks for keeping up with all this for us. You're amazing!

Laurie, I'm with you ~loving the red-headed-big-breasted colorful bird, but can do without Ms. B@@BS!!

About the Sabetour, my daughter, grandson and I have been watching the blackout over and over again in slow motion. From what we can tell, Monet, Kathy and Andrew were not in the room when the lights went out. Brenden was sitting in the elimination chair on our right, then he got up to "brush his teeth" and Andrew started playing games.

Sometime during the blackout, Kathy and Monet came in and sat down. Some guy sat in the chair that Brenden was in. We never did figure out for sure who that was. When the lights came back on and they were talking about the locked storage room, Brenden was back in the chair, and a lot of the others had moved around.

This is all to say we have no idea who it is. My grandson has his own theory, but considering he's a 6 year old who wants to grow up to be a spy scientist, it's much more elaborate than I care to go into. :)
7/10/2010 12:29 AM

PDX Granny said...
Oh, I forgot to mention our theory. The producers are already playing games with us. We're thinking what we saw before, during and right after the blackout was not in the same sequence that it actually happened.

Oh the joy of editing!!
7/10/2010 12:33 AM

Sally said...

Jackie, Thanks for clarifying my confusion about Kristen/Annie. In that photo she reminds me a little of the actress who sang "Smelly Cat" on "Friends." (Can't think of her name.)

PDX Granny said...

OK, I'm about to show my ignorance of modern technology.

Gayle, what's a video chat, and how does it work?

Petals said...

What is that Jordan & Chelsia are doing? Missed that part...
Plaid (hey!), I agree about BB running interference; how else could they keep the mole in place?
Cant help it, I still think it is Brendon.
And I like Anon's idea about calling them by jobs instead of names, LOL.
Butcher, baker, candlestick maker.
It was Col. Mustard in the kitchen with the rope!

Laurie said...

Petals, it's never Col. Mustard!

I believe it's Miss Scarlet in the bedroom with a rope (and it was all good fun until someone got hurt!)

Petals said...

Laurie ~ OMG, Rachel is Ms Scarlet! That hair, right? HAHA

Petals said...

Sally: LISA KUDROW played Phoebe on Friends. But Crissy Hynde of the Pretenders ALSO sand Smelly Cat in one episode.

Gayle said...

PDX Granny

Jordan and Chelsia will be live on the internet (not just their voices) answering our calls during that time (6 PM EST) on July 13th. You can call in to chat with them.

PDX Granny said...

Thanks, Chelsea!

That sounds so obvious, that now I feel kinda silly asking. :)

PDX Granny said...

OOPS!! I meant thanks GAYLE!!
Sorry about that.

Lisanne said...

Here is the updated pool list. I will be posting teams tomorrow.
Auntie Leigh
Brent McKee
cha cha
Donna in FL
Donna in AL
Joy N
Karen in Ca
Nana in NW
PDX Granny
Terry in PA

So Petals, was that a yes or a no?