Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Monday Into the Evening, July 26

Another day in that Big Brother house of Poor Casting:
  • Brendon and Rachel are the early birds this season, once again getting up before BB wakes them up.
  • They've noticed that Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Kristen hang out a lot together and are thinking there may be an alliance there.
  • They don't seem to think Matt is a part of it.
  • I actually think Matt is the loose card of the alliance and the Brigade would do better with Kristen in his place.
  • Brendon and Rachel are worried about Enzo and don't trust Britney. Um, okay.
  • Enzo is really on a "get rid of Andrew this week" trip as opposed to his earlier "get rid of Kathy" trip.
  • They went on an outdoor lockdown in prep for the PoV ceremony.
  • Bam, no feeds for the ceremony!
  • The nominations remain the same as we expected. Brendon couldn't use the PoV or Rachel would go on the block (supposedly).
  • Apparently Andrew said something about Matt being in cahoots with Brendon and Rachel.
  • Oh my. Andrew should have remained quiet. This might be enough to change up the vote and give him the boot.
  • Matt told Andrew he liked the speech. Andrew told him that if he stays he won't be gunning for him.
  • Andrew knows Matt indeed has alliances.
  • Ragan said the PoV meeting was the weirdest ever and Andrew made him laugh with his speech.
  • Hayden said he thinks Andrew's speech was all an act.
  • Kristen told Matt that, since the speech, she decided to vote out Andrew. She said Rachel's weird reaction to it makes her think he's in with them (B/R).
  • Britney agrees with Kristen.
  • This speech seems worth the watch Wednesday!
  • Matt claims that he's worried who Kathy would nominate if she won HOH.
  • That's just silly.
  • Kathy is the least likely to win any comp on the show.
  • I think Matt's working both sides of the house ... still. His only allegiance is to himself and his fake-disease wife.
  • Kristen, Hayden, Britney and Enzo seem to be solid votes to boot Andrew. Lane is a maybe.
  • Unless something big happens, Ragan is going to vote to evict Andrew.
  • I think Andrew got himself in hot water.
  • And it's all because Matt put him up as a pawn and didn't nominate EITHER of the ones they all claim are the targets.
  • Super Genius strikes again.
  • It seems like Brendon and Rachel still might be a split vote on this one. She wants to get rid of Andrew and he doesn't.
  • We'll see.


Big Ed said...

I will not miss Kathy!

Fred M said...

New Theory....I think there are multiple couples in the house.

Andrew and Brendan
Brit and Lane
Hayden and Kristen
Enzo and Kathy
Matt and Ragan

Just a thought.

monty924 said...

I'm starting a SAVE KATHY campaign!

I want Andrew OUT... LOL

Nina said...

Ok there are 0 couples in that house. But plenty of idiots. Let's drop the couple thing ppl. Even CBS makes no claims that there are any couples in that House. And none of those ppl can act. Matt literally smiles cockilly every time he discusses his "sick" wife. The fact that anyone believes him is only due to the fact that ppl in general would never assume someone would lie like that b/c it's such a low thing to do. And Matt isn't a genius; he made himself HOH to take out Andrew. He volunteered for the block last week to save Andrew. It isn't diabolical but it's overplaying plain and simple and makes it likely he'll be one of the first knocked out of the brigade. And the brigade isn't even a real alliance. Matt knows that they have to split once Brenchal is split up b/c their sole reason for existence is to split up Brenchal. That's precisely why Matt played such a lame week.

Sally said...

Kathy certainly looks sad in that photo. She must not realize that the tide may be turning in her favor. And since she's my pool pick, I'm cheering for her.

Jackie H. said...

I don't watch the show like I did. It's gotta boring. I'm here everyday to see what's happening. Keep up the good work Jackie. You do a great job. Jackie from NC

joyn said...

Reality TV World says that CBS has announced that they will air a 2 hour BB finale after the Survivor Nicaragua premiere on Wed. Sept. 15at 9pm.

There will be a one hour reunion of the hg's discussing the season. Can't wait to hear what R&B will have to say.

RBennie said...

Oh great they wait till they have the most boring cast ever and then decide to do a reunion show?