Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds After the Eviction - August 19

Britney's Head of Household win coincides with her 23rd birthday.

Lane started building a castle out of Sweet Tarts, then abandoned Hayden with Brendon on it.

Tonight is the happiest house I've ever seen on the show. Here's what's happened in the Land of Happy Hamsters:
  • Matt told them about how he thought Rachel went through his things and found the POV.
  • They all talked about how bad Matt's $1 lie was and no one believed him.
  • They, or at least Matt, know that the saboteur got $20,000. Interesting how they know that, eh?
  • They still think Kathy was the saboteur.
  • Britney keeps breaking into spontaneous happy dances and saying it's her birthday, too.
  • Enzo is worried that he'll go on the block.
  • Worrying won't do him any good.
  • I think, despite her promise to Brendon, she'll be putting Brendon and Enzo on the block.
  • The vote will wham bam Brendon.
  • Matt told Britney that Enzo needs to experience the block -- everyone else has been up now except him.
  • Britney told him she was hoping to have a pawn volunteer.
  • She also told Matt she has no intention of keeping her deal with Brendon.
  • She's thinking of mentioning that it's for Nick in her speech.
  • That's the fiance Nick.
  • Other than that, not much action yet.
  • No one is being mean to Brendon, although Britney and Ragan keep doing happy dances and winning poses behind his back.


monty924 said...

Good for Britney! Let her have her day/er/night in the BB house.

Hoping my FAB two survive the Double Eviction next week. :)

Anonymous said...

this is the worst season ever, i've loved all the other seasons, even with matt and natalie, but this is weak....

Anonymous said...

I knew it! Enzo and Hayden made a BAD move telling Matt they'd vote for Lane. They should have just spit their vote. Now, from the feeds, it looks like Matt's done with the Brigade. Brit says she wants to put up Enzo and Brendon and Matt says he'll vote for Ragan over Enzo if somehow Ragan is put up. Enzo, of course, is pissed-explicitly at Britney, but implicitly with himself for failing at the social game (his ego's been punctured).

Anonymous said...

If someone really wants to win, doesn't it make more sense to go against Brendon in the final 2. Whose vote would he have besides Rachel?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. I actually like all the houseguests left. Yes, Enzo is a pig and Brenden is a tool, but they don't get to me like maggie or rachel do.

IMO, this is the best season in a loooong time. go matt/britney!

-anon in michigan