Friday, August 13, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn - August 13

Brendon, alone in his HoH room, reads his letter.

Well, well, well ... if you read my last post, you know Brendon won HoH. He made Britney, Matt and Ragan the Have Nots. And here we go from there:
  • Ragan and Britney talked about Enzo throwing comps. Ragan thinks he (Enzo) has no loyalty to anyone.
  • Enzo wants Matt to report back to him if anyone (Ragan or Britney) throw him under the bus.
  • Enzo did do poorly in the comp -- he ran about even with Kathy.
  • Britney and Ragan cried during the comp.
  • Enzo didn't.
  • Britney and Ragan cried after the comp.
  • Enzo didn't.
  • Now Britney and Ragan regret not voting out Rachel. But how could they have known?
  • Ragan wallowed in self pity.
  • Meanwhile, Enzo and Hayden are sitting pretty. Brendon thinks they're his alliance and were pressured to vote with the house.
  • Just as Enzo wanted it to go.
  • There was some kind of power outage/flickering. They all thought it was the saboteur.
  • But no. The saboteur is sitting sniveling and saying he hates himself. He says he needed to be taken down a peg.
  • But it's far more than a single peg!
  • Kathy seems so relieved not to be on slop again.
  • Britney asked the DR if America would vote on foods for them. They told her they couldn't tell her.
  • Kathy told her that means yes as they flat out told her no last week when she asked.
  • HoH room reveal time came and all attended. Brendon got, in addition to the usual bunch of goodies, a picture of Rachel.
  • Be still my beating heart.
  • After the HoH "party" broke up, Hayden and Enzo remained in the room with Brendon.
  • Thus furthering their "alliance."
  • Brendon said Lane wasn't a target of his right now.
  • But he does think Lane is the saboteur.
  • They think getting rid of Kathy would be a waste of a HoH.
  • Throughout the after-comp hours, all complained how much they hurt from doing the comp.
  • Enzo jokingly got mad at Hayden for mocking his performance in the comp in the diary room.
  • When Brendon questioned Enzo about the vote change to evict Rachel, Enzo told him it was the whole house but that he should watch out for Britney and Ragan in particular.
  • Uh-oh. Could the Brigade be crumbling? When talking alone, Hayden and Enzo said they think they can trust Brendon more than they can Matt.
  • You know, I think they just might be right. Matt is such a snake!
  • Right now they're still focusing on getting Brendon to nominated Britney and Ragan.
  • We'll see.


chris said...

just as I said yesterday even before brendon won.
matt wanted brendon to win and put up brit and ragan
the brigade keeps their hands clean
and out goes britney or Ragan if he/she does not win pov.
I think Matt will push for it to be brit claiming how good she is in comps but the rest of the brigade may go for ragan since he is surely aligned with Matt.

chris said...

not sure why others are writing that matt can use his veto and put up brendon, no the hoh is safe!as long as there is only one brigade member on the block they are safe with 3 other brigade votes

JimmyB said...

If Matt uses the Diamond POV; I would assume that the only two that can't go up are him and Miss Brendon.

Della said...

The house voted unanimously to get rid of Rachel. It seems odd that the saboteur's message that the evicted person may not really be evicted, then Julie tells Rachel she may be back in the BB house? I think the saboteur's message came from BB and Julie confirmed it. Rachel is out,let her stay out!

Girlsmom said...

That diamond veto is kind of a bummer. It usurps the HoH in a way. No matter what the brigade is good, right? Unless Enzo and Hayden mess it up on their own. If Brendan puts up any brigade members, then Matt just takes 'em down and replaces with Ragan and Brit.
Thanks Jackie for the update. Totally love logging onto here and getting the scoop.

Anonymous said...


If Brendon is smart enough to put up 2 brigade members then matt can
only save 1 of them.

It would be a brilliant move to put up matt & Hayden then 1 of the
brigade would go.

of course he doesn't know what we do


Anonymous said...

I think Brendon, like Rachel, is playing the game emotionally. Brendon has issues with Ragan and Brit for how they treated Rachel so I think he will go after them.

I cannot see why, for a man as educated as him, cannot see that Matt is a strong player who wins comps. To advance in the game, someone should put Matt on the block. He can win endurance comps.
If he goes to final 3, he wins this thing, probably.

Britney is a strong player too as she has won 3 POVS so putting up for those reasons would make sense . But I am guessing at the Nomination ceremony, Brandon will say it is revenge for Rachel because they were mean to Rachel his love. Just shoot me now.

I want Brendon and Matt both gone, one is a bully and the other is a snake. But I do not see it happening for a while unfortunately.

RBennie said...

No way is Matt using that veto unless he needs to save himself. If Britney and Ragan are put on the block, Matt will not save Ragan. The best scenario for him is for Ragan to be on the jury. It's a sure vote for him as long as his hands are clean re Ragan's eviction. Will the Brigade be pissed that he didn't tell them about the veto - definitely. They may not act like it to him, but they will be pissed and will hold it against him. I would love to see Brendon nominate Matt and Ragan. If he's thinking game play, it will probably be Matt and Britney though, because they can win comps. I'm scared for Brit this week. She thinks she has people in her corner, but she really doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I think if all 4 Brigade make it to final 4, they will try their best to get rid of Matt,knowing he can win the endurance comp when it gets down to final 3. After that, he will be unstoppable. That is another reason to get him out of there sooner than later. Since Brendon does not know about Diamond Veto, he would be smart and as much as I dislike him, I would respect his choice to try to get Matt out. But he seems more concerned about getting out those he feels betrayed Rachel.


Lars said...

Both Regan and Brit aren't bad in comps,
Regan lasted alongside Matt the snake twice, personal or not, I'd put those two on the block!
Hey they put the targets on their backs, why agitate Brendon the way they did,
I hope Enzo and Hayden keep Brendon, I don't like Matt, however regardless Matt has played amongst his lies and all.

My dislikes are Matt, Regan, Brit something tells me they aren't acting, that's their actual behavior.

cha cha said...

I really do think that It will be Regan and Matt going up. I hope so anyway. Brit should or will be replacement.
With the Diamond POV is anyone safe?
If the POV holder, HOH and DPOV holder are safe then it really isn't such a great thing to have. The DPOV gets to make the nomination which will be done on the live show. Matt will have to do some swift talking beforehand to the other house members on who to vote out in the event this happens. Also try not to give away that he has this power. Guess it is smart he didn't tell anyone he has it(can he?).
Usually when the POV holder plans on using the POV the holder and HOH discuss who is the replacement nom. Atleast that is how this season has gone down.
As far as floaters in this house. I say that ENZO is the biggest one. Its amazing how he wormed his way into Brendon..
Whats crazy is I can see a final two of Kathy and Brendon. In that case Kathy I do believe would win.

RBennie said...

Kathy & Brendon final 2? I can't imagine that happening. What scenario do you think will create that outcome? Anyway I look at it, there will be at least 1 Brigade member in F2.

Lucy said...

Floating or not, Enzo plays a fantastic social game. He must be careful though if he is indeed throwing comps - house guests do not like people who do this. The Meow Meow has put hmself in a good position to stay in the house. The Jersey boy's got game.

RBennie said...

I really don't think Enzo is throwing comps. I think he just really sucks at them, LOL. Also, he has never really felt in danger enough to really fight for a win.

anonymouse said...

anon 929

You are wrong. If he puts up 2 brigade members, Matt takes one off and replaces him with Kathy or Brittany. That leaves 3 brigade members voting with only 5 votes. The brigade decides who goes this week no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...Can Matt use the Diamond Power of Veto and quash Brendon's noms and then make noms of his own, including nominating Brendon even though he is HOH?

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha It's so funny, the arrogance of these people. Ragan and Britney cannot get mad. They are the two most savvy in BB history and should have known the underdog always wins HOH and Brendon kept saying he would. They were so mean to Rachel and so arrogant, stooping to Brachel's level, now look at them.

I'm still predicting that someone from the Brigade will be going home next week. Brit and Ragan are going up, Matt's using the DPV and someone from the Brigade's going up especially with Enzo and Hayden playing Brendon who hates Matt

RBennie said...

Matt can only use the veto to remove one nominee and replace that nominee with the hamster of his choice (excluding the HOH - Brendon).

chris said...

I agree he will not use that veto on brit or ragan or kathy.
In fact he does not need to use if even if one brigade member were up since the other 3 have the voting block!
Matt does not have to expose his power! In fact he would not even have to use it to take himself down unless he thought one of his brigade had turned on him.
They have the votes to stay this week.
not sure why no one else seems to get it that the brigade has the votes no matter what this week.
if two brigades are up matt can remove one and he chooses the replacement end of story
There is no scenario, short of the brigade members turning on eachother that does not have them all safe this week!

Anonymous said...

If Matt uses DPOV he cannot put up HOH or other POV holder
end of story

chris said...


I totally agree Enzo is playing a great social game

Nana from the NW said...

Well, didn't we all know that Enzo would pull Brendan into an alliance? Brendan is a lost soul without Rachel and needs to cling onto someone! Sadly,he will do whatever E/H convince him is the smart move. I think Hayden and Enzo have a F2 alliance, they are getting suscipous of Matt and see Lane being "friendly" with Britany. If they bring in Brendan that's 3 votes when it comes time to break up the brigade.
Speaking of Britany and Lane....not a budding showmance?? I know she has a boyfriend but she is sure cozy with him. I noticed last night her wrapping her arms around him for a back hug....hmmmm.

As for nominations and evictions...I would love to see Matt have to use his Diamond veto. That would be the end of his membership in the brigade when the others find out he lied. Ragan has become so mean that if he got voted out he would lose the 20K and Britany is just MEAN and ugly on the inside!
Any of them voted out would be great....especially since they will be going to spend a week in the jury house with just Rachel!!!

cha cha said...

I only say that about Kathy because you never know she may surpirse us and win a HOH when least expected.

Anonymous said...

Brit is a strong player but she's soooooooooo stupid. Rachel thought Brit was a friend and then she goes and do that stupid goodbye message. At least Rachel attacked outgoing players who couldn't affect her game. Little miss stupid wins a bunch of POVs that does nothing for her game and then gets voted as most underrated player by a majority of the house. I can't wait for this skank to get to jury house and for Rachel to trash talk her TO HER FACE.

Boo-hoo poor Regan can dry his tears with his 20G.

Why is Kathy there?

If any of those idiots were smart they would've got rid of Brendon. Anybody going to the final 2 with Rachel would've won.
They and most of the posters on this site are playing this game emotionally.

Matt wins it all because Rachel returns.

AlbGlinka said...

RE: Brendon: If I gave up half a million dollars every time I fell "in love" with someone I'd only known a few weeks, I'd be in debt about a trillion dollars right now.

The man may be "college-educated" but his emotional intelligence is about 20 IQ points...

ORKMommy said...

Anon 1:10 - Brit used Rachel's extensions for weeks and imitated her. Rachel always thought it was funny. As a matter of fact, they showed a DR session where Rachel said she was flattered that they were "making fun of her". That's what Brit's good by message was all about. Rachel was just too stupid to see that they weren't doing it as a funny joke, they were doing it as a malicious joke.

Joe in NY said...

Curiouser and curiouser...Brendon's win makes for a good drama-filled week. Now if only he would nominate Matt!!! Matt would have to use his Diamond POV and Hayden and Enzo would have more reason not to trust the little rat. Wait till they find out that he can't tell the truth about anything...are we even sure what his name is?

Joe in NY said...
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RBennie said...

If Matt is on the block with either Ragan, Britney or Kathy, I think he can get away with not using his DV and still be safe. As long as he has the Brigade (notice I have stopped calling them the DAB, because dumb as they are, they are still sitting pretty) behind him, he's in no danger of getting evicted. It's just a matter of how big his cojones are whether he can take that risk or not.

chris said...

joe in ny
matt would not have to use it provided he was 100 percent certain the brigade would not seize the opportunity to get rid of him if he were on the block.
He may just play it cool, try to win the POV and then never have to expose the pandoras box secret.
or he could be all sullen that he did not win pov and to feel out the brigade for their support
remember if he is up against brit, ragan will vote in matts favor as well.
however that being said matt is no fool and he if nominated may feel he has to use it as in this game you can really trust no one.

Girlsmom said...

Brendan is in a bad spot for next week if he doesn't make an alliance. He'll be barred from playing for HOH so, at least given current conditions, he'll be nominated for eviction. There is POV of course, but I just feel sorry for the poor guy - leaving the Rachel nightmare of the mix of course.

Girlsmom said...

Sorry - left out a word. Meant to say "leaving the Rachel nightmare out of the mix" I don't feel bad for him on that front.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Quelle surprise, Britney is up in HOH kissing Brendon's butt so hard it's gonna leave a mark.

Brendon and Rachel have been the most forgiving of anyone in the house. If Brendon let's Brit get away with this... omg, Brendon is apologizing to Britney for all the mean things he's said in the past.

Ugh. Now Brit will be his BFF this week.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I want Brendon to win this whole thing. IMHO, he's the only one with integrity. Enzo is marginally the next best.

Brendon is the only one in the house who would use the money to further his education and in an area that is important to our country.

Kathy also has a good legitimate reason to need the money, but she's simply not playing the game in any (imho) worthy way to deserve it. Brendon is.

I still object to the way the whole house ganged up on R&B and pushed them to extremes and then recoiled when they lashed out in response. So typical, so disgusting.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Ew Britney telling Brendon that her friendship with Ragan was all about non-game talk, oh yeah right. Every time I saw them alone talking, it was ALWAYS ALWAYS to trash talk Rachel and Brendon. ALWAYS.

She's SUCH a liar!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me why these people would chose to give up their whole summer and go into the big brother house to win a half million dollars and then be willing to take someone under their wings to feel sorry for them enough to maybe feel thats it's okay if the other person wins the money to take care of their ailing or dying wife. I can see showing some compassion however, "sorry about your unfortunate situation Bud "is about all I would be willing to do.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Anon, my best guess is that while the money is the primary motivator, many people who sign up for BB are just seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

monty924 said...

Because everyone is dogging my pool boy Matt, I've decided to 'love' him. :)

Matt is in a good situation to go to the end, using or not using the DPoV. The Brigade are already starting to turn on one another, and Matt has Ragan and Brittany in his camp.

Let them see him as a liar, he still has the power, this week, and the ability to win competitions to take him to the end.

Matt and Brittany for F2!!! :)

monty924 said...

My dream F2 ------>


monty924 said...

The Have Nots got eggplant and escargo!

lynn1 said...

I wish I could join the "Have Nots" for dinner. I love Eggplant and escargot.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Looks like Brendon is going to put up Britney and Lane.

Laurie said...

Well that's an interesting combination. Maybe he thinks he is breaking up another couple!

lynn1 said...

I'm sure I don't understand why Brendon would put up Lane. Personally If I were in his shoes and didn't know about the Brigade I would put up Hayden and Matt. They are the ones who nominated Rachel and him for eviction, and that is who I would go after.

Anonymous said...

I agree that no one really seems to be thinking about who they want to stand with in the end. They are much too emotional. Most other casts at least think of it.

Scott said...

It makes sense to Brendon to put up Lane because he so sure Lane is the saboteur.

Anonymous said...

What the hecks going on, why would dumb-dumb put up Britney and Lane? why would he not put up at least Matt since he put him and Rachel up. these are the worst hamsters ever thay dont have any strategy at all, just emotions, didnt he say something negative about Matt in one of his tirades, I'll be glad when this season is over, these are a bunch of nuckle heads, and I REALLY dislike Matt, for more reasons than one. NOw I remember Brendon made reference to something in Matts box that he's not telling the truth about and yet he feels that he lied and most of all he put him and Rachel up and now she 's gone. well the Brigade wont vote Lane out so maybe bye bye Britney, If I were Brit I wouldn't want to go to the jury house with Rachel.

lynn1 said...

Thanks Scott!
With Brendon thinking that Lane is the saboteur I can at least understand his reasoning for putting Lane on the block.

Joe in NY said...

Good point Scott, but why does anyone really care about the Saboteur since he has no power to do anything meaningful. Who cares if someone puts saran wrap on the toilet while you're sleeping?

Whoever said it, you are correct that Matt doesn't have to use the POV if nominated against one of the DAT (Dumb A&& Three) but he probably would against one of the brigade since he really can't easily trust his fate to the DAT to save him. Ragan would probably vote for him, but he can't really know about Britney or Kathy depending on who he is up against. It would take either Russell size cojones or, if you prefer, James size stupidity to risk going home while holding the POV. He risks replacing Marcellas for the dumbest BB move ever.

I think Brendon's noms make about as much sense as Matt's first noms, especially since he knows Matt is a snake. And it seems like Rachel had more trouble with Kathy and Ragan during the last week than Britney. It doesn't make sense as revenge.

Anonymous said...

Britney and Lane could possibly be the long time friends that the saboteur was talking about if there are actually any in the house, cuz Britney was already to use the veto to save Kristin the week before until Rachel said that she might put up Lane. So I actually think putting up Britney and Lane might be an okay move. Putting up Lane and Matt would be a better one however.


chris said...

ork mommy
rachel did not like brits goodbye message and told julie she hopes brendon wins and targets brit and ragan

Lars said...

Go Away Saboteur!!!!!!!!!!!!