Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Countdown to Big Brother 12

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It's a new season and the esteemed (and talented) Zoetawny has made a new blog logo for us! I want to welcome back BB friends and give a nod to those who stay year 'round, as well as extend an invitation to new folks who might stop by. This blog is a great place to be for the summer season and I thank everyone for joining in on the community that's grown here!

I've been poking around my SuperPass, checking out the cast interviews and tonight's Happy Hour with Chelsia (BB9) and Missy (no BB). Basically I'm coming away with the thoughts of "meow meow Mafia" in my mind. I'm not so sure that's a good thing.

It looks like the feeds themselves (which start tomorrow night after the premiere) are actually going to be better quality this season. They're using FlashPlayer instead of the RealPlayer itself. That seems to have knocked out the BBReloader, something I've used in past years to record the video. There are ways to record FlashPlayer videos, but I'm not going to invest big bucks when it's likely YouTube will take any longer videos down.

Here's some of the skinny and my observations:
  • According to one interview I saw with Julie Chen, the saboteur twist is only set to last for five weeks. If the player lasts the five weeks, he/she wins the 50 grand. What is up in the air is whether that player will leave the game at that time or stay in the house.
  • Chelsia didn't care much at all for Monet -- she said she's empty upstairs and, after the interview, she just went off to sit in a corner not talking. I actually had a better impression after watching interviews with her, now I'm wondering again.
  • Jeff and Jordan are still together. I knew you wanted to know.
  • There originally was a 14th houseguest, but she got cold feet and dropped out.
  • Janelle and Jordan will be hosting their own shows on SuperPass this season. That's in addition to the Happy Hour thing.
  • They're having the Have/Have Nots again.
  • Oh my. Julie announces to them they have a saboteur! So, it's not going to be a secret for them. I just saw a clip on Entertainment Tonight.
I will be doing live feeds content here. Right now, it's still a bit up in the air for TV Squad. There have been site changes there as of late and, while they're very into the show, I'm not sure of the logistics involved for getting out information really timely. We're looking into various avenues for feeds content there and I'll keep you updated.

As for the shows, I'll be posting an entry each night when the show starts here on the East Coast. I'll update with any big news, comps won, etc., as the show airs. However, the best thing about those posts will be the community in the comments area. Everyone is welcome to chime in as the show airs or afterward with your thoughts. My full episode reviews will be posted over on TV Squad.

Right now the feeds are playing the theme music and the "be right back" screen. Above is what the new player looks like in SuperPass. You really don't need to hear the music.

Tomorrow night, 8 PM EDT ... be there here or be square. Are you ready?


joy n said...

Zoetawny did a marvelous job as always. Hope she finds a chance to join us this season.

I am raring to go with BB. Finally some "reality" worth watching.I am so looking forward to your blog doings, Jackie, and the whole crowd coming back.

SharonS said...

I'm excited like a little kid before their birthday...

SueGee said...

I'm so ready - but of course the time difference will probably keep me from chatting much...but I do get to watch Showtime2 at 9pm local time every night!! Let's hope there is at least one or two of them that want to really entertain us! (and actually are entertaining to watch)

Sue on the left coast

Catonine said...

Did I miss the pool? ~April

Jackie said...

I haven't heard from Margo on the pool. Maybe someone else might want to get one set up?

RJM in SC said...

Excited and can't wait for the fun to begin. see you all tonight.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious the saboteur is the Ragan, he's too superficial/like an actor and over the top. He has a character and doesn't seem natural.

Katie said...

I'm so ready!! Jackie, are you ready to not sleep for the next three months?

I've been a fan of your blog for many years, and finally decided to create a user account.

Thank you Jackie, for all you do!

cha cha said...

Can't wait for tonight....5hours and 16 minutes....
I am leaving work early so I can get groceries from the store and cook before the show starts!

monty924 said...

Bring on BB!!! See you all this evening.

Thanks, Jackie for the site. :)

Lisanne said...

Four and a half hours to go and no Jesse in sight. Glad to see a couple 30+ but still wish for bit more diversity.

JimmyB said...

It's "ON"... (Can't remember which bb'r used to say that, but it was always funny)

...Looking forward to the show and the comments from everyone here.

JOJO said...

After being an observer for the past few years, I gotta join in. Nothing screams summer like Big Brother.

Catonine said...

I vote that we all enjoy the pool together and just root for whomever we think is our favorite ;-) ~April

chacha said...

I like Britney alot...

I was wondering if the feeds would go live before or after the westcoast feeds.

Showtime doesn't start until tomorrow.

meb said...

Hi Everybody. Zoetawny... great job as usual.

I am really excited that BB is finally back. And that you're going to give us that great place to meet Jackie.

Hopefully I'll get to talk a little tonight. I have trouble watching and blogging at the same time, but I'll do a race to another room during the commercials if I can.

See you later!

Margo said...

I will check in later - I visit w/ Mom at the rehab place in the evening from 7-9 ish (She had surgery AGAIN on her broken ankle and can not put any weight on it). There is no wi fi so I will join y'all later.


monty924 said...

JimmyB said...
It's "ON"... (Can't remember which bb'r used to say that, but it was always funny)

Monica from BB2. :)

Chacha, the feeds should go live at 9PM eastern. Dingo is reporting that at least. I'm ready... :)

Jackie said...

Welcome aboard JOJO and Katie, both taking the plunge! As Dr. Will says ... "we don't bite, much!" ;-)

Seriously, it's a fantastic bunch here and I try to keep any problems in check through the season.

Hi there all you familiar "faces," too! It's great to see you all!

Laurie said...

Hey everyone! I'm busy getting snacks ready for everyone. I hope your right coasters leave some for us lefties!

Welcome to the new posters. I used to be new ... now I'm old, old, old.

I'll try to be around for the live blogging here because I love being at the party.

Thanks for doing this for us, Jackie!

K in WI said...

So happy to be here with you all again. I've been so looking forward to BB starting.

Thanks Jackie!

meb said...

I've got the site open now Jackie... so I should be able to run in and chat with everybody once in a while during the show. I need a laptop.

Good to see some of the old faces, and yes Laurie.. you're really old! Also good to see some new ones. I know I haven't been over here for a while so I may qualify as a new face. Nah! I'm old! a new computer yet?

Margo...your mom coming home soon?

Chacha said...

Saw that about feeds going live on jokers. Somewhere it said no showtime till Friday but it's scheduled on my TiVo tonight!!
Please disregard my spelling. Will usually be using my iPhone and it spells for me alot. Not always for the good.
I am jumping in the pool... Tminus nine minutes!!!

monty924 said...

T-minus 4 and we're good to go. I have a special beverage to share with the gang when the show starts. I've been experimenting with wine the last few weeks, and this recipe is yummy. :)

Zoetawny said...

Hey guys!

I'm still here...barely, but that's better than not being here.
My life is crazy but I'll spare you the details.

Are we ready to dive in? I can't even believe it's July and BB time. Maybe all the craziness will take my mind off of all the serious stuff.

I'm in for the pool if anyone is still doing it.

Speaking of pool, it's been too cool and overcast here to jump in but I'm sure that won't stop the hamsters.


Do you have any favorites yet? You're really good at profiling. I hope BB doesn't mean sleep deprivation for you.

Hope everyone on the east coast is managing to stay cool or at least out of the heat.

Did anyone towards San Diego feel the earthquake yesterday? I never felt a thing and hope everyone south of me is good.

Well, I've got hours to go but might peek in after we have dinner.

I sure have missed all of you.

Enjoy the insanity! :D

JimmyB said...

Thanks, Monty! I thought maybe season 2, couldn't remember her name.