Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds As it Turns Into Tuesday, Aug. 3

"I don't casually throw the 'L' word around.
I got it. I got it. You love Vegas."

The "Brendon's lecturing me again" look.
As Popeye said before,
Rachel says now, "I yam who I yam. I AM VEGAS!"

My apologies for the weird timing of my posts today -- I think I got used to being on staycation! As I posted before:
  • Britney had a plan for saving Kristen and getting Kathy on the block against Hayden.
  • The plan was based on gameplay values -- Kathy is just taking up space while others (Hayden and Kristen) are there to play the game.
  • The plan was to try to hook up a Showmance Alliance with both the couples in the house.
  • Brendon and Rachel knew no part of Britney's involvement in the plan.
  • Had it worked, whoever won HOH next (except Brendon) would put both Brendon and Rachel on the block. Lies and deceit!
  • I love it.
  • But it all fell through.
  • Although they didn't say anything to Britney about it, the Brigade Boys (except Hayden) weren't too cool on the plan. They actually want Kristen out to strengthen Hayden in their alliance.
  • Chances are if they let any woman into their testosterone circle, it would be Britney.
  • So, Hayden and Kristen (in her "hippie" unitard and Orphan Annie wig) are still on the block.
  • Hayden isn't doing any campaigning. He knows he's all but guaranteed safety due to the Brigade and the fact that Rachel wants Kristen out so much.
  • Kristen, on the other hand, without maligning Hayden, is really campaigning. Instead of focusing on why they should get rid of Hayden over her, she's telling them why they should keep her.
  • Her points are: it would make Rachel crazier than she is, she's a strong player, could make their own positions easier in the house as she's likely to be targeted before them, she would vow to get out Brendon and Rachel.
  • She's talking to each hamster in turn in her campaign.
  • Everyone is patiently listening and telling her she has good points.
  • But I think their minds are already made up.
  • She thinks that, too. But she won't go out without trying.
  • She said she has never even been asked a question by Julie Chen on the show and she's dreading going out in the unitard and wig.
  • Meanwhile, there's trouble in paradise.
  • Once again, Rachel imbibed too much ... not uncommon at all.
  • She got on a Vegas kick -- talking about it forever and repeating the same things over and over again.
  • As Brendon later said, "I got it. I got it. You love Las Vegas!"
  • Brendon tried to leave the conversation and she followed him, still talking Vegas.
  • So they got into one of their long talks where he gives her lectures with puppy dog eyes and she shoots daggers from her eyes.
  • I don't see these two lasting outside of the house, not at all.
  • But now they're all lovey-dovey again.
  • Blech.
  • And that's how it goes in the house of hamsters.


Big Ed said...

I think it's great she has to go out waring the wig. If she doesn't what will they do to her?

chris said...

Brendon is stuck with Rachel until one or both leaves the house.
He has already worried about her meaness and her drinking.
All the alarms are going off.
Clearly this intelligent, or seemingly so, man has realized that his little brain did all the initial thinking.He needs to run, not walk away from her as soon as he is out. In fact he should hope they are not in the jury house together. Althouh maybe he wants to see how she is when she is not fighting for "BRENDON AND I"

wv mamica
Brendon show us your mamica did not raise no fool!

JimmyB said...

Rachel only sticks with Brendon under one circumstance: He wins the money. That's her thing. By then, I'd think that Brendon will have wised-up about her. Unless he already has & is just strategizing.

If anyone thinks that Rachel is smart...there's a difference between "smart" and "deceitful".

That's what she is. Plus self-absorbed and remarkably immature. She possesses no redeeming qualities.

Della said...

Things that are annoying:
Britney always picking at herself, like those little monkeys in the zoo.
Matt's shifty eyes.
Matt's hands down his pants.
Brandon's "deer-in-the-headlights" look in his eyes.
Girls always tossing their hair from one side to the other. Comb it, tie it up, leave it alone!
There's more but I gotta get to work.

meb said...

The best scenario in this whole mess is that Brendon realizes Rachel is putting him in jeopardy just by association, so somewhere along the way, they are in a position that Rachel is on the block, there is a tie when Brendon goes into vote, and he votes to evict Rachel. That would be heaven! Oh well, I can dream can't I.

Glad Brit didn't use the veto.. there could have been two Brigade members up there if she had used it. If it had been Matt, I wouldn't have cared, but it would probably have been Lane...

I know this is old chatter... but I am so tired of Matt saying in DR or to the Brigade that they have to get B&R out of the house. Hello... if he feels that way, why didn't he put them up when he had the chance. He's so obvious to us... isn't he obvious to them too.

Laurie said...

Jackie, great screen shot of Rachel's dagger-eyed look. Maybe she's thinking of who is "coming between Brendan and I" and making him talk sense.

Chris, I think B is hearing those alarms now. I think he's given some thought to taking her home to mama, having her as the mother to his children, the bar and liquor store bill, and other life events.

JimmyB, she's street-smart and she's always looking out for herself. That might qualify for BB smart and she might go to then end. If they go to the jury together, he better watch out!

meb, I do like your dream scene! Imagine the drama!

JimmyB said...

Laurie--You're probably also right about Rachel. I said "deceitful"; although true, I shoulda said "devious".

Della--Should we ask where Britney is picking at herself? :)

Della said...

Jimmy B - Britney is always picking at the hair on her legs, picking at her finger nails, biting her cuticles, twisting her mouth and biting the inside of her cheek, etc. Always picking at something on her body.
Relax Britney!!!

JimmyB said...

That's funny...I guess we all do that sorta thing, but if I knew there were cameras focused on me 24/7...I wouldn't do it!

K in WI said...

Rachel Rachel Rachel.

There's only one thing that's gonna come between you and your man.

And that's YOU.

Cause you A-R-E Vegas.

And that's Karma Chameleon, baby!

(Brendan can't really be that smitten, can he? It's gotta be an act, I hope.)

joyn said...

Have to admit that I originally thought that Brendon was only using Rachel as part of the game. Wishful thinking on my part, I guess. I've "seen" since then that he truly has feelings for her.

I'm relieved to see that because of her ditsy actions and reactions, he's now waking up to see the "real" Rachel. She is self-absorbed and totally selfish along with all the other adjectives used here. It's gotten to the point where it's evident that she is the "user".

PlaidChick said...

OMG That talk between Rachel and Brendon last night...

First of all, Brendon went around and around AND around about how much she loves Vegas. That was all he could talk about and lecture her about. OK we get it, you're not going to move there, and she loves her lifestyle in Vegas, but seriously? This is what they're arguing about? She tried several times to end it with him last night, and he was all, don't walk away, and she just sat there with her death rays and took it. It has the makings for a great fight, but it fell through, again. Just like taking Kristen/Hayden off the block. These hamsters talk the talk, but they do nothing about it. Kristen was right when she was talking to Enzo about how boring they are, and how they talk about making a game changing move, but don't follow through, and how boring the show and feeds are. The ones who keep throwing comps could change the game completely up, but unless they do that the same people will keep winning, thus rinse and repeat.

ORKMommy said...

I don't have the feeds but from watching the show and reading the reports I'm thinking that Brendon will smarten up before he leaves the house and dump her then evict her. I think it would be great for his game because it will show the other HG's that he's thinking of the house by getting her out and he's thinking of game play. He could play the "poor me" card and hook up with just about anybody in the house and have a secret alliance. I think that Lane & Hayden could be swayed away from the Brigade to help out Brendon. Maybe Enzo too, he doesn't seem to happy with his Brigade these days.

Again, probably dreaming but it would make for good TV and we wouldn't have to look at Rachel all the time!

Anonymous said...

OMG Ratchel is just an immature little brat. Brendon is trying to express how he feels about what she does and how she acts...he's doing it in a very nice way...the pouty, death looks she is giving him are hilarious! Give it up Brendon, she is NOT sane enough for you...or anyone.

Anonymous said...

The new saboteur is arriving just in time to save Rachel and Brendon. His or her pranks will create distraction, suspicion, disarray, a common cause for the other houseguests, and probably make him or her the primary target.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Britney didn't go along with Kaden's plan. She'd be a huge target once it backfired and if Kaden planned to backstab Brachel, they'd surely backstab her.

JohnMD said...

Every time I see her in that hair and get up, I know I have said it before but hocking Mrs. Roper just is so funny, I just hear STANLEY!!!! HA. I would vote her to stay only if she was made to wear that the remaining time she was in the house. Maybe it might change Rachel some if Brendon did hit the door and she could channel her inner Jannelle and be more in line with went down with her season and being totally alone, not slamming her but I would love it if one of the house guests said to Rachel "I know Jannelle and you my friend are no Jannelle". Britney is working her game, like that, they boys will implode soon enough. Kathy, I have nothing to say but thank gosh I don't live in her district. Lane for some reason reminds me of Ryan from #9.
Always enjoy reading your spin Jackie!!!!

BJ said...

Seems to me Brendon can't break up with Rachel because he would have no one. The rest of the house run from him. That's the latest Britney (love her)game, seeing who she can stick with Brendon and his boring conversation. The rest of the house is in on it I believe.

Joyce said...

I just can't wait for them to interview Brendon's family to see what they think!!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

First of all, it won't be Brendon who breaks up with Rachel, it will be the other way around, guaranteed.

Secondly, I have finally settled upon which three I want to go the furtherst, simply for entertainment value: Enzo, Lane and Britney. Those are the three most entertaining people in the house to watch. They can be hysterical when they get going. Everyone else is just fodder or their audience.

Thridly, this morning Ragan is trying hard to pursuade Rachel that the strategic move is to evict Hayden, because Hayden has more "friends" in the house than Kristen. He's absolutely correct, and we'll see whether Rachel is playing the game strategically or emotionally, depending on who she really wants out now, even though she cannot vote. She hears what Ragan is saying.

Much as I really, really don't want to see Kristen stay in the house just because she personally annoys me, I think evicting Hayden is the correct move.

Plus, he's boring to watch. Everyone but B/E/L are either annoying or boring.

Sharon S said...

Chris, I don't think those alarms are loud enough yet.

MEB, I share your dream!

Laurie, love that you are thinking that Brendon is starting to think about "the bar and liquor store bill" if he sticks with Rachel!

Joyce, I am waiting to hear from Brendon's family too. I hope they don't think Rachel is perfect for him -- that would destroy my faith -- in what I don't know, but it would destroy it.

Laurie said...

FA, if she starts saying she wants Hayden out instead of Kristen I might have a teensy-weensy bit of respect for her game play. I can't imagine her doing that but it would be good game if she did. Really good game. She would also have to say something different than he was getting between "me and Brendan". Two really good things!

Sharon, coaches don't make enough money to support that amount of drinking and he probably would frown on her continuing to use men to buy her drinks. Yep, I think he is seeing the headlights of that train barreling right at him!

Laurie said...

Look! I found Rachel's childhood picture!

meb said...

Laurie, if the hair were red, it would be more perfect. Hmmm...can anything be 'more' perfect?

Loving the conversations everybody. such good scenarios... we should all be in the house. We can really play this game.

my wv is merepun...

meb said...

Or is it red Laurie, and my computer is making her blond?

Laurie said...

It's what we used to call strawberry blond.

Jackie said...

Just to clear up any speculation that Britney was putting herself in danger if she had used the veto. First, her name wasn't brought into it with the discussion between the showmances. Second, she was going to wait for Rachel to come to her to tell her not to use it (if Rachel agreed with Hayden/Kristen to do it) to put Kathy on the block -- no one but Kathy as a replacement. Britney's not a dummy. She wouldn't have put herself in trouble.

It's a plan hatched by Hayden, Kristen and Britney -- all three. But it's moot now.