Sunday, August 22, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning - August 22

Britney and Brendon are chums ... in more than one way.

Another round of the chum bell.


So, what's that all about? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Handcuffed Chum Bell Hijinks:
  • After Britney's release from her nightmarish Jesse workout in Pandora's Box, the house got a bit boring once again.
  • Hayden and Lane went on and on (and on again) about snowboards and snowboarding.
  • Nothing against snowboarding, but sheesh!
  • Then it was time for Britney and Brendon's 24 hours of being handcuffed together.
  • They actually have a lot of leeway between the cuffs and little furry cuffs which won't hurt as much as being really handcuffed.
  • Brendon is certainly paying for his POV win -- not only is he bald, not only is he handcuffed to Britney for 24 hours, but he also has to make a "chum bath" every hour when the bell rings.
  • There are chums as in friends and then chum as in fish bait.
  • Guess which one is in the chum bath?
  • I guess instead of fish guts and stuff, it's instead an "old beer and yeasty" tub o' stuff.
  • Meanwhile, Ragan is so upset about the Brendon win that he even asked his bromance Matt to leave him alone.
  • Matt, of course, thinks everything was rigged for a Brendon win.
  • Had Matt won, Brendon would have thought everything was rigged for a little people Matt win.
  • You just can't win for losing!
  • Enzo is still lamenting on his penguin persona.
  • I think he's a hoot in a penguin suit!
  • Ragan pouted all alone, Enzo humorously fussed about his own penguin predicament, and the rest talked small talk.
  • Actually, this 24 hour handcuff bit with Brendon and Britney might end up being a good thing.
  • They're getting along and talking.
  • Britney's in a bad spot, on the fringes of the Brigade alliance, yet not a part of it.
  • While she alienated Brendon even more by going back on her word, they're kind of bonding more now.
  • Every time the bell rings, Brendon has to dunk underwater in the chum tub, then he showers off the ick.
  • Britney told Brendon that she's mad that she made the nominations according to the house and no one (except him) tried to win POV. She was trying for the POV while the others went for prizes.
  • No one is owning up to winning the money or trip yet.
  • I don't blame them. I'd keep that a secret, too.
  • Matt suspects that Britney is going to put him up as the replacement nominee. She's been avoiding him since the comp.
  • Of course, now she has a constant companion.
  • I'm talking avoiding him before the handcuffs went down.
  • Ragan lightened up for a moment dancing in Enzo's penguin suit while Enzo was in the hot tub with a borrowed bathing suit.
  • All of Enzo's clothes are gone. Can we expect commando?
  • Enzo thinks Brendon looks like Bull the bailiff from the old show Night Court.
  • I'm surprised any of them are old enough to remember that show!
  • Britney went on again about how mean Jesse was to her in Pandora's Box. He told her it was obvious she didn't work out and she needs to lose weight.
  • She weighs 100 pounds.
  • Probably a strong wind could take her away.
  • Britney and Brendon talked game and how neither trusts Matt.
  • Everyone thinks that Matt won the big prize(s) as he acted all happy after the POV comp and has no punishments.
  • Heck, it could be Hayden. He claims he tried and didn't get prizes. Yet he has no punishments.
  • Lane admits to the phone call from home prize. But he has no punishments either.
  • The two on the block and Have Nots also got the worst punishments.
  • Although Brendon's punishments are nothing when he considers he has the POV and will remain in the game.
  • The sentiment in the house remains Bat That Matt and is growing stronger.
  • If he doesn't go up and out this week, I'll be shocked.
  • Let's see how the diabolical super genius handles this twist of fate.


ML said...

Brendon did what he had to do to win. His game was on the line. It has been his whole time in that house.

ML said...

Oh and I love the shot of Brit and Brendon just laying there. Her face screams 'just shoot me now PLEASE!'

Anonymous said...

"THE PLOT THICKENS" I am so excited at the thought of Matt going home. the wife lie and the POV speech was enough for me.

Laurie said...

That picture of B & B could be used for "Can This Marriage Be Saved" in the Ladies Home Journal magazine. In this case, the answer would be "not bloody likely!"

Enzo looks so lovable in the penguin suit. I hope there are plenty of pictures he can save for his children!

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused by this double eviction. Does this mean that whoever is replaced will go home this week along with Enzo?

RyzandShyn said...

He does look like Bull...He reminded me of someone in that screen capture Jackie did of him with the shaved head and green shirt, someone beside just some random scary looking person that is.
Maybe Brit has a chance to do some repair of her relationship with Brendon to remove the target on her back should he win HOH.

Anonymous said...

non 11:36, I was wondering that myself,will there be two people going home on Thursday?

RyzandShyn said...

Double eviction means that they will vote to evict from the current (brit's) noms, then they will play another HOH, quickly nominate two people, play a POV, then have another eviction vote,
all in the course of the live show on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks.RyzandShyn, cant wait until Thursday I hope Brendan wins HOH or POV or he toast. I dont think he can win the game but I just would love to see Ragan go.

Buzzmaam said...

Personally, I am tired of the silly punishments, the unitards, goofy costumes and the slop. I thought the PB&J was silly, but putting people on slop adds nothing to the game.

I think adding a "celebrity" BB might be interesting. D-list stars and other reality show contestants could liven up the game. I'd love to see how long Kate Gosselin would last in the house.

Laurie said...

Thanks R&S. I was trying to remember how it works, too. Should be a fun night!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Bussmaam, I am also tired of the nonsence that BB is doing, its bad enough to be in a house with bafoons, but the slop is horrible, some of the those dishes could actually make someone that might be alergic to fish or whatever sick, I understand that it's a game and somtimes you have to put up with disgusting things but a chum bath please. And I would also like to see Kate Gosselin in there however I really dont want to see Kate Gosselin on anything else her ego is totally rediculous, I dont really care for Jon either but she was one of the most degrading wives I ever seen, she treated and talked to him like crap, Idont know maybe off camera he needed it.

JimmyB said...

One thing I'll say about Matt (& I've always thought this)...

Doesn't matter how "smart" you are; either you have common sense or ya don't. He doesn't. And ya can't learn it.

I think he's played well, but his mouth has gotten him in trouble unnecessarily. All he had to do was shut up.

Anonymous said...

Hayden admitted to Penzo and Lame last night during BBAD that he was the one that won the vacation and the money. He ask them to not tell anybody.

lynn1 said...

I finally am enjoying this season of BB. It is so great to see the best laid plans of these silly hamsters go awry.
I still don't care who wins but I wouldn't mind seeing the last 3 standing being Britney, Lane and Brendon. I am not a particular fan of any of those 3 but I guess I could cheer for them more easily than for Hayden, Matt, Enzo or Ragan.

Sally said...

It's good that Brendon has a shaved head, since he has to dunk his head in that chum bath each hour.

Enzo makes a cute penguin. How long does he have to wear that outfit? People who have to wear silly costumes (banana suits and unitards) often get evicted--hope that doesn't happen this week.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Brigade's group DR session, but not to seeing Jesse again. And may I just say that if Kate Gosselin is anywhere near the BB house, I'm not watching.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that was a smart move on Hayden's part, in this house I dont feel you can ever feel too safe sometimes " the old greeneyed monster ENVY "can creep up. He should have just kept his mouth shut, Brittney (Lane's bud) has not made up her mind about a replacement, might change her mind, these people are idiots there is no trust when $500K is at stake. just shut up people.

lynn1 said...

Hayden should remember that Lose Lips Sink Ships. Sooner than he thinks he could have a huge target on his back. If word gets around about all the trips and cash he won he might be going out the door soon.

ML said...

Anon 12:35 I agree. Why say anything at all? Talk more snowboarding if you have to.

I do not want to see celebrities in the BB house, and certainly not d-listers. I used to enjoy The Apprentice until they made it celebrities. Who cares? Get normal everday people and mix it up. That's what BB is about. I know, no one who goes on BB is really normal haha.

Anonymous said...

"I'm on slop, I'm on the block, I'm wearing a penguin suit, and I have no clothes".


monty924 said...

I don't care for Brendon, but if he gets an ear infection from the Chum Bath I'll be PO'd at BB. Howie in All-Stars and Jen in S8 both got bad ear infection from the dunking punishment. You'd think BB would give them ear plugs.

Matt's a goner!

Joe in NY said...

Honestly, if Brit nominates anyone but Matt I may lower her grade. This is her big move. And her time. They suspect double eliminate. Only Ragan would go after her for ousting Matt. After Thursday she only needs an alliance of three. She has Lane. Toss in Brendon and you've got 3. Beyond that it is all about the POV when you are down to 5 anyway.

Go Brit!! Go BRENDON!!! Show that nasty DAB the door.

monty924 said...

I hope Britney has Lane, but I think his loyalty lies first with the Brigade.

Enzo, Hayden and Lane ultimately want Britney out of the game.

Anonymous said...

Matt better be the one leaving this week. I don't think Hayden should have told the Brig that he won the $5000. and the trip to Hawaii. That could come back to bite him.

Brendon is being very nice to Britney. He is being very polite about everything. He is a much better houseguest minus Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Enzo was whiniing about being a Have Not and wearing a penquin costume but yet BB let him take it off to get in the hot tub. They did not do this with others in past season in costumers and Kristen was not allowed to do this.

It is strange this group whines a lot whereas Chicken George had a shaved head and was on slop for weeks and weeks and Kaysar has his head shaved and was on slop and evicted on his birthday, two years in a row on his birthday and he never whined.

They do seem like whiners this year ..quite a few of them.


Anonymous said...

One thing is everybody loves and trusts Hayden. In all of their minds, Hayden can do no wrong.

I would not want to be sitting next to someone so popular and well liked in the F2. I hope they wake up and realize that but they all seem to want to go to final 2 with Hayden and he has promised that to all of them. I hope someone figures him out and someone gets rids of Enzo he is annoying and arrogant but so is Matt. I woudl be happy with those 2 going this week in DE.


Anonymous said...

Did all these dumbies go into the house looking for friendship and just hanging on to people that they like. forget liking Hayden, he's there to win that $500K, after they take him to the end with one of them he will get the money and wont know who they are the next day. Keep you eye on the prize STUPID.

BJ said...

"Don't try to come between me and my man!" Wonder how Rachel will react when she sees Brit spent the night with "her" man and became close chums. And did I hear correctly that Brendon picked her to be handcuffed to when he had a choice?

MATT needs to go!

meb said...

Didn't Hayden win the first HOH and $10,000? If so, he now has $15,000 and a great vacation. He's gotta be toast here shortly. Even his buddies must know that he's popular and would win if they were up against him.

I would also want Ragan up against me as F2...

Lane was talking to Ragan when R was off sulking and I think he was hinting to have an alliance with him, Brit and Brendon... but from what I watched nothing ever came of it. Lane is smart in thinking of getting rid of his BG though... he knows only one of them can win in the end... why chance taking them with you?

Laurie... love your caption to the pix of B&B... They are really hating each other at that moment or deep in thought as to whether they should bring up an alliance.

All along in BBAD last night, Brendon had a bed made up on the floor... wonder when it turned into sleeping on the bed. Britt's arm must have gotten tired dangling, or he got tired holding his up to the bed. Either way, it makes sense to be in the bed together. I can't wait to hear what R has to say about them 'sleeping' together. Hope Ragan goes and then lays it on thick to Rachel in the jury house... that would be just desserts!

wv: arome ... Brendon's chum arome is causing Brit to do her gagging act!

Sydney said...

Was watching the beginnings of this on After Dark last night. Brittany was being very nice and accomodating to all the things Brendon had to get together to be able to begin this, and he helped make her coffee and held every door open for her. At first they were not going to sleep in the same bed, thinking he'd be smelling like real chum -- fish -- but I think once they realized that it didn't smell, they gave up and lay in bed together. Plus with them having to get up every hour so he could change into the chum shorts, dunk in, shower off in cold water, get in the hottub to warm up, then switch back to the good, dry shorts, there is little time to run back up to the HOH room to get 20 minutes of sleep. Wonder if they're still cheerful about that routine after 20 hours of that?

Sydney said...

ML, (and all) do you think that Ragan will still think Matt is the best guy in the whole world when he hears about the giant wife-disease lie?

monty924 said...


Monet won the 10k in the first HoH competition. Hayden only won HoH for that one.

Actually Enzo is in the driver's seat right now. The only one left in the house that would put him up in the DE is Ragan. I'm not counting any chickens that that will happen.

monty924 said...

Oh, the chum bath and handcuffs are over. No where near 24 hours for that one.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I wonder why Brendon didn't stuff tp in his ears at least, or his fingers even.

If there's yeast in that chum, which it sounds like there is, based on them describing the smell, Brendon really could be at risk of an ear infection, and it's probably going to affect his game, if it makes him dizzy or something.

I still thing BB is being overly mean in what it's making Brendon do. It seems they tailored this comp to things they knew Brendon would do (shave his head). He and Brit probably were the two highest bidders on the cuffs, since they two wanted POV more than anyone except maybe Enzo.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

The exhausted Britney is in the DR and all the guys suddenly went to check on the fish, realizing that since Kathy left, nobody has been feeding them.

So what's their reaction when they arrive and are triaging the fish?

They're first comments are about how they were gambling on which fish would die and when.

I don't mean to sound sexists, but this is just what you'd expect from a half dozen guys. LOL

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

They talk about the fish food, and how there are only a certain number of granules to feed but that there are more fish than pieces of foods.

Says Hayden, reflectively, "Survivial of the fittest, man."

And then it was quite as they all realized that *they* are the fish, too.

Same experiment, different species.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

monty, I think they probably had a psychologist tell them that this long was enough lest one of them crack.

Has anyone told Ragan that Matt betrayed him? This is the day those two boys have been dreading.

Isn't funny how prior to every comp, every person talks about how they decided they were going to win. But it almost never happens that way, but yet they continue saying the same thing every time. They never learn. Or something.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Enzo and Lane are talking about the clothes Enzo lost. They vascilate between feeling good that it's going to charity, and mourning the loss of some favorite pieces of clothing.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I'm getting annoyed at how often Brendon says "Ya mean?" (when he's trying to say "you know what I mean?"

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

BB: "Stop That!"

Guys: "Huh?"


Guys: Nah, there talkin' to someone else.

BB: "NO!"


They were going to write "meow meow" on his penguin suit chest. BB disagreed.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

At this point in the game, the hamsters have to be undergoing a form of dissociative disorder, because they have to shift roles every few minutes depending on who walks into or out of a room. Almost every pair that talks think they are in a secret alliance.

How can they remember what they said to whom? That's why I think they have to develop multiple personalities to manage each relationship.

monty924 said...

I'm just looking forward to tonight's food comp and seeing Lane and Enzo finally go on slop. :)

monty924 said...

On the TV show that is!

joyn said...

OT - Jeff Probst has again won the Emmy for Outstanding Host of a Reality Program. It's the third year since that reward was introduced and Jeff has won it all three years.

This was unaired in the Creative Arts category.

ORKMommy said...

Joe - I'm gonna have to disagree with you again. If Britney really wants to make a power move she needs to make friends with Brendon. Then it's her, Brendon & Ragan vs. Hayden, Lane and whoever is left of the Brigade after the first eviction on Thursday. If she DOESN'T put Matt up she can get him on her side because he already knows his DAB buddies were gonna vote him out last week. Matt is an easy target and won't be a power play at all!

Sydney said...

This seems random to put here but it was on my mind...

I guess Kathy was the only one who could tolerate being in the Jury house all alone with Rachel for a week.

Sydney said...

JoyN- Well deserved too, I think.
(Probst's Emmy)

Lili said...

Never a Britney fan I have to give her props. She whined to Lane for about 20 minutes about winning zero prizes so far, Brendon winning the POV, having to get her hands bloody with Matt and Ragan, and only her, Enzo, and Brendon really trying for the POV.

Then she brushed herself off, sucked it up and was quite upbeat and pleasant about and to Brendon while they were handcuffed together. Even tho by then she finds out she also missed the Luau Party and had to spend an hour with creepy jessie.

Brendon had to shave his head, go permenently on slop, be handcuffed to Britney like a Bassett Hound, dump his whole body in goo, and lose an entire night's sleep. Did he whine? No, he was a super good sport about it.

Enzo had to sacrifice his jersey boy cool sthick, walk around in a penguin suit, and permanently lose all his clothes. He harangued a bit, but generally soldiered on.

Meanwhile Ragans smirks and gloats every time his side wins and then sulk, whines, and cries everytime his side loses. This after he accused Rachel of poor sportmanship and behind her back pontificated that just because she knew alot BB doesn't mean she was mature enough to play it!

Come on! Enzo, Brendon, Britney have some justifiable issues with BB in the last 24 hours but they soldier on. What the hell does Ragan have to complain about? He is in the final 7 even tho he won merely one comp, never formed a single true alliance, and "won" 20k for the lamest, easiest, lowest risk tasks ever put forth by BB in the history of the show.

For a 34 yr old PhD, he acts alot more like a 4 yr old B-R-A-T.

Then he complains to Lane about how everybody is making him and Britney feel expendable. Cuz it is OK to make sure Cathy knows she was expendable but evidently Ragan should be treated with love, care, respect, and sacrificial offerings.

For the next Pandora's Box can the good thing be that Ragan disappears inside never to be seen again?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Sydney, based on how well Britney managed being handcuffed (and everything) to Brendon for the past dozen hours, I'd say she and Rachel would have been BFFs again within minutes.

I think they have lots of counselors and handlers and candles and incense or something at the jury house, because past rivals often mend fences there.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I think that if Hayden shaved his head, he'd appear like a different person.

I wish he'd do it.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

It's 4:30pm in the house, and Matt *finally* got Britney alone in the HOH room.

I wonder what would happen at this point if Matt confessed that the story about his wife's illness is a lie?

At least everyone wouldn't be afraid to take him to F2 with them, although if he *does* get that far, he just might get the votes anyway.

Poor Britney, having to deal with talking to Matt right now.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Britney just said to Matt's face the very same thing that Rachel had said to Ragan's face, the event that sent him off the edge railing on her: that everyone has known since day one that you and Ragan are a tight pair.

Wasn't that the thing that sent Ragan into a wild rage after Rachel?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Britney broke down crying to Matt how it's so hard to choose between him and Hayden, she likes them both, blah blah blah. Then Ragan knocked on the HOH door and they asked him if he can give them 10 minutes or so.

Wonder what pouty Ragan is thinking right now?

Anonymous said...

I freakin swear Ragan is living up to the title Rachel2. His Man-Love Matt wanted to console him
after the POV loss like Brednon wanted to do with Rachel
after the HOH loss but Ragan pushed him away. He wanted to be alone to cry and sulk and wonder why this was happening to him at his lowest point.

Here's another reason why I can't stand this mega hypocrite-crybaby-foam at the mouth-diva. He constantly throws stones in his imaginary glass house.

Wait until Miss Brit puts the Handy-Man on the block and you'll see Ragan's claws come out because nobody including you Britney gets between Reagan and his man.

If Brendon wins HOH on Thursday he should promise Brit he'll won't put her up block and then turn around and do it anyway. A lie for a lie.

Enzo, me and the BB eye have your clothes and we're willing to sell them back to you but you need to leave the house immediately after Matt.

Anonymous said...

Lane's DR sessions are HILARIOUS!
I think Enzo should go...he isn't as entertaining as he thinks he is...he hasn't done JACK in this game...Matt has at least won things for the Brigade and himself!