Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Sunday Live Feeds, July 25

Nothing to see here today, move along. I'm just about serious. The hamsters do absolutely nothing gameworthy on Sundays. BB definitely has to do something to switch things up some.

Here are a few bits and pieces:
  • Brendon and Rachel made out.
  • Brendon and Rachel told each other how much they care for each other.
  • Brendon and Rachel sucked face.
  • Kathy campaigned and threw Rachel under the bus.
  • With Brendon holding PoV, that does Kathy no good. She's up against Andrew, not Rachel.
  • They laid around in the sun.
  • They played pool.
  • They played in the pool.
  • Kristen told Hayden that if she gets HOH, she wants Rachel out.
  • You go girl.
  • Brendon showed his ignorance of the game by saying that he thinks the next HOH comp will be endurance, too.
  • They don't ever have endurance HOH comps back to back.
  • Kathy's getting desperate.
  • It ain't gonna help.
  • That's that.


Sasha said...

What is Kathy thinking??! What good does throwing Rachel (further) under the bus do for her? Very strange.

Jackie, you deserve a special medal for watching these HG's. Thank you so much!

Laurie said...

Agreed, you deserve a medal and special goodies for snacks!

I just finished watching the show here on the left coast. How slow can a show go? Even if I hadn't read your posts about what had already happened I would be bored with it. I'm thinking I may start skipping this show unless I know something good is going to happen. I'll just read your blog! At least it's entertaining, funny and well written.

RJM in SC said...

Thank you Jackie for all you do. plan to make a donation before the season is over. (I am slow in everything I do---Bad procrastinator)-but I will do it this time since I am out of work due to torn rotator cuff surgery and have some time. I live for your updates this time of year.

Nina said...

I'm rooting for Andrew cuz I like him. But I think it's still a toss up who walks out the door this week. I don't think it's clear cut and I don't think Andrew is necessarily safe but I think it's out of his hands at this point. Someone better take Matt out. How do ppl feel about that guy? B/c I find him to be a sleaze and not in a good way. "I am a diabolical genius b/c the hg's believe my wife is dying." I mean seriously??? And I kind of like Brendon still but Rachel is def. a bimbo.

Nina said...

And my ideal final 2 is Andrew and Britney just b/c that is such a wierd combo and it would be very unexpected.

monty924 said...

I almost wish they would start talking 'good and evil' like in the past. At least that would give us something to really talk and snark about.

This cast is so boring!!!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

You know what constantly bugs and amazes me about BB houseguests?

So many of them wear shoes around the house AND worse, in BED! It drives me absolutely nuts whenever I see it, and I see it more than I would ever expect. Just watch where people lay their heads, like in the cabana room, and then watch who else lays there with their shoes/sandals on.


Has anyone else noticed this or am I just completely anal about this? At my house, we take our shoes off inside the house, always (of course, this being California, I hardly ever wear shoes anyway... but still). But on furniture?? Ew, just Ew.

monty924 said...

FA, you are completely anal about that... and I mean that in a nice way.

Not everyone takes their shoes off in their home. I have a brother and sister-in-law who insists on it, and I oblige. You can however wear your shoes in my house. That's why God made vacuum cleaners. :)

Anonymous said...

UGH! BB as hit the wall. It's so contrived, it's boring... and save me from Ragan the ragger.. did I say ugh?

JimmyB said...

I'd guess the shoe factor is due to the place just being all that clean & possibly no one is cleaning the floors, etc. I havta admit that I have not noticed this....but I'm gonna start paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I have to go back on an old comment you made about Hayden's mouth. What is all that weird stuff he does with it?? And his hair!! Does he think he looks good with all that hair? What is under it? I hope someone in the house suggests and dares him to GET IT CUT!! What y'all think?