Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn - August 17

Ragan lecturing Matt on how he needs to stay in the game.

Just as Brendon tends to show he's a (swim) coach when he gives Enzo pep talks, Ragan shows he's used to being the One With All Knowledge when he lectures others. I personally find it kind of annoying. But Matt is patient with his bromance bud. Here's what happened last night in that Big Brother House of Eager Egomaniacs:
  • Kathy has kind of wormed her way in with the Brigade Boys -- Enzo, Lane and Hayden.
  • As a group of four, they're in Brendon's alliance.
  • Or, are they?
  • Nope. Brendon thinks they are, but they want him out!
  • The boys are ready for a Matt exit this week despite whispers of a possible secret power somewhere out there.
  • Ragan has bought Matt's wife lie in its entirety and is using it as a campaign platform.
  • Matt has told Ragan he doesn't need him to campaign for him.
  • But that's what a best bud bromance dude has to do!
  • Hayden continues to believe someone has a power. Ragan told him he's sure Matt doesn't have it.
  • Matt technically hasn't told anyone of the diamond veto although he tippytoed the borders of telling Hayden that one exists.
  • Enzo is still on his "Britney can't win" kick.
  • Well, maybe he should step up his own performance in competitions then!
  • Brendon is still complaining about Matt, Ragan and Britney.
  • Well, at least he made the move ... and put Lane (whom he doesn't complain about) on the block!
  • Silly hamsters.
  • Lines I'm sick of this season -- "It is what it is." and "That's what SHE said."
  • The latter usually comes from Ragan. Go figure.
  • They talked about the saboteur. Most know it's being done just to mess with them and there isn't much truth (if any) in the messages.
  • No one is suspecting Ragan. As he pulled himself off the block and completed their measly tasks asked, he'll get his money.
  • They had their nightly pool tournament more out of boredom than any other reason.
  • It was a fairly early night in the house as they were all beat from staying up the night before.
  • It's still looking like they'll vote to evict Matt (Lane also has Kathy's vote to stay) ... until he pulls the power.
  • Thursday should be very interesting!


joyn said...

Ragan is going to feel very foolish on Thursday.

A whole lot of people are going to be PO'd at Matt.

Britney will love that no one is paying attention to her.

And Brendon will dream on about his true love. Sigh.......

TerryinCA said...

h gosh joyn you said it perfectly...now when Matt does his deed, isthe diamond veto, he gets to say who goes? Is the HOH included?
I am not aware of the diamond veto powers......pls let me know

joyn said...

TerryinCA, I'm pretty sure that Matt gets to name his own replacement as a nom. HOH is excluded. I believe that Ragan as POV is also excluded.

Anonymous said...

So Matt will get to put up either Kathy or Britney (or anyone else)?
Were Matt and Brendon playing twins the other day with their grey shirts and green shorts?

peggy said...

I have really liked Enzo all season and agree with you, Jackie, that he's played an excellent social game but REALLY what else has he done than bitch and moan? He is no better than Kathy and I am sick of his Matt bashing and bashing of all others for that matter given his lack of performance across the board.

Personally, I'm all for Matt and Britney at this point. They're the only two playing the game. Brendon, especially with his nom of Matt/per Rachel (Boo BB for allowing that!!!!), can't find his own ass from I don't know what in this game.

My WV was lacsis...this whole season and all of the cast members lacsis anything that will make me want to root them on to the final prize.

peggy said...


Ragan has been playing hard as well but as much as I love my gays, don't like that he has refused to get blood on his hands and complained ad nauseum about the outcomes when he could have very easily changed them.

IMHO there is no way that Ragan, the Sabateour, will be angry at Matt on Thursday. They've both lied and Matt has done Ragan's dirty work to his detriment.

Suck it Brigade (minus Matt). You balked at every opportunity in this game. I hope its "buh bye" to each and every one of you...

cha cha said...

Matt is playing the game. What would be great for me is when Enzo and Hayden tell matt they are voting to keep Lane Matt will put up either one, Enzo because I am just sick of hearing his voice, with all the whining and incorrect grammar or Hayden who just talks to loud in the dr and also hasn't really won anything but the first comp because he was the last accross. I don't think that was to terribly hard to do.
I don't think I would like Matt outside the house but he has played the game.
I think Regan will be mortified when he gets out of here. If Matt can keep Brit and Regan to the end he would be the one for the win even though I like Britney.
Alot of commenters and bloggers out there talk about how Britney is always crying and complaining, aren't all of the the hamsters doing that in there own way?

Anonymous said...

coming back to the competition, is
there a chance that this is a double
eviction week?
That would really make things interesting.


RBennie said...

BB probably thinks they've got enough excitement for this week with the DPOV and will save the double eviction for next week - at least I hope that's what they do. I too am starting to get really sick of Enzo. He trash talks about everybody when he's one of the worst performers this whole season - barely a notch above Kathy.

ORKMommy said...

Why does everybody think the house will be mad at Matt? He go the power because he was HOH and was told by BB that he couldn't tell anyone! Any of the others had the same chance to win the HOH and the same choice to open Pandora's Box. I think they might be mad that they didn't have the power, but I don't think they'll be mad that Matt does. I also don't think they'll be mad that he didn't tell his secret. He wasn't allowed to!!

Anonymous said...

Enzo has become whiney and I notice he always is obsessed with getting all the girls evicted sine day one. Or it seems that way as those are the ones he seems to bash them most. He does not want the Brigade to have these women as side alliances but it is ok for him to hang out and kiss up to Brendon and make him a side alliance.

I liked Hayden until Kristen left and started hanging out with Enzo.

I went to You Tube and saw the video of the Early Show where Julie was talking about the houseguests pre show. She said Matt came in and told the producers" I am smarter than all of you".
So I know I would not like Matt outside of this game. His arrogant Diary Rooms and the lie about his wife, awfu...but how he is on a day to day basis with the houseguests, he is quite nice and he has played a good game.

As much as I do not like Matt, he has carried the Brigade and now they want to throw him under the bus. So I like Matt by virtue of that, if that makes sense.


K in WI said...

Caroline, I also like Matt. Quite a lot actually, EXCEPT for his lie about his wife's non-existent disease.

I don't think anyone else is playing the game any better. Of course that would assume the others are playing at all.

Sally said...

I agree that the Brigade shouldn't be mad at Matt about the DPOV. He'll be using it to "save the Brigade" as well as himself, which they should be happy about. Matt couldn't have done that if he had told the others about having the power, and he's certainly dropped all the hints he could.

I think the ones who will be angry are whoever gets evicted and Brendon. Expect fireworks there.

I'm looking forward to Wednesday's show, as well as Thursday's. I want to find out what Brendon's Pandora's Box offer was, what the deal was with Rachel, whether they saw each other or left messages.

Witt said...

Sorry to be WAY behind the game...but I was on vacation when Matt got the diamond power!

What IS the diamond power, exactly? How is it different than the golden power?

Many thanks (and apologies)!

Witt :)

K in WI said...

Witt, the Diamond Power of Veto can be used on Eviction Night. Matt can take himself off and pick his replacement--on the spot.

That's the difference from Golden Power of Veto--Matt gets to pick the replacement, and it's used at the last minute right before the voting.

Sally said...

Witt, Matt had a Pandora's Box offer when he was HOH. In exchange for a power, he'd unlease something on the house. He took the offer and got the DPOV and unleashed a second saboteur (Ragan)for two weeks.

The DPOV lets him remove one of the nominees AND name the replacement during the live eviction ceremony. He had two weeks to use the power and he would lose it if he told anyone about it. (He's dropped a lot of hints, but hasn't specifically said he has the power.) Matt likely wouldn't have used it if he wasn't on the block himself. He is, so he probably will use it and name Kathy or Britney as the replacement.

cha cha said...

I am probably in the minority but really do wish that Matt would put up Kathy in His spot...

Anonymous said...

If none of the DAB wins this Thursday's HOH then one of them will be going home the following Thursday.

I'm sorry but you act like the catty crybaby queen is a rational person which he isn't. Ragan will take it personally that his ratt-crush had the power even though he wasn't allowed to let anybody know.

Matt better get rid of Britney now or he'll regret it later.

I'll be happy once this diamond POV is done and gone. Everybody will then be on equal footing not counting America's number one floater of the year.

Kathy, me and the BB Eye are looking at you and wondering why you are still there.

ORKMommy said...

I think Ragan would be the LAST person to get mad at Matt about the DPOV. He's the saboteur and can't tell anyone about that or he'll lose the $20K. I think he's about the only one who will completely understand the position Matt is in!

lynn1 said...

Once Matt uses the DPOV I wonder if the other Hamsters will mistakenly think that he might be the saboteur.
Would it be feasible for them to think that when Matt opened Pandora's Box he would get the DPOV if he also agreed to be the Saboteur?
If they did think he was the Saboteur as part of the deal to get DPOV would they think he made a good deal for himself or would they turn on him?
I probably am giving the Hamsters more brain power than all of them combined possess.

mywv is Shamyroo . It has nothing to do with BB but I like how it sounds.

cha cha said...

Regan and Matt are discussing Enzo right now about how Brit doesn't trust Enzo. Matt saying who would trust him. I am not sure if Matt is "playin" Regan on this or really doesn't trust him and will maybe put him up....That would really rattle Hayden and Brendon...

cha cha said...

I think that BB will announce to the houseguests again that Sab is over with.
Since it was only a two week deal I think they wuold let the hamsters know. Especially since Matt accepting the DPOV caused the Sab to return.

cha cha said...

I think that BB will announce to the houseguests again that Sab is over with.
Since it was only a two week deal I think they wuold let the hamsters know. Especially since Matt accepting the DPOV caused the Sab to return.

RBennie said...

I'm hoping Enzo and Hayden will reveal to Matt that they are voting him out. If they think he can't do anything to save himself, maybe they will. If they do that, hopefully he will put one of them up in his place.

lynn1 said...

Cha Cha,
When BB announces that the Saboteur is over do you think they will reveal who the saboteur was and that he received $20,000? If so Ragan will be at a real target next week.

Lili said...

Another BB line I'm sick of:

"You know what I mean?"

Lots of them do it but mostly Ragan, who I'm also sick of, you know what I mean?

I think the whole house minus Ragan will suspect Matt is the saboteour after DPOV Thursday.

RBennie said...

the two lines I hate the most from BB are: "throw under the bus" and "with that being said". I think that line has been used in every nomination ceremony since the show started, LOL. Oh and my runner-up line is "_______ doesn't deserve to be here". I really hate that one too.

cha cha said...


I think if they announce that the Sab is over with they should state it this way.
Since Matt accepted the DPOV which was used the Sab was released to the house. Just so you know the Sab was put away again as the DPOV was used.
This was the hamsters can think that it is Matt or that if he wouldn't have used the DPOV the Sab would have continued.
I personally think that the Sab using "our" ideas is a waste of time and the hamsters don't really buy it after the first thirty minutes of the message

Girlsmom said...

So, the only way the Brendan will make it through another week is to win POV, right? Unless his Pandora's box included a save in addition to a Rachel. Or am I missing something?

cha cha said...

Brendon has to win POV next week to save himself..

RBennie said...

Wouldn't it be very interesting if Brendon did indeed win some kind of power when he opened Pandora's Box. Something bad was unleashed on the house, Rachel, doesn't that mean he got something good?

Joe in NY said...


I've been wondering about that myself. Did Brendon get a Power or a Prize? We'll find out tomorrow, but I've kind of been hoping it was a power.

BB would probably never do it, but an anti-dPOV would be great. Could you imagine Matt whipping out his dPOV and then Brendon whipping out his anti-dPOV...much better drama than this saboteur nonsense.

Has any HG asked Brendon what he got?

RBennie said...

Didn't he tell them he got a massage? I don't remember hearing that any of them even questioned that.

lynn1 said...

I think the Saboteur idea was a failure from the start. The Hamsters didn't take the saboteur's messages seriously.
I do think they have wondered who the 2nd saboteur was and what was offered to him/her to do it.
I am hoping that everyone will be suspicious of Matt. I would like to see him drop the smug grin and have to mend some fences.
INMO he has been arrogant and really thinks he has things sewn up. I don't mind if he wins but I would like to see him haave to scramble a little for it.

Witt said...

Many thanks to K in WI and Sally for getting me up to speed...I guess I'll be waving goodbye to Britney this week. I see her as much more of a threat than Kathy, but just when things look one way, they turn another!
Thursday should be interesting though!

Witt :)
WV: audim: I love when the leaves turn in the audim.

Nana from the NW said...

I don't believe Ragan will be mad at Matt because he has also been keeping a secret. The real drama will come if Enzo and Hayden tell Matt they are voting him out. He will then know that he is not part of the Brigade and they should be broken up....thus he will put up Hayden or Enzo to go against Lane. With one of them gone(or Lane) the Brigade will only have 2 votes unless they make sure Brenden isn't nominated this week.

When you question what "good" thing Brenden got for opening Pandora's Box I could see it being the same as the "bad" thing on the house.....Rachel. He would have loved to allow Rachel back in the house for 24 hrs.

I don't think dbl. eviction comes until there are only 6 people left in the house. That way everyone plays in the POV. There would not be time to draw names of who is going to play.

BB would never reveal who the sab. was....that would put a big target on his back. It was all a big joke...CBS must have and extra$20K to get rid of.....

Joe in NY--I like the idea of Bren. having an anti-POV but that would have revealed to him that someone has the dPOV.

Yep, we have the potential for the next week to be a good one!

cha cha said...

For the Fireworks I really hope she stays and Kathy or even Enzo gets the boot.
I believe that Enzo will be the one that goes if he tells Matt ahead of time they are voting him out.
I think Matt believes that they are hiding something. I have noticed lately that Matt doesn't tell all to E&H

Judy said...

I missed what Matt said was wrong with his wife. As far as game play, flying under the wire aligning himself,, bringing no attention to himself, I like Lane,,, Matt is arrogrant, Britney & Kathy got to like them for one reason (Arkansas). Enzo, well, is Enzo, Hayden pretty boy, Brendan,there has to be a screw or two lose there...I liked him, but, this delusion with Rachael , Ragan, oh please, WHere is Bucky when you need him. This season just doesn't have the personality of the former seasons,,, sorta boring,, hope they are gearing up for a All Star season.

Rolling on,

ORKMommy said...

Why is everyone assuming Matt will put up Brit? Matt & Ragan are close as are Ragan and Brit. From what I've heard, Kathy is hanging out with the other brigade members a lot. If Matt follows form he'll put Kathy up to get her away from the brigade boys. They've voted out the other women who got too close to the brigade.

I'm also not assuming that Brendon will go up next week. It really all depends on who wins HOH. If Enzo or Hayden win HOH I don't see them putting Brendon up. At this point in the game, keeping Brendon would be a smart move because he has no real friends and he would be easy to beat in the final.

Just sayin...

RyzandShyn said...

Who is supposed to be the genius, Matt or Ragan? I can't remember anymore. I think Ragan will have a nervous breakdown when he leaves, shocked and appalled at himself.
I think the only reason they'll be mad at Matt is because they couldn't get rid of him, won't be a logical mad, but a mad none the less.
I never thought of someone telling him he was the projected evictee. Yikes! I can imagine that's who Matt might put up.
wv: shopei: How much does being on that shoepei?

Anonymous said...

joyn, they dont have any reason to be PO'd at matt, he's tiptoeing around to let them know there's a power so they won't be blindsided. he didn't even have to do that.

joyn said...

I still wonder if (the hgs) just knowing why Matt was acting so sure of his safety in the house was because of the DPOV and the lie he told about the $1.00 prize, will add up to distrust of Matt and have them wondering if other lies were told, i.e. his wife.

They are a suspicious bunch.

Anonymous said...

Judy...you ment Bunky, right? Ragan could use a hug.