Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Daytime Tuesday, Aug. 3

What? Brendon with no Rachel?
(That's Enzo next to him.)

Britney being expressive.
Either that or she's home alone.

We're back to down time in the house. I'd be going crazy without a book or my computer. Either that, or I would be asleep. Unfortunately, down time for them means rather uneventful times for us. Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Ditzy Deviants:
  • Ohhh ... after BB woke them up a bit before 8:30 AM, most hamsters had to change their batteries (in their microphones).
  • Be still, my heart.
  • Ragan is starting to get on my nerves as he keeps going into lecturing phases about the game, repeatedly to Kristen, but also to Rachel this morning.
  • Some are still on the "lifelong friends" saboteur kick.
  • They've been having four different views of the same scene way too much this season. It's bad enough when it's 2 and 2.
  • Ragan tried to hint to Rachel that Hayden is probably a more dangerous player than Kristen as he might be linked to Enzo and Lane.
  • Oh, is the Brigade about to be no longer a secret?
  • Of course, since Matt and Ragan hang out, he isn't thinking Matt is involved with the other guys.
  • He's wrong.
  • But Matt's out for himself more than the Brigade anyway.
  • Actually, that's as it should be.
  • That doesn't stop me from equating Matt to a slimy snake.
  • Brendon told Rachel that he thinks Britney's smart enough not to trust Kristen.
  • Hey, Britney's smart enough not to trust ANY of them. She hangs out a lot with Enzo and Lane, but she only trusts them so far (but more than she trusts Rachel and Brendon).
  • Matt has slimed himself in so well that Rachel and Brendon are sure he's in their alliance.
  • Brendon and Rachel still want to vote Kristen out. They have a one-week safety deal with Hayden and wouldn't trust any deal Kristen puts on the table.
  • Of course, we all know the Brigade will keep Hayden. That's five votes right there.
  • Kristen is still pleading her case to stay. No one is committing, yet they give her hope.
  • We'll see strong editing making it look like she's not getting voted out this week -- lots of fodder for it.
  • But it's not going to happen. She will go 6-1 or unanimously.
  • Jackie says.

Hayden's mouth bugs me. That and his hair.
I won't mention that he's boring.

I think she's giving us the evil eye!
Quick! Enzo! Give her The Face!


ML said...

Haha yes Jackie, Matt is a slimy snake indeed! Kristen's eyes are scary, too.

Joe in NY said...

when you see someone like Matt, you just hope Karma actually exists.

Joe in NY said...

A lot of us are speculating that ousting Hayden is a better move. I think that is only true because we know about the DAB. After all, from Brenchel's standpoint, Kristen is totally untrustworthy and gunning for them. They think Hayden is more trustworthy. Of course, if they knew about the brigade or even suspected an Enzo, Lane, Hayden alliance they might be better served ousting Hayden. But frankly, it really doesn't matter, ousting either one of them is a win for them.

Their big problem is they can't seem to make any friends in the house! LOL. You'd think someone would be willing to hook up with them just for numbers. I mean, since no one knows about DAB it must appear to the HGs that it is Brenchel and a house full of floaters. Wouldn't someone (anyone!) want to put together an alliance to take out the floaters? Yet Kathy, Ragan, and Britney seem content to continue floating.

cha cha said...

I do not think that Brit is a floater. She is aligned with Lane even if she doesn't want to admit it.
I wouldn't doubt Lane and Enzo dumping Matt for Brit.
Say what you will Brit is no dummy.
I just hope she wins HOH so I can see id she would really put up Rachel and Brendon and then tell her her reasons.
I think Hayden is just taking it day to day and really couldnt' care for the power of any kind.

Joe in NY said...

Cha cha,

I agree Brit is no dummy. She's my fave! But she does seem to suck up to whomever is in power and other than her friendship with first Monet and now Lane she seems largely unaligned.

It kind of seems like the whole house has sort of just agreed to hate Brenchel and they aren't worried about each other enough.

Sydney said...

I just had to come and say I DIED to read your caption under Brittany's pic. She is kinda Angelina Jolie faced in a totally different frame (body)

Laurie said...

Joe, how could anyone really become friends with B&R? The women would be considered threats and the men would take attention off her. Nope, couples like that don't have friends, even in the BB house. Too wrapped up in each other to care about others. IMHO, of course.

I'm just hoping there's a double elimination soon and at least one of those love birds goes soon.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

LOL, Britney is cracking me (and Kathy) up. They're talking about going into the DR and requesting random stuff, like "Can I get a 10 gallon bucket?" "Can I get just one piece of velcro?" "Can I get some duct tape and baby formula?"

(I assume they mean like for when they win HOH, but dunno, but it's funny. Britney is quick on the draw.)

Joe in NY said...


I'm not saying it would be easy to befriend them, but it's just not clear what the non-DAB HGs are thinking beyond that. There just seems to be a unified anti-Brenchel attitude but, frankly, depending on how they want it to break later Brenchel may not be the biggest enemy. I mean why not unify against Matt? Or Krayden? Or just about any combo you want.

I just think that if Brenchel went home today, the HGs would celebrate for a day and then just look at each other and say "What do we do now?"

LMAO. wv is "shagorl" as in "Rachel is a shagorl and Brendon is her shaguy."

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

PS: I am sick of hearing Kathy's voice.

I nearly fell on the floor the other day when she said the same thing about Rachel. Pot meet kettle...

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Joe, I strongly disagree about Hayden only being an obvious threat because we know about the DAB. Even without knowing that, just looking at the social game--as Ragan spent much time this morning trying to convince Rachel of--Hayden is much better suited to survive/thrive after his showmate is evicted than the other way around.

By all ways of reckoning, the strategic move is to evict Hayden, imho.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Britney to Lane: "When you were little, did you pull the legs off of frogs?

Lane: "No!"

Kathy: "Did you want to?"

Sharon S said...

Blogger Joe in NY said...

I just think that if Brenchel went home today, the HGs would celebrate for a day and then just look at each other and say "What do we do now?"

Joe, I think you are dead on there! It would be kind of amusing to see them start from scratch because the common enemy for most of the season is gone! What a dream if it were to come true.

Laurie said...

Joe, I think you are right about that. They are the common enemy and the focus and energy are on them. One of them being gone would turn the focus back to the game.

By the way, it would be good to see Matt meet Karma, wouldn't it?

I remember some discussion about why would BB support the lies he is telling. Didn't they go along with a young woman saying she was way younger than she really was one year? Lies are part of the game, even though his lie about his wife is reprehensible (IMHO). Again with hoping for Karma and Matt to meet soon.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Laurie, it was Gnat from last season about the age thing. Remember the thing with alcohol and how everyone thought she was underage and couldn't drink and why was BB letting her?

Laurie said...

FA, really? It was just last year? Amazing. I do remember she was drinking and nobody asked about that. Now I have to go look at the pictures from last season to refresh this full memory of mine.

Laurie said...

Okay, I just found a picture of that cast and now I remember that Natalie. Another street smart gal with little social skills. Imagine if she met up with Rachel!

Anonymous said...

I noticed Rachel's neck is bigger than Brendan's, and do I detect an Adam's apple? Except she's such a jealous woman, so I guess not.

Anonymous said...

What is the DAB? If you are referring to the brigade...what do the D and A stand for?

Anonymous said...

Dumb Ass

Watch ER Online said...

i just love watching it..nice actors are in this season.. matt also doing good.

chris said...


Britney is not a floater, not sure how you can say that.
She won two POV's, she tries at every comp and she schemes on the side.
Ragan is half and half
Kathy is a full time floater.
As far as anyone wanting to align with "Brachel" Andrew tried and the mean one got jealous so out he went!

chris said...


yes nat lied about her age, but BB did not play along or they would have told her no alcohol everytime she went for it.
they are playing along with Matts lie, celebrating his birthday when they know it isnt, allowing that letter from his wife too.
next thing you know julie will tell him by they way your wife seems to be doing well etc.
just seems unfair.
big brother did not announce happy underage birthday natalie.
in fact they let her drink hoping the other hamsters would put it together, that was fair!
Matt is a snake for sure!

Amy said...

I think I'm giving up on watching BB for the season. It is too much of a time committment to waste on these folks. I can get the gist from reading this wonderful blog and do it much quicker. Thanks everyone.

Amy said...

And I'm also wondering if Kathy could explain the difference between y'all and all y'all. She said she loved "all y'all" on Sunday's show.