Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Tuesday Daytime, July 20

ATTENTION: Allison Grodner -- You need to do SOMETHING to liven this season up! You picked a cast for which there is no controversy other than cattiness. Your most "dangerous" character is Enzo and that's all persona rather than anything else. We always complain that it's boring in the beginning of the season, but this year we mean it. Showmances are nothing. We have computers. If we wanted to watch porn online, we could. We're here for Big Brother. Your big saboteur idea was blown to dust after one week. Have you nothing else planned?


Another day of virtually nothing on the feeds. Here's the scoop (or lack thereof):
  • Matt's using Ragan for information.
  • Lane is using Britney for information.
  • Brendon and Rachel are using each other for sex toys.
  • Brendon thinks that Enzo has no alliances except perhaps with Britney.
  • He's wrong.
  • Brendon, Kathy and Rachel think Matt's a liar and playing both sides of the house.
  • He is, but he's not as annoying as some in the past.
  • Matt is reminding me of Ray Romano at times. He shouldn't -- wrong accent and all. Yet it happens.
  • Not everyone loved Raymond. Not everyone loves Matt.
  • Monet tried to make nicey-nice with Kathy.
  • Later Kathy, Brendon, and Rachel talked about how lazy and dependent on her parents Monet is. She has no job, lives off her parents, etc., etc.
  • Hayden told Monet that he heard Rachel was thinking of backdooring Matt.
  • Ain't gonna happen. Monet's the target although they don't care much for Matt, either.
  • Matt has the Brigade behind him and, for some reason, no one is seeing that Boy Alliance Band.
  • That's all she wrote. Meow.

I feel like Kathy's expression.


Shirl said...

I have not even been watching keeping up on it through you. Do watch on Showtime if they are not fixed on Brendon & Rachel YUCK! You make it more interesting.

Anonymous said...

I go to jokers, and it is as you say jackie, BORING
I have nothing against showmances but the lack of self respect these hamsters have is incredible.
Still think Natalie with her one sided crush on Mattie was worse, or Boogie and Erica, at least here they both seem to like each other.
But sex for all the viewers to see is just gross.

Anonymous said...

I guess Brendon doesn't care much for his job...does he not consider that the teens he coaches and mentors are likely watching??? What kind of example is he setting? I would not want him influencing my kids after his escapades on this show. :-(

Laurie said...

From your blog to AG's ears!

Anonymous said...

You know what is as annoying as Kathys spider-like eyelashes? The gobs of glue Rachel leaves on hers.
Don't know why the eylashes are bugging me so. Guess because there is nothing else to bug me as they are so boring.

stephanie in maine said...

Wow, I only watched after dark the season jen was on. Kinda boring, looks like I could be seeing some sex! (I do not watch porn, wouldn't even try to find it.) Jackie, just wanted to say I love the way you're writing your updates. This is not meant in any way but positive, but when I read something and then it is followed up w/ "he does" or "they're wrong" I hear Lindsay Lohans voice from Mean Girls when you can hear her voice in her head and she's correcting ppl. Anyway, just felt like chiming in. I catch up w/ you every day, if not twice. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this has been debated before, but this year's TV schedule putting BB on back to back nights and then Sunday is terrible. There is too much down time between Thur - Sun and then Sun - Wed to keep me engaged in the houseguests escapades, or lack thereof.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Because of the yawn factor, I haven't really watched the feeds yesterday and today, but just now (7:30pm house time) tuned in and it's just a bit mind blowing. They're having a whole house meeting, basically calling Matt out. This is a weird season, it's like there's a bona fide honesty factor or something, they're all just laying everything on the line. Maybe they also are bored and just needed to have a catharsis session or something.

Monet is crying because Matt (sob) lied to her after he was nominated (sob) when he was trying to console her (sob) and all the while he, Matt, had volunteered to go up! (sob)

I don't know what lead up to this but it's finally something interesting to watch.

BTW: Ray Romano voice, totally.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Oh now I think I see what's happening. This looks like it's of Britney's doing, her underhanded attempt to pit the whole house against Matt so that Monet stays!

And Brit is trying to act all wide-eyed and innocent, LOL.

Laurie said...

FA, thanks for the update about the house meeting. I vaguely remember a recent group doing that once to "get the truth out" but couldn't tell you who the players were. I've often wished I could to that in work situations where stories get a life of their own!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Hah! BB gave them 4 bottles of wine and a dozen beers!

Guess they got the message about how boring things are, lol

Justene said...

If we wanted to watch porn online, we could. Sheer brilliance

Anonymous said...

I do not get why CBS is airing BB on Wed and Thurs and not Tuesdays.
All that is are two back to back NCIS episodes. But I heard it is the highest rated program on CBS so that might factor in. They may get great rerun numbers for that show, apparently.


RBennie said...

So that's eyelash glue? I just thought Rachel was using some kind of horrible glitter eyeshadow and applying it very generously, LOL.

ML said...

Me, too. If that's glue how could none of them say something to her? Oh, that's right, she's constantly mounting Brendon so all anybvody else sees is butt cheeks n boobs.

RBennie said...

You mean floppy buttcheeks don't you? LOL.

joyn said...

Is she really wearing no undies or is she wearing a thong? With those short skirts and dresses, she has to be wearing something. She knows she's on TV. Can she really be going commando?