Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Wednesday's Live Feeds, July 14

Rachel told Britney she doesn't regret getting implants. I regret that she got them.

The hat suits Lane

Yikes, I'm only really submitting one report on the action in the house today! Why? Because there was so LITTLE action that it just didn't make sense. I'm glad tomorrow will bring us a new HOH and hopefully shake things up a bit.

So, here's what I've got:
  • Annie continued to campaign.
  • The only real friend Annie might have in the house is Lane. The others merely tolerate her.
  • They were put on a long indoor lockdown.
  • The saboteur appeared again (they block the feeds when that happens), this time telling them "I'm glad I escaped eviction this week."
  • A lot of them think it's Brendon as he saved himself with the POV. But, in reality everyone except Annie and Rachel (likely Annie) "escaped" eviction this week. So the message only means that the saboteur isn't Annie or Rachel.
  • I still think it's Matt.
  • Annie feels she's been exonerated with the saboteur's message.
  • Hayden got the HOH camera, did a tweet on Twitter and his blog entry for the CBS website.
  • Lane and Matt put green tape on Britney and Enzo's photos just for kicks.
  • First of the season, Hayden locked himself out of his HOH room.
  • Kristen mentioned there were two blackouts the night of the padlocked storage room. She thinks the first was a failed attempt.
  • The beeping continued along with other noises -- chirping, cricket noises, etc.
  • Britney and Monet insisted to Hayden that Andrew is an ally of Brendon and Rachel.
  • When let out of the house, they found an oversized golf set in the yard.
  • I would guess it might be to practice for HOH. Maybe not.
  • Lane told stories of castrating steers, bulls, something. Not my thing.
  • The guys also talked guns.
  • There was a weird divide for a while (see the screen caps below) --

The girls, including both Rachel and Annie in the Have Not Room

The guys plus Kristen in the kitchen.


Liven up hamsters! I can't take this!


Laurie said...

Ugh! Why would anyone hang out in the Have Not room?

The show is about to end here in the left coast. Nice to see more face time for a few people. We even saw flashes of Kristen and Monet!

So we already knows who goes up and who will most likely go home. I won't miss her!

monty924 said...

Here's a funny shared by Dingo on Hamsterwatch. She has a drinking game ongoing during the season (in every season I've followed her site), and the current one is...

Lightweights: Take a swig whenever you see Kristen
Alkies: Take a swig when you don't

Fun stuff. :)

Jackie, I hope you don't mind my sharing this. I remember you speaking fondly of Dingo and your love of animals. :)

Jackie said...

Not a problem ... love that dingo!

chris said...

well if their were two blackouts then all bets are off in thinking it is kathy as saboteur.
I still think so as she acts strange everytime the saboteur screen appears. she was missing from the couch and suddenly reappears on the end. she hides her face when the saboteur or mention of the saboteur takes place.
she escaped eviction while matt as part of the brigade was never in danger!
we shall see tonight. My ohter bet is perhaps kristen and lastly Matt.
so 3 out of 13 listed here
as far as lifelong friends could be kathy and anyone in the house in their 20's
but i think two others are lifelong friends(or relatives)