Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Through Saturday Morning, July 10

Brendon will be responsible for the next worldwide toothpaste shortage. I mean ... is this necessary?

Lane has a tattoo that, unlike Matt's, doesn't need to be covered up with a bandage for the duration.

Pale people sunning. Ow.

Yep, I'm here with the latest. But first (as Julie Chen says), I need to fuss and whine. First off, I kept getting errors whenever I'd try to post a photo or save a post on Blogger. That was all morning. Argh.

Then there's the new format for the live feeds. went web-based this season and eliminated the RealPlayer. There are tons of glitches in the new format, most of which they should have solved BEFORE they went live to the paying audience.
  • We're talking no audio on the quad cam. They claim because it's "too confusing" with all four cams. Um, they still tend to show us only two rooms at the most at one time, albeit from different views. So, it's two conversations, not four.
  • They finally put a sound control on the window overnight. Before, I had to adjust the sound on my computer itself and it was always way too soft or suddenly loud as they changed cams.
  • The little feed image from cam 4 has vanished, yet if you click on it, the cam itself is active.
  • There's some kind of odd jerk in the action, almost a stuttering, as I watch the feeds. Way annoying.
  • I can't resize the window and full screen isn't.
  • With the web-based, BBReloader went out of business. I can no longer run four separate windows with four separate feeds going. I figured a way to record feeds, but it's very time-consuming and thus far, nothing worth the effort.
Oh, well ... onto those Happenin' Hamster Hijinks ...
  • I finally realized who Annie reminds me of (in looks) -- Lily Tomlin! She has those same thin lips and the eyes are similar, too. I like Lily Tomlin much better. Annie isn't really that funny at all.
  • Lane thinks Enzo reminds him of Russell and will need to be eventually backdoored. He doesn't remind me of Russell. Yeah, he's a bit overbearing. But the guy can be way entertaining in a houseful of dolts. Meow.
  • After her long heart-to-heart talk with Hayden, Annie ran to Britney and spilled all. Of course, Hayden heard about it. She's solidifying being the first hamster out, methinks.
  • Enzo and Brendon want Andrew out next week. But, when they're with other people, that can change.
  • Kristen thinks the house is already divided into two sides -- Hayden's and Brendon's. Um, that should be good for the week until there's a new HOH.
  • Kristen told Hayden he needs to trust Enzo and Andrew. Hmm ...
  • Enzo entertained a group with a Meow Meow story. Meow!
  • They do have fish in the house again. Once again, at least one fish has died.
  • I believe the life expectancy with critters in the house was better the year with the tarantulas.
  • Kathy told Brendon that she won't compromise her dignity for the half-million. She also told him she has no alliances. That's pretty much the truth. She gets along with just about everyone. She really needs to up her performance in comps, though. I expected much more from an active law enforcement officer. She's done poorly and gotten injured (not seriously) in both the HOH comp and the Have/Have Not comp.
  • Brendon told Rachel she needn't worry because he's the POV holder and has control in the house -- the others will do what he wants them to do.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Unfortunately (as I want Rachel out due to her Irks Jackie Factor), he might be right. It still looks like Annie will be put up and out this week.
  • Annie is annoying in her own way, but at least she doesn't stick her boobs and butt out everywhere.
  • I expect today to be rather non-eventful as the POV meeting is probably slated for tomorrow. I'll post later this evening.
  • Meow.




Sally said...

Jackie, I just realized that I'm not really addicted to Big Brother, but I am addicted to your coverage of Big Brother.

Without your blog, I'd never think about the houseguests between the TV shows, but I'm already checking your blog two or three times a day to find out what's going on.

I'm curious: What's a Meow Meow t-shirt or story? Has the saboteur been active?

Jackie said...

Thanks, Sally. A Meow Meow t-shirt is simply a black t-shirt with white letters reading "Meow Meow." A Meow Meow story is Enzo's New Jersey urban tales. It's hard to explain. He's full of tales.

The saboteur duct-taped one of the HG photos on the Memory Wall. Right now I'm forgetting whose it was -- either Annie's or perhaps Britney's.

Laurie said...

I'm with you, Sally. Thursday night I decided I wasn't watching the show this season and now I've commented on every blog entry!

It's all about Jackie weaving such a fun story for us, isn't it?

And that's a cue for me to remind everyone to donate to Jackie's fund so she can keep writing and we can keep enjoying her great writing! The link is on the home page.

Petals said...

For you, Ms Jackie. I will wear it only tonight, then you can have it, LOL.

Cha cha said...

I have had problems with the feeds as well. I twittered bb live feeds because I was so irked I couldn't get a full screen. I haven't hit the four screen screen.
I believe the other girl with the x is Britney.
Do u think the answer about the sabatour statement today is the fish? Didn't we have this issue with booyah Jessica on bb8 with the rats?

Cha cha said...

Is anyone else using an iPhone to type comments? I am having problems seeing the capta code? There is no letters there then it won't let me upload comments. Just strange

Sharon S said...

After checking in repeatedly today, I've realized that I'm in the same boat Sally is -- it's not the SHOW I'm addicted to, it's Jackie's coverage.

Jackie, you are awesome.

JOJO said...

Thanks, Jackie for the inside information. It seems like on Showtime, all they talk about is game play. You don't really get to know them.

Is anyone else as annoyed with Britney as I am? It seems like all she did was lay on the HOH bed and criticize every houseguest. Send her home!!

tamajama said...

Who are the HAVE NOTS this week?

cha cha said...

I know Regan and Kathy are a have not. Annie may be as well.

ML said...

Yes Jackie, that much toothpaste probably is necessary if Brendon is sucking face with Rachel redbreast. I wanted to like him, too. Oh well. I don't have the feeds so I've seen little of them; Can u put up a shot of them together seeing as she may be gone tomorrow?

meb said...

Jackie... loving your comments. I record After Dark and then try to watch it and it just doesn't work. Something is always interrupting. So my thing is to come over here because I know you'll have all the dirt I'll need to satisfy my need!

Thanks for doing this for us.

Petals said...

ML - so funny about the toothpaste! Hey, someone mentioned that Matt has a tattoo that must remain covered? What is it? I wouldve expected the "certified genius" to have something tame, like E=MC2 or something.

PlaidChick said...

Hey Petals!

Jackie~ I google'd Meow Meow t-shirts and they're out there :)

Why is Annie on all my feeds??! Sheesh. I feel like these HG's have been in the house for a month already.

I should tell yall we're having a little PlaidBaby at the end of September. I feel like ChenBot with BabyBot on the way from last summer. I'm depending on BB to get me through my last trimester.. weeee!!!

PlaidChick said...

Petals~ Rumor is it has something to do with the band Nirvana, but other HG's have had copyrighted material as tatoos, maybe a new rule according to the BB gods.

joy n said...

I agree about this blog. I love BB, but since I don't have the feeds or SHO, this is the place to be to find out all the juicy tidbits that the TV doesn't show. Thanks for that, Jackie!

I probably won't comment during the shows so much as my concentration skills just ain't what they used to be but I love reading the comments during the commercials.

I think the saboteur is one of three hgs; Andrew, Kristen or Brendon, with Andrew being my first choice right now. I thought Brendon was kind of guilty but now agree with Jackie that he may just be a toothpaste fanatic.

Rachel thought Andrew's yamaka (sp?) was a Yom Kippur? Sheesh!
And I'm surprised those melons of hers don't knock her over every step she takes. Well. maybe the big butt gives her some counter-balance.

So far I'm liking Lane, Britney, Kathy and Enzo (kind of).

Monet kind of lost me when she said she hoped that the other hg's would be up to her standards. A high maintenance kind of gal.

Looking forward to tomorrow night!

Petals said...

Hey Plaid!! Congratulations on your "plaid-dition".
Joyn~ LOL about your Rachel comments. Counter-balance, hahaa

Sharon S said...

Congrats to you Plaid!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Kristen or Kathy might be the saboteur last night I am thinking more and more it is Kristen. She is flying under the radar but still talking to Hayden, the HOH, about whom to trust.
And it is odd she would tell him to trust Brenden who cannot be a fan of Hayden for putting him on the block and Andrew is not that well liked by anyone.

I think saboteur will be someone flying under the radar so that would be about a half dozen of them if that is the case.

joy n said...

Thanks, Petals. I've laughed at some of your comments, too. Rachel is giving all plenty of ammo to do so.

Yes! Congrats, Plaid!

Jackie said...

Congratulations, Plaid!

And, thank you everyone for the kind words. You guys make it a pleasure!

ML said...

Yes, congrats Plaid!

Gayle said...

Yay PlaidChick! Congratulations on your baby!! I think your baby will be our first Big Brother
(blog) baby. Chenbot's doesn't count because she's not part of our blog family.

Sally said...

Wonderful news, PlaidChick. Congratulations to you and Mr. PlaidChick!

meb said...

Oh PlaidChick that's wonderful. Another BB baby on Jackie's. Jackie, what do you have in the water?

And now I'm embarrassed cause I can't remember who the other commenter was. Help???

The jury is still out on who I like. If Annie goes home before Rachel that would be just wrong. Rachel just needs to go.

Lisanne said...

**Big Brother Pool Teams**

Andrew- DKNYNC, Sydney, Sasha
Annie- Katie, Helenann2k, JOJO
Brendon- PDX Granny, Nana in NW, Becky, Margo
Britney- Zoetawny, Brent McKee, RBennie
Enzo- Donna in AL, Joy N, Lars
Hayden- Laurie, SharonS, Jackie, Jennasmom
Kathy- Sally, dla, chris, SSW
Kristen- Buzzmaam, Nina, Caela
Lane- Janice, ChicMc, Donna in FL
Matt- monty924, meb, Karen in Ca, Suzanne
Monet- Terry in PA, cha cha, PlaidChick, Lisanne
Rachel- Estelle, ML, Auntie Leigh
Ragan- Merrilee, Delee, SueGee