Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Night - August 28

Ragan must be pondering his future
in the jury house with Rachel and Brendon.

Here are today's events from inside that Big Brother House of Flying Pigs:
  • There was a power outage, then partial power before the hamsters really got up and going for the day.
  • Ragan kept on studying.
  • As we now know, it was to no avail. The comp wasn't on house knowledge, nor was it the faces morph.
  • They rehash bashed Brendon and Rachel.
  • Enough already!
  • An extensive feeds block went up as the comp went down.
  • Ragan was upset when the feeds came back up.
  • He thinks Enzo grabbed something from him in the comp causing him to lose and Enzo to win.
  • Apparently it was one of the comps where they have to find clues/HG pictures or something.
  • Enzo saw Ragan heading towards something and beat him to it.
  • From what they're saying, there wasn't any physical contact -- Enzo just cut in front of him to grab the clue (whatever).
  • So Enzo has the PoV and finally won something.
  • It's only taken him all season.
  • He's sure to take himself off the block.
  • Lane might put up Hayden -- Hayden already had volunteered before Lane decided Enzo in the first place.
  • It's more likely Britney will go up.
  • Either way, Ragan is the target and should be going home this week.
  • Most likely unanimously once again.


lynn1 said...

Ragan should not feel too bad, he's already got $20 grand for doing almost nothing as the saboteur and if he goes to the Jury House this week he can be with his cuddle buddy Matt.

joyn said...

I can just hear all the screeching that will go on in the jury house when Ragan arrives.

Wonder if Ragan will admit to the others that he was the 2nd saboteur?

Anonymous said...

Hayden is an idiot-- are you telling me Brittany would vote to keep him,
One rule of BB


lynn1 said...

Anon 11:09 I personally think Hayden is a Pompous Idiot.
All Enzo has to do is spill the beans on Hayden winning the $5000 and the trip to Hawaii during the Veto competition and he could be leaving.
Maybe he is a teflon Hamster and all the crapola won't stick.

Sharon S said...

I'm flummoxed. Enzo really won something? Even if he did have to use someone else's skills to do it, I'm more than a bit surprised. Poor Ragan. Poor Brit. I hope Brit has a plan. I wanted to see one of them win, since they played so hard the whole time, instead of riding the coattails of circumstances.

joyn said...

Enzo, like Ragan and Britney, won POV('s) when they really needed to.

I'm hoping they'll be talking about the comp tonight on SHO.

Lili said...

Ragan is such a tool, blinded by his ridiculous hatred of Brenchel it took him SEVEN LONG WEEKS to come to the conclusion that Hay/Enzo/Lane & Matt have an alliance. I'm sorry, how many weeks ago did Kristen point that fact out to Britney and Ragan????

For a PhD in Communications he speaks annoyingly poorly, and he can't seem to get a paragraph out without scratching himself.

And for someone who claims to be a BB scholar he can't see the forest, or the alliances, for the trees.

Anonymous said...

I think they probably had the Otev comp. They have had that one about this time the last 3 years I think.

Anonymous said...

Enzo won? Wow.

I can't believe Hayde volunteered to be put in Enzo's place. Since there are only 5 left, don't only the 2 who are not nominated vote? HOH can't vote, right?

So, if Hayden goes up, Britney and Enzo could decide to get rid of Hayden. Enzo has to know something's going on; and Britney, she should have a clue by now. I do not want to see Hayden go, but if he goes up, I think he's a goner.


Anonymous said...

why are they wearing sock puppets and not drinking out of cups?

Anon-MA said...

Why would Lane put up Hayden as the 'pawn'? To keep Brit thinking he's still her 'buddy'? He has to put her up and keep her trust by ensuring Hayden & Enzo vote for Ragan. I would LOVE to see Hayden go up as the pawn and then for Enzo to turn on him and tell Brit about the prizes.

I'm kind of rooting for Enzo now. Maybe because of how well he carried a penguin suit & Fedora. Maybe because of how often he was a have not. Maybe because watching where Ragan was headed and beating him to the prize (in pov) is good game play. He literally beat Ragan at his own game.

He has to know that Lane and Hayden ain't no way taking him to the finals. All is well and good when there are 10 or 6 houseguests, but they're not aligning with the Jersey Boy in the end. I think when push comes to shove they don't completely 'understand' Enzo.

Okay. Too much psychobabble for a Sunday morning!!!! Have a good one guys.

RyzandShyn said...

A Brit, Ragan, Enzo, Lane sounds like it would be exciting for us, but Hayden going up on the block as Enzo's replacement and then being voted out seems like too big of a move for these hamsters to pull off.
Enzo might think he needs Lane with him to win at F2, but I think Lane might think he needs Hayden there to get to the F2.
I hope Ragan and Brit talk F2, but I think Brit is too far into Lane's promises to listen.

chris said...

enzo would keep hayden
even if brit turned on hayden, which i dont think she will, cause of lane
the tie would be lanes to break.
brit at this point will do what lane asks
interesting to see who makes final 3
if brit does i see her going to final two choosing lane to sit against her.
lane may worry that if enzo gets to choose he wont choose him

Anonymous said...

Way off topic: Jackie, I have a question I hope you will answer. I'm 79 years old and scheduled for Knee replacement. I am so afraid of the pain afterward. Is it tolerable or will I bawl like a baby? Thanx

Fred M said...

FWIW here's my take - I think Lane and Brit are the true alliance. Ragan goes home, and then both Land and Brit get to play for HOH. If one wins, guarantee Hayden/Enzo goes up.

Of course Hay/Enz could win HOH or even POV, but I think in the end, we'll see that those two were the true alliance.

K in WI said...

I caught a little bit of BBAD last night, and as Anon at 7:19 noted, they were all wearing and talking with sock puppets. They were hilarious, especially Lane's puppet with the mini baseball. Didn't realize they weren't using cups, but Enzo was drinking the wine from the bottle--I thought he was just being selfish, lol.

It sounded like wearing the puppets was some sort of punishment for the group (for singing perhaps?).

I hope they show the puppets on the show. Hayden was really good with his.

K in WI said...

should be "especially Lane's with the mini baseball CAP"

Of course Enzo's puppet had his hat on too. Ragan had a bow tie, and Hayden and Brit had long hair.

Jackie said...

Anon regarding the knee replacement -- Although I was a lot younger for mine, you're probably in the same pre-surgery boat I was. Your knee hurts all the time, right? You can't sleep well, walk well, even sit for long periods of time, right?

Well, knee replacement is a lot pain. But they do give you decent drugs to counteract the pain. And, my first thoughts regarding the pain was that it was totally different. Instead of the futility I felt pre-surgery, I could feel the knee getting better day by day after replacement. The physical therapy was the hardest (and at times the most abruptly painful but it went away soon) thing I've done in my life.

But it was all worthwhile. Now, two years later, that knee has NO PAIN WHATSOEVER. I can occasionally notice it's not my "real knee" due to noises and a little lurch now and then. But NO PAIN. I have to get the other one done.

It is a scary thing and it will hurt. But, in the end, it's a healing hurt while you're facing never-ending pain now and probably for more than a few years.

Keep us in the loop to how you do. And work at the physical therapy!