Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Afternoon, August 15

Brendon's back!

Rachel's gone again! YES!

The big 24-hour visit with Rachel is done and over. Hopefully we won't see her again in the house. Here's the latest on what's gone down since I last posted:
  • Rachel continued to talk with everyone.
  • She's definitely trying to get Lane, Enzo and Hayden to get in with Brendon and turn on Matt.
  • She kept telling Lane, Enzo and Hayden that Matt, Britney and especially Ragan have caused all of the issues in the house.
  • Meanwhile, she had another long talk with Ragan, they hugged and apologized to each other.
  • He was still condescending, but this time she listened. Of course, she had been in the Diary Room prior and they may have influenced her attitude.
  • Rachel had another blow-up with Britney over Britney telling her that Brendon thought the saboteur was Enzo.
  • Enzo thinks Rachel was sent in to stir up trouble.
  • So do I.
  • The Britney/Rachel fight lasted as long, if not longer, than the earlier Ragan/Rachel fight.
  • But Britney didn't call Rachel a parrot-face.
  • If Rachel's plan was to cast suspicion on Matt with the boys, it worked.
  • They were already a bit suspicious, but now even more so.
  • We know that part of Matt's suspicious not worrying about nominations behavior is he knows he can always get himself off the block with the diamond POV.
  • The Brigade, sans Matt, agreed that if Matt goes on the block against Lane this week, it will be Matt going home.
  • Matt himself wants Britney to go on the block and for her to go home.
  • Enzo thinks Brendon wants Matt out.
  • That's a definite possibility.
  • But it ain't gonna happen.
  • Rachel, who won't be seeing Brendon, wants to find a way to tell him what to do.
  • She told Kathy the Diary Room told her to find a creative way.
  • I suppose banner planes are out, eh?
  • Rachel also told Kathy that Brendon's best move would be to backdoor Matt.
  • But we all know ... ain't gonna happen. If he needs it to save himself, Matt will use that veto. I don't think he'll use it otherwise.
  • I want Brendon to put Matt on the block and for Matt to pull out the veto on the live eviction show just for the drama.
  • It would likely mean Britney going home if that happens since he can't put Regan (POV) or Brendon (HOH) on the block and everyone else is Brigade.
  • I don't think Matt's ready to turn on the Brigade just yet.
  • Then, a bit after 11:30 their time this morning, Rachel was out.
  • Brendon wasn't back yet.
  • After about 45 minutes and blocked feeds, Brendon was back.
  • It's very possible they got a few minutes to meet up with such a time lapse.
  • Brendon told them he opened Pandora's Box.
  • He was taken away and got a massage.
  • Now he wants to talk to each one alone to see what they say.
  • Stop on back at 8 PM ET for the show blog party!

Rachel and Ragan hug.
I kept on looking for lightning in the sky.

Kathy - Just me and my monkey


Anonymous said...

I would love to see Matt have to use the diamond POV just for the drama, otherwise I think the rest of the season is going to be boring. I hate to see him put Britney up though, she is the only entertainment left in the house. Would love to see Kathy go up and go home.
Thanks for the update.

RBennie said...

Oh man, I think Britney's toast! The only way out of trouble for her as I see it is for Brendon to replace Ragan with Kathy. I don't think Matt would expose the DV just to get rid of Britney. I wish I could mindmeld with Brendon for just a minute and convince him to do that, LOL. Probably the only way it could happen!

Anonymous said...

jackie, i SOOO want matt to use the Diamond pov for the drama as well! its going to be great to see all their faces! i just hate that we have to wait for thursday for the drama!!!!
debh in HOT calif!!

joyn said...

So glad Rachel is outta there. Again! I guess she was the bad thing for the house after Brendon opened the box. It was a bad thing for most of us too. But that massage didn't last 24 hours. Isn't anyone in the house questioning that?

I hope R&B didn't get a chance to talk. BB bending the rules a bit again?

I'd also like for Matt to have to use his little prize. Drama that doesn't include Rachel would be wonderful!

Justene said...

I am pretty sure the rulebook applies to the contestants. BB gets to throw whatever they want at them. Until the viewer decides it is unfair and leaves.

Suzanne said...

Rachel was the bad unleashed on the house when Brendan opened Pandora's that it? Do you think BB gave her a mission and if she accomplishes it, she gets extra money? I am just trying to see how any of this could have a plan behind it, because so far, it is just irritating.

JimmyB said...

I agree there's no rule book for BB/producers. They write it, I guess they can make adjustments along the way.

lynn1 said...

In addition to there being no rules for the BB producers there doesn't seem to be much logic or common sense in the mix either.

joyn said...

I guess you're all right about the rules. They're doing things a little differently these past few seasons. It just seems less and less "reality" and more and more "finagled" to make it go the way the producers want it to.

Anonymous said...

The BB producers ruined this season at the begining by not taking Jackie's advice about having HGs with different ages and nationalities in the house.

Ragan has moved to my most hated HG list

Britney should try to convince Brendon to put up Matt. She was sucessful getting him to change his mind before.

Why is Kathy there?

Hayden and Enzo should flip a coin to see which one wins the money

CBS should really consider canceliing the two hour finale they have planned. Not necessary.

I'm going to get my lawn chair and sit outside and watch the grass grow because now that Rachel's gone it's going to be a boring, dull and quiet house until Thursday.

Nina said...

I think Matt will put up Kathy not Britney. Matt can't stand Kathy and he'd love to get her out during Brendan's HOH. The one in most danger this week just may be Kathy. Also y is everyone convinced the DPOV will be used Thurs., it's a POV, shouldn't it be used tomorrow during the POV ceremony??

JimmyB said...

Show will obviously be starting very late on the east coast due to dumb golf.

I prefer to watch paint dry.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever watch the original first Paradise Hotel. It was really entertaining. When the show was over they did an E True Hollywood Story on that show with the producers. They kept changing things up as things also changed on the show with the cast members. It was a very entertaining show. It goes to show too how producers CAN switch things up so the show stays really interesting for the viewers. That show really did it right. This is the most boring BB to date.

meb said...

Nina, I think the Diamond POV can only be used on eviction night. I think...not certain. The regular POV can be used during the POV ceremony. If Brendon puts Matt up, replacing Ragan on the block, Matt would not take himself off the block until just before time to vote for eviction, and, HE, not Brendon. gets to name his replacement. It would leave the other 2 Brigade members, since Lane is already up there, and Britney and Kathy that he would have to choose from.

Now THAT would be drama, and I hope it goes down just like that with Kathy being put up. Britney deserves to stay in the house IMHO, because she, at least, is playing the game, even if she's telling stories (lies)to further her game. That's what you do... you're there to win the money.. I'd be telling all sorts of tales, where you'd be so confused, you wouldn't know what was true or not. Integrity in the BB house... Bleh as Jackie says.

Kathy just lays there, I'm tired of looking at her, she needs to go!

Lars said...

Jackie is there going to be a delay due to golf?
First 60 mins?

meb said...

Just getting ready to ask the same questions Lars. Golf is still on and we have to go through 60 minutes after that. AHHHHHH!

joyn said...

It's gonna be a late nite!

Anonymous said...

sixty minutes is still on... -jeannemarie

Anonymous said...

he needs some serious help if he thinks he and rachel will be together after the show and they are in the real world! -jeannemarie

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Brendon put up Matt and have Matt use the Diamond POV. Yes, drama will ensue, but the best part of the drama will be the rest of The Brigade realizing that Matt is a sneaky slimeball that has not been truthful with them and have them turn on him! Now, that would be worth watching! It's been a while since I posted here, but I'm Indy Girl if any of you remember me from past season's posts.

Anonymous said...

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