Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Tuesday Daytime, July 13

As Enzo put it, today's been a day of napping and eating. There's been very little gameplay other than Annie constant talking. Here's the skinny on the happenings in that Big Brother House of Boring Buffoons:
  • They all napped a lot. If they didn't stay up all night, they wouldn't nap the day away.
  • They all ate a lot. No one is on slop this week.
  • Lane really, really doesn't trust (or like) Brendon.
  • Even though splitting up the power couple would probably be wiser, it still looks like Annie will be evicted almost unanimously on Thursday.
  • There hasn't been another Saboteur video appearance.
  • Annie just won't shut up.
  • Now they're talking that Annie NEEDS to leave due to her stability (or lack thereof).
  • They played a game in which they decided sexual deeds for guaranteed second place, the win, a million dollars, etc.
  • I refuse to list their scenarios. I try to keep this blog at least to a non-porn level!
  • Now they're eating again.

Brendon went for a boob job in the sex for the win game.


Laurie said...

How can they be so boring already? They need someone with imagination who just likes to have fun. Next year give us a camp counselor or a PE teacher or a pre-school parent!

If LA was anything like San Diego today, they should have been outside enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather.

Jackie said...

Right now most are outside -- napping and eating. Lane and Annie were whispering but I couldn't make out most of what they were saying. She wanted to know who he thought she should "take" - Ragan, maybe Kristen, maybe Monet. I haven't a clue take them where.

Laurie said...

Have you noticed if they have a grill this year so they can cook outside?

Petals said...

Jackie ~ Brendon went for a boob job in more ways than one: isn't he showmancing a boob-job-on-legs?

joy n said...

Wow, Matt is loaded with tattoos. Hadn't noticed that before.

Joe in NY said...

Personally, they do this every year. I think it is the lack of schedule. They have no reason to get up so they sleep late. They have no reason to get up, so they have no reason to go to bed. With a dozen people in the house, even the house work shouldn't take too long. No TV. No books. I might sleep away the summer myself! LOL

Jackie said...

Laurie - No grill. BB must be holding it out for either a food or luxury comp.

Sally said...

Laurie, I like your idea of a camp counselor to organize activities for the houseguests. Don't count on a P.E. teacher helping though--I think Brendon teaches P.E. as well as coaching the swim team. and all of his activity ideas seem to involve only Boobs Galore.

RJM in SC said...

Looking forward to Thursday's night and seeing who the "mole" is. It looked like it was Kathy on sunday night's show the way she just layed in the syrup and didn't even try to get out to me.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I think Hayden and Kristen are related. They have the same cheekbones and similar mouths. Either siblings or cousins.

I'm almost certain of it.

ML said...

I noticed that similarity, too, and think maybe Hayden keeps his hair long to hide it. Kristin does not get much airtime either, which would also help conceal it.

Petals said...

Anon or MK, or who was it that suggested that Hayden & Kristen had a connection? OMG, yes, I see it now. When they mentioned thinking the other was "hot", that was initially, but they havent acted on it, have they? wow - good observation(s), peeps! Food (and cheekbones) for thought!