Friday, July 09, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Report - Into Early Evening, July 9

Gosh, I hate missing out on whatever happens the first five days in the house before the feeds go live for us. As I mentioned in my last report, Hayden put Brendon and Rachel on the block. His target is Brendon and, for some odd reason, the house seems to want to vote Brendon out although they're sure it's Andrew who's the saboteur. Andrew is safe this week as he volunteered to be a wiener. Meanwhile, Brendon and Rachel refuse to campaign against each other because they're too busy having a sucking face showmance. Are you with me so far?

They had the POV comp today ... Brendon won, thus throwing the others into a tizzy. Here's what's happened thus far today --
  • Andrew went to Hayden trying to make a deal for next week, claiming he isn't the saboteur. He knows the house thinks he is and he's in danger once he's no longer safe.
  • Andrew would be a very bad saboteur as he's such a big clown and an annoying one at that.
  • Kathy, Annie and Monet think Andrew likes to send them on a guilt trip when they eat his food by accident and he tells them after the fact.
  • Hayden told Monet that he won't put her up on the block if the POV is used to save someone.
  • Brendon and Annie have an alliance thing going.
  • Hayden and Enzo talked about getting Annie in a fake alliance with them, using her of course.
  • Hayden suggested it to Annie and they talked about Brendon being a big threat and even a double threat as he's already a couple with Rachel.
  • Britney pushed for a Britney, Lane, Hayden, and Monet alliance.
  • I do keep typing Money instead of Monet.
  • Ack.
  • It sounds like the POV had something to do with spelling.
  • Kathy, Britney and Kristen are all very worried that one of them will be put on the block if/when Brendon uses the veto.
  • Enzo and Matt think Rachel has to go home.
  • So do I.
  • She's beyond annoying.
  • Enzo is disgusted with his own performance in the comp.
  • Matt and Enzo notice that Annie is sucking up to Brendon. I guess her "secret" alliance isn't all that secret.
  • Brendon says he doesn't want to be in the house without Rachel. Oh, well. Don't let the door hit you on the way out! I was psyched to like him, but don't know that I've seen him in action.
  • Brendon and Annie are pushing for a Monet replacement on the block. But I think she's safe with Hayden.
And there ya go. Them's the dirty deeds of the day so far.


Laurie said...

I almost hope Rachel stays another week so I can continue using my red-headed-big-breasted colorful bird. Thinking of Brendon and her sucking face kinda makes me ill. Just sayin...

Sally said...

Thanks for the updates, Jackie. Is Vincent a BB fan yet?

I'm still having trouble keeping the names, faces and bios straight, and you're following and analyzing alliances already. Impressive!

I'm surprised that Brendon is a target--I thought he seemed likeable enough. But his quick relationship with Rachel suggests his hormones are running his game more than his intelligence.

Does it sometimes seem that the most overtly religious houseguests are among the most obnoxious? Waa-amber falls in that category. Now we have a devout Othrodox Jew who gives surprise "gyno exams"?

Delee said...

Smack me in the head! I totally forgot about BB and your reports! Dense dense dense!

Just need to get into the swing of things again.

We are finally getting rain, heading your way, Jackie, and much cooler out! YEA!

Laurie said...

Hi Sally. I don't see how a devout Orthodox Jew could put himself in the position of even being in the house. How could he possibly keep a kosher kitchen under those circumstances. I smell a rat!

Joe in NY said...

I'm not sure I'd consider Waa-amber to be very religious. I mean, she would consider herself to be, but she didn't strike me as truly religious. And being Kosher isn't the same as being saintly. I tend to feel about the self-proclaimed religious like I do the self-proclaimed Mensa-certified genius: if you have to tell everyone, you aren't living it just asserting it.

Didn't Andrew bring his own pan? That would help him keep kosher. Is slop Kosher or do they have special slop this year?

Donna in AL said...

LiseAnne (?) I want in the pool too. Margo gave you my name but you may have thought it was a typo for Donna from FL. I am Donna in AL, Alabama. I did not comment very much last season so you may not have noticed.

It seems like I have been waiting for a year for this season to start! Bwahahahha

Petals said...

Blech! I think Brendon is the mole, but he is a dirty one if he is sucking Rachel's face. She wears so much makeup that half of her face must come off on the pillow.
I am all about Monet leaving.
Still like shaggy Hayden.
Thanks Jackie!!!

Petals said...

Laurie!!! I love the picture. That is SO Rachel Mangohead Melonbreast

Petals said...

Hello Joe, by NYCBF!
Yes, he brought a pan for his Kosher meals, so there that is.

ORKMommy said...

Heeeeyyyyyyy!!! Now that Big Brother is back I just had to check in here. Missed all of you but it looks like I talk to most of you on Facebook now!

I won't get much out of the live feed reports until I can figure out who is who. Jackie, your descriptions help a lot. I had no idea who Rachel was until you mentioned the flotation devices. No clue who Andrew was until you mentioned the jokes. Keep up the good work!

Jackie H. said...

Trying to figure out who everyone is is confusing to me. I'll be fine. It'll take time. Thanks Jackie for all you do. Jackie from NC

Petals said...

Regarding the Orthodox Jewish guy, remember Kasar? He was Muslim or Islam or some 'lam and had to pray on that little rug several times a day? But we never saw him do it. I guess maybe the producers edit around certain religious rites/practices, so as not to skew the show.

Terry said...

i want a picture of rachel sucking face with brendon please?

Lisanne said...

Yes Donna in AL, I've got you added. The current list, if I missed someone please let me know ASAP:

Auntie Leigh
Brent McKee
cha cha
Donna from FL
Donna in AL
Joy N
Karen in Ca
Nana in NW
PDX Granny
Terry in PA

Donna in FL said...

Terry you crack me up!

Lisanne you can abbreviate my name to Donna in FL ( instead of Donna from Florida ) cuz thats what it has been all these years...just had a brain freeze when I was signing last evening. Thanks for doing the pool!

Petals said...

Lisanne, I'd love to go in the pool, but I have limited access to the blog this season, shoot. Thanks anyway!

Laurie said...

That's the name I couldn't think of, Petals. The Rachel Mangohead Melonbreast Bird from Las Vegas. I'm so glad you thought of it!

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, thanks for keeping up with all this for us. You're amazing!

Laurie, I'm with you ~loving the red-headed-big-breasted colorful bird, but can do without Ms. B@@BS!!

About the Sabetour, my daughter, grandson and I have been watching the blackout over and over again in slow motion. From what we can tell, Monet, Kathy and Andrew were not in the room when the lights went out. Brenden was sitting in the elimination chair on our right, then he got up to "brush his teeth" and Andrew started playing games.

Sometime during the blackout, Kathy and Monet came in and sat down. Some guy sat in the chair that Brenden was in. We never did figure out for sure who that was. When the lights came back on and they were talking about the locked storage room, Brenden was back in the chair, and a lot of the others had moved around.

This is all to say we have no idea who it is. My grandson has his own theory, but considering he's a 6 year old who wants to grow up to be a spy scientist, it's much more elaborate than I care to go into. :)

PDX Granny said...

Oh, I forgot to mention our theory. The producers are already playing games with us. We're thinking what we saw before, during and right after the blackout was not in the same sequence that it actually happened.

Oh the joy of editing!!

Judy S. said...

PDX Granny, I agree with your second theory - that the blackout/door locking was caused by the producers, not by the actual saboteur. Didn't Julie even say something like, "Our saboteur doesn't have any orders from you yet, America, so we are helping him/her out tonight."?
I don't post often, but I have lurked here a lot - this is the most harmonious BB discussion I have ever seen!


Dr_Celine said...

Judy's early! ;)

PDX Granny said...

Judy S. You might be on to something. I had a fleeting thought that it might have been the producers who locked the storage room. I must admit it was very fleeting tho!

I was so busy trying to figure out who was where, and how they could have gotten to the storage room to put a lock on it, that I forgot all about my fleeting thought.

I thought when Julie made her comment, she was talking more about the producers giving the saboteur instructions, not actually doing it themselves.

At least that's what thought I had after my fleeting thought fled.

ML said...

Sadly PDX Granny, I actually just understood everything you said.