Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Wednesday Daytime, July 28

Finally, some action in the house.

Enough action as to bring a tear to Andrew's eye. But, it was his fault. He started it.

Here's the skinny:
  • Not long after they got up this morning, Andrew went to the bathroom where Kristen was and said, "You two are playing me like a fiddle." He walked out.
  • Matt, in the kitchen heard it.
  • Andrew and Kristen went on to have a confrontation in the bedroom. She is TICKED.
  • He claims that she's been there for Kathy and doesn't care about him.
  • She said that she told both of them when they went on the block that she'd be there for them.
  • She also said that she would specifically be there to console Kathy this week as she thought she needed her.
  • Then she said Kathy came to her and Andrew never did.
  • Andrew said he shouldn't have to come to her, she should come to him to console him.
  • Andrew said that he has nobody in the house.
  • Kristen said that Kathy didn't either and came to her -- had he come to her, she would be just as sympathetic with him.
  • Andrew doesn't understand, doesn't think he should have to go to anyone, they should come to him.
  • Andrew claimed his "you two" comment wasn't aimed at her.
  • Kristen and Kathy were the only ones in the room at the time. Hence, they believe the "you two" comment must have been aimed at them.
  • Everyone thinks that Andrew is on the edge and is digging his own grave.
  • He is, but many of them threw their shovels of dirt on the grave long before his body was laid to rest.
  • Kristen is obviously no longer the Invisible Hamster. Andrew's behavior has placed her on the front lines.
  • Andrew cried in the Have Not room, alone again, naturally.
  • Andrew told Kathy that he has no one and can't go to Brendon because he said he's after him.
  • Enzo, Lane, and Ragan all have said they're voting Andrew out. Kristen is definitely voting him out with her buddy Hayden sure to follow suit. Britney doesn't like either Andrew or Kathy but has said she's voting Andrew out. Rachel has said all along that she wants to vote out Andrew over Kathy.
  • Now, after the latest, even Brendon is talking about how he can't support his reasoning to keep Andrew in the house.
  • Oh my ... will this be another unanimous vote? It could be!
  • Kathy, perhaps eager to jump in on a rather safe deal, told Kristen that Andrew's been going around saying Kristen is running the house.
  • Say what? I haven't heard him say that and it has no basis.
  • Andrew told Ragan he loves and respects Brendon and his game.
  • Brendon tried to console Andrew a bit and suggested he apologize to Kristen.
  • Kathy told Enzo that Brendon flat-out told her he isn't voting to keep her because he doesn't feel he can control her actions.
  • Does that mean he feels he can control Andrew? Hmmm ... maybe it's time for Brendon to do some damage control, eh?
  • Enzo said that Andrew's getting desperate and will do anything for sympathy.
  • Andrew went into the kitchen and cried some more while eating his baby food.
  • Matt got his HOH camera and snapped a shot of miserable Andrew with his baby food.
  • That's about it for now.
  • At least Rachel and Britney aren't crying and Andrew doesn't dab his eyes carefully to keep his make-up from running.

The reason some men shave their heads.


Laurie said...

Alone again, naturally ... you crack me up and you put that song in my head. So glad to read there's a little yelling and gnashing of teeth and crying going on. Yes! I'll take the action where I can find it.

I cried and cried again,
Alone again ... naturally.

Jackie said...

To think that only yesterday,
I was cheerful, bright and gay,
Looking forward to, but who wouldn't do,
The role I was about to play
But as if to knock me down,
Reality came around
And without so much as a mere touch,
Cut me into little pieces
Leaving me to doubt,
Talk about God in His mercy
For if He really does exist
Why did He desert me
In my hour of need?
I truly am indeed,
Alone again, naturally

Sally said...

Jackie, I always enjoy the musical snippets you include in your blogs. The songs you cite are so varied in genre and generation, popularity and obscurity, you must have an expansive musical library stored in your head!

It seems like this year the houseguests have so much time between the POV ceremony and the eviction. It's like everything happens between Thursday night and Sunday night, and there there's nothing for four days. Was it always like that?

joyn said...

Loved the alone again....comment and the picture I got in my head about Andrew alone in the kitchen eating his baby food. Poor widdle Andrew, aw.

Erika said...

Is it possible that Andrew and Brendon are the 2 who are friends outside of the house?!

joyn said...

cha cha mentioned the article on the makeup of the tribes on the nwext Survivor. RTVW also has one and TV World has one mentioning specific cast members. Sounds like a GREAT season.

joyn said...

I meant TV Squad. duh!

Jackie said...

Spoilers at Survivor Cast spoilers

Jackie said...

Sally - They always have down time days, but with the Wed, Thur, Sun TV schedule, it seems worse. Plus, this group is the least exciting cast ever.

Laurie said...

Whoo-hooo! Old people!!
I love this and hope it plays out well.

JonMD said...

Ok,totally late to the party on this one but the shaving the head comment I bow down that is spot on and awesome HA.