Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Friday Morning, August 20

Britney with her HOH goody basket,
checking out the Hamburger Helper.

They've confined Brendon to a small space,
where he will spend the week until eviction.

Matt tries to scare Britney by holding up
her pageant photo to the camera.

Well, now the house is just silly. Here's what happened during the overnight hours in that Big Brother House of Turning Tables Once Again:
  • My TV Squad review of the show is up.
  • Lane told Matt that Enzo will freak out if he goes on the block.
  • Matt said he himself might as well go up.
  • Everyone knows (except maybe Brendon who might be holding out hope on Britney's promise not to put him on the block or backdoor him) that Brendon is THE target this week.
  • Brendon probably suspects it. He gave Matt his word and then backdoored him directed by Pretzel Logic.
  • I liked the album Pretzel Logic by Steely Dan.
  • I didn't like the Rachel Pretzel Logic message so much.
  • "Who wants to see my HOH room?" Actually, most really seemed to be happy with little faking it this time.
  • Britney got what she considers bad photos of herself and Nick (her fiance), CheezIts, PlayDoh (sp), Lady Gaga music, Hamburger Helper (as her family or, at least her and Nick, have a Hamburger Helper night every week) and other goodies.
  • Matt and the boys wondered if, since Kathy was the saboteur, was it possible that she's the one who left the pretzel message and not Rachel?
  • Enzo doesn't think Kathy was coordinated enough to do it.
  • He might be right.
  • Although his own performances aren't all that much more impressive than Kathy's.
  • Britney already managed to lock herself out of the HOH room and had to get BB to open it for her.
  • They talked about the live feeds fans. Britney watched a lot of the feeds.
  • They aren't being mean to Brendon's face.
  • But Enzo does his The Face behind his back.
  • Lane mimicked his walk leaving rooms.
  • Brendon does have a weird walk, but sheesh!
  • Britney and Ragan wonder why Brendon keeps hanging out with everyone.
  • Um ... what else is he to do? Stay alone in a corner?
  • Hayden, Lane and Enzo are actually having decent conversations with Brendon ... until he turns his back.
  • Brendon told Enzo that BB indeed told him to "undo it" after he told Britney that he was putting her on the block.
  • Interesting, eh? He said that's why he put Matt on the block.
  • The Diary Room was calling them in throughout the night. Someone must be getting paid shift differential pay.
  • Lane thinks he's being portrayed as an idiot. Hayden told him probably all three of them -- Lane, Enzo and Hayden -- are being portrayed as idiots.
  • They started playing pranks on each other to scare each other.
  • I lied in the Brendon screen cap above.
  • They didn't confine him in a small space.
  • He's hiding to leap out and scare Hayden but BB hasn't turned the lights out yet.
  • He ended up giving it up.
  • They're finally in bed.


RJM in SC said...

Guess I am in a miority here, but I kinda root for Brendon. I am so tired of seeing Reagan whine and cry.

RJM said...

that would be in the minority. I need spell check. I would like to see Enzo and Reagan put up or Enzo and Matt. I know wishful thinking.

ChaCha said...

I would like to see enzo's face if he doesn't win POV and Brendan does. Assuming he goes in the block which I think he will. There is no way that Brit will put Regan(which Hayden and and Enzo are already working on) up an then two DAB would be in the block. Don't get me wring I really want Brendan out just to see the final six tuen on each other.

RBennie said...

I think the most interesting scenario would be if Brit puts up Brendon and Enzo, Brendon wins POV, and Brit replaces him with Hayden (I don't see her putting up Lane, Matt or Ragan). One of the Brigade needs to go this week. I don't want to see the 4 of them actually make it to final 4. Brendon would still be a goner in the double eviction most likely - he would have to win HOH or POV to survive.

Holly C said...

last nights show was AWESOME!! I think Brittney should put Matt up with Brendon so he can play for VETO...the other guys aren't too good at winning ANYTHING!! Then at least SOMEONE might beat Brendon and keep him on the block=) I love that Steely Dan album too!

RBennie said...

Since there are only 7 of them left in the house and 6 have to play for veto, odds are that Matt will play anyway.

chris said...

brit could very well be the seoond one out the door on the double eviction night.
I would like to see her win it all
I just cant get past matts lie about his wifes illness helping him win the money.
hey at least if brendon goes someone else will also go to keep kathy company while those two rabbits are going at it.
that is what brendon and rachel will have in the jury house, a
f orgi

Sally said...

It's kind of nice to have the houseguests happy and goofing around. It won't last long, but it's nice, even for one night.

If Brandon is evicted this week, the other six won't have time to celebrate before they have to start turning on each other. Should be interesting.

I'm off to read Jackie's TV Squad review.

lynn1 said...

I am sorry that Britney won HOH this week. It was not a great strategic move for her.
All the Hamsters should have realized that no matter who won this week Brendon was the target to go home. Brit will have to make an enemy of the brigade because I seriously doubt she will put Ragan on the block.
Now she can't compete for HOH next week to save herself. She has done well at POV competitions so maybe there is still hope for her.

MY WV is Suret... You can be be Suret will be Brendon on the block this week.

RBennie said...

Doesn't she get to play in the HOH since it's a double eviction? Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

RJM, I'm rooting for Brendon too. The others are mean spirited people who need to be in groups to achieve anything except for Matt. I wouldn't mind seeing Matt win either. Brit is a spoiled brat it's obvious and I bet she has always been a nasty person not just in the BB house.
She is engaged and yet her mom said if her and Lane hook up she will support it. What Brittany wants, Brittany gets.

lynn1 said...

I am not sure if she will get to compete or not. I hope that she will be able to since it is a double elimination next week.

Cha Cha said...


Brit will play in the second HOH on Thursday if she is still there.
The first she wont be able to compete in and I hope Regan wins that one. He wont get the room but will get the letter and basket. Thats best case senario for me.
I think Enzo needs to go right along with Brendan.
I liked your idea with Brendan winning POV and Brit having to put up another DAB member.oh I thats what I wrote earlier. I am so tired today. I actually stayed up and watched BBAD last night. It was finally worth it.

RBennie said...

Thanks Cha Cha, I remember how it works now. Does whoever wins the first HOH get to play in the second one also?

Anonymous said...

I would really like to see the Brigade broken up. There are cracks in the brigade but since Matt is stay there; they are scampering around to close ranks again and get stronger. One of them needs to go. I do not want to see them in Final 4.

Matt was telling Ragan last night that they can trust Hayden and Lane. He told Ragan they need to break up the couples like getting rid of Brit and getting rid of Enzo. Ragan said he is protective of Brit and not too keen on that idea.

I wish Matt would stick with his intincts about the Brigade and he admitted he knows the pecking order of the brigade and he is last. He should remember that and also that Ragan and Brit are more loyal to him and celebrated more than any in the Brigade did..that was obvious.

The ones celebrating about Matt staying and Britney's HoH were clearly Ragan and Brit. Matt should see who are really loyal to him and it is not Hayden and Enzo. They threw him under the bus last week for Lane.


Anonymous said...

wow, I cannot believe how the whole house is hoodwinked by Hayden. That boy can do no wrong in that house according to everyone. They are all are won over by him. Hayden could win this by doing nothing at all and winning no comps.

Everyone wants to take Hayden with them to the Final 2 and that is a big mistake. Brenchel, Kathy and the rest love Hayden.


Anonymous said...

i really hope Brendon wins POV just to shake things up more, this year is too boring and predictable.


Anonymous said...

i might have missed it but i havnt really heard any of them discuss taking a particular person to the end. Brendon would be perfect to take to the end because there is no one left that he would beat. he would only have Rachel's vote.


chacha said...

The winner of the first HOH Tursday will not play in the Second.
I can only hope that Regan wins the first and keeps Brit safe.
Then its a free for all for the second HOH. I just hope that Brit will have a legitimate chance at POV in that instance. I know there will only be six players so they will all play.
After last night I can see she worked well under pressure.
I really wasn't sure if Enzo was trying to really concentrate or see reflections from the pool on what everyone else was choosing.
It was a little strange that it took him so long to answer T/F every single time.

Zoetawny said...

Hey guys!

Great show last night!

Just stopped by to let you know that I've been having computer problems since last week. I have to take my pc into the Geek Squad this weekend to see if it can be saved. It's only 3 years old so I hope it can be repaired.

So, if I'm absent longer than usual I just wanted to let Jackie and all know why.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am probably the only one here that wants Brendan to with the POV if he is on the block with probably Enzo, I want him to be able to take himself off and then Brit would have to put up more than likely Matt, and then his little lying butt would be sent packing, I would love that and then next week Brendan wins HOH and send Brittneys little mean butt home, all that dancing last night was not call for, she doesnt realize that those guys will be gunning for her real soon, since they are convinced that she can win comps.

Nina said...

@RJM in SC and Anonymous, I too am rooting for Brendon and would loooooove to see him win the POV this week. He deserves it too, BB humiliated him by bringing on an ex-Fiancee, something they've never done to a hg in the past, they usurped his HOH and gave him a really lame Pandora's Box prize. The game would be soooo MUCH better with Brendon in there.

Anonymous said...

I to want to see Brendon go farther in the game just to see everyones reactions, besides i like him.


Anonymous said...

i would like to see in this order, lane, enzo or hayden win and be the final 3 with lane being the winner.....

Anonymous said...

i dont want no cry babies: regan, brit, brendon, and all these i once cheer for then i saw their true's a game folks, i hope the brigade minus matt will win too

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone think Britney is a brat? I just don't see it, then again maybe I am a brat too (news to me). I do think it was mean of BB to use Brendens ex as his only interview. however, that boy is MEAN! He holds no concept of right or wrong when it comes to Rachel--bullying the rest of the house for making non-positive statements to her. He had no problem acting like a prick all summer, then his woman is gone and everyone pity's him? We must be watching different feeds. I'd like to see Enzo and Matt or Brenden up, with a final vote for either B or E to leave. Enzo has become just plain nasty and not fun to watch anymore.

Anonymous said...

Lane, Enzo and Hayden havent done a darn thing, they have floated through this whole game, they are not deserving, I can't stand Matt but I would rather he win than any of the three listed above, I agree totally with Nina.

RBennie said...

I don't find Britney to be any more of a brat than any of the other hamsters. I agree that Lane, Enzo and Hayden have not put in the work to be deserving of the win. I like the 3 of them, but they are useless in comps and Matt (who I dispise) has carried them this far. Ragan irritates me. I would not be happy to see him win. I actually wouldn't mind if Brendon won. The only bad thing would be that Rachel would benefit from it. I really want Britney to win though - go last girl standing! Did Enzo really call her that? What a pig.

Anonymous said...

We must be watching different feeds.

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok we get it, repeating if ppl are watching the same feeds or show is like repeating " at the end of the day "


Anonymous said...

inbred albino.

Do your own survey,
Americans are the only ppl who won't get off the race issues! Never heard of inbred albino.


cha cha said...

Brendon thinks that Brit is a brat and a spoiled little rich girl.
You know she can't help who she was born into.
It looks like she had a loving home and went to college so she didn't depend on her parents.
Maybe the only interview BB could get from Brendon is his X. I remember him saying once how his parents dis approve of alot of stuff he has done.
Also when he gets out of school and becomes successful in his field wont he possibly become Middle Class as he calls Brit.
Bendan is Bitter Banana....
If he does go F2 then he will lose..He would have at most 3 votes. Rachel, Kathy, and Enzo
He really is ideal to go up against. Nobody will vote him to win. His money would all be gone in no time at all as well if Rach gets ahold of anything

JimmyB said...

First, I havta say that Brendon has completely humiliated himself. Repeatedly. He needed absolutely NO help along those lines. It's on him.

Jackie said: "Britney already managed to lock herself out of the HOH room and had to get BB to open it for her."

...This from a hotel manager? Maybe BB should start using key cards.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone besides anon heard Enzo calling anyone these names?

Anonymous said...


at the end of the day, it is what it is, just a game. don't take it so seriously ;)

ok, i'm done. promise.

in bb news, i LOVE this season.

Anon in Michigan

Anonymous said...

Enzo's (one of) Quote:

You don't have to hear it to make it true.

cha cha said...

The Albino comment has come out of Enzo's mouth a few times.
I think that the c word was used but can't say for certain

As for Brendan I agree with you. I would like to see Brit and Brendan in the end because I do believe she really would win. Although that would be the longest few days in the house if they only leave the two in.

RBennie said...

ROFL, I'm sitting here cracking myself up thinking about any possible way that Brendon could win. Here's what I came up with: Brendon and Matt are the final two and just before the jury votes BB reveals the sick wife lie, LOL. I think that's the only chance Brendon has of winning, and even that chance is slim! I really wouldn't mind him winning, but there's no chance of that.

cha cha said...


Your right. Even then he wouldn't win. Hayde, Lane, Regan, and Brit are the only votes needed for that win.
BB would never let the HG know that unless they really don't want a Brendon win.
I read somewhere that BB wants to see if Matt can really win since he supposedly said that he will win this since he is a diabolical super genius. I can say he is playing a great game

lynn1 said...

I have said before I don't really care who wins this seson of BB. I am not cheering for anyone in particular.
What I do hope is that if Matt wins it is not due to the lie about his wife's illness. If he wins and the others mention that as why they are voting for him I see problems ahead for future sesons of BB.
Every future houseguest will have a tale of woe about how their Mother, Father, spouse, child,etc. is seriuosly ill or has some major problem with losing their home, loan sharks or what have you.
Personally I don't want to hear all that garbage. I just want to see them play and make alliances and do devious stuff or even lie about what is going on within the game.

cha cha said...

what you said reminds me of how American Idol is now. Producers, directors, hosts...lets get back to basics here..


I just went and watched the complete exit video with Kathy.
She was actually very good at her interview. I think that she was actually funny and can't stand Brendon as well so I don't think she would give him her vote either if he was F2. She also said that There is no way the relationship will work between R/B. It was funny when she was talking about that.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I listened to a little bit of their latenight conversation about who watches the feeds.

They are so delusional! Matt claims that he wouldn't want to watch a live feed of any person he KNOWS, much less a bunch of people he DOESN'T know.

Um, Matt? Hello? Matt, um, we're watching a GAME, we're not tuning in because we find your personal life so utterly fascinating that we couldn't just wait to watch you 24/7 on the live feeds.

These idiots (except maybe Britney, because she admitted to watching the feeds in the past) seem to think we're tuning in because we find them interesting!

This just proves that they cannot conceive that their housemates have conversations behind their backs and that all sorts of drama in little groups is happening, the conspiring, the backstabbing, the plotting.

I was blown away by their misconception of what they think we are watching!

RBennie said...

Well I personally tune in every night to see who's winning the pool tournament - NOT! LOL.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Also, I want to formally and strongly state that I think Ragan has been engaged in a very pronounced form of projection. Everything that he says about Brendon is actually about what Ragan himself is doing and thinking!

It's the most amazing display of a pscyhological behavior.

I dislike Ragan very, very much. And I dislike very much how everyone is dogging Brendon for virtually no good reason(s). It's sad, it's pathetic and it makes me really lose all respect for those doing it in that house. (as if that matters, lol)

Really? said...

All comments made by Brenchel to the house or individuals were fairly mild compared to all BB seasons and were said from the point of view of being in the targeted minority from day one. ED, Janelle, Jase, Dr Will, Boogie, ad nauseum all said far worse things to people. If there is even a bully in the house this season it would be Ragan. Who himself demands to be treated with kit gloves least he accuse you of homophobia.

This season the majority group (which the is the rest of the house) reacted to Brenchel by sulking, whining, saying incredibly misogynist things about Rachel in their BBAD Just the Tip show, and just basically obsessing about Brenchel every hour of every day for what has it been six weeks now?

I can't remember a season where so many were afraid of, and mad at, so few. To the point where they all were so glum and sulky when Rachel was HOH and they did that POV pinball comp it made for some really bad tv.

Brendon is more of a grownup than Matt or Ragan or Britany can ever hope to be. Matt's DPOV speech was so mean-spirited and childish. And then he and Ragan sit around and talk about how the DPOV was karma, a BB miracle, that America must have voted to give it to Matt to finally help defeat the evil devil spawn Brendon.

But remember when Brenchel won any of the comps it was because the whole game was fixed to favor them.

I'm holding out hope that Brendon wins the POV and next HOH then watch as the rest of them throw each other under the bus cuz two people will leave and neither will be Brendon.

But if Brendon loses POV and goes then I'm hoping for Hayden to continue on till F2.

Anonymous said...

Do your own survey,
Americans are the only ppl who won't get off the race issues! Never heard of inbred albino.

listen, america is probably the only place that still have issues, lol
i used to like enzo, but he is stupid

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Someone upthread mentioned how they showed Brendon's ex and her family, and I can't think of another time when BB did that to a houseguest!

That was vile and contemptable in my opinion. Low, very low.

Brendon is getting a whole bunch of shit that he doesn't deserve.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Heh, America vote for broccoli and bean dip, and Enzo (and Brendon) are have nots.

Watch out for the grenades this week!

cha cha said...

Enzo, Hayden and Brendon ar the Have Nots for the week.
Brendon is beating his protien shake like there is no tomorrow. I guess trying to get it to break up

monty924 said...

LOL, FA. At least Ragan isn't a Have Not, so the B & B might not be too bad. They also got the BB Grill. :)

ORKMommy said...

FA - Are you related to Brendon? Because you're obviously watching him with different eyes than the rest of us. When Rachel cornered Ragan a few weeks back on the huge bed, Ragan was speaking very politely to her explaining his position and Rachel was the one who got loud. Brendon heard her and came into the room and attacked Ragan without even knowing what was being said. He wasn't part of the conversation but still decided to "defend" his woman. He did the same thing when Kathy was excited about eliminating Rachel from the bowling veto comp. Rachel admitted to picking Kathy because she was easy to beat but Kathy was the poor sport because she was happy she won!

They're all running around with loose marbles but you act like Brendon is a saint and hasn't done anything to deserve what he's gotten!

ORKMommy said...

p.s. On Joker's I found this...

Fri 2:33 AM BBT - Enzo calls Brit "a f***ing inbred albino". Matt says goodnight and leaves Enzo alone in the Taj NT - kalicush

Anonymous said...

Enzo can't seem to form a sentence that does not have the F bomb in it. YO....Anybody that has been watching BBAD and/or the feeds knows how crude of an individual he really is. As if he was not mad enough about loosing HOH, now being a have-not and (hopefully) being on the block....I don't know if I can even watch BBAD as long as he is there. Too bad the BB does not give us the option to mute someones microphone if we so choose!!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

ORKMommy, LOL, I know it sounds like that but no, I'm not related nor ever even met Brendon! And yes, I probably am viewing him through different eyes than many others.

Of course he's got his issues, I don't think he's a saint or anything close, it's just that the treatment he gets is in no way proportionate to what he gives out. Not even CLOSE!! He's been cooking and cleaning and being hospitable to EVERYONE the whole time, and yet they all snicker and say really brutal things about him behind his back.

It's a matter of grossly disproportionate treatment, that's all.

Also, I'm a UCLA alum, so there's that :D I just love seeing all his Bruins gear!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

To further elaborate on my last post, it's like watching a fight between two people, the first one steps on the other one's toe. So then the 2nd guy draws a gun and shoots the first guy dead.

"Well, HE started it!!"

Yeah, but killing him isn't exactly an appropriate response. That's how I view Ragan, he went so far overboard in his reaction that HE has become even WORSE than Brendon (or Rachel) ever was.

That's pretty much all I'm saying.

Jackie said...

Hey guys ... can we not repeat Enzo's language here? The guy is a pottymouth and some of you are complaining about it, then posting it HERE. It's bad enough I have to listen to it from him!

He's not the only one, though -- Matt, Brendon and Ragan are almost as bad.

Anonymous said...

REALLY??? I completely agree with you. Everything you said.

This is one weird season of BB.

RyzandShyn said...

All I can add is that I'm amazed at the support shown Brendon in the posts today. really. amazed.
I find him grandiose, mean-spirited, and controlling. My bet is that if he is doing stuff around the BB house it's because he wants things done as he wants them, not in the spirit of helping out.
I'm disappointed (and grossed-out) to think Enzo uses the "c" word to describe any of the women in the house.
I keep going through scenarios in my head for how the game will move from here and can't find a clear path. I think my main trouble is that I do like most of the remaining hamsters and they seem to like each other (for the most part).
wv: aesse: No one will have aesse time with nominations from here on.

RyzandShyn said...

Oops, sorry Jackie, I must have been composing my comment as you posted yours.
Sorry you have to listen to that.
You're right, rehashing it doesn't do anything to clean it up.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Why do people keep talking about TWO HOH competitions on Thursday. Unless something had changed re: double eviction, there is TWO people evicted, but only one NEW HOH that night. The way people are talking about it makes THREE people go home.

1st person out is the person going out under Britney's reign since she is current HOH.

then another HOH, POV, eviction of 2nd person.

People keep saying there is two HOH compeititons thursday, one of which Britney can play in and one she cannot. That is false, there is usually only one NEW HOH competition on the night of double eviction.

Am I wrong or misunderstanding people when they talk about how Britney will only play in one of the HOH that night?!??!?

Anonymous said...

never mind..I remember now....I was wrong ignore my post above...DUH

Really? said...

I think we all know people in the house will lie, talk about people behind their backs, float between real and fake alliances, etc. It is the way the game works.

But three things about the game and the people in it which aren't neccessary and bug the whoosy out of me:

1)What FA mentioned Ragan does; yammer on and complain that HG X is doing what they themselves have done again and again. Hypocrisy is on this level seems to betray a deep lack of self awareness.

2)Using crude, vulgar, offensive language referring to women, their bodies, their morals, their very existence. I'm so tired of the prevelance and acceptance of misogyny in our culture!

3)Demonizing certain HG's and referring to them as evil, bad people, satan etc. Good golly people get some perspective, just because someone else wins a comp or two doesn't make them satan's spawn.

Anywho, I think I used to watch BB as a sort of trashy fun entertainment. But I find it much more compelling as an anthropological peek into the current relations between male and female, young and not young, and the watched vs the watchers. And in general what people are willing to do to obtain even the smallest lamest piece of celebrity.

Facinating. Can't wait to see what happens next.