Monday, August 02, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into the Dawn, Monday Aug. 2

As you can tell from the screen caps, it's been an exciting night in the Big Brother house! Here's the scoop:
  • Britney continued to work on her plan (see last live feeds report). She told Lane about it.
  • Britney told Lane that it helps her if Kristen is there, yet won't hurt her if Kristen leaves.
  • If Rachel says definitely not to use the POV, she won't. She doesn't want to hurt her own game.
  • She told the others that Kathy doesn't want her to use the veto and throw her under the bus.
  • Matt and Ragan hung out with Brendon and Rachel.
  • But then, Kristen and Hayden met up with Brendon and Rachel in the HOH room.
  • And, they struck a deal.
  • The two couples, the four ... will be the strongest alliance ever in the game.
  • Rachel said everyone needs to be completely honest.
  • They think it's a bold move.
  • Kristen and Hayden are lying -- if Kathy goes up and out, whoever wins HOH is to put Brendon and Rachel on the block.
  • Rachel said that if a nominee comes off, her only real choice for replacement is Kathy.
  • Enzo isn't really aboard the plan. I don't think he'll make waves, but I think he would rather Kristen out to force Hayden 100% Brigade.
  • Brendon and Rachel are hedging a bit, but it sounds like Britney's plan could very well go down.
  • Most are still up as I post this.


Big Ed said...

Great something happened.

JimmyB said...

The Britney Plan will backfire...directly on her.

Let's do the math: 2 couples and one fifth party. (Lane will be of little help if he's loyal to "The Brigade") Who's gonna get burned?

meb said...

But Jimmy B... if it worked... wouldn't it be great TV for Kristen to win HOH and put B&R on the block. Can you imagine the meltdown of Rachel. That would really be worth seeing!

Britney would be in jeopardy though if it didn't go as planned. I don't think she's dumb, but she may just want Kristen to stay in the house.

And I'm ready for Kathy to go. She really adds nothing to the game.

chris said...

Kathy is really a zero
and I have her in the pool.
I want her gone too.
But they need to get rid of Kristen first since clearly she is a threat to B/R
Then they should all agree to get rid of Kathy before she floats to the end, lol
although her winning any comps would be unlikely!

Sharon S said...

There is still plenty of time for Enzo or Kathy to call a house meeting and force the lies and Britney's scheming into the open. Seems to be the way things go this year. If that happens, kathy may get another chance to survive again this week.

Sasha said...

Is Rachel really that foolish? Does she really think she could believe anything Kristen says? Is Brendon's 'play nicer' advice going to kick in just at the wrong moment? I'm not a Rachel fan but I'm kinda surprised this plan has even a chance of working. OY.

Anonymous said...

britney would be a fool to change the nominations.
For the sake of the game it is best to get Kristen out and start
attacking the brigade if they realize there is 1


Laurie said...

I just have to comment on that last screen shot. That is the very essence of boredom, isn't it? It make me tired and I just got up.

It's too early for me to think about this new strategy, but whatever gets Rachel out works for me.

*sipping tea* I'll be back when I wake up!

RBennie said...

I don't see how saving Kristen can help Britney at all. Everyone seems to be so focussed on getting Brendon & Rachel out that they are not thinking about themselves. Britney should leave the nominations as they are. Kristen will go home. Next HOH (hopefully not Brendon) can take on getting rid of R&B. Britney has worked hard to take the target off herself and I think this move will put it right back. Let's say that R&B go for this plan and Kathy goes home. If Brendon wins HOH who would he put on the block? He'll think he's aligned with Hayden, Kristen & Britney, so it would be Matt, Ragan, Enzo or Lane on the block. Those 4 would be in the most danger from this plan and should be trying very hard to stop it.

Sasha said...

Excellent points, RBennie. Britney's position has improved so much, why would she want to jeapardize it? And if the Brigade thought it through as you did, they'd be sure to be fighting against the plan. Well at least it's something interesting to watch develop or not.

ML said...

I posted this on the wrong page so I'm reposting it here:

I thought Britney did not like Kristen from the beginning? Is she really serious? If she uses the veto on Kristen that's a huge risk for her. If Brendon wins HOH Britney would go up in a heartbeat. Why would she want to rock the boat? If Rachel accepts the deal she deserves to lose. I can't believe after all she's shown us of her gameplay that she would be so stupid. I personally would like to see Kristen and her arrogant attitude go. The DAB would also be idiots to try to keep Kristen in any way.

RyzandShyn said...

I hope Rachel doesn't fall for Britney's plan, but I think she will. She cries so much about her and Brandy being so alone, she seems desperate to have a bigger alliance.
I'm with you, Chris, Kathy IS a zero and I thought she'd be great.
I also think that maybe I confused her with The Policewomen of Maricoba(sp?)County.
I hope The Brigade forward thinks enough to realize that Rbennie is right.

Laurie said...

Thank you, rbennie. Now I don't have to think too hard this Monday morning. You analyzed and explained it very well and I'll go with you on this. Good work!

ML said...

Rachel must be delusional to even remotely consider Britney's plan. Oh, we are talking about Rachel here.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, what is this "new Britney/old Britney" thing that she (Britney) and Ragan do with each other? Britney said something about Annie getting them started on it.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Brigade wants Kristen out so that Hayden can get his head back in the game.
The next HOH better put up B&R, Matt was an idiot not to do it!

Joe in NY said...

At first I thought it was a pretty good plan for Britney. If she has Rachel's approval then she isn't really going against Brenchel and she's made an alliance with Hayden and Kristen. Since she thinks she also has Lane and doesn't know about the DAB (who could well fall apart without ever being officially named in the house!), that would seem to put her smack dab (pun intended) in the middle of a strong 4 person alliance in a shrinking house.

But the more I thought about it, even considering what Britney knows and ignoring what she doesn't know (DAB), I don't think it is such a good move. She would go from being an increasingly invisible floater who is getting along with everyone to a very visible player, especially if Brenchel get nominated next week. As things stand now, she and Ragan could go Nerd Herd on the other groups as the couples collide. If she pulls a major move, she's going to end up with blood on her hands and be in the cross-fire.

I kind of think she is one week early on her big move. Although if her new alliance won HOH next week, she'd look like a genius.

Joe in NY said...

Hard to believe that Rachel would really even consider it. She's giving party whores a bad name. She should play nicer and they need friends, but it boggles my mind that she can even consider trusting Kristen.

Joe in NY said...

The other little bit of irony is that everyone is always looking to eliminate threats but they now want to eliminate Kathy because she isn't a threat? LOL.

It would serve Kathy right for sucking up to Hayden and Kristen. But it seems like a boneheaded move for it should definitely happen, right?

wv is "blest" as in "Brendon is blest to have found his soul mate in the house."

Katie said...

I don't have the feeds, so the only time I hear Rachel speak is what they show on CBS. Can anyone with feeds tell me.....does Rachel talk that loudly / whiny all the time, while having a normal conversation? If so, I wouldn't last one day with her in that house!

Sally said...

Britney's got game! I have to give the girl credit for strategizing.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Brittney's plan at all..can someone explain:

why would she want to create an alliance she isn't a part of (the 2 couples) where she's the weakest link?

why does Enzo know about this...and lane for that matter. Who will this alliance be going after then?

I'm confused

Lars said...

Brittney's plan isn't a smart move, I agree it doesn't benefit Brit, why wouldn't anyone consider what Andrew had stated about Kristen?
Why would Brit believe, Kristen and Hyden would stay true to their word?

Kristen probably stayed hidden, cause she had to hide her true colors, I don't like her, hope she gets the boot!

cha cha said...

Brit would be stupid to take this deal.
Rachel I think has decided to not take the deal and will tell Bri not to use the POV.
I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed about this.

joyn said...

I just don't get Rachel's mood swings. She hates Matt. She keeps Matt. She hates Britney. She loves Britney. She hates Kristen. She considers keeping Kristen. HUH?

cha cha said...

Rachel and Brit are up in HOH right now.
Rach is saying she shouldn't take the deal.
Now they are thinking taking Hayden down but evicting Kristen anyway...
Thats too dangerous.
I do think that Lane and Enzo would vote out Kristen but its not a given

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Kristen. I was so hoping that she and her twitchy eyes and funky pants would be eliminated this week. The fact that Kristen will so easily throw her new BFF, Kathy, under the bus should give Britney pause and make her abandon her ill-conceived plan.

This sounds like a diary room idea implanted into Britney's head. Big Brother had to run interference because they finally realized this season was a snooze fest. I just hope this plan doesn't end up biting Britney in the butt.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

It sounds like Britney and Rachel just decided to not use the POV. Subject to change in the next few seconds/minutes/hours, of course.

If I were a friend of Britney's outside the house, I would be really worried, because she can *really* act like you BFF to your face and then talk mega trash behind your back. Not everyone can pull that off so easily, she is a natural.

RBennie said...

I've been checking in on Jokers and it appears to be POV ceremony time. At the last minute, Rachel decided that Britney should not use the POV and Britney agreed. She was on her way to tell Hayden, but was called to the DR (what a coincidence), then an outside lockdown was called and POV ceremony is about to start. So it seems like Hayden and Kristen still believe there is a deal, but there is not, or will Britney go ahead and use it anyway? I think not.

JimmyB said...

meb said...
But Jimmy B... if it worked... wouldn't it be great TV for Kristen to win HOH and put B&R on the block. Can you imagine the meltdown of Rachel. That would really be worth seeing!

meb...Don't get me wrong; I'd like to see it work. Seems pretty risky.

RBennie said...

The POV was not used - Yay!

Anonymous said...

Now the problem for Briteny is that Kristen or Hayden might expose to the others, Britney's idea for them to form an alliance with I guess the 4 of them. I'm not really sure how an alliance between Hayden.Kristen,Brendon and Rachel was going to benefit Britney at all, now I'm completely confused. I just cant wait for Rachel to get the boot, the only problem is Brendon will probably go first, and I so wanted to see her go first.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Woot! Now we get to see the swords drawn.

Kristen has made it sound like she is absolutely desperate to get to jury house, for the money. If so, she should fight like hell this week to convince everyone how much more of a threat Hayden is. If she doesn't then she truly deserves to go home.

Did Hayden ever tell Kristen about the DAB? If so, expect her to pull that out as ammo. But I think Hayden is mostly playing Kristen, whereas I think R&B are a real romance.

Hayden is willing to throw Kristen under the bus, no matter what he says about how much he likes her. Is she willing to do the same? If not, why not?

Sasha said...

Is it possible that maybe Rachel isn't so dumb...or am I just kidding myself?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Sasha, I don't know why so many people think Rachel is dumb. She's not. She's emotional, yes, but she knows how to think rationally. She explores all the possibilities.

Right now I can't believe the load of BS Kathy is heaping on Britney! OMG, it's pukeworthy.

cha cha said...

Kathy has already made her move to Britney...
Just checked in with Jokers..

Kathy telling Britney she will never go against her. From the moment she saw her "sweet face" Kathy saying her word is good

RBennie said...

Kathy is such the ultimate floater. If there was a way to send her and Kristen both home on Thursday, I would be all for it. If I have to choose though, I'd still rather see Kristen go. I don't see any scenario where she stays over Hayden - unless the DAB turns on him, which I don't see happening. They are not that bright, but do seem loyal so far.

Anonymous said...

So no thanks to anyone here for not answering my question above, I went on another blog because I was still too confused as to why on earth Britney would devise such a plan when she isn't a target.

Turns out, according to another blog, it WASIN'T Britney's plan. It was Hayden and Kristen's plan. They got Britney on board. That makes more sense as she was merely thinking of helping them/honoring their requests more so than doing them a random favor and putting herself in harm's way for no reason.

monty924 said...

So Britney didn't use the veto! Gosh darnit! I wanted fireworks in there this week. :(

Nina said...
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Sasha said...

FA I agree with you. I don't care for Rachel and find her annoying (from day one lol) but I hadn't thought she was dumb. As you say, emotional yes but not stupid. My comment mostly was because I had said that if she took that deal with a Hayden/Kristen alliance, she would be foolish. I'm glad she regained her game play thinking.