Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Overnight into Sunday Morning, July 11

Meow Meow

For the most part, the house was a bit uneventful after the big new saboteur video. I think the saboteur might just be making things up about two people in the house having a previous relationship. Here's the skinny on the evening:
  • Brendon cooked for the Have Nots, even though he's not one. Mmm ... fried pickles.
  • Britney is still (fairly needlessly) freaking that she's going to be put on the block when Brendon saves himself.
  • It's likely the replacement will be Annie unless Britney gets everyone ticked at her.
  • What's surprising is that they're not trying to get Rachel out, thus ensuring a power player Blinded By Science showmance duo.
  • Rachel and Monet showed off acrobatic cheer moves in the backyard.
  • Both Lane and Matt tried to get Britney off her paranoia.
  • Ragan thinks he's a walking zombie due to the slop, but is still amazed that he's actually in the house.
  • I expect today will be rather quiet until the POV meeting. There have been no announcements, but in previous years it would be late afternoon their time. I'll post when I hear.

Matt and Ragan chased each other around in the Have Not Room, now we know that's how guys go gay (according to both Ragan and Matt) -- BB slop and Have Notting

Then again, Matt came INTO the house with numerous pajama bottoms.

Andrew and Rachel. not a couple

Rachel and Brendon, a couple. They were settling in for some hanky-panky. Brendon thought the cameras were off. She told him, "Nope, they're on!" The result above.


Petals said...

LMAO at that last night vision, deer-in-the-headlights shot of Brendan. What a tool. And that would make Rachel a...tool box?
My WV is horniss, as in the state of being horny? Appropo?
Slap me.

Laurie said...

Petals, I'll slap you if you want but I'd rather laugh with you! We could have fun captioning that picture!

My WV is undro. What's going on undro those sheets? Not much now that B saw the camera on him!

Petals said...

Laurie - HAHAHA! You are sooo right: this group makes laughing easy.

Lisanne said...

Posted this in the wrong post so here goes again.

**Big Brother Pool Teams**

Andrew- DKNYNC, Sydney, Sasha
Annie- Katie, Helenann2k, JOJO
Brendon- PDX Granny, Nana in NW, Becky, Margo
Britney- Zoetawny, Brent McKee, RBennie
Enzo- Donna in AL, Joy N, Lars
Hayden- Laurie, SharonS, Jackie, Jennasmom
Kathy- Sally, dla, chris, SSW
Kristen- Buzzmaam, Nina, Caela
Lane- Janice, ChicMc, Donna in FL
Matt- monty924, meb, Karen in Ca, Suzanne
Monet- Terry in PA, cha cha, PlaidChick, Lisanne
Rachel- Estelle, ML, Auntie Leigh
Ragan- Merrilee, Delee, SueGee

Laurie said...

Thanks Lisanne. Now I have to go look who Hayden is! You'd think I would know but ...

Very nice of you to do this for us!

Sally said...

I like the Meow Meow shirt! Alas, if I had one, it would soon be covered with cat hair in shades of white, gray and tan.

Thanks for setting up the pool, Lisanne. It's a big group this year! I'm happy with Kathy--I like her, so far at least. (That's a refreshing change from last year, when my pool pick was Ronnie, who was really hard to like, root for or even tolerate.)

How can Brendon be surprised that there are cameras in the bedrooms? Has he never seen the show or read the rules?!

meb said...

Sally, my exact thoughts. Brendon doesn't know the cameras are on everywhere, especially when a couple is in the bed???? Come on!

I heard one of the guys telling Brendon who all the winners from last few years were and Brendon was way unaware. I don't think he HAS seen BB before. He expects people to DO things... like he cooks, they should clean up. Is he in for a big surprise.

I also heard Kathy say something about the wiener comp and how she had just gotten the IV out of her arm two hours before that competition. She said she was so sick as soon as they entered the house and now she's on slop and is feeling it. This is the sheriff, right? She said it's affecting her attitude, having no food.

And Brendon made the comment that Rachel better NOT be voted out.. that would really upset him... uh yeah, well, duh! After he's been with Rachel, if she goes, none of the girls would want to touch him. Ewwwww! And then what would he do.. no new key! Giggle

mw wv scurblyc
Uh, I got nothin'

meb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
meb said...

OK.. I just saw where I have Matt in the pool with Suzanne, Karen in CA and Monty924...

Thanks for doing this Lisanne!

While I still think he may be the mole... gotta root for the home team. YAY!

chris said...

I see I have the saboteur in the pool
do we win if she makes it 5 weeks?
just kidding

Lisanne said...

I wonder if the "related" parties know they are related. Maybe that's another twist. Although haven't they already done that?

I think Kathy is Britney's aunt (as we know she isn't the mother).

Petals said...

Hey meb! See, that is why I suspect Brendon as the mole, because he does seem totally clueless about the show and the objective.
I am not in the pool, due to my sporadic internet access & ability to blog. Right now, I like the shaggy guy, the cheekbone chick and the cop. But it is only week one, I'm sure I will bed-hop, LOL

PDX Granny said...

Thanks for doing the pool, Lisanne. I have some eye candy, so it won't be too hard to keep an eye on him. I just hope he doesn't end up embarassing me!

PlaidChick said...

Does anyone else think these Saboteur messages are pre-recorded? I don't know about the lights out incident on the first night and who was on the couch or who left or what.

Last night didn't show much, it was nice to see them all getting along. I'm sure that won't last much longer.

my WV is calmzhz

Sally said...

You raise a good question, Chris. If the saboteur makes it through week five and wins that $50,000, do the people who have that person in the pool also win?

Guess it could depend upon whether that person has to leave the house after five weeks, or if he/she is then able to compete for the big prize at the end. Of course, if the saboteur's identity was revealed to the other houseguests, I bet I know who'd be evicted the following week.

And meb, your comment about Kathy having an IV shortly before the weiner comp makes me wonder if her battle with cancer was very recent. That could explain her lack of physical strength and maybe is a clue to her being the saboteur--agreeing to compete for five weeks instead of 10 or 11.

Now...back to mowing the lawn on this hot afternon, before the next line of storms moves through.

Nina said...

@Sally, I completely forgot about Kathy's battle with cancer. It's good that she's well enough now to play the game. However, my guess is that she must have been healthy for a good amount of time prior to this game. I mean, why would CBS want the liability of putting someone not physically ready for this rigorous game into it?

SueGee said...

Thanks Lisanne! I have Ragan and will need to start paying attention a little more. I'm going to be in and out the next couple weeks, what with cleaning up the house for the guests that are coming next week. I will count on Jackie and these posts to keep me up with the show!

And my WV hymedin seems to be almost x-rated (or was it the conversation about Rachel & Brendan put my mind into the gutter??)

Sue on the left coast

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisanne!

Kathy huh? I like her....still think she might be the saboteur.

Looking forward to tonight. After lightening hit my neighbors house, I was afraid I may not have power. Good to go!

Hmmm, I set up at Google account and now it's telling me wrong password. Guess I'll remain....anon


joy n said...

It just amazes me that some hg's would jump into bed with each other so soon after meeting. They know nothing about each other or their pasts, including whom they've "slept with" before. Seems that they're taking quite a chance. No game play is worth that.

Arrrgh! World has changed so much! Reputation used to mean something.

Oh well.

monty924 said...

Well, Meb, Suzanne, Karen in CA, we are partners in crime for the summer. :)

I agree with Meb, that he is the Mole. They said they picked someone smart who could keep their mouth shut, and he is the self-confessed genius of the bunch.

Thanks Lisanne for putting the pool together this summer. See you all on the show post. 15 minutes to BB!