Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn - August 16

Britney lines up a shot

Although there was a smidgen of excitement and this Sunday was a lot more interesting than the ones in which they nap all day ... it was still on the quiet side.
  • The excitement, other than Rachel leaving and Brendon returning, came in the form of a new Saboteur video.
  • Blocked to the feeds, this one will probably expose a definite lie.
  • It warned of the comp on Monday.
  • They know that without a lockdown and huge set-up, if there is a comp indeed, it will be a mental one.
  • Apparently the saboteur said that the comp will change the course of the game.
  • Although they're nay-saying it a bit, they're worried that it's a HOH comp.
  • Ragan whined about slop and being a Have Not.
  • Brendon referred to Ragan as Mopy McMoperson.
  • They napped.
  • They played pool.
  • Matt suggested that the saboteur might have wanted everyone to go to bed early so he/she could do something.
  • Lane, Enzo and Hayden continue to have doubts about Matt.
  • Enzo and Hayden are still in with the Brendon "alliance" with Kathy as a peripheral member.
  • Brendon says he trusts Kathy.
  • Britney thinks that BB want Brendon and Rachel both in the show.
  • I think she's probably right. Allison Grodner thrives on that stuff.
  • Enzo will tell anyone who will listen (except Britney) that Britney should go up to replace Ragan.
  • They all studied for questions about this season, the house, etc.
  • Lane, Hayden and Enzo stayed up until the wee hours.

Brendon thinks he's in charge.


RyzandShyn said...

Funny, but I do understand what Brendon was saying about how people in the house should be fighters, that strong competitors should battle it out to the end.
Ok, fine, I get it, and that's very nice.
However, it's a game for money, and lots of it.
IMO Brendon might have turned the game if he had done what I saw a glimmer of: align with Ragan, Brit and Kathy to get the competitors OUT.
Not that I want that to happen, I kindasorta like the brigade(minus Matt) and at this point, since the others don't see them as a force, they deserve to be the last hamsters standing.
I just wish something more dramatic than Rachael would happen.

Joe in NY said...


I agree with you 95%.

It has been an odd season. Except for Brenchel, there really wasn't a lot of drama or scheming or much of anything. Usually people are scurrying around trying to make multiple alliances and scheming to get out other alliances. This season...not so much.

The formerly DA Brigade managed to fly under the radar, which was good strategy but poor TV! The only scheming was around the constant desire to break up Brenchel. And now that Rachel is gone, they all appear to just be floating. Even the Brigade is hard to gauge. Due to the Enzo/Hayden flirtation with Brendon and the continuing distrust of Matt, I'm not sure the Brigade is all that strong an alliance anymore. It'd be funny if the Brigade broke up before they ever were declared.

Ragan and Kathy have been totally floating for most of the season. Britney played POVs hard but has been unaligned (floating) otherwise with only her 5th grade friendship with Lane.

Very unusual season of BB

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised everyone hates matt and britney as much as they do. am i the only one watching the feeds? those boys are so mean to the target each week and everyone seems to forget that because they are funny or cute. ugh. kathy has become particularly nasty and is almost impossible to watch on the feeds. for someone who is a publicly known floater she sure does have some balls to walk around like she's made. i'm just not one of those people who thinks someone should win because they need the money. brit/matt are playing the game. now, lets hope matt wakes up and sees that the guys are just waiting to back stab him. b/b/m need to team up.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm I wonder Ragan saves
himself, put Matt up in his place,
he uses his veto, who would the next nominee be?


K in WI said...

Estelle, I'm hoping Brendan puts up Matt and then Matt puts up Kathy. She is just too boring and the definition of a floater IMO.

Apparently the Saboteur has kept them up all night according to Jokers.

RBennie said...

I'm confused. Why is there a comp today? They already had POV comp, so what is this one a luxury comp or something? I'm just waiting to hear who the replacement nom for Ragan will be. I really hope Brendon puts Kathy up. I think that's the only way Britney will be saved.

ORKMommy said...

I just don't get these people who say someone is playing dirty when they lie to get ahead in the game. This is a game made up of strangers who would probably never meet each other in their normal lives...they're playing for $500K that could change their normal lives and the lives of the people they love. Why shouldn't they do everything they can to win. Why should they worry about protecting the feelings of these people they just met and probably won't ever see again? I sure wouldn't. I don't lie to my family and friends but if it were a choice between saving face with someone I barely know and winning a lot of money to help my family, I'd totally lie my a$$ off!!! Does that make me a bad person with no morals? I don't think so...I think it makes me a person with priorities!

Anonymous said...

If Brendon is too stupid to put up Matt then loud mouth "floater" Britney needs to go next. I can't wait for her week of wallowing. Maybe that catty queen "floater" Ragan can climb in bed with her and they can cry together.

Congrats to this years Winner: Kathy BB's #1 Floater
[as I shake my head in shame]

Anonymous said...

If Brit is evicted this week, it will be a big Male Bonding session and pool tournaments with Kathy as the house mother. I think it will become even more boring if that is possible.


meb said...

Orkmommy... exactly what I said last post... well, you said it better, but really... that's the game of big brother. You go in, and you try to win the $250,000, doing anything and everything you can including lying if you have to. BB lies to them all the time through the saboteur... so what? They CAN lie but the guests have to play with integrity and honor..

This is a game of deceit. If Matt wins because they think he needs the money for his wife, oh well... I think that kind of lie is repulsive, but it's still just a lie.

Joe in NY said...


I half agree with you. Who cares if you lie to strangers...but that doesn't mean it isn't a lie. Morality isn't graded on a curve. Is it okay to sleep with someone else's spouse if you don't know the spouse? I mean, I'm single so I'm not cheating on anyone. Should I sleep with all the married women I know as long as I'm not friends with their husbands. Is it okay to steal from strangers but not family?

I understand your basic point, but it being a "game" and money being more important than lies isn't exactly a discourse on morality.

Many people disliked ED because he was nasty to the other house guests and intimidated them. Using your logic, you should embrace the fact that ED had his priorities in order: daughter, money, strangers, Jen...

Nana from the NW said...

I don't believe it's an HOH comp. The previews would have hinted to that. It is probably a luxury comp...either individual or for the house. Obviously, all Ragan knows is that there will be a comp. Even as saboteur he couldn't be told anymore or that would give him an advantage.

Does anyone know if Brenden ever found Rachel's "message" written in pretzels? I think she told him to put up Matt and we know he will do whatever she tells him.

Caroline--laughed at your comment about the house being like a frat house with Kathy as the House Mother....that is exactly what all those with live feeds will see for the next month....boring........

lynn1 said...

I don't care who lies to whom. None of the Hamsters has made me want to cheer for them.
All I want is to be entertained when I watch BB and I fear that won't be happening this season. These Hamsters are pretty much boring across the board.
I actually find Jackie's blog and the folks posting here much more entertaining than the show.

RBennie said...

Oh I just want to gag right now. Ragan is up in the HOH pleading with Brendon on Matt's behalf. What a joke! He said "When it comes to a moral compass, you cannot compare Matt to Britney". Nope you sure can't - Matt has no moral compass. I so cannot wait to see how stupid these hamsters are going to feel when all the lies come to light.

Joe in NY said...

That's interesting RBennie, but I think Ragan is the last one who thinks his showmance buddy is honest. Even Matt's alliance suspects him and no one bought his $1 in Pandora's box lie.

It can't be an HOH because they would have to do an eviction first. Must be a luxury comp. Or maybe CBS wants them to play Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Saboteur since they keep trying to shove that down our throat. At least Annie was doing stuff, Ragan is just recording lame messages, wtf? Put saran wrap on a toilet or something dude.

Lynn1, I agree with you, I don't much care who lies, screws, fights or cries, I'm just the audience. That's why I liked ED, he kept things hopping and that's why I don't care for floaters who spend all their time avoiding conflict and flying under the radar. Good strategy? Maybe. But BORING at home and I needs me some entertainment!

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

monty924 said...
I don't! My dream F2!;)

Anonymous said...[snipped]
i'm surprised everyone hates matt and britney as much as they do. am i the only one watching the feeds?

8/16/2010 9:19 AM

On to other things... I didn't dislike or even hate ED. He was playing the game and entertained me beyond belief in S8! :)

RBennie said...

Oh I really didn't like ED. His style was just way too aggressive and confrontational for me. I did like him better than Danielle though, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Is anyoe tired of Britney picking at her slit-ended hair, picking on her lips, picking at her forehead & chewing on her cuticles?!?! ARGH!!!!!!!

monty924 said...

Brendon renom'd Matt!!! Let the fireworks begin! :-)

I want Brittany to stay. Fingers crossed he hears something between now and Thursday that will cause Matt to put Kathy in his place and not Brittany. I wish I could sneak a message to my Pool Boy!

RBennie said...

Matt is the replacement Nominee. He is now hinting around that somebody has a power that can save him. Well I guess it's goodbye for Britney. I really feel like Matt will put her in his place.

monty924 said...

I am Anon 245, but I want her in there for the drama! ;)

Anonymous said...

Is it true Brendon put Matt on the block?

Now I can't wait for Thursday for the fireworks to begin.

Britney won't be bringing any drama until this Thursday night. Meooooow!

I can't wait to see Ragan's face. Oh boy if he thought Brendon was such a stupid player he's going to cry himself to death for believing in Matt.

Hayden & Enzo are going to feel like the chumps they are.

Why O' Why is Kathy there?

RBennie said...

Apparently, Kathy is there to clean the house, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yes...I am ultra tired of Britney picking everything on her body. How the hec is she picking hairs off her legs/knees. Its driving me nuts. She picks on everything including people. I am sick and tired of her. I will be so glad when she and Professor MCDouche are gone.

Sally said...

Looks like Kathy might be the last woman in the game. Who would'a thought? She's my pool pick, so I should cheer for her, but I wish she'd do something/anything.

Joe in NY said...

You know what would be really great: if BB stripped Matt of the dPOV for implying to people that he had it! One of the conditions of using it was that he cannot tell anyone he has it until he uses it. He's kind of trying to have it both ways, probably because he doesn't want to have to use it and hopes he can cinch the vote without using it...which would be totally awesome if he didn't use it and got voted out. Diamond Marcellas!!!

My wv is "balling" which really needs no elaboration. LMAO

Joe in NY said...

Does Matt dare to use dPOV and put up Britney? Wouldn't that PO Lane?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

If Matt manages to keep his cards close to his vest, this could be an interesting week. But it looks like he's trying to tip people off that something could change, so they might be more restrained if they think it's not a done deal.

What would be nice would be if the dummy brigade (Enzo and Hayden) come out openly against Matt and basically tell him that he's going home and that he's no longer part of the Brigade etc. And then Matt pulls himself off and puts one of them up!

But more than likely, they'll all just wimp out and stick with the "I don't know who I'll vote for" line throughout the week and act all anguished about it.

As for the discussion up thread about "morality" while "playing the game" -- my opinion is that too much in our society falls into that category and so as long as someone stands to gain at the expense of a stranger, then it's "all part of the game." That typifies the current state of our country, "I got mine, screw you."

So me personally--I don't excuse reprehensible behavior based on that twisted logic. I still root for those who manage to hold on to as much of their integrity as possible.

RBennie said...

I think Matt putting up Brit will piss off Lane and Ragan, but I'm sure he'll have an excuse/lie all ready for why he did it. On the other hand, it will please Enzo and Hayden, since that's who they wanted to go up in the first place. He's trying to wiggle around the rules by implying that "somebody" has a power and not actually saying he has it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't anyone wondering how how Matt knows someone has a special power? If they think about it when else would the special power have been awarded except during his opening of Pandora's box? They don't believe he got $1 for opening the box...why can't someone figure out he got the special power he's talking about.

Here's what I hope...they figure out he lying but convince Matt he's safe and Lane is going home. Then Matt doesn't use the DPOV and gets sent home.

DKNYNC said...

I agree with Joe. It would be great if BB takes away Matt's Diamond POV since he broke the rules by implying someone has it. Matt needs to go!

Sally said...

If Matt's hinting that someone has a secret power, maybe he checked with BB in the DR about whether it was okay to speculate like that. I would have, before even bringing up the topic.

I'm curious about exactly what Brendon's Pandora's Box deal was. Maybe he has a secret power too, like being able to play in this week's HOH comp. And I wonder if he knew, before he decided to open the box, that Rachel would be unleashed on the house.

ORKMommy said...

Joe - I disliked the way that ED played the game but I did realize it was a game. I just don't believe anyone can win any of these games without having an advantage. Whether it's a secret alliance, a lie, using your feminine wiles, using your hunky male body, etc. Personally, I would prefer that everyone play with morals and integrity but it just doesn't happen. Bottom line, if you give up weeks of your life to win money for your own betterment then you do what you have to do. As long as you can live with yourself when it's done and you don't hurt the people who love you then who cares what a bunch of strangers think of you? Not everyone will agree with me but that's how I feel.

joyn said...

Matt's sounding a little desperate by giving out even that much info.

Joe in NY said...


I don't know if Matt's desperate but I think he's trying to be "too clever": secure his safety while not having to play the dPOV and risk proving he's a big liar.

cha cha said...

I thought ED was the best player of BB next to Dr Will. I know I am in the minority about this but he was balls to the wall and ass. He did do what he needed to win.
Matt is doing the same thing a completely different way. I really can't stand him in the house period but if he maked it to the end he will most definetly beat out anyone in the house if its game play the jury votes for. Personal voting(which happens alot) he would lose unless he is up against Kathy.
He hasn't directly come out and said he has a power as we all know he does. I think that he is hinting to the guys he has it so they vote out Lane and keep him in hopes of not being put up. If he does the replacement is he bold enough to put up Brit. He has been a wimp before in the noms.
Britney I think could possibly be the best person to watch on the feeds. She has life in her body, not just sit and mope and workout. She does interact with almost everyone all the time.
I do hope that Matt see's this.
Please let him see how Kathy is walking around the house like she is entitled to anything. I personally think she is the worst player EVER...
We will see what happens...

cha cha said...

Cha Cha 5:23pm

It should have read----I know I am in the minority about this but he was balls to the wall bad ass. He did do what he needed to win.

RyzandShyn said...

I believe that, in the beginning, BB was touted as an experiment.
That experiment was watching what people would do for the prize. Strangers, locked up together, becoming friends, enemies, aligning, back-stabbing, lying and all that.
It's the point of the experiment that we all react differently to what they are willing to do. We draw lines: I'd do that, but not that, one hamster is our favorite and one disgusts us, one is smart and one is, well, isn't smart.
It's one of the many reasons I love this stupid game and love reading Jackie and all of you.

ORKMommy said...

Cha Cha - I totally agree with you about ED. And now that it's all said and done, he's sittin' on a cool half mil and people are still talking about him. He's still who he was before he went into the house and he will continue to be that person. What we think of his game play or him as a person probably didn't affect him and that's what I was trying to get at. He did what he did to win and went on with his life.

Anonymous said...

Sally, I'm curious also about how they tempted Brendon to open Pandora's Box. My guess is they just said "If you open Pandora's box Rachel will come back into the house" I don't know if they told him he would have to leave the house or that Rachel's visit would only last 20 hours but whatever I'm sure he would have done anything to allow Rachel back into the house

Anonymous said...

Sally, I'm curious also about how they tempted Brendon to open Pandora's Box. My guess is they just said "If you open Pandora's box Rachel will come back into the house" I don't know if they told him he would have to leave the house or that Rachel's visit would only last 20 hours but whatever I'm sure he would have done anything to allow Rachel back into the house

RyzandShyn said...

I thought ED did a great job and all that, but I think he went in knowing how he was going to be. I prefer watching someone evolve, like a deer in the headlights, like the way Janelle grew a pair and wised up somewhere along the line or the way those Nerd Herd chicks who thought they were all goody two-shoe American darlings turned into the most hateful bioches ever. Or how about that 5 finger plan Cowboy's sister whose name I can't remember? I liked watching her.

monty924 said...

ORK, Joe, cha cha, and several Anons,

ED was perhaps the best player since All-Stars because he played the way he did. Ork, I agree with ou totally about the game aspect. You put your life on hold, and in some cases your family's life on hold to win a half a million. I don't fault the way they play the game regarding lieing and backstabbing. Its the GAME, and they all know that going in. Especially the uber fans of the show.

The best thing possible happened today. Brendon nominated Matt and with all of that comes entertainment for ME, LOL. Matt will not fall out of favor anymore than he already has with the former DAB. He can always argue that he had the power and couldn't tell any of them.

He's also only hinting what the Saboteur has put into their heads the past 24 hours. They all think that there is a 'power' that will be used. He hasn't done anything to put his DPoV at risk... IMO!

GO MATT... put Kathy up! ;)

Donna in AL said...

Since Matt has taken Ragan's place on the block and he will not take a chance on going home, he will use the Diamond POV. I hope he puts Kathy on the block in his place. Kathy has no competition or entertainment features, unless you are waiting for those spider eyelashes to crawl off her face! Britney is funny in her DR sessions at least.
I liked ED in his session, I did not like Danielle. He did what he had to to win.
I know people have to lie and backstab to get through BB and while I do not particularlly like to see it, I accept it. I cannot stand when someone does it and when the tables are turned and someone does it to them, they pout and cry and act like they did nothing!

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did'nt Danielle win S8? Evil Dick helped her but she won.

JimmyB said...

Evel Dick won; Danielle was runner-up. And he certainly did help her. said...

Donna in AL, I agree!

Anon 6:27,Evel Dick beat his daughter in S8! It came down to the most entertaining Donato (Jessica, at least, LOL I don't remember the vote total, but ED won S8! :)

Lars said...

Russell lied, I liked him, in fact rooted for him to win Survivor.
Sometimes its how they lie, how they state various lies.
Brit reminds me of a mean drunk, who cries after the fact, disregarding how they treated individuals, yet continues repeated cycle, soon it becomes personal.

Ever wonder why many people question various stories?
I was probably one of a few who didn't believe Balloon Boy's Family from the get go.

JimmyB said...

I havta say, the saboteur has accomplished at least one thing on the show:

I now know how to spell saboteur.

Thanks, BB.

RyzandShyn said...

Oh joy! I can't wait for Matt to use his DPOV and see the fallout!
I hope he puts Kathy up too rather than Brit, I'd like to see her continue to play after this all goes down.

RJM said...

Anonymous 3:13 you crack me up.I so agree