Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn - August 14

Hand down the pants
Hand down the pants
Lookin' like a weirdo
With your hand down the pants

Why does he do that? Why did that creepy Adam do that in a previous season? Why would you do that in public ALL THE TIME?

Well, I revealed Brendon's nominees (Lane and Ragan) in my last report. Here's what's gone down since then in that Big Brother House of Sappy Saboteurs:
  • Just before the feeds were blocked for the PoV players pick, Brendon told Lane that Ragan's the target.
  • He said that if Ragan wins PoV, he'll backdoor either Matt or Britney.
  • He has already promised Britney he wouldn't backdoor her.
  • He doesn't know that Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto which he probably won't use unless he needs to save himself on the block.
  • After the feeds returned, we found out that Lane got Houseguest's Choice. He chose Hayden instead of Britney (the current PoV Queen).
  • Ragan is very upset. In talking with Matt, he claimed there is no winning in the situation because if he wins and takes himself off the block, Matt will go up.
  • Matt told him to go ahead and win -- he (Matt) knows he has the votes to stay and isn't worried.
  • Nope, Matt's not worried at all.
  • Kathy and Enzo are the other two playing.
  • Matt told Ragan he's only really playing against three guys -- Brendon, Lane and Hayden.
  • Of course, I should note that Lane's performance in comps isn't any better than Enzo's. Both guys lose just as much as Kathy, but she has trouble from the start -- they just can't finish the job.
  • Ragan fussed, moaned and cried to the point where I had to keep switching cams because I was tired of his drama.
  • Ragan says that if he doesn't win PoV, he might as well go ahead and eat. He's sure he's going home and a penalty nomination wouldn't matter or doesn't apply.
  • The Brigade boys are starting to worry about Matt because he's being so helpful to Ragan, being his confidant and helping him to study quiz questions.
  • Ragan says he's almost as worried about being stuck alone with Rachel for a week as he is of the eviction itself.
  • Now, that might be worth crying about!
  • Ragan cried some more.
  • The others kept studying.
  • But since they've been on indoor lockdown so long, I doubt PoV will be a straight quiz.
  • Brendon, for the most part, has been keeping to himself.
  • Hayden and Enzo, who had seemed like they might cross over to the Brendon Train, are now down on him once again.
  • Everyone is saying that they're not likely to keep in touch with Brendon after they get out.
  • Enzo, Matt and Hayden all think that Ragan needs to go before Kathy.
  • But they also think they need to get Kathy out before the numbers dwindle down.
  • Enzo told Hayden how beautiful his wife is and how he wants to have more children.
  • Aw.
  • They're all asleep as I get this posted.


RyzandShyn said...

Awwww, that IS a sweet thing for Enzo to say.
I'm not sure I understand the hysterics about getting Ragan out. I'd be much more interested in ousting Brit or Matt.
This on-again, off-again affair Hayden and enzo are having with Brendon makes me nervous. Everything about him should scream
"RUN". I could underrtand fooling him but it sounds like they were sincerely entertaining an alliance.

Anonymous said...

If those idiots were smart they get off the Brendon train and finish cleanning house. Get rid of Britnay and Kathy and eventually Matt. Any of the other three would win easily against Brendon in the finally two.

Kathy why are you still there?

I hope Rachel drives that crybaby catty queen Ragan crazy when gets to the jury house.

BJ said...

loved the pants song when it was on American Idol and love it now in jackie's blog. Thanks for the belly laugh.

Nana from the NW said...

Good morning and sunny here in the Seattle area.

Don't they usually have the knowledge quiz the week of the double eviction? It is a quick challenge and when DE is done they have an HOH, POV and another HOH all in one show.

The only scenrio I see Matt using his Dveto is on himself. No one knows he has it so the others will not know he lied to them. Even if Lane were voted out Matt still has Enzo, Hayden, Kathy and probably Britany's vote.

The hamsters need to be careful with Kathy. She could end up like Jordan....never winning so being taken along and then winning the final HOH which led her to winning the game.

I wonder if DR told Brendan he had to change his noms. since he told Brit she was going up. Ragan is right....he's screwed unless he wins POV.

Jackie--"hands down the pants" I was LOL. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

Enzo and Hayden were never serious about Brendan. They know he's a puppet and can be used for a vote.

Why is BB allowing Ragan to pick the tasks for the saboteur? He's going to pick what's easiest. This has been a joke....because nothing physically has been done the HG don't believe anything he says so it is not affecting the game.

Julie's comment about Rachel coming back in the house....maybe she is going to do something like Jesse did when he came back in the monkey suit. I do hope they don't bring her back to play the game. Although it would be funny if she came back the same time Brendan was voted out! I know....I'm a mean girl....LOL

JimmyB said...

I think that once they've been in the Jury House for a short time, the animosity diminishes.

And if Brendon shows up there, that the "once in a lifetime" love ("'re so surreal") will also be gone as far as Rachel is concerned. Her true love was that $500,000.

Joyce said...

I don't like Enzo as much as I once did. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm not respecting him any more. It might have something to do with the way he eats. Bless his heart. On BBAD he chews with his mouth open and makes smacking noises.

Oh Ragan, quit the crying or we are going to be glad to see you go. I don't believe Ragan picks the tasks. BB would never allow that. They control everything.

Cheryl said...

I agree with Joyce. I don't think Regan picks the tasks.

Jackie, I love the song!

monty924 said...

Ragan won POV!

Anonymous said...

Brendon, Please put up Matt...then we might have something interesting to look forward to!

Sally said...

I think perhaps Ragan picks the Saboteur tasks from a short list selected and approved by BB. If he had access to all the ideas submitted, he'd learn house secrets, a huge advantage.

Ragan's gone from a lose-lose to a win-win with the POV: he can't be evicted and he likely will earn the Saboteur's $20,000.

If Brendon replaces Ragan with anyone other than Kathy or Britney, two Bridgade members will be on the block and Matt likely will have to use the DPOV. Will he get his hands dirty and nominate Britney? Will Brendon pull a Chima? The plot thickens...

Nana from the NW said...

Oh please Brendan.....don't waste this HOH....put up Matt. Matt would not have the votes...E/H/B will vote for Lane. It would force him to use the Dveto! Yahoo, the worm would really be squirming this week. Hopefully, Brendan sticks to his word and doesn't bd Brittany.
Jimmy B.--I agree about Rachel's true is the money. If Brendan walks in the door of the Jury House she knows he is not even winning the 50K. She has already told him he needs to win that so she can move to LA.

monty924 said...

I want Brendon to put up Matt. He has the DPoV and will replace himself with Kathy.

I'm worried for Brittany!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

To me it looks like the only scenario will be Kathy going home this week.

If Brendon puts up Matt, Matt uses D'POV and puts up Kathy who gets voted out.

If Brendon puts up Britney, which I don't think he will do, Britney goes home.

But who knows, he may consider Lane and Brit a quasi-couple and so put up Britney in order to break that couple up.

I'm still rooting for Brendon but he forgives and forgets too easily to really play the game correctly.

monty924 said...

That's what I'm worried about, FA. If he thinks Lane and Brittany are a 'pair'/'alliance', he'll put her up and she will go home.


RBennie said...

I'm worried for Britney. I think she's going up either way. If Brendon puts Matt up, he'll use DV and nominate Britney. I'm sure he thinks she is more competition than Kathy. There's always the possibility that Brendon will put Britney up, even though he said he wouldn't backdoor her. Damn why did Ragan have to win POV. I really wanted him to have to spend a week with Rachel alone, LOL.

BJ said...

Who picks the replacement? I thought it was part of the power of the DV to pick who goes up. Matt would choose Brit

RBennie said...

OMG -I just read on Jokers that Rachel is back in the house for 24 hours. Brendon is missing and the hamsters think he had some kind of Pandora's box choice and Rachel got to come back, but he doesn't get to see her. What a hoot!

Anonymous said...

This game is so amazing because Brendon really need to win HOH to stay in the house and he did and now the catty queen some how to managed to win his first POV.

Hayden and Enzo should push Brendon to put up Matt so they won't have any blood on their hands.

Why is that waste of space Kathy still in the house?

If Britney is saved this week let's see if she keeps her word and not put Brendon on the block.

RBennie said...

If Matt uses DV, then he picks the replacement. Brendon will pick replacement when Ragan uses his POV to take himself off the block. DV will only get used if Matt gets put up.

monty924 said...

Rachel is back and Brendon is missing. She's back for 24 hours to ask and answer questions. She fought with Ragan right off the bat, and confronted Brit about her goodbye message. Watching Brittany, you could see that BB edited the crap out of her GB to Rachel.

Typical BB!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yup Monty. Brendon opened Pandora's Box which let Rachel back into the house, BUT made him disappear. I'm guessing they can see, but can't touch one another. Rachel is harassing Brit about her goodbye message.


Matt'll probably go up, use DPV and Brit will be going home.

Joyce said...

I don't think it's quite fair that she's back and complaining about goodbye messages. People will be afraid to really say what they think if they know they will be confronted about their message! I hope they keep Brendon away and they don't get to see each other.

Anonymous said...

That's why STUPID people (BRITNEY & RAGAN) shouldn't say stupid things to somebody going to the jury house. You never know when it'll come back to bite you in the rear.

Hayden & Enzo have been perfect gentleman with everybody's good-bye messages.

Folks you're watching BB there's always a special twist here or there.

So a twist is ONLY unfair when it's a HG you don't like??? I can't stand Matt and I don't think it's fair he got the DPOV but I'm not having a meltdown like some of you are.

At least Rachel has TEMPORARY bought some drama to the zombie HGs!

How much do you wanna bet the HGs are really going to censor themselves with their good-bye messages this Thursday, LOL!

Rochelle said...

RYZandSHYN said- This on-again, off-again affair Hayden and enzo are having with Brendon makes me nervous. Everything about him should scream


I was watching After Dark last night and it was eternally on Brendan and Hayden talking. I still thought Hayden was trying to manipulate Brendan to make choices that protected the brigade but Brendan used the F word litterally every other word.

Jimmy said: I think that once they've been in the Jury House for a short time, the animosity diminishes.

Jimmy, yes and no. I think some people have held grudges and stirred things up to sway the final votes once another person gets into the house. But I could be totally wrong.