Friday, August 13, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Friday Live Feeds - August 13

Nominations Today ...
... but not until after the saboteur!

So, Brendon's reign of terror has begun. Unfortunately, there's not as much action as I had hoped. Here are today's happenings from inside the Big Brother House of Revenge Gone Soft:
  • Ragan talked to Brendon. No one mispronounced "neanderthal." The word didn't even come up.
  • Instead, Ragan told his life story of being picked on and being an outcast.
  • @@
  • Brendon's heartstrings were tugged. Oh geez. Everything's gone all namby-pamby betwixt the two. They apologized to each other.
  • Ragan told Brendon only one person was suggesting they vote out Brendon (as per his wishes) instead of Rachel last week.
  • He told him it was Enzo (which is true).
  • Ragan told him he would work with him and help further him in the game.
  • Brendon bought what he was selling.
  • Britney thinks everyone should vote the way the house wants, not what Brendon wants.
  • Of course, she's sure that she will be his main target.
  • Brendon told Kathy she's safe and he won't put her on the block.
  • He told her he appreciates she's always been there for people who need someone.
  • Of course, he told Enzo or Hayden (can't remember which) last night that getting rid of Kathy would be a waste of an HOH.
  • Britney and Brendon talked. He said Rachel always defended her and he's only starting to realize why.
  • He apologized to her.
  • Man, is he working the crowd. It's too bad that he hooked up with Rachel in the beginning. Although I think he's very controlling in these conversations, he puts on those puppy dog eyes and sounds oh-so-sincere.
  • Britney told him that everyone talked last minute and all decided to keep him in the house then.
  • That contradicts what Ragan said. Ragan told him the truth.
  • Brendon told her that he hates floaters.
  • Although Britney doesn't seem to have any alliance beside Lane, she's shown herself to be a competitor by winning vetos.
  • Then he said he'd like to be in the final three with her and Matt.
  • Um. Okay.
  • Lane was next. Remember, Brendon is sure that Lane is the saboteur.
  • Lane told Brendon that he didn't think Brendon's wild throwing of the ball in POV was unsportsman-like.
  • Oh, geez. Lane has fallen under the spell!
  • Lane hinted that he'd like Britney to be targeted, but didn't come out and say it.
  • Ragan remembers that it's the anniversary of Chima's meltdown.
  • Boy, he does know the BB history!
  • After an outdoor lockdown, there were escargot and eggplant.
  • Poor Britney, Matt and Ragan. Well, eggplant is doable, I guess.
  • Enzo told Lane he doesn't want to go up and talk to Brendon.
  • But he went.
  • It's clear that Brendon really likes Enzo.
  • But he thinks he's a slacker and needs to step up his game -- start winning something ... anything!
  • It was like a coach pep talking a wayward athlete.
  • However, it's clear that he has no intention of putting Enzo on the block.
  • Enzo acted sincere throughout.
  • As sincere as you can act with a Bayonne accent, anyway.
  • Brendon told Hayden that he's worried because Enzo never fights to win comps.
  • He also said that Lane's never been on the block and he'd like to shake things up a bit.
  • Hayden, like all of the Brigade, tries to push for Britney and Ragan nominations, not Lane.
  • Brendon said he's really leaning towards a Lane/Britney nom.
  • Now, WE know in that scenario, Britney will go unless she wins POV.
  • Hayden knows it, too.
  • Heck, Brendon can probably guess it.
  • Oh! Oh! Saboteur!
  • The latest (blocked to the feeds) was that there is a male/female relationship in the house prior to the start of the game.
  • Both Britney and Kathy vehemently deny any such relationship and they're the only two women presently in the house.
  • But then again, Brendon knows the saboteur lied about him before.
  • Okay, no one's buying it.
  • They all think the saboteur is just making stuff up.
  • They're right. And Ragan is making stupid decisions which task he undertakes and the messages he's sending.
  • The hamsters can see it's been going from messing with one of them to another to another.
  • Matt is sure it's BB.
  • Britney doesn't think there are any Jewish people in Arkansas.
  • Oh my.
  • She lives in a way different world than I do.
  • Brendon decided he would put Lane and Britney on the block.
  • Then he decided to tell them.
  • He told Matt first. Shh ... it's a secret.
  • Matt ran and told Hayden.
  • Then he told Britney who took it well, but then went crying to Ragan and Matt.
  • Then Brendon got called to the Diary Room.
  • OOPS! He's not allowed to warn them ahead of time point blank like that!
  • So he talked to Britney again.
  • She kept telling him how much she wanted to stay in the house and that she wouldn't target him.
  • He seemed to believe her and told her that she might have changed his mind.
  • Then again, he might be lying!
  • He never got the chance to tell Lane that he's going up as they put up trivia and blocked the feeds.
  • I've been trying to wait it out, but I think I'll get this posted.
  • I'll update the bottom of this (under this line) when they finally come back and I find out who's on the block.
NOMINATIONS ARE IN -- Britney must have changed Brendon's mind when they talked. Lane is on the block with Ragan.


Sally said...

Well, well, well. Today's events in the house aren't exactly what I was expecting. Guess it shouldn't surprise me that everyone is trying to make nice with Brendon, but it surprises me that he seems to be buying it.

It doesn't sound like Brendon's doing much to avenge the loss of his lady love. That makes me wonder what type of game he would have played if he hadn't been blinded by love/lust.

Cha Cha said...

can he still out Brit and lane up? I dint remember this happening here they were flat out told who was going up

Joe in NY said...

interesting. In a way, this is better than nominating Matt. Does Matt side with his buddy Ragan or his alliance? This could end up outing Matt and the Brigade...then again, these guys seem to be so clueless they could start wearing Brigade T-shirts and no one would think they had an alliance.

Laurie said...

Lane and Ragan. Interesting. We may see a little action from Lane at the POV unless he's counting on Brit to win and save him.

Do we know for sure that Rachel went to the Jury House last night?

Jackie said...

I think Lane knows that if the noms remain the same, he should have the votes to stay. He wouldn't depend on Britney -- chances are if she wins, she won't use it.

They're thinking it's a backdoor plan for either Matt or Britney to go.

As for Rachel, she certainly wasn't in the house.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Brendon not Britney?

Joe in NY said...

So, I'm thinking votes:

Britney, Matt, Enzo, and Hayden should all be voting to oust Ragan.

Kathy would probably support Ragan?

I wonder if Matt could actually vote to evict Lane. Ragan would still go home but the odd vote would sow dissent among the ranks. On the other hand, the whole brigade distrusts Matt so they'd probably just all assume it were he.

I think we need Ragan to win POV and force Brendon's hand, otherwise what could have been a drama-filled week will peter out to nothing.

I'm not surprised about the Britney non-nom since Rachel thought Britney was her friend. And Ragan makes sense because he really got into it with Rachel last week. But why Lane? Kathy would have made more sense or Matt. After all Matt is the one who nominated Brenchel and he's also the one who opened Pandora's box and got caught lying by Brenchel when he volunteered to play pawn...I must be missing something...

Jackie said...

Anon - Huh? I was responding to Laurie. Not quite sure what your question is.

PDX Granny said...

Joe, doesn't Brendon think that Lane is the Sabo? That would be reason enough for him to put him up.

On another note, when Annie was evicted, wasn't she put in seclusion? It seems I remember something about that. I don't recall hearing that about any of the other evictees tho. In any case, if there's an America's Vote for someone to return to the house, it would make sense that none of them have actually gone home yet, and it's possible for any one of them to return go the house.

That would explain Julie's comment last night about Rachel may not have seen the last of the house yet.

Anonymous said...

Yup, as predicted and I'm still sure someone from the Brigade's going home or at least that they are NOT safe/sitting pretty as someone on here suggested before. There are just way too many loopholes this week for anyone to be sitting pretty what with Brendon, the emotional outcast on the block and Matt the snake in an alliance and gay showmance (both parties of which include people with rocky Brendon relationships) with the DPV.

Anonymous said...

PDX Granny...Annie and Andrew were put in seclusion when they were first eveicted but have since been released. In fact Annie has been they wouldn't be eligible to return to the house

Anonymous said...

So, assuming POV isn't used, the saboteur goes out again. What a bust this twist has been.

Anonymous said...

Matt's Band

chris said...

the brigade has the votes unless matt turns on his own alliance.
Matt is happy to get rid of ragan, keeps his hands clean
if ragan wins pov they will push for a britney nom and oust her.
again so as to not dirty their own hands

RyzandShyn said...

Jackie said: "As sincere as you can act with a Bayonne accent, anyway."
hahahahahaha...I'm dying. You hit the nail on the head.
I adore Enzo, anyway.

Zoetawny said...

How did Britney change Brendon's mind to not nominate her? Rachael would be pouting if she knew. Nominating Ragan/Matt was pretty much expected.

Whoever wins the POV will probably not use it, unless it's Lane. Will Brendon backdoor Matt or Britney? I would think Brendon's choice would be Britney. If Britney or Ragan goes home Rachael would still think Brendon is her knight in shining armor. UGH!

Can you just imagine Ragan/Britney and Rachael alone together in the jury house? Although, Rachael was significantly toned down when she had her exit conversation with Julie.

Have a great weekend all!