Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Sunday's Live Feeds, July 18

Laying his finger upside his nose ...

This is horrible. No, not Andrew in particular. I'm talking the activity or lack there of on the feeds today.
  • No PoV meeting today, expect it tomorrow.
  • No NOTHING today.
  • They're bored, I'm bored.
  • Still no definitive replacement for when Britney saves herself from the block. It's looking like Andrew will go up with Monet being the target.
  • Monet mingled with the others more today. She isn't as bad when she's away from Britney.
  • Rachel and Brendon made out in the Have Not room
  • They played pool.
  • They talked about small stuff.
  • They talked golf.
  • Andrew gave a talk on the Ten Commandments.
  • Britney sneered at and shunned her fish sticks.
  • There are probably starving children in China who would love fish sticks!
  • I really have nothing here.
  • Something needs to happen.
  • Most boring day ever on the live feeds.
  • Woe is me.

What the heck is with the boots? Sheesh.

For a bean bag toss


Laurie said...

Jackie, if you start whining or crying we may have to put you on the block. And remember, nobody looks pretty when they cry. Britney told us that tonight.

meb said...

Laurie, thought I'd pop in to say hello to Jackie and there you are. What happened to your other west coasties?

Well, it's work for me tomorrow, so I'll leave you here with the pool all to yourself.

my wv is ariend... a friend!!!

Laurie said...

I don't know where the other Westies are. Maybe they didn't watch it since we already know what's going on. I can't believe the weekend is over already. Bummer!

Anonymous said...

It's late but my gag reflex is running into overtime. Rachel is a dog and I can only hope that Brendan is one too. UGH.... that woman.

Witt said...

Some things always amaze me...
1) These folks are on national television, they know it, and NONE of them ever makes the bed! Call me type A, but really!

2) After talking trash all week and being "biotchy," they are always so surprised when they are nominated, and the waterworks begin (Britney and Monet, your table is ready!).

3) I am very thankful that Jackie can hang in there after a boring day like THIS, and still post for us.

4) This group is the best! I always smile when I'm here.

For menu planning next week: I have a fun cold rice dish for the pool party; it will be the perfect thing along with the Wheat Thins, Cheese, and Mike's Hard Lemonade. And of course I will bring brownies with walnuts (and plain ones for the folks who are allergic).

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

Why all the hate towards Britney? I love her. She is an adorable, entertaining, sarcastic mean girl. She wears her meanness like a crown. Unlike that annoying, boring, wonkey-eyed Kristen and that lazy mouth breather Kathy, both of whom act nice to Britney's face and then TRASH her in the HOH room. It is obvious that both of those slugs are jealous of Britney.

Anonymous said...

I do not know what I will do if I hear Rachel's horrible laugh for
1 more minute.

She really irritates me.

Good work Jackie with nothing to work with


Suzanne said...

Witt, you bring up something I have noticed for years in BB house. The hgs are slobs. Not every one, they usually find someone in the cast who will cook or clean. I think that should figure into a comp in some way. A surprise question could be: "If you made your bed this week" you get an extra point or maybe it could be the tie breaker for HOH. Maybe a cash reward if one of them came up with a cure for ants in the house.

RBennie said...

It seems to me that, if nothing else, cleaning would give them something to do to relieve the boredom. I mean can you honestly play pool all day, every day, without going insane? I just have to say it, those extensions of Rachel's are driving me nuts. They are the worst ones I've ever seen! You can see exactly where her hair ends and the extensions begin. Maybe we should be rooting for her to win so she can afford some quality extensions, LOL.

Laurie said...

Witt and Suzanne, it does make you wonder how they live at home, doesn't it? That mess would drive me crazy. Well, other things would get me there sooner but you know what I mean.

Of course the show is not about cleanliness or neatness, is it? This is the time each year I wonder why I watch the show. Yeah, I know, it's the fun of talking about it and reading Jackie's posts!

Nana from the NW said...

Good Monday morning to all from the west coast!

Are there any other west coasters besides Laurie, me and Granny PDX?
What about she making the post pics. still?

As for the show.....I am really only watching because I am a reality junkie! No one has me rooting for them and there are some that are annoying I am not sitting here saying"Get them off this show"!!

Some thoughts:
If I got this right there are 3 HG with PhD....what are they doing on Big Brother?!

I always laugh when they are surprised to learn the cameras are on 24/7. Do people audition for the show having never seen it?

And what's with not making their beds....come's a comforter, throw it back on the bed and fluff your pillow!

Guys and testosorone....they always want to form a guys alliance and be the "baddest and best" there ever was! Hayden better be careful about playing both sides...he will be found out and end up on the block.

As for Kathy I am cutting her some slack...Jackie said it was rumored she has just finished chemo treatments a few hours before leaving for the show. That process has made her very weak and therefore not much of a competitor. I wonder if the HG know this info?

You know I went to Hawaii in May and after 5 days of laying around the pool, eating and doing nothing(yes, I did make my bed) I was going crazy. I don't know how these people can do this for weeks!

Time to go paint the deck or lay down on the couch and watch The View.....have a good day.

Dr_Celine said...

Nana - just because you have a PhD doesn't mean you have any money. In fact, I have less money than nearly everyone. After school loans $300,000 plus later, you are in serious debt. With loan repayments in the thousands per month...I do not own a car, a house, or any credit cards. I work to repay loans. Period. THIS is the state of education in America - those who have no money will be slaves to student loan repayments for life. I had no the rest of America I thought...well I'll be a "doctor" and I'll make plenty of money. This is a myth. America has it wrong about MDs and PhDs. At least in today's economy.

K in WI said...

Help please.

I haven't had a chance to keep up here on the blog and am having trouble finding the entries that go back to the first show. Are they gone forever?

I'm suffering withdrawal!!!

Thanks for any help.

chris said...


go back to jackies main page,
click on big brother on the right hand side (where all shows are listed) that has all episodes/blogs of BB from the beginning of the season

chris said...

andrew not on the block
matt is
wish the "pawn" would go
and the brigade would be finished.
love when they think they have the game in the bag and it back fires.
Rachel was in trouble either way but had she put up andrew she would have sealed her fate for sure.
the fun will start with the next winner of HOH if it is not R/B
it would be really funny to see if kristen won and Hay could not convince her to not put up part of his secret alliance.

Holly said...

Jackie...where art thou??? I am having spoiler with

joyn said...

Pop over to TV Squad and read Jackie's BB post. It's a good one. Just want TV Squad to know she has our support over there too.

Suzanne said...

I was thinking the 'making the bed' question wasn't about cleanliness so must as keeping them on their toes in comps. You know how they count every thing in the house and study the furnishings, it would be fun to watch them also think they were going to be asked about housekeeping chores. It would mess with them in their messy habitat. : )

meb said...

Matt is really on the block? That would be interesting to see him get backdoored. Would serve him right. And that would leave Monet in the house. Then say she wins HOH.

Well I can dream can't I? It's not that I like Monet that much.. I do think she's cattier(more catty) than any of the others.

We have two more days before we can see Britney win POV and Matt put up in her place. Do they do both the same night. I'm so confoosed!

Nana from the NW said...

Dr. Celine--I wasn't referring to HG with PhD having was more about having brains to not put yourself through the BB antics and humiliation. Although my husband doesn't have a PhD he does have a Master's Degree and we spent MANY years paying off student loans. We also worked very hard to have a college fund for our daughters so they wouldn't have large loans. Don't even get me started on the fact that the people who educate our children and daycare/raise our children are some of the lowest paid people in our country. Yet, if you can catch a football, dunk a basketball, or hit a baseball out of the park you will make enough money to set yourself up for life in a few short years!!

As for BB.....
So Matt is on the block...if he goes he deserves it! If you want to win the money then don't volunteer to be evicted!!

I would love to see Kristen win and then see what alliance Hayden is going to support.

The sun came out and I have got the deck it's time to work on the railings and benches.

K in WI said...

Thanks, Chris.

When I do as you suggested, I can get to Sunday, July 11. That's the last entry on that page. I thought there was something earlier--I had started reading Jackie's first live feed report where she talked about the difference in quality of the feeds this year--but I can't get back there.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Regarding hamsters who are messy: the other day Andrew and Brendon were talking and Andrew was telling Brendon how much he wanted Brendon to stay and that he'd never vote him out. Why? Because he's one of the very few who clean up after themselves (and everybody else)!

It was funny because you could tell how true it was, that it drives Andrew absolutely nuts probably because of his fears of accidentally doing something non-Kosher.

Also, I don't think there are 3 PhDs in the house are there? Brendon does not yet have one, he's got his Masters but is entering a PhD program at UCLA in the Fall. Ragan has a PhD, and Andrew is an MD.

And having tons of student loan debt is a great motivator for going on BB. It's a sorry commentary on our society that we have to become prostitutes (literally or figuratively) these days in order to get a decent education.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I have a question for anyone who watched the feeds yesterday/last night: did R&B tell Matt that they were going to tell everyone that Matt volunteered for pawndom? I know they were talking about it, and from scanning Joker's just now, it looks like she indeed did say that during POV ceremony. But did Matt know in advance she was going to do that? He's not acting very upset right now, so it looks like he knew.

Also wrt Britney: yeah she's bitchy, but I still don't not like her because I find her funny. Monet is just annoying and I'll be glad she's going home!

Anonymous said...

Your latest post is screwed up....not showing!