Sunday, August 22, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening - August 22

Lane's pool duckie just needs a slight beard.

I think Britney's regretting winning HOH.

Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Suspicious Minds:
  • Britney and Brendon weren't handcuffed for 24 hours.
  • They were set free at about 1 PM their time and Brendon's chum baths ended.
  • Enzo wants to trademark "Meow Meow."
  • My cat Vincent might fight that in court.
  • Recall Ragan holding up his hand when Kathy asked someone to watch the fish?
  • Well, one's already dead.
  • Hayden told Enzo and Lane that he's the one who took both the money and the Hawaiian vacation in the POV comp.
  • So Matt is innocent (at least this time).
  • And Hayden's a bit of a sneaky pants.
  • Brendon thinks he, Enzo and Hayden all need to be on the same page and tell her Matt has to go up on the block.
  • Enzo would be on board with that -- chances are that if he and Matt are on the block, Matt will go home.
  • Enzo wanted to paint "Meow Meow" on his penguin suit, but BB told him "Stop that!"
  • Ragan made an abacus out of candy to work on dates.
  • Lane came in and thought an abacus was an advocate.
  • I like the boy but sometimes question his mind.
  • Matt finally cornered Britney. He told her that if he stays this week, he will target Brendon, not her. If he (Matt) goes up against Enzo, he (Matt) will be going home and she will lose someone who could further her own game as Brendon will target him (Matt) before he goes after her.
  • He made some good points.
  • I've been kind of taken with Enzo on an entertainment level, but the dude hasn't won any comps. He's all talk and swagger. At least everyone else is trying to play the game.
  • Oh, wait. Hayden and Lane are doing just about the same thing. Hayden won the first comp by a team effort and has done nothing since.
  • Ragan is sure that this week will be a double eviction week.
  • He was sure last week and the week before, too.
  • This time he's right.
  • Ragan, all full of conspiracy theories, thinks the PoV comp was just a bit too convenient -- from who won to who she was cuffed to to who received punishments.
  • Britney told Ragan that "everyone" is telling her that Matt won all the prizes.
  • Apparently when all of Enzo's clothing went off to charity in the POV, their pool tournament bowl went with it.
  • What a shame. I'm sure we'll be seeing it on eBay.
  • The more Britney talks to people, the more it seems like she's getting sold on keeping Matt.
  • If she puts Enzo and Hayden up, that's probably not a good thing -- although that's her thought at the moment.
  • True, Enzo's useless and to some extent expendable.
  • But if she's in a final three with say ... Ragan and Matt -- no good. Both could outlast her in the endurance. Plus Matt does have his sick wife lie and gameplay which might garner votes even if they all think he's a sneaky snake.
  • And, if Enzo and Hayden are on the block and Hayden goes home ... oy! He's also dangerous at the end game as he's universally liked, but everyone would be mad at her.
  • Enzo's ticked. He wants to go against Matt and Matt goes home. He says the costume is cursed. Everyone who wears it goes home.
  • They kept blocking the feeds throughout the evening, sometimes for pretty extended times. I don't know what's up with that.

PlayDoh Hayden and Lane


Anonymous said...

i think that hayden is playin the game, he is liked by all and is under the radar....way to go hayden, and he is staying far from trouble...if there is drama, he is staying out of is a good plan for him, i hope he wins....

Laurie said...

Hayden is my pool boy and I would love it if he wins. I'd also love it if he would use some of that money to get a hair cut!

meb said...

Matt is my pool boy, and I don't want him to win. I want Brit to win. Man I hope she puts up two of the Brigade, cause then one of them would go home and she'd have a better chance of staying in the game.

I still think her best bet of winning is keeping Brendon close. Did anyone hear them talk about a possible alliance while they were handcuffed together? I really wish they had discussed some strategy while they had the chance.

Looking forward to the double eviction... need to shake up the house once again.

Sally said...

This week we might actually have a close vote. There have been a lot of unanimous evictions this season.

I hate it that BB lets the houseguests starve those poor fish. If the houseguests aren't responsible enough to feed them, remove the darn aquarium.

Anonymous said...

you know what, i changed my mind...i want lane to take it all, if not him, brendon because he is trying hard...i like lane but if i have to go with playin, it is brendon, and i hate snakey for is a vibe

Anonymous said...

If I had to vote on the hardest play so far:


The main reason Brendon is number one because our misguided moderator and some of the other posters had counted him out of the game after the Rachel eviction but he's still there FIGHTING.

Was blindsided by Matt on last Thursday's show and lied to by Britney on Sunday night's show but managed to keep his cool IN PUBLIC the whole time.

The other four either lucked out or rode major coattails. They don't do anything to win and should've followed Kathy out of the house.

Ragan, me and BB eye thinks you have blood on your hands for the death of that fish!

Jackie said...

Oh Anonymous Person who won't even post your name -- before you call the person who works hard to do this blog a "misguided moderator," get your facts straight.

I said I wanted to see how Brendon does without Rachel and that the relationship with her was what tainted his game from the start.

Okay, Misguided Anonymous Person?

ML said...

Jackie, you go girl. You're the best. Misguided anonymous person (MAP) please go elsewhere if you can't get along with the best blog group for any show!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO JACKIE, I wouldnt trade your blog for nothing and no one, I've been here with you for the last 4 0r 5 years and cant wait for each July, I dont watch Survivor but I do come to the blog for The Amazing Race. What else do you blog. Love Ya

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Well I don't personally think that Jackie is misguided with regards to Brendon, but even if she WERE, I would defend her right to her opinion(s). We all have the right to be wrong, and many of us (me!) use this right for all it's worth!

Peace--it's all we've got to hold on to. (insert peace sign smilie here)