Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Into Friday, August 27

Lane did his first win of the season in a big way.

Well, things almost may as well be set in stone now. It's only a matter of which one of the Brigade Boys will take it all home. Here's what happened after the live show in that Big Brother House of Bodacious Boys and Brit:
  • Lane's win practically guarantees a final three for the Brigade.
  • It's sure that Britney and Ragan will go on the block with Ragan as the first target.
  • If veto is used, Britney will go home.
  • The remaining outsider will have to win HOH to stay in.
  • Lane was so excited about his win that he was ready to move into the HOH before BB had it ready.
  • Enzo can eat again, but the penguin suit was for a week. I think, if memory serves, he put it on last Saturday. Or was it Sunday?
  • Lane figured out they should have the morph comp this week.
  • The HoH comp was indeed the catapult ball into segmented doohickey.
  • Ragan told them some of Matt's secrets, but not the big ones.
  • He told them his real age (33, not 30) and the fact that he was supposed to be on last season but didn't because of his wedding.
  • They got their "libations."
  • They did the HOH room reveal and it's obvious that Lane is close to his family.
  • Everyone is happy.
  • Ragan should know his days are numbered, as are Britney's.
  • Lane's music was Eminem.
  • Lane and Hayden plan on being the final two.
  • It's likely Enzo will go on the block with either Britney or Ragan, probably Ragan.


Anon-MA said...

This is why they should have evicted Enzo instead of Matt. They control. It will be interesting. Ragan will be gone unless he wins pov, then it's Britney. Unless she wins next hoh it's MLB in final 3. Maybe it was Matt's plan all along to ensure a brigade win. His game play was so flawed.

I feel like the show 'ended' last night. Sigh.....

chris said...

I hope brit foils their plans and makes it to final 3
she just may win two out of the 3 hoh's at that point.
she would take lane with her I bet.

RJM said...

love you Jackie for staying up for us to find out the new HOH.

RyzandShyn said...

A fun long shot would be Lane nominates Ragan and Enzo, Brit wins POV, takes Ragan down, and then either Enzo or Hayden gets knocked out. Ok, it's more than a long shot, it's a dream.
Funny how it came to this because of a showmance, or more specifically, Rachael.
I'm still going to hope something shakes things up a bit.
Is the classic morph comp usually part of F3 to determine F2?

Sasha said...

Agree, Anon-MA, I feel a bit like the show ended last night, too. I have to say though that the Brigade did do well to keep their alliance a secret so long. I don't love them but I find them (minus Matt) more palatable than past male alliances, maybe because they weren't quite as brash about the whole thing and even kind of funny in admitting how much they were not winning in the beginning.

That being said (sorry, just had to do that) I wish Brendon had won HOH or POV and maybe it wouldn't look so bad for the non-BG members. Oh well, I think he fought a really good fight and I might even vote him the $25,000 if "America" gets that chance.

meb said...

If Brit doesn't make it to the F2, I would vote her the $25,000... I think she would have earned it. I just wouldn't want 'you know who' to get any of it, if Brendon got the $25,000. Petty, I know...

Well, the boys stepped up when they needed to... they played it right. Stayed likable throughout the game and then started winning things when it really counted. Good game play where I stand.

I hope Brit wins the Morph comp. I'd rather she stay than Ragan if I have to choose.

I still think the game will be interesting. When it gets down to the F3... these guys are going to have to turn on each other, knowingly, and it should be really fun to watch how hard they play to get to the end.

JimmyB said...

Gosh..I wonder if Britney gets it yet??

Sasha said... and good question. Too late now if she does.

@meb...not sure it's petty and I expect others feel the same way but I admire that he fought so hard. My "petty" is I can't get past how mean and cutting Britney can be, despite how cute and funny she also can be. I'm sure I'm in the minority about voting for Brendon lol.

Eller-Media said...

I'm sure I'm in the minority about voting for Brendon lol.

8/27/2010 8:14 AM

Your actually in Majority- I'd like to have Brendon and yes Jesse in Ultimate Big Brother.

JimmyB said...

Hmmm. Let's say you're Britney in the Jury House; and your choice is your good buddy Lane (who threw you under the bus) OR Hayden (who threw you under the bus).

Tough choice. Too bad she can't abstain!

ML said...

Sasha, I, too, am bummed that Brendon is gone, and no I don't think you're in the minority. He would get my vote, too. He deserves the $25k. It's really not all that much after taxes for all he's been through, and for the psychological help he will need when he finally sees the light about Rachel (or actually sees HER in the light of the real world). It will be interesting to see if things between them in the jury house are still the same even now.

Girlsmom said...

I'm with many of you - kinda feel like the show is over with Brendon gone. I'd be a vote for him too - he's goinna need the 25k for therapy like ML says.
I have no hope of Brit "seeing the light". It's too late. Her only chance against the brigade was to keep in Brendon and now she gets what she deserves.

Anonymous said...

I dont feel that the Brigade played so well, as I see it, the other guest played do studpidly and had so much hatred for others that they couldn't and didnt want to see anything else. True it seems the Brigade started to win when they had too, but these other Bufoons, love sick Ragan and Brendon only had alliances with the people they fell so in love with, I will say for Matt (even though I dispised him) he stayed true to the people he thought were in an alliance with him to the point even when they turned on him he didnt expose them. I DONT WANT Britney to win a dime, did you see how she had the nerve to look as though she felt bad for Brendon by hugging him, I know they all do that but she had such disdain for him making it a personal dislke instead of a strategic plan to get rid of him. And there's absolutely nothing that I can say about poor Ragan (I dont care for him either) what sense does it make at this time in the game to disclose things Matt told him. Matt is a none factor. I hope Brendon wins the $25,000, again these people played with their hearts and emotions in this game. I cant wait to see Lane and Hayden kick Enzo to the curb. Even if Brit were to win HOH she would continue to hold on to Lane and she wont win the big money because the brigade will vote for whoever was a part of their alliance in the F2, Matt, Brendon and Rachel probably wont vote for her either because she was so mean to all of them, I know it's a game, but remember she made it personal.

ML said...

Seeing how Rachael felt about other women in the house and all of them coming between her and her man, I don't think she would ever vote for Britney to win, especially as she was chained to her man!

Anonymous said...

Brendon deserves the America's choice for the $25,000.00 because of the way he played and stayed in the game for as long as he did. I dont care anything about his relationship with Rachel, every year someone goes in the house for the summer and make a complete fool of themselves however it's usually a female remember the one that Boogie made look like a complete tramp, and there were a couple of more of them that I found myself saying I'm glad I dont even know her let a lone be related to her. Brendon in my opinion is in LUST instead of in love. Jordan and Jeff were the only showmance that friends and family could be proud of, they kept the morals that they came in the house with. One young lady ( I really shouldn't say lady) was only in the house for about a hour before she was in the bed with one of the guys and she was voted out almost instantly. I felt so bad for her family. So who should really care if Brendon spends the money on Rachel we've all probably have spent money on something that we thought was cute (like these rediculous plaid pants I bought yesterday(LOL)). Give Brendon a break and judge him and reward him for his game play.

Bev in Michigan

chris said...

Matt must have wanted a brigade to win or he sure could have outed them to ragan, brit and brendon.
I still hope for a Brit POV win and then an HOH win for Brit.
It will be really weird to have the 3 brigade left and to see who gets to pick their p in the final two.
tough call there
does lane pick enzo or hayden
who does enzo pick
who does hayden pick
I would give the 25k to brendon or Britney.

Anonymous said...

when will the jury members find out avout Matts big lie?
I think Lane will win it all. Hayden
took the 2 prizes and when they find out I do believe that will
finish him.


chris said...

lets start a campaign for Brendon for the 25K

I will vote for him!
who else is on board

that will shut up all the mean people (hamsters)

Anon-MA said...

Whatever happened to the thing Chenbot said early on about 2 house guests knowing each other from before? That kind of got dropped - unless I missed it (which might be).

JimmyB said...

I suspect our only remaining comic relief will be to see Brachel in the Jury House together, maybe along with Ragan.

That should be entertaining. Their lovefest (Brachel's) will be short lived as soon as it sinks in with Rachel that Brendon ain't gonna be rich.

...Wonder when that light bulb will appear above his head?

cha cha said...

I like the idea of Brit winning POV if she isn't on the block and pulling Regan off.
I am sure she has thought of all of this. Unfortunetly she really believes that Land and hayden will take her to final three.
If memory serves they do the morph POV when its final five? Last year I thought Michelle won that with the tv.

As for America's vote. I will vote Britney as long as she isn't in the final two. I did start to like Brendon more after Rachel was evicted but just can't stand the fact that he would have that money and she would probably try and squaner it out of him.
The biggest HOH before the last one is next Thursday. If Brit stays I really hope she wins it.

Anonymous said...


I'm on board with you. I will vote for Brendon as many times as I can, and so are the rest of my friends and family, he has a right to love or care for whomever he wants, I'm voting for him based on his game play.People want to blame Brendon for Rachel saying something about the other women in the house coming between her and her man, what does Brendon have to do with what she says in private to the audience.He stood up for her when he thought she was right(that's not saying she was) My husband takes up for me all the time, try disrespecting me or what he sees as disrespect and you have a problem on your hands and he's very easy going. I know Brendon and Rachel havent been together that long. but for some reason he has fallen hard, give him time to see her as we do. And he will as soon as he walks through that door and she sees that he will not be winning the money. Brit does not deserve the money anymore than Brendon does. He has never had alliance with anyone but Rachel though that was his choice and a bad one I must admit, but again people want to blame him for what she said and did.

Anonymous said...

Hardly any of the women that come into the BB house (any season) ever stick together as soon as they get there they start looking for whatever guy they can latch on too. Come on women show some sisterhood. This season started out with getting rid of almost all the females first, and being manipulated by the men. Remember how all the women went balistic when that guy Capppy got evicted, what was up with thet.

Joe in NY said...

They have to nominate Brit and Ragan, otherwise if whomever isn't nominated (B or R) wins POV they can remove the other one forcing two brigade members on the block. They CAN'T be dumb enough to try using Enzo as a pawn, acn they?

big brother fan 35 said...

So my comment was removed.However I think Brit and Regan are nasty people.To go on and on about others is totally childish.I hope Regan goes next.Big deal they got Brendon out 1 week before themselves.Regan is fowl.Brit is funny but enough is enough.Enzo is lame but he doesnt really bash bash people.Hayden is on the bashing bus now and it is not attractive at all.Hayden's big mistake is telling Enzo and Lane he won the prizes.Lane is ok.I think he should take Brit to f2.Hayden needs to go.Enzo played ok but I dont think it would be enough game play for me to vote for him.Brit IF f2 I would vote for her.Lane not really.Regan thats a BIG NO VOTE from me.

chris said...

anon at 1119
yes those women mourned cappy being tossed, but worse was last season with what seemed like a memorial service for jessie, omg that was ridiculous.
As far a brit etc
i hope lane is dumb enough to put up ragan and enzo and brit wins pov and takes ragan down.
I howeve don't see her doing that.
She will keep her word to Lane if he in fact puts up enzo.
I think Ragan will win the pov unfortunately and then brit will be toast.
Brendons interview with Julie he still thinks there are no real alliances in the house.
That may be why Matt kept it a secret a win by association for him.
wv pasings
Heres hoping the next hamster pasings thru the door will be ragan or the penguin

Becky said...

Shasa, Brendon will get my vote too. He has fought for his life the entire game. I did not care for Rachael, but as much as I laugh about some of Britney's comments, some of them are downright cruel. I find her to be a mean and hateful little beauty queen. Her obsession with getting Brendon out at all costs is going to result in her not winning. Just rewards.

Sasha said...

Chris, probably obvious that I'm on board with a Brendon vote. @Becky, I have to agree about Britney. I think she's beautiful on the outside but not in spirit (JMHO).

I know the rules don't allow for sharing the prize money but I wonder if the BG made some sort of agreement/pact and that's why Matt kept his mouth shut? Just a thought.

I also wonder how many seasons it's going to take for the women to recognize that the guys ally and the women don't...quite the opposite. I hate the stereotype but the women do the jealousy (omg Rachel and her "my man" garbage is a prime example) and competition thing at each other. It's season 12, will they never learn? LOL, OK, end of rant.

Anonymous said...

Last night on BBAD Britney said that Brendon tried to get her to go into an alliance with him and Ragan or "the boys are gonna take all of us out." She told the Brigade members this and little was said by them in response. She is going to look back and see that her only chance was getting in an alliance with both Brendon and Ragan, not Lane. Wake up call too late for Britney when Lane votes to evict her before all of this is said and done.

chris said...

Britney will be so pissed at Lane
if she makes it to final 3 he would be smarter to take her.
Matt called Britney evil in his interview with Julie, repeatedly he used that term no matter what julie said.
Matt's interview was pretty good, he said his biggest mistake was throwing the HOH that Brit won.
he relied on his alliance to keep their word even despite them telling him they would vote him out over lane.

ML said...

Very true Becky. Don't we all have at least one friend whose significant other is most definitely someone we would not choose for them and/or we dislike? We shouldn't denigrate other aspects of a person's life just based on who they fall for. Many people have expressed disdain for Matt, but don't hold it against Ragan for being taken by him. So it is with Brendon.

ORKMommy said...

I like the way Brendon has played since Rachel went but when she was there I couldn't stand him. He was willing to give his place in the game up for Rachel! Why would I vote to give him money when he was ready to just roll over and die a few weeks ago?

I also appreciate 'my man' sticking up for me but when he doesn't know what's being discussed he doesn't just come running in like gang busters making assumptions and accusations. Brendon stuck his nose into several conversations without knowing what was going on and called it 'defending his girlfriend'. IMO, he made himself look like a bully by doing that. Nobody else did that to him.

Personally, I don't care who gets money or who wins or who shares it with whom...none of it will affect my life in any way.

RyzandShyn said...
A fun long shot would be Lane nominates Ragan and Enzo, Brit wins POV, takes Ragan down, and then either Enzo or Hayden gets knocked out.

I would absolutely LOVE to see that happen!! I think Lane will push for a Ragan/Enzo nomination because he won't want to kill the Brit relationship too soon. I could also see her using POV on Ragan because she doesn't know about the Brigade. She's gonna try to keep Ragan & Lane safe...not the other two!

Joe in NY said...

Can't believe Britney didn't see it? Kind of funny that Ragan and even Brendon both did. Not that it is going to do any of them any good at this point.

Joe in NY said...


I recall the morph as usually occuring before F3. The F3 usually has an endurance, a backyard skill comp, and then the questions.

Nina said...

I think it's alittle presumptuous of us to assume Rachel will be upset Brendan isn't rich. I think she is a clingy insecure girl who did genuinely fall for him. She was also an emotional player and highly competitive. This led to us as the viewers watching a dramatic trainwreck but this doesn't mean she's a bad person who only cares about money. And she also didn't think much of Brendan's gameplay outside of comps and I highly doubt she'll be surprised that he walks through the door knowing what he was up against. She hasn't been anywhere as mean towards others as Britney has. I could sort of forgive her for being so anti Rachel and Brendan on a personal level seeing as Brendan clearly didn't like her back so it was mutual, but if I do recall, she was also nasty to Andrew.

Anonymous said...

i would vote for ragan to get the money or lane...25,000
ragan because he is alone and tryin hard and lane...because he's funny to me, lol and adorable to sight...

JimmyB said...

Nina--"...upset Brendan isn't rich"??

Anyone could see that the so-called relationship was completely one-sided. She's as shallow and transparent as they come. She'll barely remember his name. She doesn't even like him & should get points for playing him like a fiddle.

Anonymous said...

Between the show and BBAD, I just don't want Ragan or Britney to win. Whatever Brenden and Rachel said or did, they went on and on and on about them. They bitched and moaned and cried when they were there, and after she left. It didn't matter if they were on the block or not, if Rachel was gone, Brenden a have-not or completely SHUNNED. They went on and on and on. And even after Ragan tore Rachel apart (deservedly or Not) he wouldn't shut up. Neither deserve to win.


Anonymous said...

You see my feelings for Britney/Ragan. Ugh.

It should be obvious to anybody watching that all those left are only there because B/R created enough scandal to keep the focus off them. What serious moves did Lane, Hayden, Enzo make?


Anonymous said...


I don't know if you saw one of the BBAD moments where Britney was talking to someone, maybe Monet, about Andrew, and she was making fun of him because he had asked her about clubs that she had been to. And I couldn't tell whether she seemed disgusted because he was trying to have a conversation with her or that he had actually visited places that she had. What a bitch!

Lane and Britney flirting... Lane has said that she is his type. And even her parents said they could see the connection. Except, they were several nights where Lane did nothing but relate horrible sex stories about the type of women he goes for. It says a lot about him, and even more about her.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am about posted out, but could someone explain the rationale behind voting Brendan out?

The way I see it. If I am Hayden, and I have to put up Brenden or Britney: Why do I vote Brenden over Britney since she has an alliance with Ragan, and a 'relationship' with Lane while Brenden is alone?

To me Britney seems the obvious choice, so was it a bad move or am I missing something?

Anon-MA said...

Sadly, women don't cover each other's backs in "real life" for the most part. We are either wired or socialized differently. It's definitely to our detriment. I know it's not universal etc. I'm just telling you my observations.

I understand about the no sharing rule, but what's BB going to do - make them give the money back? Doubt it. All they can do is disqualify you if they catch a HG making a deal.

Sasha said...

Hmmmm, none of any of this affects our real lives in any way but we're all watching the same show. It's called entertainment and speculation and it's fun.

Sasha said...

@Anon-MA so true and IMO, so sad. It is so totally to our own detriment. Well said.

ORKMommy said...

Nina - Unless I'm remembering wrong, Rachel was telling stories about how she dated guys for their money and dumped ones that didn't have any. Does anyone remember that? It was a conversation between Rachel, Brit and some other girl about whether they slept with guys for money or on the first date or something like that. Can someone refresh my memory?

monty924 said...

Whichever one is left after the dust settles, Britney or Ragan only two chances. HoH or PoV next week. The PoV holder is the only vote to evict at F4.

I'd vote Ragan or Brit over Brendon. I feel bad that he's gone since he fought so hard, but I agree that he tried to give up his spot in the house before that. Not 25K worthy to me. :)

joyn said...

Ork, I don't remember the details but do remember seeing someone post about it earlier in the season. That's when some started saying that if Brendon didn't win, Rachel would dump him.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that when R was telling them how she took 10 thousand for spending the weekend with the guy in Vegas, but (wink wink) no sex involved. I'd like to meet a man willing to spend thousands on me for a handshake.

ORKMommy said...

This is how I see it...

Whether it's conditioning, genetics or just part of the human race we tend to look for the 'bad' in everything and. We all rubberneck at car accidents, we all snicker at the fat lady at Wal-Mart wearing the too short shorts and the stretched out tramp stamp tattoo that we can see because she's wearing a halter top, we all gawk when we see someone disfigured by an accident. Don't try to deny it...the fact that you watch this show proves it. How many of you were waiting for Thursday night on pins and needles to see what would happen on live eviction night. Go back and read the comments from the last few days if you don't believe me.

The bottom line is that we don't know how we would behave in the same situation. Can any of you say with 100% certainty that if you were talking to someone who started badmouthing someone that you didn't really like to begin with, you wouldn't join in? And if a third person who felt the same joined the conversation, don't you think it would become a bashing session? Now throw in the fact that you're bored out of your mind for days on end and the person you didn't like to begin with is constantly there...they can't leave and neither can you. Can you honestly say that you're immune from this behavior? If you can then I applaud you because I know I'm not!

Laurie said...

OrkMommy, I know I can't throw any stones. As hard as I try not to gossip or be a "mean girl" I know I do it when the opportunity arises and I find people who will agree with me. I think that we see it more in the house because they are isolated and have to make up their "tribes"... that's part of the experiment, isn't it?

I'm agreeing with you that none of us should be casting stones at most of their behavior. Who knows what we would do under these circumstances.

What most of us can say is that we wouldn't put ourselves on national TV ... thereby avoiding these circumstances. :-)

ORKMommy said...

Laurie - I can't say that!! I'd totally go on a reality show if given the opportunity!!! :-)

I would also go into it knowing that people are going to talk about me, people are going to hate me when it's over and not everyone would like the way I play the game or behave. At the end of the day, "people" don't matter. Only those close to you!

Anonymous said...


I agree with you about our tendency toward enjoying...let's call it the underbelly. There have been several times this season that it was like watching a car accident in slow motion.

As far as not knowing how we would act, technically you're right. But in the case of Ragan, none of us went on TV talking regularly about how you act in the game reflects on you as a person. He mentioned many times how his crying looked, how he didn't like how he sounded, etc...then he would just do it again. He's not a kid. He's watched the show.

Anonymous said...

I would go on TV in a minute. But I wouldn't cry, not that there is anything wrong with it. I'm just not a cryer. I don't mind someone else crying, but eventually it just becomes a giant annoyance. And if I did start talking about someone, I like to think I would have the good sense to stop after I had repeated myself the first dozen times.

Laurie said...

OM, but would you go on Big Brother?
I see you more as an Amazing Race kind of gal!

Jackie said...

First, no comments were removed. I've been away from the blog all day. So, the comment one person claims was removed, wasn't.

Second, to whomever wanted to know about the "lifelong friends in the house" -- that was a saboteur lie, Julie Chen didn't say it.

Sydney said...

Thank you Jackie -- After all that, he'd put up Enzo when he has Brit and Ragan to put up? I guess he IS a little more lyoal to Brittany than the brigade as a whole.

Hayden, unless they don't show much of him, has really floated after the first few weeks... I liked him best and yet now I'm shocked he might win it all.

And poor Enzo, who has managed to make zero enemies in the house and who put the brigade together, is going to go?

Expect the unexpected, I hope.

monty924 said...

Joe in NY said...
They have to nominate Brit and Ragan, otherwise if whomever isn't nominated (B or R) wins POV they can remove the other one forcing two brigade members on the block. They CAN'T be dumb enough to try using Enzo as a pawn, acn they?

8/27/2010 11:39 AM

Lane was saying earlier that he won't put Britney up because he made a deal with her when she put Matt up. IDK

She's also said that if she won PoV, she wouldn't use it. Who to believe??? Is Britney really that dumb?

If its the morph-o-matic, I think Ragan has that one hands down. Now it gets interesting. Would Lane re-nom Britney? I think he would. JMO

Witt said...

Orkmommy, you are right. There was a scene in the movie The Breakfast Club where they are discussing the same thing...Emilio Estevez' character was saying he wouldn't cut Anthony Michael Hall's character in the hallway. Molly Ringwald said (sorry John Hughes if I get it wrong), "Oh come on Andy. What would you do if Brian walked up to you? You'd say hi to him, and then when he left you'd make of him so your friends wouldn't know much you really liked him."

It's interesting how there have been male-male alliances (Will/Boogie, The 4 Horsemen, the Brigade), male-female alliances (Jason/Danielle, Natalie/Jessie) but not really any strong female-female alliances that have gone to the end??? Sad.

I know it will probably be Lane and Hayden in the end, but it still burns me that Enzo will end up in the Final 3 having done NOTHING all summer but complain!! During the HOH last night where they had to find the names, all he did was complain that there were no names in his bin. Oh come ON!!!

Witt :)
P.S. Sorry, I'm long winded today!

RyzandShyn said...

Personally, I'm slightly amused when reading the posts of people bashing Brit and Ragan in a manner in which the poster comes across as even meaner than they are saying Brit and Ragan were.
I enjoyed them both. I hope they stand a chance of staying. I'll probably vote to give one of them the money if we have a chance.
Haven't any of you, when you were in your 20s and 30s, become all caught up in drama at your job or with your friends or in your family? Caught up in it to the point that you were loud, righteous, bashing, making phone calls and having the same talks about it over and over and over?
Then, when you were removed from it you realize how totally awful it was, silly, stupid, not really like you? You end up wishing you handled yourself differently?
I think that's what happens in the house and to those of us watching.

Anonymous said...

As I have read the comments this season, at a glance it appears that there houseguests that people didn't like, but none that tons of people were really rallying behind.

Sarah C.

monty924 said...

We'll know really soon... Trivia for a long while now.

I still love Britney, but she's made questionable choices and we can all call a spade a spade. :)

PDX Granny said...

I'm much older and therefore wiser than any of the houseguests. That must be the reason I can sit here in my armchair and say who did what wrong.

That being said, if I were as young as them, looking for some adventure and maybe a bit of $'s, I'd probably think it would be great fun to be on a reality show.

I'll never know, but I can still wonder how I'd act. Would all those ugly parts of my personality come out? Or would I manage to keep them hidden and only show my best side? I have a feeling I know, and it ain't a pretty picture!

WV = derrall
I hope Brit can derrall the best laid plans of the DAB, and win POV.

Bark Bark said...

Jokers says Enzo & Ragan are on the block (based on them having no keys on the wall). Potentially fatal blunder for brigade IF Britney wins Pov AND gets a clue as to what's going on here and takes Ragan off.

Anyone here watching feeds?

Anonymous said...

Well, I know I'm not int he majority but I am happy Lane came through. I like Lane and Hayden (even if his bangs cover his eyes).

As for the 25,000, I'd give it to Britney before I'd give it to Brendon.

I do agree that the Brigade is more likeable than other guy alliances in the past.

Really, from here on out, I do not care who wins because, I like who's left.