Friday, August 27, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Bulletin - HOH

Lane is the new HOH.

More later.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! My Texas boy is HOH! Thanks, Jackie, for the update.


Anonymous said...

lane's guaranteed final 4, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

chris said...

wow those boys could not have scripted it better.
first hayden makes a smart move with the matt and rachel names by leaving one nearby.
the entire thing would have been different had brendon won that!
now i hope for a lane hayden final two.
or somehow brit hanging in there
hoping ragan goes this week!!!
if the pov is that morph thing ragan will win it!! he has been studying it forever!

Anonymous said...

wow the jerk crew made it to the end, doing absolutely nothing to get there. oh brother...