Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Thursday, August 19

He can smile and have fun!

My previous report covered most of the happenings. But here's what's gone down since Hayden broke the pool cue (what a shame):
  • Ragan, the loyal sidekick, encouraged Matt to keep trying for votes and said he could probably get them.
  • We all know Matt doesn't really care about the votes.
  • Lane packed. It's standard practice for both nominees to pack before the show.
  • There's still a lot of time before the show.
  • Matt said he'd leave his skull and crossbones pirate flag if he goes.
  • He's not going to leave that flag.
  • Britney fussed about the food and tea.
  • Matt, Britney and Ragan are looking forward to real food soon.
  • Hayden shaves everywhere.
  • We needed to know that, huh?
  • EVERYONE in the house likes and trusts Hayden.
  • Perhaps he's the one they should consider the real threat.
  • In various groups, they memorized and studied things over and over again.
  • The entire Brigade was allowed to do a Diary Room session.
  • Most (except Kathy and Brendon) think that Kathy is the saboteur.
  • Hayden and Enzo are still awake as I get this posted. They're in their beds with the lights out. They should be asleep!

My review of last night's show is up on TV Squad. Please go give it a gander. Merci!


RJM in SC said...

so looking forward to night. Hoping to see so stunned faces.

RyzandShyn said...

I enjoyed Ragan's lecturing of Rachel on last night's show, he made quite a few good points and I saw some sting. Mean, I know, but I enjoyed it.
I sure wish Matt would talk to a camera and let the live feed people know what he's thinking.
I'm so excited about the show tonight. I hope that saying that at 7:30 in the morning doesn't make for a long day, but I know it will...sigh.

Della said...

I now think that Hayden and Lane are the long-time friends. Just a hunch I got after watching last night's show. Maybe because they are both into physical fitness.

JimmyB said...

It seems like Matt has done the most he can to look out for Ragan (especially) and Brittney. They're all gonna be upset when they find out; but Matt's taken kind of a bad rap. He couldn't tell what's a hamster to do?

Aside from his weak ability to lie (not an altogether bad thing); he's played well & certainly has competed much better than his fellow Brigaders. They've been his hanger-ons so far.

Anonymous said...

JimmyB I am sorry to say I agree with you. I do think Matt has played the best game.

It is just the lying about his wifes illness that makes me sick.

Wonder how everyone will react tonmight when Matt uses the diamond veto.

He has only 2 choices brittany or Kathy.


RBennie said...

Although I know she deserved it, I did not enjoy Ragan's rampage on Rachel last night. It was very uncomfortable for me to watch all that hate spewing from him. It's one thing if you are evenly matched and giving as good as you get, but it was obvious that she was no match for him and he should have just let it go. I actually felt sorry for her. I wonder if he would have had so much to say if Brendon were in the house.

chris said...

I agree it was uncomfortable watching Ragan rail on Rachel.
and to others yes Matt is playing a good game, it is his major lie that bothers me. If he makes it to final two and the lie gets him the win that will make it worse in my opinion.
Of course his winning comps etc gives him a valid edge.
DPOV helps too.
I think the brigade as well as ragan will be relieved but the brigade as hayden already mentioned will trust matt less.
I hope Kathy goes tonight!

RBennie said...

It still sounds like Hayden and Enzo plan to tell Matt he's going home. That could just get one of them up on the block. I'm just looking for any way to save Brit!

Girlsmom said...

I'm bummed that Brendon didn't get a power in Pandora's Box. I would like to see him keep playing as long as Rachel stays away now. Keeping my fingers crossed that Hayden or Enzo do tell Matt they plan to keep Lane and that he puts one of them up just for some excitement.

Joe in NY said...

I just find Matt skeevy. It's not even his lying - which is poor and unnecessary half the time - it's his "Diabolical Super Genius" and his constant chest pumping. He is totally insecure with a Napoleon complex and I find him distasteful.

He has seemed to quiet down as time wore on in the house and that has helped his game. Frankly, I think Hayden and Enzo are playing the best game as they really don't seem to be on anyone's radar. Hayden was when Kristen was in the house but since then...Britney, Ragan, Kathy, Matt, Brendon and even Lane seem to have people gunning for them but no one much mentions Hayden or Enzo. (Well, Matt mentioned Hayden but I'm not sure if he meant it or was lying! ;)

Justene said...

While I think Matt's lie is distasteful, it is not much different from the Johnny Fairplay "my grandmother died" on Survivor. You would think that they'd be suspicious. Regardless, has he gotten any special consideration like not being nominated for it?

Don't the houseguests get suspicious when 4 people are called into a joint DR?

JimmyB said...

I do think that although parts of Ragan's "diatribe" on Rachel was serious in nature (and completely honest/accurate), I also think it's his use of humor. He was very funny at times, and it was intentional and it was at Rachels' expense.

Sorry...but that bothers me not. I enjoyed it--and she needed to hear it.

K in WI said...

Justene, I wondered the same thing--how do multiples go to the diary room without casting suspicion that they have something going on?

Mimi6343 said...

@ RyzandShyn- I agree, I loved watching Ragan give it to Rachel. She deserved every minute of it. It was funny to watch her react like a 8 year old when it stung. She would state "why are you being so mean?". Ugh maybe because you just walked by me and spat out some mean insults at me!

Matt blew it with the lie about his wife, because if he makes it to the final two, the jurors will not forgive that one.

I have become a Brendon fan and hope he kicks out nasty boy Enzo!

Cant wait for tonight.

chris said...

hated the johnny "fairplay" lie
thankfully that season the girl scout leader thought so little of johnny that she took sandra to the final two as she did not want to cahnce him winning.
In this case I think when all is said and done that Ragan will be most upset my matt's lie.
and if they give him the money because of it they will all be upset.
I would love to see brit stay, kathy go and someone else besides matt win hoh.
wish brendon could play again, not a fan but would love for matt and ragan to go up again and see what happens then.
i think if the brigade tells matt they are not splitting their votes but are keeping lane he may just stick one of their asses on the block and that would be good tv.
they should just freaking say nothing up until the actually voting and if matt asks say they are splitting votes. dont they think it is odd that he is not campaigning knowing he has ragans vote and that lane has brits.
seems they should both be begging kathy for a vote.

DKNYNC said...

I totally agree with Joe in NY...

Matt creeps me out, he is obnoxious and I want to wipe that stupid smirk off his face.

and I don't like Ragan..his comments last night came from a mean and hurtful place..they were not funny and showed his true character.

Anonymous said...

Last night's Rachel vs Ragen two round fight was horrid. It was ok to pick on her non-popularity in the house or the way she treated the other HGs but to pick on her hair and facial features.

I guess it wasn't Ragan's fault he was acting like a angry pitful little man. Maybe he was on his period.
BTW, Did you noticed how fast it took him to throw his precious Britney under the bus with Brendon.

At least Ragan guarantee him and Rachel future BB appearances.

Sorry, the only game Matt has is to be able to stand in one place for a couple of hours. He hasn't won any non-physical challenges.

I starting to think Hayden will win this year.

Excuse me, Enzo? Me and the BB eye are taking a harder look at you now!!

cha cha said...

With the four guys going into the DR last night it was after everyone was asleep. They thought the only one to wake up would be Kathy and she didn't.

I hope that Enzo and Hayden tell Matt before hand and one of them goes up, especially Enzo.
If he puts up and out one of the Brigade then Matt still has Brit, and Regan. Lane will follow Brit over and there is the numbers they would need if one of them wins HOH.

Yesterday Matt said that he will ask for a good explanation why they were getting rid of him over Lane.

Matt has this horrible lie which will carry him through the game if he is in the final two.
Remember to last year after the votes were cast Julie said to Jordan to look at Natalie and then one of the first four evicted houseguests told her she was really 24.

cha cha said...

Anon 1:03

Did you hear what Rachel was saying to Regan about being Gay.
That was horrible.
Regan was not right in stooping to her level but he has a point and said what everyone was thinking.

With Enzo I completly agree. He should be the one up and out tonight.

Sally said...

Am just now catching up on last night's show. Have been volunteering at an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build this week. Interesting experience.

Ragan's rant would have bothered me much more if it had been aimed at anyone other that Rachel. She's been so obnoxious and condescending that she deserved to be taken down a peg or two. His comments about her face, hair and body were aimed at her fake extensions, botox and implants, all things which she decides to do to herself. Fair game.

I really thought that Brendon must have been offered more (money, power, prize) to get him to open Pandora's Box, but I guess the stars in his eyes were enough. If Lane or anyone else had won HOH last week, that Pandora's Box idea wouldn't have worked.

Thanks for the recaps and feeds reports, Jackie! Looking forward to tonight's show.

RitaD said...

I wish Twitney was going home. She is so mean spirited and annoying. Ragan is way too mean spirited as well. I can not stand when Ragan and Twitney make those annoying voices together. Rachel acts defensive cause everyone has been mean to her since day one. Brendon is a nice guy, all the house guests are over looking him, if they formed an alliance with him he would be faithful to the end. I hope Brendon or Enzo wins.

RitaD said...

Matt SAYS he will stay in one spot for HOURS if he has to to win the comps so everyone just drops like flies for him. They are so lazy! If anyone would actually even TRY I bet scrawny Matt would drop quicker then he can say footsie pajamas. :)

Sally said...

Brendon's HOH blog is up:

He said he wanted to backdoor Britney but the pretzel message convinced him to nominate Matt. He's convinced that Lane is the Saboteur and thinks that Hayden and Lane are the long-time friends. Brendon's much more coherent than Rachel. I expect him to react badly when Matt plays the DPOV tonight.

Joe in NY said...

RitaD said...
Matt SAYS he will stay in one spot for HOURS if he has to to win the comps so everyone just drops like flies for him. They are so lazy! If anyone would actually even TRY I bet scrawny Matt would drop quicker then he can say footsie pajamas. :)

8/19/2010 2:01 PM


I agree with you. It was weird how everyone just assumed they couldn't hang in there. Mostly Ragan who both times just dropped out when it got to those 2. Frankly, I've been surprised at the "endurance" comps in that they really didn't go on as long as I thought. Remember ED and what's his name hanging out all night...ED, the 50 year old chain-smoker without an ounce of muscle on him.

Joe in NY said...

Of course BB wanted Matt nominated, so they made it happen. Who knows whatever subtle influence they had on Rachel's message: diary room leading questions, the edit of the eviction messages...heck, I bet they even suggested the pretzels.

And do we know where Ragan got the paper? If BB can hand him paper, why don't they give him whoopie cushions or something because he is the worst Saboteur in the history of sabotage.

cha cha said...


I am sure the piece of paper was sitting on the chair in the dr with instructions to place it under someones pillow.

I do think its unfair that Rachel was able to spell out his name but come on, of course they wanted him nominated so there would be dropped jaws tonight on the sofa.
The only problem is five minutes after tonights episode those who would be mad at Matt will be happy again.

ORKMommy said...

I really wonder if we're all watching the same show here. Yes, everyone was after Rachel from day one but she hooked up with Brendon immediately and when you put a target on your back by having an alliance you have to expect to BE a target. Rachel was a complete monster when she was in power and expected everyone to just forgive her whenever she did or said something horrible so they wouldn't be mad at her when she lost her power. Rachel was her own worst enemy in the house.

I would have done the exact same thing Ragan did with her. She walked into the house with an attitude and whether it was intended as a playful "I'm back bitches" or not, the audience of HG's wasn't buying it. Then she attacked Ragan by offering him cookies when she knew he was a Have Not. People like Rachel have to be slapped in the face with reality before they'll get it. If Ragan had tried to have a level headed conversation with her about her behavior it wouldn't have helped. He had to attack her in order for her to actually hear him!

RBennie said...

What I did like about Ragan's rant is that he finally came out of his usual "I'm so civilized and above it all" persona.

Anonymous said...

Why does almost everyone here think Brittney will be going home, I'm guessing that Matt likes Brit and might have an alliance with her and Ragan.

RitaD said...


Having a target on your back for having a showmance is fine, how everyone treated her and then expected her to be nice is not ok.

Rachel acted that way to Ragan cause he attacked her right before she left. I would have treated him the same way too after the disgusting way he treated her when she tried to apologize and was on the way out anyway. Especially when he's always preaching to be "classy", civil and a team player. I didn't see any of those qualities in him then and even the way he talks about Brendon and Brendon isn't being mean at all to him.

Anonymous said...

Cha Cha

Rachel only went there after his 3 or 4 nasty comments. She even asked him what's his problem and he said "you" and went off on her some more.

He's taking this game way to seriously. He stunned her a couple of times but you noticed she didn't breakdown and cry. She just laughed at him and made some cookies.

Gay is not a bad word but calling somebody gay a F-ggot to me is gay racial slur which she never did.

Anonymous said...


Why didn't Britney, Matt, Enzo, Hayden or Kathy get all foamy at the mouth and attack her if......

"She walked into the house with an attitude and whether it was intended as a playful "I'm back bitches" or not, the audience of HG's wasn't buying it"

Guess what everybody else brought it. They're playing the game. They know she's on the jury. Votes not emotions count.

Ragan was the only one behaving as badly as Rachel. I place the bar higher for Ragan since he's a freaking college professor but he flies off the handle and cries as much OR MORE as Rachel.

As any ADULT would tell a 5 year old, two wrongs don't make a right.

cha cha said...

Anon 4:22

Do you have the feeds? Rachel started it the minute she walked in the door. Regan acted very mild from what he could have.
When he was telling Rachel off she did get that pouty zombie look again.
The editing was really well done I must add.
Did anyone here one time on the actual show that BB told her to be creative with her message to Brendan?
This is where we all comment but I don't think I am seeing the same show(or feeds) as you. I do love though reading all the comments and seeing other people's point of view.

chris said...

why was brendon packing
to leave the hoh i suppose
i was hoping they would tell all the hamsters to pack, that would stir the pot wouldn't it
hay and enzo need to keep their mouths shut and not tell matt a thing or they may find themselves up against lane

chris said...

joe, that comp was with zack and ED
it was crazy like 7 hours or something.
jumping over the rabbit in the rain etc.
Matt wanted brit out cause she is a good competitor and if she makes final 5 the brigade stands a chance of being ousted.

i see what you see, rachel was a sore loser but ragan is nasty too.
rachel tries to copy Janelle but Janelle was well liked, had a bigger alliance to start with and played a way better social game.
janelle used the bitches line with the nerd herd but then it was funny.
rachel being hated it came across as mean.

ORKMommy said...

Ragan told Rachel that nobody in the house liked her and everyone scattered like cockroaches. Nobody wanted to say anything to her but he was right, none of them like her. The voted her our unanimously for a reason! I'm not saying I agree with the way Ragan attacked her but I do understand it and probably would have done the same thing. I also think he was the only one with the cajones in the house to tell her exactly what he thinks!

JimmyB said...

And Brendon DID bully Ragan. Treated him very badly.

Anonymous said...

I think because he doesn't sit around and rake everyone over the coals and mainly concentrates on the GAME (helllloooooo~~~Yes its a GAME)....Hayden might be the one to give Matt a run for his money.

RBennie said...

I just had an epiphany! After thinking all week that Matt will put Britney up, I suddenly feel like it will be Kathy who goes. Since they are all so convinced that Kathy is the saboteur, Matt getting rid of her might help smooth any ill will he might receive from the hamsters when he whips out his surprise. Although Hayden and Enzo would be fine with Britney being gone, Ragan and Lane won't like it. I'm sure Ragan will be happy that Matt saved himself, but not at Britney's expense when it could easily have been Kathy. Yeah, yeah, I know some of you had this epiphany already, but I'm a little slow, LOL.

Anonymous said...

IMO... Last nights' show was scripted, trying to get things stirred up! Why else would there be another Pandora's box...why did no one but Regan attack Rachel ... everybody disliked her so why didn't they ALL yell at her. Did anyone else notice that Brendon knew exactly where to open the wall to go on his 24 hour vacation? Just my thoughts!

RyzandShyn said...

I read through all the comments since I posted this morning. I'll admit that I was also initially uncomfortable when the arguing started, but for Ragan, not Rachel. Clearly, Rachel can dish it out but can't take it. Who she thinks she is is beyond me. She can be fresh to everyone whenever she wants to and then has the nerve to cry and play victim when the turnaround comes. frustrating.
Matt does suffer from "little man syndrome". All that bragging and macho posturing is such a turn-off and must be exhausting. I think that's is a shame that it happens. I hope someday it receives the same attention that body image problems for girls gets so that boys don't have to feel that way about being petite.

Witt said...

Just came back from seeing some friends and one of the friends is CONVINCED that Enzo will be put up when Matt uses DPOV. She thought that Matt had reached the end of his rope with Brigade members not pulling their weight. I didn't think he would sacrifice a DAB member when he could put up Kathy or Britney, especially when they are convinced Kathy is the saboteur (why do they think that???). I think that RBennie could be right on this one!

And for the record, I was glad when Ragan fought back to Rachel. She could dish it out, dish it out, and dish it out but couldn't take it.

Looking forward to tonight!

Witt :)

Witt said...

RyzandShyn, we seem to be on the same page!

Witt :)
p.s. wv: entie: Please entie your sneakers when you take them off!

RyzandShyn said...

happy to be there in your good company :)

joyn said...

Orkmommy, I totally agree with your last two posts. Rachel just had a little Karma come back to give her a taste of her own medicine. Rachel was unbearably mean to almost everyone in the house whenever she had power and sometimes when she didn't. Especially so when Brendon was there to blindly back her up without his even hearing what the bickering was about.

The biggest difference this time was that Rachel walked in thinking they would crouch in terror at seeing her in the house again. Ragan quickly let her know she had no power there now and bully Brendon wasn't there to blindly defend her. She was on her own and she folded. What she got was what she really "deserved" from the hgs.

monty924 said...

Took a peek at the hamsters getting ready for tonight's show, and Britney looks like a doll-baby. She has her hair curly. Kathy looks nice too... black strapless dress. I don't want to see Britney go but if she does, she looks great. :)

Come on POOL BOY, put Kathy up and out!

RyzandShyn said...

Took at look around Morty's. It doesn't appear that anyone told Matt that they are voting him out.
Sounds to me like they had some Brigade time and talked about how emotional they will be when they have to say good bye to someone. Anybody else know if they did tell Matt or not?

monty924 said...

I was watching Chelsea and Missy when a caller called in and said that Enzo did tell Matt he was voting Matt out.

I didn't see it, just heard it reported. :)

joyn said...

Well, there's a good chance then that Enzo may go home tonight. He's my pool guy.

monty924 said...

Joyn, I think it will be Kathy or Britney. I don't think Matt will turn on the brigade this soon.

cha cha said...

around 3:50BBT Enzo confirmed to Brit he is voting out Matt.
OOHHHHH I hope he goes up and out.
I also think that if that does happen Hayden will come back to Matt and it will be Brendan and Kathy against the whole house although She will try and worm her way back in..

monty924 said...

It would provide the much needed Fireworks if he put Enzo up, but I think that would kill Matt's chances with the jury. He would be the one to put a brigade member in there vs. Kathy/Ragan/Britney/Brendon. I think Enzo is safe. For tonight..... ;)

joyn said...

Hope you're right, Monty. I kind of like my neer-do-well pool guy.