Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Since the Live Show, July 15

I don't know which was worse -- Annie's constant talking or these two? It's been a bit over a week, guys! Sheesh!

Here's what's happened since the live show ended:
  • In reference to what Annie said about Brendon carrying Rachel through the game, Rachel said, "I carried Brendon through the game!"
  • Say what? I don't think she gets the concept. Brendon saved himself with the POV. While she won HOH, she has yet to carry him anywhere.
  • They have no clue that Annie was the saboteur and still think there's a saboteur in the house.
  • Britney and Monet think they're going to be put on the block.
  • Britney's such a catty little so-and-so, I would like to see her go since I can't get Rachel out!
  • Britney and Monet are psychic as Rachel told Brendon she wants to put them up.
  • So the Brigade might be safe this week, eh?
  • Rachel said that all of the Have Nots will be welcome in her room and welcome to baths all week. I believe she means the ones she shared the Have Not room with as I don't think it will be allowed for any new Have Nots.
  • Rachel wants tequila.
  • I don't. Sleep would be nice.
  • Brendon made tacos for everyone.
  • Matt told Enzo he thinks Rachel will nominate Monet and Hayden.
  • Matt and Enzo think that if Britney and Monet are on the block, they want Britney gone.
  • So do I.
  • BB gave them alcohol but haven't done Rachel's room yet as I get this written up.
  • Enzo made up even more food.
  • Britney and Monet are chowing down everything in sight as they're worried they'll be on slop tomorrow.
  • Britney and Monet commented on how Kristen will float to the power.
  • Rachel thinks America adores her and Brendon as a couple and thanks us for our support.
  • :::spew:::
  • More in the early morning ...

If not for the lower right-hand corner, nice screen cap


Laurie said...

Jackie, you crack me up. I love that about you!!

I read on Jokers that Rachel not only thinks America loves them, she is comparing them to Jeff and Jordan and thinks they should go on Amazing Race. Wow ... this is one speedy shomance, isn't it?

Petals said...

Jordan was a sweet, normal, innocent girl, and looked it. Rachel is a shrewd, hardened cocktail slinger from Vegas, and looks it!
Let her have her delusions, this showmance won't last. Brendon is high on her having brains. When that cloud lifts he will be left with resentment and disappointment. Will make for good TV.

Laurie said...

Totally agree, Petals. I remember Jordan not even kissing Jeff because her g'pa was watching the show. Rachel walked in looking easy and proved to be just that. Not even close to the same league as Jordan.

Looking forward to the drama when he dumps her and moves on. Oh the heartbreak!

Dr_Celine said...

Wow - everyone is so harsh on Rachel. She is obviously insecure and has a lot to be insecure about since she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. I feel badly for her because she has put herself under a microscope and opened herself up to criticism yet is so unprepared for what she'll read when she leaves the BB house. Plastic surgery as an enhancement (as opposed to a medical necessity such as after an accident or after cancer, etc.) reveals a lot about a person and how they view themselves. I do not think Rachel is evil just because she makes out with Brandon. I think she's trying to latch on to someone who's a strong player and he is good looking - so she has some taste, no? Just because she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and because she likes kissing Brandon doesn't make her a horrible person or an evil wh*^e. I think she's very self-unaware and not very enlightened about herself, the world, and others. Shouldn't we be a bit kinder to someone who is obviously in the dark on these matters?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Well all I can say is that I adore Brendon and I don't even mind Rachel having him. I do feel about them like how I felt about Jeff and Jordan, I think they're a smart(er) more worldly version of J&J and I also thought they should do the Amazing Race!

Also what's weird about this season is that there's nobody that I really detest. Annie was the closest and I'm soooo glad that she's already gone! Monet is the next most annoying to me. Everyone else I actually like. Even Britney.

I'm very glad that Rachel won and that she and Brendon get to have the HOH. Brendon is a lightweight, he's already drunk on two shots of tequila! LOL

This week will be fun. I'm so glad Annie is gone, have I said that yet?

And I still think Hayden and Kristen are twins. They are trying to make it seem like they're not, but they are.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

OMG, any couple who, while drunk, can laugh and talk about the wave particle duality nature of photons is imho AWESOME!!

Viva la nerds!!

Anonymous said...

What is up on the feeds tonight? Hayden and Kristen are the secret couple and Andrew knows them too? Is this news to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I think Andrew and Kristen are the secret friends/siblings, and Hayden and Kristen are the new showmance. She's not a shy as she seems.

Anonymous said...

Monet and the Deputy are the secret friends.

~~Silk said...

Thank you, Dr_Celine, for putting my thoughts into such eloquent words. I get a bit annoyed at the general lack of compassion. We don't have to like people, but we should at least try to understand them.

Dr_Celine said...

Hi Silk,

Agreed! :-)