Thursday, July 08, 2010

'Big Brother 12' - Talking Live Feeds and Pools

Apparently the live feeds aren't going to go live until after the show airs on the West Coast. As a result, my first live feeds report will be in the wee hours of the morning. For those who are new here, my feeds reporting tends to be sort of a Reader's Digest condensed version of the happenings. Since I'm one person, a blow by blow reporting just isn't possible. I gather what I think is most important or what catches my fancy as I watch, then post about it.

My regular live feeds posting schedule will likely be three reports a day -- early morning, early evening, and late evening (based on East Coast timing). When there's an endurance comp, I'm usually there for the duration posting screen caps from the feeds and reporting the results. But, tonight, once they come on, I really need some time to gather feed report fodder!

Of course, any readers with the live feeds may feel free to post what they're watching in this post until I get up the first feeds report of the season!

Also, Lisanne has graciously volunteered to run the blog pool this season. If you've already signed up on the show party post, she should have you on the list. If not, speak up here.

I've written my TV Squad season premiere review, but it hasn't gone live yet. I'm not sure when an editor will get it scheduled, but it should show up on either the TV Squad Big Brother link or my writer link there once it goes live.

11:58 PM ET - Feeds are live!

It sounds like Hayden put Brendon on the block, not sure who else. Woohoo! Rachel (Boobs Galore) is on the block with him! Kathy and Annie are talking -- they say that Brendon says he won't campaign against Rachel. Oh, geez. Why not? They do NOT like Andrew! Right when the feeds went live, he ran to Annie, pulled up the blanket she had covering her and yelled, "Gyno exam!"

First screen cap of the season ...

My review of the premiere is up on TV Squad.


Nina said...

eHello all. I guess count me in for the BB pool again.

Sydney said...

oh Jackie == are you prepared for this schedule AGAIN??? It was a lot easier when you were off for the summer due to your knee!

And Margo put me in for the pool Thanks to Lisanne for being this sesaon's monitor.

Donna in Florida said...

Thanks Jackie for all you do!

Jackie H. said...

Well here we are again. Sure is good to be back and having you back is great. We all really appreciate you and all you do. Jackie from NC

Jennasmom said...

Thanks, Jackie! And Lisanne! Hope I don't get Rachel in the pool.

ChicMc said...

Please include me in the pool. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good TV Squad article you wrote.

I also am disappointed in the lack of diversity. I wish the house more accurately reflected the diversity of society.

I am thinking this year , they are focusing on the diversity of varying careers and education levels and backgrounds.

As I cannot figure their casting this year, but then that happens other seasons too. But 3 of the girls have long blonde hair and will be hard to tell apart even if Kathy is older. As Kathy does not look her age.


Brent McKee said...

Just in case you aren't checking the show post (I got there late) please include me in the poll.

Too bad Andrew is safe from being dumped thanks to wearing the Kosher Wiener in the HoH - I think there are plenty of people who would dump him if they could. It will be interesting to see Hayden's reasons for his nominations.

Lisanne said...

Here is the updated list with our west coasters. Wow a lot of swimmers here. Don't worry if you don't have a swimsuit as I believe Monet packed enough for everyone.

Auntie Leigh
Brent McKee
cha cha
Donna from FL
Donna in AL
Joy N
Karen in Ca
Nana in NW
PDX Granny
Terry in PA

Nina said...

Andrew is going to be a pretty weak player anyways. He's probably the utlimate pawn; he has no alliance if everyone hates him. I figure by next week the HGs will have bigger fish to fry. I would guess that Hayden becomes an early target in the game. Monet might also be an early target too. Plus there's good odds Brendan can win a POV and if he does, that a big game changer right there.

Anonymous said...

I wanna join the pool!!!! SO excited for this season of BB!!!


Anonymous said...

count me in for the bb pool please.

thank you Karen in Ca