Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Brother 12 - LIve Feeds Into Tuesday Morning - August 10

Matt is his usual stance, hand down the pants.

It's another evening gone by with Rachel and Brendon on the block and a saboteur loose in the house. Now, I'm kind of wondering when the saboteur is going to get down to business. But Rachel and Brendon are certainly letting their presence be known! Here's what's happened in that Big Brother House of Splitting Soulmates:
  • Lots of trash talk about Rachel and Brendon, often with Britney and Ragan leading the brigade.
  • No, not THAT Brigade. Just your basic everyday brigade.
  • Rachel told Kathy what a dear, sweet person she (Rachel) is in "real life."
  • Brendon didn't back down from his POV speech in which he called Matt a snake, Ragan two-faced and Britney a spoiled brat.
  • Rachel and Brendon are still hoping to turn the vote to Brendon getting evicted instead of Rachel as she has a better chance of winning.
  • Yet another pool tournament went down. I'm so tired of watching them play pool!
  • Kathy told the HOH group (all of the house except herself, Rachel and Brendon) that Rachel's feelings were hurt that she wasn't invited to join them.
  • Rachel cried.
  • Brendon, despite his meanie act, still cooks for others.
  • Kathy, Ragan, Lane and Hayden cleaned the kitchen. Enzo took credit for it.
  • He was joking, but Enzo is really a slacker!
  • Matt thinks Rachel went through his bags. Of course, no one knows that he has the Diamond Veto hidden away.
  • BB gave them more alcohol.
  • Rachel said that Enzo and Hayden are the only ones who have ever made an effort to be nice to them (Brendon and herself) in the house.
  • Enzo and Hayden are playing an excellent social game.
  • Rachel is not.
  • Rachel has apparently been prying in the Diary Room about Matt's mysterious $1 Pandora's Box ... we got bubbles.
  • Brendon noted that it's a "recycled prize."
  • Brendon thinks the big alliance in the house is Britney, Matt, Lane and Ragan.
  • Everyone is still leading Brendon and Rachel to believe it will be Brendon going out the door Thursday.
  • It won't be Brendon.
  • Rachel has some kind of idea in her head and is all excited about it, not telling Brendon, wanting to get information out of the Diary Room ... I haven't clue.
  • Neither does Brendon.
  • Brendon is ticked that she won't tell him what's going on.
  • She said she can't talk about her Diary Room sessions.
  • Brendon grabbed the rules book for the house and brought it to where they're sleeping.
  • Rachel and Brendon read some sections, like the one about not singing, and eventually went to sleep.
  • I have no idea what's going on with Rachel. I tend to think the excitement's in her own head, not anything which actually transpired in the DR.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.


chris said...

the saboteur should be renamed stupid prankster
i wish it impacted the game more also
can't we have ragan as 'sabotuer" announce that someone in the house told a huge lie!!!
that would stir things up!
wv calesea there are none so blind as those who calesea (bad i know)

Anonymous said...

I would also think that whatever Rachel is thinking is BIG is BIG only in her own head.
Brendon couldn't channel Evil Dick on a bet.
The "recycled" part could/should make those familiar with the game think of a special POV, no?
Enzo looks to me like he's dropping a wee bit too much weight, slacking or not.

RyzandShyn said...

Hey, I'm not anonymous, I'm RyzandShyn. I guess I forgot to type it.
wv: heroa: our Jackie :)

ORKMommy said...

I can't believe that Brendon is sacrificing his game for Rachel. Sure, it's almost a given that he'll be evicted next week if he doesn't win HOH but there is a chance he could win! He could also up his social game and try to make friends in the next few days...maybe a new alliance! That boy really needs to start thinking with his big head and realize he's there to play a game!

JimmyB said...

If the producers converse with the HG's during their Diary Room sessions; at the behest of a HG (if we are to believe Rachel); then I am disappointed.

Part of the entire experience is to be locked-up with those other people without the benefit of outside influences.

The only time the production staff should communicate with a HG is when they (producers) have something important to say.

Holly C said...

I can't wait to see Rachel's face when she finds out that she's been "played" by the house!! PRICELESS!!
I agree...Brendan is an idiot to throw his game (try to anyway) for Rachel! That's a lot of money for sex...would that make Rachel a hooker?? LOL=)

joyn said...

Maybe Matt is insecure (hand in pants) and wants to make sure he's still "all there".

Rachel is probably putting on an act that she knows something that the others don't know.

Anonymous said...

I did like Brendon and kept thinking he was playing Rachael but in the past week it's evident that he is truly a mess just like she is. He actually does like her, lol. I can't imagine any guy being able to stand her. He just doesn't have any self esteem I guess.

RBennie said...

Although,imho, it is really mean to make Rachel think she's staying, it is good strategy. If Brendon thinks he's going, he will not be thinking about the HOH comp at all and will be so upset about Rachel leaving that he will most likely blow the comp. Britney needs to win HOH - not so much this week's, but next week's HOH will be crucial for her.

JimmyB said...

Rachel asked for it. I'd like to see her stay only for entertainment value.

Anonymous said...

Chris: I so agree with you. I posted something similar last night about how the saboteur is more like a prankster, practical joker to BB production, I guess. I thought the saboteur was going to be stirring things up by casting doubt about houseguests , planting rumors, trying to change votes and more like a mental saboteur. That would be interesting. A prankster is not that interesting.


meb said...

I hope when Julie gives the results of the vote, and hopefully it'll be 5-0... She'll say, "With a vote of 5-0... Brendon"...Rachel will think she's pulled a fast one... then Julie says "(Brendon)... you are safe, Rachel you have been evicted from the house!" Oh I would love to see that!

What pranks has Ragan pulled. I thought what he does will come from us if we sent in our ideas. If they are just pranks, we would be the ones giving them to him.

chris said...

exactly so ridiculous
who cares who bleaches clothing or makes some noise.
the one thing annie did/said was there was a relationship in the house which not only the hamsters tried to guess but so have we!
so if Ragan could just say someone among us told a huge lie, that would be great!!
Matt would squirm
everyone would speculate
it would just be what the house needed.
wv mackess the saboteur should have the power to make a mackess

Lars said...

I don't believe any of the HG's care if the sabotuer played silly pranks or spread rumors, they're excitement appeared like a forced bad acting gone wrong.
Unless the saboteur exposed one of the HG's with proof, this group isn't buying any of it, not because their smart, it's because why should they?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the producers told Rachell there was a chance they can get her voted back into house like they did for that porno kid a couple of years ago. It could happen since the show started with 13.

Once she's gone who's going to create any drama in that house?

America needs Bush to start to target the HGs directly. Go after Britnip so she can have a nervous breakdown or trick the DAB into revealing themselves.

BB needs to get a plane pronto!!!

The DR needs to start working on Katnap maybe they can some how figure out what she's good at if anything.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the most dreaded houseguest should be sent back in.
THEY NEED DRAMA. I hope Britney gets put up soon. She is acting like she's "all that" right now, but when SHE was on the block...she cryed a river!!! I am getting real tired of her CONSTANTLY raking B/R over the coals. Yes...they are weird and they need to go....but frankly...they are the only ones keeping us entertained. Enough of Kathy...that girl rarely even stands up....she sleeps and covers up with a blanket 24/7. Why is SHE there?? Casting was really off this year.

Anonymous said...

Brendon and Rachel talking about whether or not BB can go through your belongings...they think that if they can get the DR to admit they won't go through their personal belongings, then they have caught Matt in a lie (regarding the $1 prize he won in the first HOH comp being recycled for the $1 prize he won for opening Pandora's Box)

JimmyB said...

Anonymous said...
I agree that the most dreaded houseguest should be sent back in.

Chima! :)

RyzandShyn said...

I think they should bring that Jet Blue flight attendant into the house :)

Lars said...

Send in Evil Dick!
Evil Russell for that matter.

K in WI said...

Hands in his pants, hands in his pants.

Looking like a fool with his hands in his pants.

meb said...


First of all, the producers haven't told Rachel anything. She's just acting that way to confuse everyone else.

As for Britney talking about Rachel... who cares. Britney is the only real humor in the house. What drama, other than negative, does Rachel bring to the house. Who wants negative drama... bring on good game playing drama... that should start to happen once Rachel is GONE, GONE, GONE!!!!

PLEASE! I cannot stand her one more minute!

my wv: bactr Please, backdoor Rachel!!!!!

Donna in AL said...

If Rachel went through Matt's bag and found the Diamond Veto, do you think she would keep that quite? Or would she run through the house slinging it above her red head, calling Matt a liar and claiming she is now safe?
Maybe she found it and she is discussing her options in the DR??

WV: copcome - Kathy O

Tessa said...

I have been totally out of the loop this season. Who were the ones who were supposed to know each other outside of the house?

JimmyB said...

Tessa--Although there were many theories, I believe that has never been confirmed and might have a saboteur fake-out.

Guess we'll havta wait to see if there is anything to it.

JOJO said...

As much as I don't like most of the HGs, I feel sorry for the person that is sent to the Jury House first after Rachel and Brendon have settled in there together.
Let's hope it's not Hayden. He'll have a nervous breakdown for sure.

If Rachel were staying this week, I'd say send in Chima or Libra to put her in her place.

ORKMommy said...

How are Brenchel entertaining? I want to change the channel everytime they're on! The others aren't exactly fun to watch but I don't have the desire to turn them off either!

JOJO said...

Sorry, I didn't mean Hayden, I meant Ragan.