Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Since Eviction, July 29

It's poetry in motion
She turned her tender eyes to me
As deep as any ocean
As sweet as any harmony
Mmm - but she blinded me with science
"She blinded me with science!"
And failed me in biology
-- "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby

I begrudgingly admit that Rachel can play the game well, especially when her back's to the wall. That doesn't mean I like her. She thinks she's a Janelle and she's not. I wasn't a huge huge Janelle fan, but Rachel is foul-mouthed, jumped into bed with Brendon within days of meeting and wants to control who can even speak to her man. I don't like. But she's the new HoH. Sigh.

Here's what's gone down in that Big Brother house of Misguided Misfits since the live show:
  • Rachel and Brendon's new kick is "This one's for Andrew!" Um, how does Rachel's goodbye message fit in here?
  • She's saying it more than Brendon. Can you say two-faced? I thought you could.
  • Rachel is still all hyper and excited.
  • Brendon tried to calm her down.
  • Before the feeds returned, we seem to have missed a fight. Brendon apologized to Hayden.
  • Kathy told Hayden that "people like that have no morals and just want the heat off of them." She also went on about people whose strategy is to lie, lie, lie.
  • I have no clue.
  • And I'm not lying about that.
  • Hayden went to talk to Rachel. It was long, it was boring, it didn't accomplish much.
  • Rachel still despises Kristen, but likes Hayden. She also said she's leaning about putting them both on the block but hasn't made up her mind.
  • She keeps going on about Kristen putting her up in the HOH comp every single time she could.
  • But she's hurt more that Hayden pitted Brendon and her (Rachel) against each other when he said he wouldn't put them up.
  • What? He said he wouldn't put them on the block! She isn't computing the difference.
  • They didn't scream. They didn't fight. But now Hayden's one scared Animal.
  • Hayden told Rachel that every single person in the house would have put Brendon and her on the block.
  • Brendon tried to apologize to Kristen for the fight we missed.
  • Apology not accepted.
  • Matt told Ragan he didn't feel safe. Yeah, sure.
  • Rachel told Hayden that Kristen wasn't even her target until she said she was gunning for them.
  • Brendon doesn't want Rachel to put Hayden on the block.
  • Brendon and Rachel think Matt and Ragan are on their side.
  • They're not, but I'm sure they'll let them go on thinking that.
  • Kristen is as mad at Rachel as Rachel is at her.
  • I need a cat fight. Meow meow.
  • Rachel tried to apologize (at Brendon's urging) to Kristen.
  • Bwahaha! Like that will work! Kristen isn't buying it at all.
  • Britney said that Andrew's swearing in his speech will cost more than his stipend in FCC fines.
  • Rachel is worried about how many times she swore on the live show.
  • It won't keep her from swearing on the live feeds!
  • Enzo thinks Julie Chen has a crush on him.
  • Maybe Andrew wasn't so off-base with the intelligence talk (or lack thereof) regarding Enzo.
  • That's it for now.
  • Meow.

Product placement

By tomorrow night, those nails will be down to the quick.


FA (Formerly Anon) said...

That sucks that we missed the big fight. Wonder if they'll show it next week?

I'm glad Rachel won HOH, all things considered. There's some smugass people in that house that need taking down a notch or two (Kristen I'm lookin' at you girl)

Nina said...

I'm happy about the Rachel HOH, b/c it shakes the house up. (Her goodbye message to Andrew was seriously messed up though.) It's too much of a united house and the only ppl on the outs are Rachel and Brendan. Best case scenario is Kristen wins POV b/c then a Brigade member will go up, hopefully. It's time for the Brigade to get split up, IMO.

dla said...

I so wish that I could find someone to like in the house...

Sally said...

I've been wondering if Kathy's battle against cancer was recent, with her poor performance in competitions, talk of getting IVS and the sob story she tells. I found a news article that says she told the AP she's been cancer-free for 11 years and her son is 23. I now suspect that seeking sympathy may be her game strategy.

There's the link to that article:

PlaidChick said...

I am soooo glad I didn't see the show live. Have to say Andrew's exit speech was one of the best.

Rachel shouldn't be stupid to pull a Matt and not nominate either Kristen and Hayden. One of them should go up. However she wants out whoever is coming between her and her man.

Anonymous said...

whoa, finally things are started to heat up and get exciting around here. No more WHERE'S Waldo with Kristen. Rachel is just one of "those women" who has it out for all other women. I doubt it has anything to do with Brendon and more about the way she socialized (or didn't socialize) with other girls growing up. Now she's bitter toward her own sex and will be out to get any young beatiful girl in the house. Since she's buddy buddy with Brit now, Kristen is her next target.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

It looks like nobody believed what Andrew said! Why? Is it really that hard to believe? Most of those people already knew most of what Andrew said, why the disbelief?

Well at least I'm finally not liking everyone as much as I used to. Lines are being drawn. I'm not liking even some two-facedness I'm seeing in Ragan (and Kathy and everyone else). Kristen is REALLY bugging me with her self-righteous indignation about Andrew's (true) accusations.


FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I really am tired of Ragan. He just talks and talks and talks. Right now he's counseling R&B in the HOH about the Kristen thing. GAWD. Wasn't he just down giving Kristen a pep talk? He tries so hard to be everyone's BFF, but when I heard what he said about Matt the other day, that he trusts Matt and how honorable Matt is... barf! Ragan clearly doesn't have good character assessment skills.

I used to like everyone. Now suddenly, I barely like any of them! They are all really bugging me.

joyn said...

OT: Big shakeup on AI. Ellen Degeneres is leaving. Kara Dioguardi is fired. Only Randy Jackson returns. Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler of Aerosmith said to be signed on as new judges.

Almost a complete overhaul. It's needed.

joyn said...

Jackie, did you forget to put wv back on?

Anonymous said...

I kinda like rachel/brendon. Sure they only waited a day or two to jump into bed with each other, but who am I to judge. I slept with my husband the first day I met him and that was 3 1/2 yrs ago and we r still together. Sometimes when u know u know. R&B provide some drama in this otherwise quiet house.

joyn said...

I slept with my (present) husband the first day I met him too. Today is our 22nd anniversary.

I still don't like Rachel.

Witt said...

Good morning all --
I'm sure this was covered in the comments last night, but...

1) I LOVED Andrew's speech. He knew he was leaving anyway, why not try to shake things up a bit? And he did...he called out everyone in the house. How he fit so much information into one minute I am amazed.

2) I thought that Hayden's goodbye on the video message was sweet. Didn't think he'd go that route and was glad he did. Someone PLEASE PLEASE cut his hair!!!

3) Rachel's goodbye speech was -- correct me if I'm wrong -- the THIRD goodbye speech in a row where she voted someone off because they came between "her and her man"??? Doesn't she know how silly this sounds?

4) Thought it was funny Rachel and Kristen immediately got into it minutes after Rachel won HOH, while they were still in the backyard! LOL

5) Matt should be worried. So should Kristen!

Witt :)

Witit said...

Happy Anniversary, joyn!!!

Witt said...

I can't spell my own name. That's WITT, not Witit!

Happy anniversary to joyn again!

Sasha said...

LOL...all I can say is I love the people here. I read the comments and whether I agree or not, they're well said and most of the time I get several laughs along the way...and of course, it all starts with Jackie.

I've already lost my pool boy and really don't like anyone enough to root for. As for Rachel, I don't like her much, but am not totally unhappy she won HOH just because of the 'at least there'll be some controversy' factor. OTOH, I remember her last reign as making one week seem like three!

I agree with Anon that Rachel is one of "those women" and I'll tell you that "those women" (you know, paranoid, jealous, possessive of 'their man', see all other women as a threat) never seem to grow out of it. I know all too father just married one (they're both in their 80's) after my mother passed away. He's husband number 6 and she thinks all women are 'competiition' for 'her man' including his own daughers! UGH.

Oh cool, just saw Andrew on the Early Show. He seems to have actually thought he might be able to get votes with his last minute 'outing' speech, thought he would have R&B's votes and just need two more. I thought he probably knew he was leaving and wanted to say what he said cause WTH. Oh well, he seems pleasant and I'm glad he said what he did. Hopefully the pot has been stirred and maybe some hamsters will stir and entertain us more!

ACK! Sorry for the long post, guess that's what happens when I don't comment often.

K in WI said...

Jeanmarie--just read your request for me to explain my reasoning for thinking it obvious that Andrew and Brendan had an outside the house relationship. Sorry I haven't answered sooner--I haven't been on since --in fact I haven't caught up here yet.

Anyway I was obviously wrong, but I was so convinced because of the lengths that Brendan went to in trying to convince Raden to keep Andrew. It seemed sooo desperate and even Rachel asked if they were the ones with the relationship, LOL.

Sorry. I have egg on my face. But at least it's breakfast time.

Patty said...

Let the games began! Andrew's exiting speech really got the house guest thinking that maybe they are not in the "House of Love". Kudos to him for waking them up and getting them thinking. Now, just maybe, we will see something with these boring souls.

It should get interesting in a few weeks when Jeff from BB11 stays at the house. I would love it even more if Jordan would also be able to be in there. Everyone can read about the special visit at click on the interview with BB Producer, Allison.

Jackie, hope it is okay to post the link in here. I thought since it had to do with BB, you would not mind. Sorry in advance if I broke any rules.

RBennie said...

As much as I don't care for Rachel, I'm liking her being HOH this week for two reasons, no make that 3. 1. Anything that derails the DAB makes me happy; 2. Anything that highlights just how stupid the DSG was for not putting Brenchel on the block makes me happy; and 3. Rachel possibly going after the too smug Kristen makes me happy. So I'm pretty happy right now, LOL.

meb said...

I know I'm going to gag when I say this but I really FELT Rachels's reaction to winning HOH. Let's face it, whoever won HOH, they were going to put R&B on the block and that scared Rachel to death. Winning and realizing she had won was so emotional for her, I actually was happy ... but that took a second of my time... then it was back to "Oh Sh*t, she won!!!"

I wish we had seen the whole cat fight in the back yard. I, too, hope they show it later. Whatever started it, it would be some great TV.

Jackie, thanks for all the posts. You certainly do have a way with words! LOL

lynn1 said...
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Laurie said...

meb, when she won and went running to Brendan, I couldn't help but wonder if she could do her usual wrap-legs-round him jump that she does in that particular outfit. Somebody was in the way so I still don't know.

I thought Andrew's little speech was great, albeit surprising. He spoke the truth which is something very rare in the BB house. Of course, nobody wants to believe it. I find that to be true in many groups, not just the BB house. (Work groups come to mind...but that's another story.)

IMO Rachel really needs to stop the hateful goodbye messages, but I know she won't. The world revolves around her and everything is about her. Must be rough to live that way.

And finally, I can't help but wonder what Rachel's future in-law (gag) think of her and what they think of Brendan ... They may be representing themselves as they really are, but there's not all that much to be proud of!

RBennie said...

Laurie, I agree with you about Rachel's goodbye speeches! Does she honestly think America gets a kick out of them? I'm curious to see if her speeches get a little nicer once the evicted hamsters start going to the jury house.

Laurie said...

Oh, RBennie, you make a very good point. Everyone needs to start being a little more savvy about that part of the game!