Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning - August 21

Britney seriously studying, going over every single comp and everything that happened within them, all by herself in the HOH tub.

Hand down the pants
Hand down the pants
Looking like a weirdo
With your hand down your pants

Call me a broken record, but I just can't see how Matt survives out in public. Most boys stop this habit by the time they're four years old. None of the other guys in the house do this on any sort of regular basis.

Enzo and Lane watching a daddy-longlegs.
Enzo said it walked with a swagger.

When I last left you, Britney had just nominated Enzo and Brendon. Enzo isn't a serious "need to go home" nomination at all -- a definite pawn. Brendon is the target. If he gets off the block, Matt will go up and be backdoored. Here's the latest:
  • The sentiment in the house is definitely turning on Matt.
  • With the exception of Ragan, of course.
  • While Brendon is THE target, all of the alternate plans have Matt being backdoored.
  • I think Matt might realize this. I'm getting the feeling that he trusts his Brigade boys less than he does his Ragan.
  • Britney had promised not to nominate Matt.
  • Britney had a big talk with Enzo, Hayden and Lane about how she would put up Brendon but needed a pawn ... and the PAWN WON'T GO HOME no matter if Brendon wins POV and saves himself.
  • That's because Matt would be backdoored.
  • Just before noms, she grabbed Matt to ask him if he'd be a pawn. The feeds cut out for the noms, but we found out later that he said, "No! No!"
  • So that's when she put Enzo on the block.
  • Matt is surprised Lane hasn't gained weight as he has never been a Have Not and hasn't been working out as much as he normally would.
  • I think Lane looks a bit trimmer than he did at the start of the season. It's not because he hasn't been eating. He's always snacking and munching.
  • Britney and Enzo had a talk. She again swore he won't go home.
  • He, although probably ticked to be on the block for the first time, understands and is putting his trust into Britney and his boys. He knows the target is Brendon and the back-up plan if Brendon wins POV.
  • If Enzo wins POV, he will save himself (he's no Marcellas) and Britney will put up Matt.
  • They'll then decide who's the biggest threat -- Matt who's playing the entire house or Brendon, disliked by all.
  • Britney would be the tiebreaker as it will be an even group voting this week.
  • It turns out Lane is a pro at the grill, growing up around them in his father's business. He's used to bigger fancier ones, though.
  • Enzo liked his broccoli.
  • They've decided the whole POV comp will be based on "how bad you want it."
  • Methinks Brendon is the one who wants it the most.
  • The only one not playing in the POV is Ragan. He's hosting.
  • Brendon cried alone in the Have Not room. He has never been in a situation like this in which he's been so disliked.
  • I think the early relationship with Rachel and shunning the rest of the house are the roots of his problems. Had he not teamed up with her and her over-the-top obnoxious at times personality, he could very well have been popular in the house. He's not a bad guy but definitely has bad taste in women.
  • But "love" is blind and it will eventually cost him in the game.
  • In talking to herself (and the Internet), Britney mentioned that Kathy and Andrew were the only ones who cleaned the house. Brendon, likely to be voted out this week, was the third. She guesses she'll have to get into cleaning herself.
  • Britney and Hayden talked alone. They think they'd stand a better chance against Brendon than they would Matt in a memory test. They think Matt knows it all. Hayden is also worried about who Matt would put on the block if he got HOH.
  • Hayden should be the least worried in the house. He's universally liked by all. No one should want to be next to him in the final two, but I don't think they're really seeing that.
  • Hayden won't cuss during the Showtime hours as his grandmother watches.
  • Britney told Lane that this is the only chance he'll ever have to live with her.
  • While I do think they'd be a good couple per se, Britney has been nothing but loyal to her fiance Nick.
  • Nick should be very happy about that.
  • Lane and Hayden talked about possibly keeping Brendon over Matt. Lane definitely wants Brendon out before the final three. However, it might be smarter to make a power move and get Matt out.
  • Hayden mentioned if he won POV, he might just pull Brendon off the block.
  • Oh my. I doubt he will, though. I doubt he'll win and, if he does, I don't think he'd make a bold move like that. He's sitting pretty and that would get blood on his hands. He's not the smartest player ever. He's no diabolical genius in the game. But he's not dumb enough to make enemies, either.
  • Brendon is showing that he's not in the game for the right reasons once again.
  • He should be there to win a half-million dollars.
  • He's gone from being willing to give up that win for Rachel to now telling Enzo his main goal in the game is to get Britney, Matt and Ragan out of the house so they don't win. Apparently he's okay with a Lane, Hayden or Enzo win.
  • Now Hayden has changed his mind again. Now he wants to pull Enzo off the block if he wins POV.
  • Hayden and Lane are definitely turning to want Matt out more than Brendon.
  • Now Enzo has gone from being sure that Kathy was the saboteur to thinking Matt was.
  • Oh my. I think they'll chicken out, but it looks like Matt better fight for his life in the POV.
  • Enzo and Hayden talked to Brendon about the backdoor Matt plan.
  • Brendon is willing to go for it. Of course, why wouldn't he? He'd stay in the game and one of his targets would be out!
  • Brendon denied crying when Enzo asked him about all of the tissues in the trash.
  • Britney told Lane that a lot of people find her annoying and rude when they first meet her. But if they give her time, they find that there's a lot more to her personality and that's just the way she is.
  • She also claims to be loud and abrasive.
  • In my own life, loud and abrasive people grate on my nerves.
  • Them and people who violate my bubble. I need my space.
  • This will be the first POV with all of the Brigade members.
  • Yet the Brigade is definitely having structural flaws right now.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.

To combat the "lights stay on in the bedrooms until BB decides to turn them off," Brendon always uses an eyemask.

They've decided the new grill is actually a used one -- probably the same one as last year. Well, it would make more sense to just clean it up and re-use it year to year. It's not like it gets a ton of use as they tend to bring it out so late in the seasons.


RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
My oh my, the flip-flopping is tedious to keep up with but fun since it's an indication that they are all thinking game.
I would be hoping for a way to get Matt out at this point. Brendon too, but I'd go with Matt first. He's proved himself in endurance comps and is also smart enough to do well with memory comps. He's somewhat secretive and isn't spewing every thought in his head to his friends. Brendon can still be manipulated if need be. I'd rest easier with him there and Matt out.
Matt's constant hand position reminds me of the weird-yet- understandable self-soothing, stress-busting, self-stimulatory techniques I've seen kids with emotional disturbances do :)

Holly C said...

I hope they do go for Matt before Brendon. They all should be thinking of taking him to the final two...he would only have Rachel's jury vote so whomever he was with would be a shoe in...imo Thanks Jackie for keeping me updated=)

chris said...

i agree

ORKMommy said...

I think any of them could win against Brendon or Matt so why aren't they trying to get the popular ones out? Do they really plan on handing $500K to Hayden or Lane? I just don't get how this season's hamsters are so into their friendships and keeping the peace. It just doesn't make sense to me!

Does anyone know if next will be a live double eviction or just a double eviction week?

RyzandShyn said...

I believe Julie said it was going to play out on the live show Thursday. At least that's what I heard and pysched myself up for.

chris said...

ork mommy
i think matt would win the money hands down in final two, just with ragan crying how much he loves him and how matts poor wifey needs the money.
i want him out
live double eviction is what i heard too

Anonymous said...

If BB wants to ensure Matt's early exit from the house this Thursday they should have another memory game. He and his Rachel haven't won one yet.

Once Matt's out the house that mega hypocrite diva Rachel2 will be even more useless than he already is

Oh, Ragan..I mean Rachel2 me and the BB eye thinks you will be joining your twin sister at the jury house very soon.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Question:

Any reason why BB doesn't show Lane shirtless? Does has one of those rude tatoos they can't show on television?

Last week he was in the DR shirtless but they only showed his face and no body shots.

Anonymous said...

Hamsters, PLEASE PLEASE,send MATT HOME, I am so tired of looking at him with his hand down his pants,in the real world I now will be very cautious about shaking any one hand, I trully understand why Howie Mandell wont do it, Matt is totally disgusting I wonder if his wife reads blogs or watch the live feeds, if so she must be embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Hayden is liked by all and I see few ways he does not win the whole enchilada at this point. I think they will all regret keeping him even if they find him quite likeable. Even Matt is blinded by Hayden and claims to be a super genius. If he was, he would see Hayden is not trustworthy as the house believes.

I would like to see Matt go, I never have been able to get past the lie about his wife. He did not need to do this and even his wife said it was wrong and unncessary.

But I also look forward to Enzo going with some of the names he calls women behind their backs and his arrogance is as bad as Matt's.

I have always been turned off by arrogant and conceited people.


Sally said...

Maybe Lane has trimmed down because he hasn't been drinking "Muscle Milk," that wonderful product that he told Julie tastes like Thanksgiving dinner. I think I'll pass.

I'd be happy if both Brendon and Matt were shown the door on Thursday night. And Ragan could follow next week.

Sounds like I am actively rooting against the intelligentsia. I think this year's group of bright, well-educated houseguests has been especially annoying. Like Ronnie was last year.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking last night watching BBAD....why Lane is never shirtless, never goes in the pool, or totally in the hot tub. Weird.

I want Matt to leave ASAP. It would be a bold move to get him out this week. Then Enzo.

Laurie said...

RyzandShyn, I agree about the "self-soothing, stress-busting" thing and Matt's hands in his pants. You can tell he has a ton of nervous energy and I think this is one way he calms himself down and he is mostly unaware of it.

I've been under tremendous stress this week and the other day I realized I was twirling my hair around with my finger like I did when I was a kid. I had been doing it for quite some time before I was conscious of it. Good thing I wasn't also sucking my thumb since I was at work!

JimmyB said...

Everyone's down on Matt, yet he's easily one of the best players this season. He's even been very loyal at times beyond necessity.

Other than his weak lies; I don't think he deserves all of the criticism.

RBennie said...

I think backdooring Matt is a great plan for Brendon, Enzo, Lane and Hayden - not so much for Britney. I think Matt is more of an ally for her than any of those guys, with the exception of Lane, and I think he would let Enzo and Hayden influence him.

RyzandShyn said...

the hair twirling is a good one.
Everyone has them, no big deal. Matt's is just kinda in your face germy with sexual overtones, so who wants to see it all the time? I'm also really good at procrastination. The computer is (IMO) the best procrastination device invented.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I've seen Lane shirtless in the pool. He just doesn't run around with his shirt off or open like some of the others.

It took Matt awhile before he was walking around with his sweatshirt unzipped, but now he swaggers around like a daddy-long-legs.

I think Matt is undergoing a self-esteme boost in the house, especially with the wild love he's getting from Ragan. I think this is Matt's first time as an alpha male in a relationship (with Ragan) and that's why he likes Ragan so much.

Also, Ragan is smart and from the short interview with Matt's terminally ill wifey, she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Matt needs some sort of intellectual stimulation, being a DSG.

I think he secretly wants Ragan to make a move and the hands down the pants is sort of his invitation, his perpetual pointing to his genetalia.

I hope Matt goes this week, if only to see cry baby Ragan melt down.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Lane is funny, lately when BB voice calls him out, he yells back. It's awfully cute. Hayden tried to do the same but it just wasn't as endearing as when Lane does it.

I don't get why everyone loves Hayden.

Enzo had potential to secure some sort of media gig after this show, but he may have sabotaged himself with his misogynist-bombs. Baller the Second?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I keep forgetting to post about this. How many times have we heard the hamsters getting so excited about something in the house that "makes BB history"?

They make it sound like it will be included in the next version of History textbooks in the U.S. don't they?

I guess that's what happens when your world gets very, very small.

Same with how they think about how they'll be celebs after they get out! Hah, for real? Even the ones that actually *do* get other gigs, I wouldn't exactly call them "celebs" or anything. Ragan is worrying that when he gets out, he won't be able to go to bars to relax. Chill Ragan, you will.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I have a bone to pick with the BB producers.

Unless they have the Pandora's Box scripted, how is it not just gross manipulation by BB?

For example, did they wait til they knew Matt was the HOH before they determined that the dPOV was the prize?

And when Brendon was HOH, would the massage and Rachel in the house have been the PB consequence if any other houseguest had won?

I think it sucks, if they specifically handed the dPOV to Matt just to keep him in the house.

As Brendon says, Matt gets dPOV and all he gets is a massage. That's bullshit.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I find it interesting that when they talk about who would win the $25k, they think Enzo will get it (and so do I, although it may also be Kathy because everyone knows her financial story).

If they truly thought Matt's wife was ill, they would think that America would give Matt the 25k for his wife.

Does this mean that deep down, they don't really believe it? I don't think they realize it but if they started examining how they feel, if they don't think America would vote to give Matt the 25k, then they must have subliminal suspicions that Matt really doesn't desperately need the money.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Have the POV players been picked? Jackie, how do you know that Ragan isn't playing? What'd I miss?

Anonymous said...

FA, funny insights you have. I agree with you. I totally think you are right about the reasons he like Ragan so much and yes, it would be funny to see Ragan melt down and cry if Matt was backdoored. He would be so mad, lol.
It is also a good point about the prize being determined based on who is HOH. Brendon should have recieved something useful.

Anonymous said...

JimmyB, I think Matt is interesting and agree that he isn't so bad except for the lie about his wife but she doesn't even seem bothered by it so who cares. She doesn't seem too bright but I have a feeling it makes Matt feel superior and he like it that way. He may have a bit of "little man syndrome" but so be it at least he is playing a game and not trying to make friends so much.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Heh, thanks Anon, I usually think I'm alone in my wacky perceptions.

monty924 said...

This is a long PoV comp. Hope the outcome is worth it! ;)

meb said...

I like Hayden because he is respectful most of the time, but... he needs to go, because they all do like him and if he gets to F2, he's gonna win the big one.

I just think Brit has played a good game and I would like to see her get to the end. She makes me laugh as well. BBAD after the DPOV was SO GOOD! I don't usually watch it all but I did that night.

Lane was so funny about Matt's speech. He knew Matt was just pulling Brendon's leg... and was trying to figure out what Matt had made the DPOV out of.. was it from a bar of soap, or something he found in the backyard.. he said he was thinking Matt should just sit down, that he was embarrassing himself. Lane said he had his speech all memorized and was afraid Matt was going to make him forget it. And he did forget most of.

Too funny!

monty924 said...

PoV competition is still going on. Man, this is a long one. Hmmm! Matt is good at endurance. Wonder what the competition is?

Lili said...

Ragan whining on BBAD last night about fearing that post BB he won't be able to return to his normal routine of going out EVERY Friday and Saturday to bars with friends and drinking till drunk because he will be constantly approached by people/fans was surreal.

He didn't want to be rude to people, didn't want to have to talk about BB and Brenchel, just wanted "his anonmity back" so he could relax with friends and drink to excess on a weekly basis like the mature 34 yr old PhD college professor anti-bullying activist role model that he is.

Tonight I fully expect him to start imagining legions of paprazzi trailing his every move and teams of hetrosexual women at his door wanting him to be their sperm donor.

I'm so hoping Brendon wins the POV, Matt is backdoored and Ragan follows right after in the double eviction. That way they can sit in the JH while obsessing about Brenchel & their upcoming world wide fame the likes of which even George Clooney cannot fathom 24/7 and I can watch BBAD in peace.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Someone (Brendon?) won POV

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

This is AWESOME!!!!

Now Brit gets to show who she is, whether she keeps her word to backdoor Matt!


FA (Formerly Anon) said...

How odd that within the past day, Brendon said he'd be willing to "shave anything" and now he's got a bald head and the POV.

Was he tipped off, or? Just a bit odd.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Waaaa! Britney is crying to Lane about how everything SUCKS for her!


Anonymous said...

Ragan already whining and mewling and puking about the POV not being fair. He can go and cry all day.
I hope Matt goes up and Ragan follows him out the door. What a great day that would be!!!!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Brit claims she didn't get any prize, she left the comp with all 50 points (seems they had 50 points to bid on various prizes)

Lane won the phone call from home.

Somebody won $5k, someone won a Hawaii vacation.

Anonymous said...

WhooooHoooo, YES, I am so happy, can't wait to see Brittany and
Ragan cry and whine like two year olds.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Lili said:

"Tonight I fully expect him to start imagining legions of paprazzi trailing his every move and teams of hetrosexual women at his door wanting him to be their sperm donor."

and I can't stop laughing!!

Lars said...

WTG Brendon!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Lane and Brit think Matt won both the $5k and the vacation.

Britney is mystified as to why Matt wasn't fighting for his life in the POV since he repeatedly asked her not to put him up.

So why didn't he fight? Is he acting calm and assured like prior weeks, thinking he'll headfake them out into thinking he has *another* super power? Does Matt have an ace in the hole somewhere that we don't know about?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Some of the (apparent) other options were:

donate all your clothes to charity (brit hesitated before buzzing in on this one, and seems to have lost it to Enzo.

Brit had been expecting Enzo to bid on all the prizes because Brit had told him he was safe no matter what. She was surprised to see he *didn't* go after prizes! Hah Brit, I guess that means he thinks your word is worthless? Heh

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Oops, left off the other options, or something close:

3 weeks of being a have not

- take a bath in a tub full of chum
- 24 hours being handcuffed to... ?

It appears that both Brendon and Brit won the handcuff one -- I think (hah, this should be good)

ML said...

I am very entertained.......... by everyone's witty play-by -play!
ps.. yay Brendon. You go girl.

Lili said...

This is the best day so far of the whole season, cannot wait to see BBAD tonight , and the POV comp Sunday!

This is the second comp Matt has thrown: we all saw him do the big smirk and thumbs up when he threw the HOH Britney won, and now the comp today.

Is it because he feels he is at the helm of two alliances and is safe anytime Brendon isn't HOH? Or is he realizing things are going south for him in the BG and he decided to grab all possible cash and prizes on the way out?

So show of hands: who do we think Ragan will throw under the bus to Britney to be replacement nom for Brendon's spot to keep his cuddle muffin Matt safe? I'm guessing Hayden, what do you guys think?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I don't know Lili, but I can't wait to see that conversation between Ragan and Brit!

Wait, no, that's not true, it will probably be a really nauseating conversation.

I've seen Matt and Ragan talking together today, but so far haven't seen them with Brit. The Brigade Minus Matt (BMM) is keeping Britney occupied in her HOH room.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Just thought of something funny. What if this week, they all go around joking with Matt about how cool he is (as in--not nervous about going on the block) and so he must have another secret veto power, hah hah, and so he's the perfect one to go on the block with Enzo, hah hah, because then you can SAVE yourself at the last minute (snicker) just like before! Hah, hah, it will be SO funny!

That's how I'd play it if I were in Brit's shoes.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Ragan is napping and the DSG is laying down thinking really, really, really hard about how to get out of this situation. He must either throw Ragan under the bus or throw the Brigade under the bus this week.

He's finally at that crossroad.

(although most likely he'll do both but still end up going up and home himself)

Joe in NY said...

This is the best possible news for us viewers. Here's hoping she puts Matt up then we'll have some fun.

joyn said...

It would be great to see Matt's ego deflate!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Rachel2 to either put his head in the oven or try to drown his mega hypocrite pathetic self in the pool. There's going to be a lot of tears until and maybe after Thursday.

Britney prepare to get your danity mitts all bloody. Once you evict Ragan/Rachel2's jock strap lover he's going to turn all that foamy Rachel hate towards you. You better lock yourself in your HOH room girl because he's going to scratch your eyes out, pull out your hair and push you down the stairs girlfriend!!!!

Enzo me and BB eye haven't forgot about you.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Anon 9:02 that's brutal, lol.

I hope when these Bubbles(TM) stop we see Britney handcuffed to Brendon.

Now *that's* brutal!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Wha...? Britney had an hour workout session with Jessie??? Huh?

Lars said...

8/21/2010 9:02 PM
Haha did you watch BB UK?
John James note to Josie,
now he is worse than Brendon, Matt perhaps...

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Hah, OK, Brit opened Pandora's Box and she was trapped with Jessie and the rest of everyone got a huge party outside! LOL

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

"I didn't hate him when he was on BB, but in person, he's just a douche!"

--Britney, speaking about Jessie


Joe in NY said...

Yes, I agree with several of you. Really not a good week for Brit to be HOH, although she couldn't know it going in since she still didn't quite grasp the existence of the Brigade. Of course, the Brendon-Free Six probably figured this was the last easy week to be HOH since they still had good old Brendon to pick on.

It is amazing, I really can't remember a previous season where two people (Brenchel) so totally dominated the consciousness of the house. EVERY week was somehow about them and still is. I wonder how different a game it would have been had they not been in there. Does anyone remember a season where almost all the evictions were unanimous? (Except for the occasional "Kathy vote".)

The formerly DA Brigade actually did a good job keeping themselves secret BUT, looking back, I'm not sure they were much of a force in the house. Brenchel won a lot of comps and dominated the house in those weeks. The other weeks were all about getting rid of Brenchel and the house was unanimous in its votes.

Very strange season. Certainly not the worst season, but also not the best. Has the chance to move up depending on how the last few weeks go.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I officially do not like Hayden. He just said that he almost wishes than instead of getting the Hawaiian Luau party in the backyard, he would have rather hung out with Jessie for the hour.

I always suspect Hayden was a douche, too.

Joe in NY said...

LOL! Nice one BB with Brit's Pandora's Box.

Grading the HGs for the season (my humble opinion):

Enzo - non-factor. Played a decent social game but everyone is now suspicious of him anyway and he couldn't beat Kathy in a comp! D

Hayden - Great come back. Early target after being the first HOH. Hasn't won anything but is that his strategy. Best social game of anyone, they all like him. B

Lane - Big lovable dufus. Would be a St. Bernard if he was a dog. Good social game but divided attention and loyalty with Brit. Surprisingly hasn't won anything. B

Matt - Played hard in most comps. Won a couple. Got very lucky with dPOV. Unnecessarily duplicitous at times. Somehow has managed to make everyone but Ragan distrust him so he is not as good a liar as he thinks. Done just enough to stay in the house, but probably not enough to win since he is a target for almost everyone now. B+

Brendon - Tale of two Brendons. Played pretty well since Rachel left. She messed up his game. People blame him for her behavior but he tried several times to ask her to apologize or be nicer to the other hgs. Won possibly the most comps of any hg this season: 1 HOH and 3 POVs (I think tied with Britney). Been a target since week 1 but still there. At this point might have a chance to go much further. B+

Ragan - why is he not a target? Very catty but fits in well in a very catty house. Hasn't won much (1 POV?) but just enough to stay alive. Frankly, might have derailed his game a bit with his bromance with Matt. Don't personally like him but he's played a good game overall. B-

Britney - Possibly the best in the house this season. Was a target early on with Monet, but her social game really flipped her fortunes and everyone (even Brenchel) liked her. Was a warrior in comps, I believe tied with Brendon for most won. Might have tripped up this week by getting her hands a little too dirty but we'll see how she plays it out. Kind of girl I'd love to sleep with, hate to date, and could NOT be friends with...but she has game. A-

I know a lot of y'all have been saying Matt has played the best game, but I don't see it that way. Despite his DAB antics, they weren't that big a force except when Matt himself was HOH but Matt let himself get derailed a bit with the Brenchel debacle. He's managed to make everyone but Ragan distrust him despite having "alliances" with everyone. His braggadocio made him a bigger target than he needed to be and he might regret this week wasting the dPOV and not making a bigger move. He could have gotten out Enzo (if he was sticking with Brit/Ragan) or Britney (if he was sticking with the Brigade) last week which might have served him better this week. Instead he got rid of Kathy which helped him not at all.

My 3-1/2 cents. Gives you something to fight about :)

Joe in NY said...
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Joe in NY said...
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Joe in NY said...
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Joe in NY said...
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Joe in NY said...

can't wait for Thursday

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Jessie: "What do you want to work on?"

Britney: "Escape routes out of this room."

Joe in NY said...

FA (Formerly Anon) said...
Jessie: "What do you want to work on?"

Britney: "Escape routes out of this room."

8/21/2010 10:05 PM

LMAO! Britney cracks me up.

ML said...

Hilarious anon 9:02! Joe- always the teacher- love it.

Sydney said...

Aaah, the plot thickens really really thick-ly, thicker thickety thick.

I would bring those eye things too. Good idea. And they match his shirt too.

Holly C -- I hope they get rid of Matt before Brendan too. It's risky because Brendan is good at comps, but Matt-- maybe Matt should stay in as he'd get less jury votes if he's so unpopular?