Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Bulletin


Sigh. Rachel has returned to the house, thankfully for only 24 hours.
Ragan won Power of Veto.

Details a bit later!


Laurie said...


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Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!! the opportunity for some good drama. matt goes up...his alliance turns on him and tries to vote him out...he whips out the diamond...and matt gets to name his replacement.

i wonder if rachel gets to vote.

-susan in kansas

Anonymous said...

why? -jeannemarie

JimmyB said...

It figures Rachel would be continue to be petty. Leave it to her--what a baby. But what's the difference? She's back for 24 hrs. of self-induced drama...then what? Will it matter?

Other than entertainment value, of course.

Anonymous said...

Rachel just told Kathy that she has 24 hours to F up the game for Matt, Britney, and Ragan.

I think she will impact the game as after she leaves and Brendon is back, you can be sure Enzo will tell her as will others, that Rachel wants Britney out and he will put Brit on block and we will not see drama of what happens with 2 Brigade on block and how the house reacts not knowing Matt has Diamond veto.

Instead, looks like by next week, it will be a bunch of guys left playing pool and like a boys dorm or frat house with Kathy as House mother.

It will soon be all guys.


Joe in NY said...


Now it should get interesting UNLESS Brendon nominates Britney. Removing Ragan guarantees that Lane stays on. If Britney goes up, Britney goes home with no drama. If Matt goes up, diamond POV comes out and hell may break loose. If any other Brigade member goes up (c'mon Brendon use your BIG HEAD), then you've got two on the block and things get interesting.

Unfortunately, I'm guessing Britney is going home... ;(

My wv is actually "mousnest" LOL

RyzandShyn said...

Good for Ragan! So far, things are going our way.
Now Matt has to go up so he's forced to use that DPOV and we can see that fallout.
I wonder what he'd do if it ends up being two of his guys up there.
I think he'd let them hang and then align with Brenda, Kathy, Ragan and Brit. He's that much of a rat. He probably would figure that he has a clear shot at F2 if the 5 of them can clear out the guys.