Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds - Tuesday Daytime July 27

Andrew makes faces at his bok choy.
He might be better off cooking it.

Seriously, something must be done to liven this house up. I'm talking seriously. Really. Here's the big scoop of the day from that Big Brother House Blatant Boredom:
  • BB didn't wake them up until 9 AM their time today.
  • Rachel made French toast for the Haves. Brendon questioned why she put sugar in it and said it wasn't needed as the syrup already had sugar. Brendon can't have the French toast anyway.
  • I wonder why she put sugar in it, too.
  • They talked about iPads and Twilight. Yawn.
  • Brendon and Rachel kissed for a change.
  • They talked about college.
  • Someone made a mess in/on the HOH toilet. Matt suspects Enzo.
  • Yeah, probably.
  • Brendon and Rachel argued more about the vote. He still wants to keep Andrew, she wants to keep Kathy.
  • Rachel, "Are you dating him or what?"
  • Oh my.
  • Andrew misplaced his yarmulke (or, as Rachel calls it, his "Yom Kippur")
  • He found it. There was no conspiracy.
  • They've napped and lazed around.


RBennie said...

Another exciting day in the BB house! I hope you are enjoying your staycation Jackie.

Laurie said...

I put vanilla and cinnamon in my egg mix for French Toast. I thought I'd add a bit of interest to an otherwise dull BB day. How do you stand it Jackie?

Anonymous said...

Everyone loves my french toast.
AND....I don't like Rachel.



I promise!!

JimmyB said...

"Someone made a mess in/on the HOH toilet."


Atticus said...

You know,, You guys aint helpin’!
J is doin' yeoman's work,,
When you’re cleaning the toilets,,
You don’t want people standing around reminding you of it!!!
“WOW,, how do you do that?!”
How about some encouragement?
Let’s ignore the negativity,, thank you

Nana from the NW said...

Oh my, what a bore this year is. Jackie, the positive is that while your on vacation you can get lots of other things done around the house.....you certainly don't have to watch the feeds for your updates...it's just more of the same.
My french toast is the same as Laurie's...vanilla and cinnamon.
Did anyone watch The View yesterday? They talked about Matt's fake disease for his wife. They agreed with what everyone is saying...it's unacceptable to use a terminal medical issue to further your game. Evidently, many people at home with family members battling REAL medical crisises are appalled at his joking attitude.

monty924 said...

Brendon and Rachel kissed for a change. ~per Jackie

LMAO! Your write ups make this dull cast and season worth the time. The feeds, minus Britney and whoever she is snarking with, are a complete snore. :)

Come on hamsters... give us something here... please!

meb said...

I have to agree Nana. It's very wrong to use that kind of excuse for a game, and I can understand where families with real health problems might take offense.

I hope he's out of those pj's by now. They were ridiculous looking on him.

Come on BB producers... give the hg's something to do... liven the place up.

I did hear Kathy tell Kristen and Hayden they should get Rachel drunk cause she spills her plans, she talks so much. Then she can't remember the next day what she said. Is that called black outs?

my wv is: whonica It's too early for whonica isn't it?
OK... that was lame...

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Dingo brought me back to reality concerning the faked illness brouhaha. Anyone who loves BB knows that it is a game of deception. Anyone who loves the history of BB can appreciate the game that Dr. Will played in S2. Dr. Will played the cancer card, and then banners flew over the backyard calling him out as a liar. Dr. Will went on to win BB2 and came close to winning BB7. If it weren't for him, Boogie would have never won BB7/AllStars.

It's a game... and the objective is to win the $500k. Matt is fine in my book, not because he's my pool boy but he's actually playing with a strategy. I don't think he's long for the game though. Once his fellow members of the DAB figures out his game play... they'll target him. :)

dla said...

Jackie, kudos for hanging in with the most boring hg's yet... They put me to sleep, and that ain't good! We need something to shake things up in there!

Anonymous said...

OMG Gross Comment Alert: Matt is peeling off his onesey skull jammies to shave his bod after he did a really bad job cutting Enzo's hair. Talk about hairball heaven... No one is cleaning that sh** up either. LOL

Anonymous said...

This season is boring. The contestants are boring and BB is doing little to liven things up.
I think their twist of saboteur is all they had planned and that ended with the exit of Annie.

So now it is zzzzzz ...and quite lame. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie for the updates! This house is horrible!! Come on! I can't even find a favorite in this group. I'm leaning towards Ragen, Brit, and Lane. (Brit and Lane after their role playing Brendon and Rachel.) :o)