Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds into Monday Morning - August 23

Britney playing pool in her birthday dress.

Here are the late night into the morning happenings in that Big Brother House of Fools:
  • Britney and Lane think they'd have a better chance in the final three with Enzo rather than Matt or Ragan due to the endurance comp.
  • Well, duh.
  • Britney is afraid if she goes with a Matt nomination (and he goes this week), the others won't be able to get Brendon out.
  • Brendon grilled up some broccoli and it turned out very well.
  • I'd probably burn broccoli if I tried to grill it.
  • They had another pool tournament. Sigh.
  • Brendon and Enzo trashtalked Ragan's crying.
  • They're right -- Ragan is an emotional mess this season.
  • The only other male to cry this season has been Brendon. He did a bit more than his share, too.
  • Enzo talked to Britney about a final four with her, Lane and Hayden.
  • He told Britney that Brendon is more worried about getting Matt and Ragan out than he is with her.
  • Matt, knowing he's in danger, is trying to get his true blue buddy Ragan on the block with Enzo instead of himself.
  • Ragan will probably cry when he finds out Matt betrayed him.
  • Kind of like a Judas' kiss, eh?
  • Hayden is still trying to convince Britney to put Matt on the block.
  • Either Matt or Ragan would be good choices to eliminate power players in an endurance comp.
  • The others have all shown little endurance strength.
  • Matt and Hayden stayed up talking, just going to bed as I get this posted.


BEVERLY said...

Hi all. I haven't commented this season as yet. However, I have followed Jackie's blog every day and have enjoyed all your comments. Now, I have to comment about Anon. Misguided moderator? Are you kidding me! Jackie works very hard covering BB and does a a wonderful job. Perhaps if you payed attention to what Jackie says you wouldn't sound so foolish and so ungrateful. Geesh. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jackie, I read your blog every day and its more enjoyable than watching the show. Don't like people talking bad about you. Pat in Fl.

Anonymous said...

beverly i'm glad you said something about the swipe an ANONYMOUS posted took at jackie. jackie has always been more then fair in accurately occurs on the live feeds. it's okay if you don't agree with her; but to call her 'misguided' that's uncalled for. i doubt very much the person who said it was saying it in jest. if that was the case, please excuse my rant...

if you don't lie it here nobody is forcing you to stay... -jeannemarie

chris said...

I must have missed the anon comments but surely if they don't like jackies coverage of the feeds they can stop reading
I hope Matt throws Ragan under the bus, but I will bet Ragen will never think Matt did so.
Can't wait til that baby cries when he finds out his best bud is a liar.
I for one would like to see matt or ragan leave this week, but like brit I worry about her safety.
She needs to reel in brendon to keep her safe, and he just may be the one to do it.
An endurance is for sure in the final 3 so they need to rid themselves of both endurance mavens and fast.
wv tuffins
being in the big brother house tuffins you unless you are ragan

RBennie said...

I missed the "misguided" comment at first - mostly because I usually skip over that particular Anons comments. If you knew Jackie personally, as I do, believe me misguided is not a word you would ever associate with her. She is very insightful and finds beauty in things most of us would just overlook. If Jackie and other commenters here annoy you so much, the solution is simple, find somewhere else to go.

RBennie said...

Now back to BB. I watched BBAD from Saturday night this morning and saw when Britney and Brendon were handcuffed together. They handled it so well and were really nice and respectful of each other. I'm hoping that if Brendon wins HOH he won't put her up - even though she did lie to him. I can't wait to find out who will replace Brendon on the block. I hope it's Matt, but I wouldn't mind Hayden either. I would love for it to be Ragan, but I don't see her doing that.

Laurie said...

Jackie is the best as she reports with wit and truth, all for us! Yeah, Jackie!

Many of us said we wanted Brendon to stay for awhile so we could see how he played on his own. We don't use one brain here, Anon, and we often disagree with each other. We just do it nicely and we don't call each other names.

Okay, I know I'm looking forward to Thursdays's evictions. My choices? Matt and his buddy Ragan.

PDX Granny said...

MAP (Misguided Anonymous Person), Please explain yourself. Like everyone else, when someone trash talks our Jackie, I immediately want to come to her defence. Although knowing Jackie as I know Jackie, she really doesn't need anyone fighting her battles. : )
Did you mean to trash talk, or was it just a unfortunate, not well thought out use of words?

WV = rebutes
I want to see if MAP rebutes her comment was trash talk.

Anonymous said...

anon in michigan here, i noticed that one of the other "anon's" was avoiding cap's locks and wanted to clarify that this anon knows for a fact you are not misguided! i've been reading your blog for about 6 or 7 years and very rarely comment on here. however my husband knows who you are and often asks me "what does jackie think?" ha! thanks for your hard work girl!

meb said...

Hey MAP... if you feel like the only comment you can make includes slamming our benefactor.. you can use that MAP to go elsewhere.

Remember... you wouldn't have a place to go and comment the same way as Jackie has given us here. We are free to disagree, but name calling is not allowed. You crossed over that line!

And if you do have another place to comment, I suggest use it.

Jackie... I know you can take up for yourself, as you did so well.. but you know us... we gotta speak our mind!


Becky said...

Jackie, I have been watching the show and reading the posts. I just haven't posted in a while, though I did post last night. I agree with the majority, you are anything but misguided. A wonderful writer, quick to see humor in the happenings and a delightful hostess. Keep up the good work. Anno. can go elsewhere if they don't respect the boundries you have set -- respect for all other posters, even if you don't agree with them.

That said, I hope Matt or Ragan go home this week. As for trusting Britney again, Brendon, don't do it. As they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Delee said...

Love all of Jackie's defenders!!! There is always at least one anon each season who refuses to use a name. It is not difficult to do...LOL!

At least with Brendon in the house we do not have to watch Rachel and him all lovey-dovey in sequester house clips! A major plus!!!

JimmyB said...

I don't even think that Jackie needs defending one bit. Any anonymous posts (particularly of that type) without some kind of identification do not deserve a response. And they should not expect one.

...I guess that's my response.

Nina said...

Andrew cried too lol.

Anne said...


Time for you to move on - you are definitely in the wrong place....

Anne in CT

~~Silk said...

I am amused that y'all are defending Jackie in the same way that Brendon defended Rachel, and now want to "vote anonymous out of the house", the same way Brendon wants to vote out the people he thinks disrespected Rachel.

I am often amused to see people here doing exactly what they castigate the hamsters for doing - including not noticing their own inconsistencies. Taking a meta-view, the parallels between the dynamics in the house and in these comments are amazing.

~~Silk said...

Jackie - this may not be the proper place for this, and I will not be at all offended if you delete this comment, but I'm trying to spread the word as far as possible.

Next Saturday I will participate in the Great Urban Race to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. If people click on my id, they can get to my blog, scroll down a post or two, and find information on how to donate.

Thank you for allowing this....

joyn said...

MAP should indeed go elsewhere if she believes our Jackie's posts are misguided. So easy to "hit and run" anonymously. Shame on you, MAP.

My dh decided to take up our cable company's offer of SHO for $5 a month for 12 months, so I now have that late night thing on SHO. The trouble is, it's on so late I don't know how often I'll get to watch it.

Last night, I watched Enzo with his hands down his pants for hours. And often his hand was moving. Scratching himself? Why would any guy do that knowing there are cameras on him? Really weird.

Joe in NY said...


My old boss was himself. He'd do it in meetings, he do it walking down the hall. I really don't think he was at all conscious that he was doing it. Just one of those reflexive habits like scratching an ear or rubbing a nose that people do without even being consciously aware that they are doing it. Might be the same with Matt and his hands down his pants: just does it without consciously thinking "I'm going to put my hands down my pants".

joyn said...

Whoa, did we just get insulted?

As events happen, we change our opinions and loyalties in re to the hgs. It's part of the game. But to attack our moderator as misguided because her comments may differ from MAP's opinions is uncalled for. That anon made it personal. Jackie is more than fair IMHO.

Girlsmom said...

Britney does not deserve a deal with Brendan. I really hope he follows through with putting her up if he gets the next HOH. There has to be a repercussion for her lying right to his face so very many times.
Ragan is bugging me now as much as Rachel did.

Sally said...

Jackie's blog is a great place to spend time and many people here visit often, year 'round. Jackie works hard to keep us informed about the BB feeds, to provide entertaining commentary about a variety of topics and to give us a place to talk amongst ourselves. For some anonymous interloper to crash the party and insult the hostess is beyond rude and unwelcome.

Silk, I see no parallels between our reaction to the "misguided moderator" comment and our reaction to Brendon defending Rachel. Whole different ballgame. But at least we're amusing you.

I really wish each of the anonymous posters would select an identity and stick with it. It would make the conversation so much easier to follow. Just add your ID to the end of your comment, or if you'd like the name in the header, just click "Name/URL" at the bottom of the comment area, and type in a name.

joyn said...

Just got back, Joe.

Okay, I get that it probably is not a conscious habit, but it's a bad one to have on TV, no?

RBennie said...

Well it appears that Matt is turning on his cuddlemuffin big time. He wants the Brigade to convince Brit to put up Ragan and try to keep Ragan away from the HOH until after the POV ceremony. Poor "misguided" Ragan. He's moping around heartbroken because he's worried about Matt being put up and down the hall Matt is plotting his demise.

Nana from the NW said...

I'm another one in Jackie's corner. We are all free to voice our opinions here but still be respectful. MAP's comments are like going into someone's home and telling them they don't know how to decorate and the food is awful!!

As for BB--this is the time when the show finally gets good! The HG have been there for a long time and are "smelling" the money. This is when the real backstabbing and lies start....that's why we love see who is the best at scheming! They feel they have made life long friends and some think fame will be there for them when they get out. All those delusions are smashed in the days following the finale.

I am hoping Brittany puts Matt up although I don't think that is what will further her game. Matt and Ragan will carry her to F3....E/H/L have promised her F4....hmmmm that's a no brainer.

Thanks Jackie for all the time you give to this site and providing a place for all of us to talk about our guilty summer pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I MUST apologize to you Jackie for my misuse of the word MISGUIDED.

I really meant to jest about your opinions of Brendon and not about your duties on the blog.

I guess you can say I went a little Rachel???

I've been a lurker here since you started the BB blog and very much appeciate the all the hard work you put in watching the feeds, posting and moderating this site.

Me and the BB eye will hold our heads down with shame in the hope you can ME.

Thanks, M.A.P

RBennie said...

I agree with you Nana, but the advantage she has with E/H/L is that she can beat them in comps. With that bunch of losers, she can probably even beat them in an endurance comp.

Anonymous said...

Me and the BB eye will hold our heads down with shame in the hope you can forgive ME.

Thanks, M.A.P

joyn said...

RBennie, that Matt really is a snake, isn't he? If he can convince the brigade to convince Britney to put up Matt, then his hands remain clean. And if he can keep Ragan from talking to Britney in the Hoh room, there's less chance that Britney would end up telling Ragan whose idea it was. I really hope that Britney catches on to Matt's plot to save himself and still keep Ragan's jury vote.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this Thursday show to see if Britney goes and put up that mega hypocrite diva Ragan and then everybody votes him out. He probably won't even a mercy vote from his In Lust of Hayden daydreamer-best friend in the house Matt.

I guess Rachel can tell him nobody liked him in house either.

Nobody better get in between both Rachel and Ragan's men.

Me and the BB eye haven't forgotten you Enzo.


Anonymous said...

Nana from the NW... I agree this is where the game gets good but I don't agreee that Matt and Ragan will stick with Britney to the F3...she is a strong competitor and Matt would rather be up against the loser brigade members when it comes to the final competitions. He's already turning on Ragan, and pathetic, love-sick, fool that Ragan is, he is will do whatever Matt wants. If Matt doesn't go home this week I think Britney will be gone next week.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Brittany and Ragan go out on the double eviction, then it's a game between Brendon and Matt with the others as tools, or maybe they would step up their game and fight without the secure feeling that the brigade has each other's backs. The others being Hayden and Lane. Enzo may go this week too.

Really? said...

Matt has thrown Ragan super hard under the bus, then backed up over him so many times he is completely flat. It is creepily starting to feel like what Boogie did to his showmance.

I don't like Ragan even a little but feel sorry for him when he finds out his saintly prince with a sickly wife is really an amoral con artist with a perfectly healthy wife.

Come on Britney, if Matt is willing to kill Ragan in the game what makes you think he will be one iota loyal to you? Nom him, nom him now!

Anonymous said...

Matt is no super genius he is a sleazy, lying snake. I really hope Britney realizes if he would betray Ragan now he would turn on anyone and he needs to go NOW! Listen carefully Britney..NOMINATE MATT you cannot believe anything he says...get him out!!

RitaD said...

I would be so happy to just see Matt, Britney and Ragan get booted out. After that, I really don't care who wins, I just would like to see justice served. I always root for the ones picked on the most.

RitaD said...

Would it not be great if everyone who gets voted off gets to STAY IN THE HOUSE rather then go to a secluded one? My boyfriend made that suggestion, I think it would make for great television! It gets boring as less and less people remain but imagine how crazy it would get if they were all still there.

RBennie said...

It doesn't look like Matt's plan is working. E/H/L are still pushing hard for Brit to put up Matt. Even though they are letting him believe they are pushing for Ragan to go up. Brendon is also on the put up Matt train. Poor Britney is seriously stressing out.

RBennie said...

What a concept RitaD. You have no chance to win, but your stuck here anyway, LOL. That would definitely not be boring. There would probably be nightly brawls!

JimmyB said...

Although I have a severe lack of respect for Brendon which he earned, he has had to work his butt off (mostly his own fault via the showmance). Like I said before--he is the Janelle of this season; except alot of us don't like him.

If he wins (doubtful), my only real disappointment will be that Rachel will latch onto him 'cause of the ca$h. Otherwise, she won't even remember his name. Mark my words.

RBennie said...

I actually like Brendon with Rachel out of the house. He hasn't had any blow ups. He's trying to get along with everybody and he's fighting hard to stay there. If he can keep himself in the game to the end with everyone gunning for him, then I wouldn't be upset if he won. Matt said something like if Brendon made it to F2 he might actually vote for him.

Anonymous said...

my boyfriend said if he was in the house and wanted a competitor to go home he'd simply tell the rest of the people in the house, if so and so is still here in final two i'm voting for them to get the money.

JimmyB said...

I agree Brendon has been much better all around without his once in a lifetime love, Rachel. Not the least of which is his game play.

Too bad he can't see the forest...:)

Anonymous said...

As annoying as Rachel was it was even more so watching Ragan last night during the slop comp. He is such an attention whore. He needs to go, his voice is just as irriting as Rachals laugh.

Nina said...

@Anonymous, I am not a Regan fan, but he was funny and deserved props for the slop comp IMO. He made me lol. I'm certainly PO'd he has 20,000 dollars and can't wait to see him follow Matt out the house this week hopefully.

JimmyB said...

Yes...but Ragan was putting on an act; attempting to be humurous. Humor is subjective, I know.

Rachel was just being her lousy self.

JimmyB said...

There seems to be a tide against Britney, Ragan, and Matt; which I really don't share. And I think it's fine to root for Brendon (I likely will not...depending on who's left).

But that leaves Hayden and Enzo. I don't get anyone rooting for them, frankly. They do not deserve a win; especially Enzo.

RBennie said...

I think they are doing the POV Ceremony now! I can't wait to hear the results.

Joe in NY said...

There is a tide against Matt and Ragan but I think most of us are still on board with Britney.

I would so like someone to tell Ragan what Matt is up to.

By the way, my cell phone keeps substituting ragamuffin for Ragamuffin.

Lili said...

It's Matt!

Lili said...

Step1) Brendon wins the POV

Step2) Matt is nominated

Step3) Ragan leaves during the DE

Step4) I do a serious Happy Dance!

Anonymous said...

I saw that Matt is up!! Thank goodness. I can't wait for Regan to see what a snake he crys about.

I hope Regan is out in the double eviction....or Britney. Either one is fine with me.

RBennie said...

yep it's Matt. Yesss! Ragan will probably have to be put on life support behind this one, LOL.

monty924 said...

Even if Matt wasn't my pool pick, I still think Britney made a strategic mistake. She thinks Lane has her back and he doesn't. She even told him if she gets out and watches the show and finds out he had another alliance all along... she'd kill him. :)

I don't think Brit would actually kill him, but wait and watch. Ragan is next and if not Ragan it will be Britney. Brendon is in thick with Enzo and Hayden, and what started out as a false alliance has become a real one. Brendon will not protect Britney either.

She better win from here on out every competition that she needs to, or she is a gone as Matt. I know most don't believe this or follow my point of view. :)

RBennie said...

I get what your saying Monty, but I don't believe she would be any safer with Matt than she is with the rest of them. She was in a lose/lose situation the minute Brendon won POV. She is a major target and she has no real alliance with anyone. She has to depend on herself, which she has pretty much been doing since Monet left. I do think she has a better chance competition wise with Matt gone.

chris said...

woohoo matt on the block
i think brit was correct in that matt is a bigger threat to win and if she had not put him up she was in trouble.
then again she was in trouble no matter what
i wonder if brendon will keep his word to her since she did not keep hers.
she was really in a no win situation
matt will be scrambling to get the votes throwing enzo under the stupid proverbial bus.
get him out
i would have been happy if it were ragan going too.
now ragan will vow revenge for his buddy because of his sick wife.
Matt even tried the lie with whoever would hear it.
brit had to think if matt would offer up ragan his buddy that she could not ever trust him

Joe in NY said...


I'm not so sure lane won't stick with her especially with the DAB dead.

Based on what she knows that's her best move. If Matt would throw Ragan under the bus he would not be loyal to her.

joyn said...

You have to give Brendon his due. Without Rachel to constantly distract him, he's fighting to stay in this house and doing that well so far.

Matt has to be in a panic right now no matter what he says. His brilliance is failing him.

I'm so happy that Britney didn't listen to him! If Ragan starts any crap, Britney should spill her guts about Matt's proposal to dump him. But....Matt will now zero in on Enzo big time.

monty924 said...

Thanks, Rbennie! :)

Matt's strategic mistake was not outing the Brigade. He'll regret that now. I still think that was his only hope and he didn't do it.

You might not get the votes from the jury if the Brigade are all there as members, but the major battle is get to F2 in the first place. If you don't get there, you have no chance. Now Matt has no chance. Dumb move from a self proclaimed DSG. :)

chris said...

I agree
Matt is a snake
the brigade self destructed the minute Hay and Enzo told Matt they wer voting him out over lane.
All trust to go to final 4 just evaporated at that moment.
Ragan nauseates me with his voice and all the crying like Wamber and the holier than thou bull.
I would love to see Ragan follow Matt on thursday but I fear it may be Brit.
I hope not.
I don't even want it to be Brendon.
Best case Brendon wins hoh again
brit wins POV and out goes Ragan

RBennie said...

They just don't make diabolical super geniuses like they used to!

Lili said...

From the "What Will You Do" POV till just now this is my favorite week of BB ever.

The sportmanship of Brendon/Britney chumming, the desperation of Matt, the clever collective handling of Britney by Hay/Lane/Enzo & Brendon to get her to nom Matt, & the anxiety of will she/won't she?

The beginning of Ragan's disillusionment with Matt, Britney, and BB, seeing Enzo in a penguin suit, and just the general drama and ups and downs.

Too fun. Can't wait for BBAD tonight! I predict Ragan will cry till Thursday, Matt will out the BG, and fake guilt everyone that now his wife will lose her leg and it will be on their head!

Then they'll all take turns promising each other F3, and F2, Hayden's getting the prizes will come out and Britney will sock him, and Ragan will stop crying long enough to pontificate that he and Matt are the only players in BB history to adhere unwaveringly to their beyond reproach moral compasses till the very end and he hopes they all die.

joyn said...

I just hope nothing gets screwed up and Matt is leaving this Thursday.

There's going to be a lot of fast talking in the house until then. Matt will probably out the brigade now just because he can.

Anonymous said...

"It makes me look like an idiot."

--Ragan, speaking about him trying to protect Matt, only to find out from Britney that it was not mutual

Well, YEAH Ragan, that's what WE were saying!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Oops, that was mine (Anon 4:14)

monty924 said...

Joe, I think the brigade comes first to Lane. So... as I said, Brit better fight like hell to stay in this game.

I think Ragan, more so than Matt, would have protected her. Ragan gets a bad rap because he's so slobbery crying all the time, but he reads people well and stays quiet. He knows the writing on wall, so to speak, and he called it right to Britney. If Matt goes, Ragan is next and then Britney has no one fighting with her. Just my opinion, lol.

monty924 said...

joyn, he better. Its his only chance now, but the votes are stacked against him.

If he would have done it before he got his DSG a$$ nominated, it would have likely got him another week in the house. :)

Della said...

Matt has just been put on the block.

joyn said...

RBennie, Loved your last comment about DSG. So funny!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

OMG Ragan is truly delusional! He just walked into the backyard social group (around the pool, Enzo, Brendon, Hayden, Britney) and says he has to get something off of his chest.

He wants to make clear that last week he WAS NOT compaigning heavily for Matt to stay.

RitaD said...

LOL Matt intentionally loses in the last comp, all cocky with his thumbs up when he gave the wrong answer and now he's up on the block! YAY!!

ORKMommy said...

Monty - I think the Brigade comes first with Lane UNLESS he finds out that Hayden & Enzo have been cozying up to Brendon without him and not just using him. Lane thinks they're using Brendon but I'm not so sure...

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

(channeling Ragan for a moment)

I need to know if "FA" is an appropriate online identity to differentiate me from the *other* kind of anonymouse poster.

If so, how is it different?

If not, what should I do differently?

Jacquie said...

Doesn't Branden win POV? I wish everyone would learn the truth about what Matt told about his wife being real sick. I love Reagan. He's so funny and the way he told Rachel off. I loved it. Jackie from NC

Anonymous said...

What's up with Lane saying that he wants Britany out first? From all I see/read he is still making a play for her? Didn't he just ask her if she can be engaged twice? And all these comments about "September".....

She avoids all his advances , which is noble but she doesn't exactly answer him either? Then her Mom says about if Britany wants to bring him HOME, its up to her? What gives with these two? Anyone care to say what they think of these two?

We all make comments on what these HG's should do, but remember we KNOW more than they do.
For instance, Britany would be wiser to go with Brendon, Lane, Ragan, even vs Hayden/Enzo or just get rid of Enzo, well, maybe keep him, he can't win anything.

Matt is right about this, if Brendon gets to the F2, he does deserve to win......

And, don't count Matt out yet, its a long time until Thursay and Matt is going to do his best to stay......maybe interesting still???

Alice in Wonderland

RyzandShyn said...

at this point, I know FA is you, it's enough of a name, you don't even have to put the () in. Why not just be FA?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Enzo sneaked in a shoutout to his cousin's pizza parlor in Bayonne, told him to start making the "Meow Meow" pizza.

They're jealous because during Lane's phone call from home, he learned that there are dishes named after him at the local eatery (the Lane Burger, etc). It's really bumming them out. Yet they are fascinated by the concept.

I can't tell if Matt is acting or being dense right now, but he's explaining Ragan's recent weirdness, wherein Ragan tries to walk away from his prior defense of Matt. Matt thinks it's because he thinks Ragan worries that it was his (Ragan's) fault that Matt was nominated.

In reality, Ragan is backing away because he's learned that he's been had by Matt and he wants to lessen the blow of him looking like such a tool.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

RyzandShyn: that's a really good question. Maybe I'm afraid someone else named "Fa" will show up and so I put what it stands for, to keep my individuality?

Nah, the real reason is because my browser remembered it for me since the first time I typed it, so the reason is, horrifically, because it's too many letters (2!) to type.

:D Oh my that sounds awful.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Britney knows the populartion of her town.

To the person! "One thousands ninety seven."

PDX Granny said...

RitaD, love your idea! Can't you just imagine the hornet's nest the evicties could stir up if they remained? Now THAT would make for some good TV!

RyzandShyn said...

LOL, well, I've got no answer for that one! You're having committment issues today, sleep on it, maybe the answer will be clear tomorrow :)

PDX Granny said...

RBennie, ITA about Brendon. I would like to see how he would have played if Rachel hadn't stuck her claws into him right at the get go. At this point, I don't want him to win it mainly because she'd insist he share the winnings with her. . . . before she takes off for greener pastures.
Besides, he's my pool boy. I kinda have to root for him at least a little. : )

RyzandShyn said...

I'm nervous and jerky thinking about what's going to happen next.
I'm very excited for the DE yet I don't know what I want to see happen.

Joe in NY said...

Actually, I think it is possible that Matt stays this week. If he were up against anyone but Enzo, he'd be gone for sure BUT Enzo is second on the list of least trusted hgs and Matt has all week to turn the house against him.

Nancy said...

I don't dislike Brendan but is relationship with Rachel was so unhealthly I think he really does love her. That said I am really loving this week of throwing each other under the bus