Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Night, August 29

Hayden does have a good physique.

I just don't like his hair or his mouth. Maybe it's my age or something, but the kid does absolutely nothing for me when I consider his face alone. I might be in the minority there, I guess.

Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Mixed Nuts:
  • On a different note from the usual "I locked myself out" -- Lane got locked out of his room by BB.
  • They claimed they were fixing the door.
  • They no longer have to speak through their puppets.
  • Rats, that was cute.
  • They found out their silverware and glasses won't be returned until Thursday.
  • Lots of nap time, lots of small talk about sports or being "reality stars."
  • They rehashed and retrashed previous hamsters.
  • They talked about religion.
  • They have a new punishment, the last in the series.
  • It's not every hour from what I can tell, but at least every two ...
  • ... piped music comes through the house speakers and they have to stop what they're doing and DANCE.
  • Ragan's loving it, but I think Enzo dances better than he does.
  • Lane and Hayden don't have careers as male strippers dancing to music.
  • It's a hoot.
  • They should have to wear the puppets and have the puppets dance as well.
  • Other than that, we're talking a very quiet house.

This is how I feel, too.


Sasha said...

Thanks for the dancing visual, Jackie. That sounds like fun...for us to watch, at least. I liked the puppet idea, too. From tonight's show...I sure do think it's high time Brit got a clue. Has she?

Mimi6343 said...

I am so shocked that Britney still thinks she is in with the guys! Is she stupid? YES
I am soooo happy that Enzo went up and will be even happier if they turn the tables and get rid of Enzo.

Anonymous said...


Sorry Enxo will not be leaving this Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would show the ousted hamsters arriving at the jury house. Didn't they show that last year? Can't remember........


Anonymous said...

My WV is "siticat"

Meow Meow might be a "siticat" instead of a "sitting duck".......


Anonymous said...

Wonders what Caprica does on line?
Sorry had to ask...

Jackie said...

"Caprica" spams blogs with comments which get removed.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Hayden's mouth or hair either. I have always said that, he has no lips really.
I really wish they would show more of the jury house too. It would be much more interesting than the BB house at this point.
Once Ragan goes, I couldn't care less who wins. Sucky season!

Anonymous said...

Hayden?? Icky, blech..........

joyn said...

I'm said before that Hayden's mouth looks odd. Teeth look weird in his mouth sometimes. It's that jutting jaw or something. And his hair has no real style, just looks sloppy to me.

This group definitely need some dancing lessons too.

Puppets were kind of funny, too bad they're gone already.

On BBAD last night, Britney's already trying to throw Hayden under the bus. She asked Lane how he could keep Hayden over her. She said she and he have been friends since day one. Brit doesn't realize that Lane and Hayden have been too.

Ragan and Britney were using exaggerated voices to make fun of Rachel and Brendon. Wish they'd stop that. The voices were irritating and for the love of whomever, why can't they drop the constant bashing of R&L? They consistantly revive that convo. I like them both even less because of it.

Plus Ragan eating cookies with his mouth open and all those slopping noises! Gross!

Anonymous said...

hi jackie and thanks
i agree with you, hayden does nothin for me, but lane is a hoot and that body of his, lol

Anonymous said...

and they just went with rachel to the jury house, rachel alone is no show or entertainment, so this sunday they will show it with matt and brendon goin there, then the followin week ragan, etc...there's not much time left, then it will only be one person left to show and on the final week it will show the last of the 3 walkin straight to the group meetin at night...thanks again jackieeeee