Saturday, August 07, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning, Aug. 7

The Saboteur, the sequel

Britney's reaction to the new saboteur video.

Ragan plays the innocent dude very well.

They went from the doldrums to wham-wham excitement what with Matt opening Pandora's Box unleashing something unknown into the house, Brendon and Rachel going on the block and then (cue dramatic music here) ... the return of the Saboteur:
  • Rachel stopped crying long enough to run into the living room with everyone else when they heard the scratchy audio coming from the television.
  • Yep, it's back ... sounding and looking a lot like the Annie saboteur video, but making it clear that it's a new saboteur.
  • The video thanked Matt for unleashing him by opening Pandora's Box, said that he'll go all the way to the half-million dollars.
  • The saboteur warned them all to watch their backs as he will be backstabbing them.
  • I'm saying "he" here because we know it's Ragan. But it's ambiguous such as the Annie tapes. They can't tell whether it's a guy or a gal.
  • Lots of speculation ensues. Ragan and Matt have been saying all along that since America didn't vote on food this week, they must be voting on something.
  • Ragan uses that idea to pose questions. He's handling it all very well. The others aren't suspecting him at all.
  • A few wonder if it's actually BB making them think someone amongst them is the saboteur while it's BB all along.
  • Enzo thinks CBS can do whatever they want to them as they already signed their lives away (in the contracts).
  • I'm so impressed with Ragan's acting ability that I can't get over it. If I didn't know it was him, he'd be my last guess!
  • I didn't vote for Ragan to be it, but it looks like America picked the perfect saboteur.
  • Britney is sure it's Rachel.
  • Now they're all worried that Rachel is the saboteur and might have a secret power which will take her off the block.
  • Rachel's only power is Brendon's POV record and he claims he will take her off the block if he wins.
  • All eyes cast to Brendon and Rachel in suspicion as they both went from totally upset with being on the block to another mood.
  • Well, duh. The saboteur bit took their minds off the block for a bit.
  • Matt told the others that he thinks it seems like he (Matt) is the obvious saboteur because he unleashed it, but he's not.
  • Ragan said he thinks America probably voted on who they want to be the saboteur.
  • Lane said it's more like America's Train Wreck than America's Player.
  • They all wonder what the incentive is for anyone to do it.
  • Um, money?
  • They've been in lockdown for most of the day and evening due to something being built in the yard for POV.
  • I think I forgot to mention that. Oops.
  • Brendon, when talking to Rachel alone, referred to the others as "retards." He told her he didn't mean it in a bad way ... except for those who are.
  • Rachel thinks it's unfair that she's on the block and doesn't think the outgoing HOH should be nominated because they can't play for HOH.
  • Oh, geez. That's as bad as the Small People Conspiracy Theory of Brendon's.
  • Worse than, even.
  • Finally, around midnight their time, they were allowed out in the yard.
  • The comp set-up is a duck pin kind of bowling alley.
  • Yes, I've duck pin bowled -- it's like real bowling with much smaller balls and shorter lanes. It's a great sport for kids and inebriated ski club people.
  • Yes, I duck pin bowled with the latter years back.
  • They all practiced, Enzo very briefly but he did well. He says it's too crowded and cold to practice more.
  • Now they're a bit suspicious of him.
  • Brendon professed his love for Rachel to Rachel again. At least I didn't see her roll her eyes this time.
  • She just can't get over the fact that it's almost guaranteed one of them (her!) will leave the house this week. It's UNFAIR to split them up, they can't go on not together in the house!
  • Yet, she did put Hayden and Kristen up there together last week, eh?
  • BB yelled at Enzo for dancing on the bowling lane.
  • "Enzo, STOP THAT!"
  • I love when they get yelled at with a pre-taped voice.
  • Rachel cried some more.
  • I tried to look at Brendon's feet to see why they mock his toe. He has big feet, big big toes ... but nothing is glaring about it.
  • Brendon made a comment to Rachel about her doing very well for someone who said she has a problem with reading. Apparently she said something to him about that. It might explain her horrid HOH blogs. Maybe.
  • Rachel keeps exiling herself. Brendon keeps wanting to mingle.
  • The crowd is sick of Rachel and Brendon closing themselves alone in the cabana room to eat, etc.
  • Lane doesn't think Rachel is the saboteur because she's crying too much.
  • No one is suspecting Ragan.
  • Of course, so far the saboteur hasn't done anything that we know of.
  • Brendon wanted to practice the bowling all night, but Rachel decided to go to bed.
  • Her man has promised her, after all.

Lane isn't on the lane in this but he practiced, too.


joyn said...

Let's hope that Rachel and Brendon don't bowl very well.

lynn1 said...

Jackie or anyone, Do you know if Brendon or Rachel should win the POV, can Ragan use the veto pass to nullify either of them using it to save themselves?

Billybrownbear said...

If Brendon wins POV and uses it to save Rachel that would be the stupidest move he could possibly make. Their relationship clearly isn't going to last and he is going to risk his entire game for it. If he is the one to leave I wonder if she's gonna yell at him for getting between her and her man.

Witt said...

During the playing of the taped messages for the houseguest leaving the house,I laugh every week how Rachel shrieks at the person about how they came between "me and my man" long has she known him, a month? 6 weeks tops??

Witt :)

ORKMommy said...

This post proves exactly what we've all been saying about Rachel. She's a very poor sport with no social skills. She's all mad because Matt nominated her and 'her man' and how could he do that to them? She's nominated people twice, caused Kristen to be evicted, split up the other showmance in the house and was a total beyotch about it all. And she wonders why nobody likes her? If Brendon saves her he is a bigger idiot than I thought. Doesn't he know that you need to play Big Brother with your big head and not your little one?

ORKMommy said...

Lynn - I think the veto pass just guarantees Ragan a spot in a competition. Even if he's not picked or one of the required players, he can decide to play in a comp.

lynn1 said...

Thanks Ork. I wasn't sure how it worked.
BTW did you see my explaination of which of Rachel's apologies I was talking about in an earlier post?
If you didn't I wanted to let you know we were talking about 2different apologies.

RyzandShyn said...

Good for Ragan. I guess he's better at acting under pressure than he is at endurance comps under pressure.
Rachel is getting on my nerves now.
How can she be making such a big fuss when she's done the same things to others and proclaimed "It's a game"?
I'm wondering if reading and spelling are issues for her how she made out so well in the sciences. That couldn't have been easy. Transpose one letter in a formula and she'd blow up the science lab!
wv: obion: the place I hope Rachael and Brendon go

Joe in NY said...

Unfortunately, I think the house could end up being pretty dull with Rachel gone. After all, she's been the center of just about all of the actual drama in the house. The rest of them are pretty boring despite being more likeable...of course, I'll still have Matt to dislike.

Sally said...

I'm glad Ragan is handling the Saboteur role so well, at least so far. Could be fun. I bet BB is wishing they would have selected him to be the original saboteur!

I hope Ragan pulls some interesting pranks. The only one of Annie's that had any impact was the life-long friends rumor, and that likely prompted more speculation among viewers than houseguests.

Sally said...

I'm glad Ragan is handling the Saboteur role so well, at least so far. Could be fun. I bet BB is wishing they would have selected him to be the original saboteur!

I hope Ragan pulls some interesting pranks. The only one of Annie's that had any impact was the life-long friends rumor, and that likely prompted more speculation among viewers than houseguests.

Sally said...

Sorry about the double post. Anyone know how to remove one?

My keyboard is getting a bit touchy and probably needs to be replaced.

lynn1 said...

Sally click on the little garbage can below your post and it delete your post.

Anonymous said...

If Brendon wins POV and takes Rachel off the block; somewhere out there Marcellus is breathing a sigh of relief that someone else will be talked about as making a stupid move while on the block. LOL!


chris said...

well Dick used the POV to take danielle off but it was america who helped evict dustin little did he know
there is no america helping here.
would be hilarious if he did win it, took her off, and somehow ragan had to get the house to vote to keep him
if he decides not to save her she will go ape shit crazy on him
Maybe then he would see how miserable she really is!

Nana from the NW said...

Looking at the picture of the bowling lanes I must say they really are slobs! That is what my deck looks like after the grandkids have been in the yard and pool....they are 8,10,and 11!!! Those hamsters need to learn to pick up after themselves.

I am glad R/B are on the block. One them needs to go. I would like to see Brendan play the game without R in the house...and it might open his eyes to how toxic a relationship with Rachel will be for him.

It will be fun to watch the sabetour's antics play out in the does make all the HG question everything that is said and done by the others.

Rachel really is dumb...some of her comments were so ridiculous that I just laughed. I'm sure she only thinks those comments are applied to only her and Brendan...the outgoing HOH shouldn't be put on the block. If K/H had been outgoing HOH she wouldn't have thought that!

Maybe this will finally be the week that those with the feeds will start getting their money's worth.

BTW--Can't wait to see Jeff and Jordan in the house. Do you think Jordan will be hosting a comp.?

My WV is washir.....the HG need to pick up their laundry and use the washer!!!

Joyce said...

I've been saying how I'm looking forward to Brendon's Mother being interviewed. Don't you know his family is dying that he would use the veto to save Rachel? lol

Go Ragan. I didn't vote for him but he's doing a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Fast forward Friday August 13th after Rachel is evicted from the house.

The DAB will be working out in the yard being their wonderful interesting selves.

Brit will be sitting in the kitchen drinking juice all by herself since there's no more Rachel there goes all those cute crazy ziggers.

Reagan will be in the DR planning his next sab.

Kathy's lips will be on butt of the next HOH.

Brendon will probably be rolled up in a ball someplace crying.

Yep this show is just going to get better and better.

I guess with Rachel out you'll need somebody new to dislike, I mean hate.

Watch-out Kathy the this blog is coming after you next.

JOJO said...

While watching the Showtime After Dark today that I DVRed from last night, I saw Rachel smelling her extensions...twice! Yuck!

K in WI said...

Joyce said...
I've been saying how I'm looking forward to Brendon's Mother being interviewed. Don't you know his family is dying that he would use the veto to save Rachel? lol

Joyce, I'm curious as to who you and the rest of us would choose to have for an offspring (if we had to own up to giving birth to one of them, lol) -- or whose mother are you glad not to be.

I haven't thought about who I would want for a kid, but I do know whose mother I'm very happy not to be. And I don't think I have to spell it out, but just in case ... R-a-c-h-e-l.

Kathy in NC said...

If other houseguests assure Brendon that he is safe, he might throw the POV so he doesn't have to worry about using it to save Rachel. If she wins, it will be interesting to see what she does.

meb said...

I love that they are thinking Rachel is the saboteur as they are even more adamant to get her out of the house now.

Having watched the saboteur noise come on, it was fun to see the expressions on everyone's face when they realized what the noise was. I thought Matt was going to jump over the banister to get downstairs, he was so fast out of the bed.

No once, during the conversation on the couch after the sab video,did Kathy make a comment. I would think the others would find that suspect.

I hope Brendon does not win the veto and take Rachel off... I hope Rachel doesn't win as well and take herself off.

I thought the veto pass meant that Ragan couldn't be put up if someone comes off the block. Does anyone know for sure?

ORKMommy said...

This is what the BB site show recap says about the veto ticket "Ragan gets a Veto ticket, which allows him to play in the next Veto competition." I thought he could use it in any future competition but I guess not...

Sally said...

meb, I think ORK Mommy had it right in her 10:31 comment. The Veto ticket just gave Ragan the chance to participate in a Veto Competition, even if he wasn't actually selected to play. I don't think it gave him any sort of power to overrule the POV winner.

lynn1, Thanks for the info about how to erase a double post. The problem is, I don't see a little garbage can anywhere near my post. Maybe it's because I'm not a registered user

Jeff hasn't posted anything on his Around the World For Free twitter page since last night. I wonder if he and Jordan are visitng the BB house this afternoon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i doubt britt will use it to take anyone off the block! -jeannemarie

Anonymous said...

This is like Britney's 3rd POV win. She is quickly getting near Danielle's POV record ( Danielle , Dick's daughter from Season 8).

She is proving to be a strong player. And I think she wants Rachel gone so I doubt she will use it. She will do whatever the house wants and what Matt wants.

Could it really be Rachel leaves this week? Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.


meb said...

Oh my gosh... you have just made my day... Britt WON!!!! And Rachel won't go into the jury, so hooray... hopefully that's the last we'll see of her.

She will be so upset when she finds out Jeff and Jordon are coming into the house.

Orkmommy and Sally... thanks... I obviously don't listen when they give instructions. So... did he choose to play today's POV? .. not that it matters... just curious.

meb said...

I just realized my last wv was
unkeep... Rachel is an unkeeper!

joyn said...

I can't see Britney using that POV for ANY reason, which means it's a done deal. Rachel or Brendon is definitely leaving. Since Rachel is the bigger pain in the butt, I certainly hope it's she that leaves. I think they're all tired of her gloating.

Matt is my next target.

meb said...

joyn... Matt or Kathy... either one of them can go next for me. I really hate to think the Brigade will start picking them off, one by one. If Britt is smart, and she is, she should start aligning herself with some of those guys.. Lane and maybe Hayden... Ragan is going to get picked off, otherwise I'd say do it with him.

Of course there could be other scenarios.. there could be Kathy, Brendon, Ragan and Britt and then talk Hayden or Lane to come over to their side. That way the floaters plus Britney would rule the house.

Ohhh dear.... too many ways for it to go I spose!

Anonymous said...

If Rachel goes, I hope Brendon comes back to his senses. Being locked up must have made him go nutso to "love" her. Methinks he spends too much time in a lab......


ORKMommy said...

Meb - Sounds like Brittney has already aligned with Lane and I think he'll protect her if one of the Brigade decides to target her. He's the reason she didn't use the veto on Hayden last week. Rachel mentioned putting Lane up in Hayden's place and she Brittney couldn't risk it. Of course she doesn't know that it wasn't a risk because she doesn't know about the Brigade...

joyn said...

Yeah, Kathy can go anytime for me too.

By the way, I'm glad they didn't choose my pool guy, Enzo, for the saboteur. I don't think he would have hidden his "secret" as well as it sounds like Ragan is doing.

I kind of like my Enzo.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see branden go before rachel! chances are she'll leave with him to be with him! one can hope at least! -jeannemarie