Thursday, August 05, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Thursday Dawn, Aug. 5

Rachel never looked better!

Good morning, blog guests! My review of last night's show is up over on TV Squad. And we're about to start the morning of a live show day. That means they'll have to scramble around cleaning the pig sty they've created all week. I think it would be easier to keep things semi-clean all week, but I guess I'm wrong. Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of the Sinking Sun:
  • Kristen cried.
  • Britney and Rachel think that Enzo would win in a final two with just about anyone.
  • Yo, Jersey Boy! You're too well-liked!
  • Rachel and Britney took another bubble bath complete with mud masks ... as you can see.
  • Rachel is offended that Kristen had the nerve to approach Brendon for a vote.
  • Kristen has been pulling straws and telling her tale to all.
  • All except Rachel. Maybe Rachel thinks Kristen went after her man by asking him for a vote.
  • Brendon thinks that Ragan isn't a great ally as he floats and is too close with Matt.
  • Brendon, Britney and Rachel don't think there's a "boy alliance."
  • Brendon and Rachel have really turned on their alliance with Matt. They think he's sneaky and should go.
  • Britney told Matt and Ragan that they want Matt up if Brendon gets HOH.
  • Britney, after the bubble bath, pretty much reported everything to the guys.
  • She really needs to be careful.
  • Is there someone named Kathy in the house?
  • Matt and Ragan discussed possibly throwing the HOH to each other.
  • Ragan told Matt it would be best to get Rachel out first, then go after Brendon.
  • I think he's right.
  • Due to the long lockdown and construction in the yard, they think it might be an endurance comp.
  • I don't think so as there was an endurance comp just two weeks ago.
  • I could be wrong.
  • They tried to pump up Kathy for the HOH comp.
  • Yeah, like that will work.


Delee said...

Anyone BUT Brendon for HOH! OK maybe not Matt either!!! I think I would stop watching if Brendon wins. I could not take it anymore!!!

RBennie said...

I was watching the Britney/Rachel bubble bath with Brendon as voyeur and what struck me was how truly sincere Britney sounds when she talks with them. If I didn't know she was really against them, I'd totally be buying it. She talks game with them and actually gives them good advice. What I mean is that she doesn't appear to be trying to mislead them (except of course for the fact that she wants them gone). I think she does need to be careful with what she tells the guys though, especially Matt. I wouldn't put it past him to tell them that she's telling tales.

Lars said...

In order to regain their trust, Matt will probably expose Brit, he then will sit back and act innocent, he is sneaky,
Why would someone who revealed a story regarding any type disease have a smirky-smiley expression as Matt did.

Thanks Jackie

Hello to all.


lynn1 said...

If I were Brittany I would definitely throw in the towel early on in the HOH comp. She is liked by everyone and is not a target.
If she becomes HOH she will make enemies of either the brachel side or the brigade side with her nomination.
As much as I dislike Rachel she is stiff competitor and could well win the POV. If she is nominated for eviction and wins the POV she will be even more messed up and aggressive than she is now.
If we had some real players in the house they would let Kathy win HOH (I don't know if she would win it even if the rest of the house threw it at her) and use the puppet strings to have her nominate Rachel and Brendon.

RBennie said...

It would be pretty hilarious watching everyone bend over backwards to throw the win to Kathy, LOL. Only problem is Brendon will be playing too and he'll be playing to win. I agree with you Lynn, this is not the HOH I want Britney to win.

lynn1 said...

Rbennie, I figured Brendon is so love sick for Rachel and so worn out for all the undercover activities that he might be at a disadvantage in any competition. LOL

Laurie said...

I'm just now watching last night's show. I wish Brittany had traded with Rachel, just so we could see Rachel in the solitary confinement. Now that would have been drama!

I've given up on Brendan seeing the light. He really is blinded by science.

joyn said...

I wouldn't trust DSG Matt as far as I could thow him. Britney really does need to be careful.

I hope they get off Enzo's case pretty quickly too. He's my pool guy.

I'm really not looking forward to another Rachel "comong between me and my guy" speech. Talk about a broken record.

RyzandShyn said...

I can't stand Matt. I'd like he and Kathy gone.
What I don't get is how it seems like no one is thinking about alliances other than the showmance ones. Doesn't anyone spy on whom is speaking to whom in private? I'd be all over that. I think The Brigade is doing a good job of not outing themselves, but can't believe that no one is wondering who each of those guys is plotting with. Isn't The Brigade wondering about Matt, or is he telling them about his conversations with everyone else?

monty924 said...

Copy and Pasted (without edit) from Rachel's HoH Blog. Tell me again how smart she is. Ugh!!!

if Brendon and I can lock up two people we do trust and we do like than maybe that will guerentee us longeitivity in this game and we can hopefully make it to final four-than final two....its going to be really hard but I know that Brendon and I are capable of doing it! :) Its only going to get harder and Brendon and I are going to have to fight MORE AND MORE as the house gets smaller b.c the target on us gets bigger b.c people are going to want to split us up ASAP.... so America please be fans of ours we try soooo hard and fight harder :) hehehe

RBennie said...

Wow, that makes me almost feel sorry for her. She is going to be devastated when she realizes that "Brendon and I" are not America's sweethearts. Hey, at least she knows big words - even if she can't spell them, LOL. I can't wait to see what happens tonight.

monty924 said...

If you really feel sorry for her, check out Dingo's daily ratings... hilarious. All Rachel, All the Time 2.0

scroll down for daily ratings. :)

RBennie said...

I just looked at the Dingo site. That is absolutely hilarious! Can you imagine her reading that?

monty924 said...

I LOL everytime I think about Rachel getting out of the house and reading what AMERICA thinks of her and her MAN. :)

I can only imagine what Dingo will write when Rachel gets her empty wheel. At least I hope she gets it. Those morons in there might just at some point think of taking her to the end, because nobody LOVES or even likes her.

For fun reading between now and tonight's live show eviction and HoH, here's the original All Rachel, All the Time Special Edition... enjoy the chuckles.

Sally said...

I just read the HOH blog and it had me shaking my head. Rachel's bragging about how smart and educated she is, yet she obviously has no understanding of sentence structure, grammar, the use of contractions, or even the difference between subjective and objective pronouns.

And spelling! I laughed when I came to "and a plethlara(spelling) of candy." She's worried about whether she spelled plethora correctly, when she can't spell "alli," "immediatly" and other much more common words.

I know it's common to shorten words and sentences when using electronic media, but her blog is way above and beyond that.

End of rant.

monty924 said...

My tribute to Kristen ------------->

For tonight only, LOL

Zoetawny said...

I almost have to cover my eyes and ears when Rachel is on screen. What is wrong with that girl?! Even worse,what is wrong with Brendon for thinking she's so great? Is Rachael our Gnat this season? Too bad the delusional power couple wasn't broken up when the opportunity was there early on.

My Britney had better be careful who she trusts to keep their conversations private.

I'm curious to find out who will be the new saboteur, not that it was such a great twist the firt time around.

Anybody but Brendon for HOH! Who would have the intelligence and strategy to come between R and her man?

Jackie, thanks for all you do for the blog.

Anonymous said...

where is rachels hoh blog? can someone please provide a link? thanks! -jeannemarie

monty924 said...


Its on the CBS show site. Select COMMUNITY and its under that tab. :)

Sally said...

jeannemarie, The HOH blog is on the official CBS BB site. The link: